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The Universe Belongs To All!

-SuperFolder Jawa and the SFC Council

We Need to Talk About F.O.L.D.


Hey guys! Noah here. There’s something I need to address for the MOU going forward.

Everybody knows what F.O.L.D. is, right? The organization of students who does everything S.H.I.E.L.D. does, just as kids? It’s been a really helpful part of the stories in the past, because it gave us a lot of quick and easy explanations for things, like where the puppets come from and a guide for how the story goes.

However, because of that, it can be considered a writing ‘crutch’, which is basically just something that makes the story really easy and simple. I don’t really want that anymore.

At the end of Infinity Folds, Tilly Waterson closes F.O.L.D. down because she believes that it’s caused more harm that good. That was a definitive closure. F.O.L.D. doesn’t matter anymore, and it never will. Going forward, it’s just stopped, like Tilly’s intended it to.

I don’t want F.O.L.D. to be a plot point for anymore stories, because it makes things too easy. I really want to see everyone here grow as writers, so removing as many crutches as possible can help with that. If F.O.L.D. is a plot point going forward, it’ll be edited out pretty much immediately. We’re that serious about it.

So! That’s about all I wanted to say. If you guys have a big part for F.O.L.D. in your work-in-progress stories, I want to challenge you to edit them out and come up a more unique solution for the story’s problem. I can guarantee you it’ll make your story stand out more in the long run.

It’s DCOU Friday… Again!

Unlike last week, we only have two stories, but allow me to explain something new:


“Episodes” is me and SF Hades’ way of saying “Hey, these chapters will be released every week.” These will ONLY be done on your CW based stories, such as Green Arrowigami (if Yodaforce wants to do another one), Folders of Tomorrow, and other DCOU Puns.

This helps us writing the main stories, because with each DCOU Friday, there’s a chance a new DCOU one shot chapter will be released, to keep you still involved in the universe and we won’t have to worry about weekly releases.

… Anyways, let me show you the new stories.

Firstly, there’s the new Wonder Folder, by Superfolder Skywalker. Fun fact, this was completed back in 2019 before the Fold even released. So, yeah, that’s why the acknowledgements are like that. The story follows Theresa Carter, member of the Amazon Girl Scout Troop as she tries to obtain the name of Pleatana: The Wonder Folder.

And the First Episode of Folders of Tomorrow Season 2: The Inconveniencing. A haunting is going on in a Convenience store, and the Folders must solve what’s going down.



Jawa’s Resignation

Note: This was originally supposed to be posted when Twilight of the Student came out, but there were several things I needed to take care of before posting. – Jawa

Well, the time has come. This journey that SuperFolder JC and I started nearly a decade ago has come to a close. Nine years and 26 stories later, Twilight of the Student has been published, and the canon OYEU has officially concluded. Things have been really, really, rough for me lately, and I think it’s time to move on.

I’ve enjoyed my time on this site, for sure. The highs, the lows, all of it. This site and fanbase has impacted my life far more than anyone could have imagined. Without Origami Yoda, I would be in a completely different situation than I am now. I wouldn’t have started this site with JC, wouldn’t have been in Origami Yoda: The Series, and wouldn’t have wanted to become a filmmaker.

I’ve seen many SuperFolders/Writers/Doodlers come and go over the years, but nobody was more influential than SuperFolder JC. In my mind, JC is the one to thank for the Origami Yoda community and what it is today. Not only did he come up with the idea for the OYEU, but after SF OscarU left OY:TS, he single-handedly kept it going all the way to the finale, nearly 8 years after the first episode aired.

I would also like to thank the man who started it all, Mr. Tom Angleberger. It goes without saying, but if he hadn’t written The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, I wouldn’t be writing this letter right now, and none of you would be reading it. I believe we all owe Mr. Angleberger gratitude, respect, and thanks for what he has contributed not only to in my life, but every SuperFolder from the past, present, and future.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who’s hung around for any length of time over the years. I would like to mention everyone, but that would be nearly impossible to do. I would however like to thank the members of The Council: CJ, Noah, Cam, OrigamiLuke, and Jar Jar. I cannot express how grateful I am to have served on this site and interacted in this community over the last decade.

May The Folds Be With You, Always.
– Jawa

P.S. I may visit from time to time, but my days of moderating are over. I will be finishing my last couple stories and then be on my way.

