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The first event of the day… the first scene of The Knights of Pen!

I was just opening the door to leave McQuarrie Middle School forever…
Origami Yoda had other plans.
That’s when I noticed it in the glass doors’ reflection: six students approaching me from behind, eyes fixated on mine and plastic lightsabers clipped to their belts. They didn’t look too happy.
I turned around. “Put your toy weapons away. I mean you no harm.”
“Oh, good,” the third student hissed, hungrily. “Easier for us.”
I recognized him as one of the Bounty Hunters, Jim. His friends, though, were all pretty intelligent and popular students in the school. Max, Helen, Carol, etc… even Ben.
“You’ll pay for all the damage you caused to the school, Tommy.” Ben pulled out a modified version of his EZ Darth Paper. The other students pulled out puppets of their own.
“The Knights of Ren.” I blurted out.
“The Knights of PEN, actually.” Jim cracked his knuckles and grinned. “And you are to report to Principal Howell’s office. Immediately.”

An exclusive SF Celebration interview with SD CJ!

BIG news about Origami Yoda: The Series!

For the past few years, a web series based on Origami Yoda’s adventures with McQuarrie Middle School has been a fan-favorite endeavor. Knowing this, SuperFolders Jawa and JC have teamed up to create Origami Yoda: The Movie – Special Edition, a 40 minute film which compiles the previous seven episodes, loads of never-before-seen footage, and a few new scenes featuring Tom Angleberger, into one amazing Origami Yoda movie experience! Along with this amazing news is an even bigger piece of news…

Announcing the “Angleberger Cinematic Universe”

Yes! The much-beloved books by Tom Angleberger are receiving film adaptations, from The Strange Case of Origami Yoda all the way to Horton Halfpott and everything in between, this series from SF Jawa is sure to leave a huge impact on the SuperFolder community! The films will NOT be set in the world of Origami Yoda: The Series, and Jawa’s first film in the ACU is to be an Origami Yoda reboot, featuring a high school-aged cast set at McQuarrie High. More details to come soon from SF Jawa!

“The Knights of Pen” is now available to read on the EU!

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The Fate of Kellen

If you’ve read the Knights of Pen story which was released yesterday, [SPOILER ALERT] we’d found that Kellen was in a very dark place where this story left him off. This story arc featuring our favorite SuperDoodler will continue throughout the Journey to The School Awakens series, and I will guarantee you this: When the series is over, Kellen will not be the same…

CONTEST! Create A Cover Star!

Hey, guys! JC here! I need YOUR help. We are setting up for the big release of Rogue Wug, and we still need our cover star(s)! So, email me at with pictures of your origami character(s) from Rogue One (they can be any one of the main characters!) and I will pick a winner (or winners!!!)

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“REBELS – Crease of Rebellion” is now available to read on the EU!


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Episode XXI: The Knights of Pen – Written by Creaser_James

Episode XXII: Rebels – Written by Guillermo

Episode XXIII: Rogue Wug – Written by DarthNoah

Episode XXIV: The Last Jelly – Written by Navalbrick Creator

Episode XXV: The Copy Wars – Written by OrigamiLuke100

Episode XXVI: Origami Yoda’s Secret War – Written by Feedback Returns 

Episode XXVII: Twilight of the Student – Written by SF Camster

Episode XXVIII: TITLE REDACTED – Written by CJ




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