SuperFolder Central… The Fold of the Rings… New Horizons for the EU…

Hey, guys! Surprise!!

The EU mods, especially Jawa, have been hard at work on the OY EU’s expansion as it evolves into something really special! I’m going to let Jawa talk in detail about the new purposes for this site, but I wanted to mention my little corners of SuperFolder Central.

SFC, as the OY EU is now called, is the central hub for the SuperFolder community as it pertains to discussion and interaction. Nothing will ever replace Tom’s Origami Yoda website, but this expansion project is designed to truly house the creativity and interactivity of the SuperFolder community.

One of these new venues for creativity? The new Origami Yoda: Revisited series!!! Similar to the “Rise of the Bounty Hunters” saga, Revisited will be written by SFC Council members and casual SuperWriters alike! I will be selecting individuals to write the initially listed Revisited stories soon! (I looked at your comments, everyone! Comment on this post if you want to write any of these stories, or if you have any story ideas for the McQuarrie Gang set between the original stories, too!)
Like the Bounty Hunters saga, after a SuperWriter finishes their EU story, they can email it to origamichewbacca@gmail.com, where it will be edited and expanded upon for punctuation, grammar, and inter-connectivity to other stories in the line. The universe is open to all!

Another venue of creativity on the EU is the newly-announced next sub-franchise on SuperFolder Central: THE FOLD OF THE RINGS!!!!!!
I am SO excited to announce this! The Fold of the Rings series is going to be re-canonized into the world of the Bounty Hunters saga. I can’t give you any details at this moment, other than expressing my massive enthusiasm for our grand return to Tolkien Middle School.

Long live SuperFolder Central!


What the heck happened to the site!?!?

Hey all, Jawa here! As some of you may have noticed, the OYEU is gone! What happened?!?

Well the EU itself isn’t gone, I mean you’re on the site right now! But what does SuperFolder Central mean?

SuperFolder Central was an idea that JC and I have been kicking around for a while, and after some discussion with the rest of The Council, we have decided to rebrand the OYEU!

SuperFolder Central, or SFC as we’ll most often call it, is a place not only for Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Origami stories…it is a place for ALL stories written by and for SuperFolders! Along with our flagship franchises, SFC will now include Fold of the Rings and Between the Folds! BTFolds has also been expanded to include non-origami stories, a first in the sites history!

The final thing we’ve added is a Resources section, which is where we’ll be collecting tips and tricks on how to improve your writing!

We hope you all enjoy the new redesign and features, and we’ll see you…on the EU- I mean SFC!

– Jawa and The EU SFC Council

One-Shots Volume 3 has Begun!

After Infinity Folds, we got a ton of new One-Shots to fill in the gaps. We’re still getting Fold 4 nailed down, but I’m happy that you all are still as enthusiastic as ever about the stories! We still have a couple more to edit, but for now, there’s four new One-Shots to read!
First, there’s OriDefenders, written by PotatoDabber, about a team that paved the way for the modern-day OrigAvengers! Then, two stories by Thrawn: a story about the first Captain MarPleat, and a new hero: The Blank Knight! And finally, there’s the mysterious Future Foldation, written by KyloBear. Not all of these are finished, but there’s enough to sink your teeth into.

Like I said, this isn’t all of them that we’ve received. But we’ll still try to edit them, and until then, enjoy the ones we’ve got now!


Hey, everybody! It’s May 4th, and you know what that means… BIG NEWS!

As you correctly predicted in the poll, we’re going to explore more of the expanding universe of Origami Yoda!

Introducing . . . ORIGAMI YODA: REVISITED!

These stories will tell the adventures of the McQuarrie Gang in between the existing Tom Angleberger Origami Yoda books! Here is the starting slate, with more exciting case files to come!

  • Dawn of the SuperFolders
    • The adventures of the first SuperFolders, years before Dwight!
  • The McQuarrie Journals: Third Grade
    • Tommy and the gang’s early days as friends!
  • The Strange Origin of Origami Yoda
    • Dwight receives a mysterious letter…
  • The Tragic Fall of Anakin Skyfolder
    • After the Fun Night, Harvey’s quest to be better turns bitter.
  • Mike’s Big Game
    • Mike joins the baseball team!
  • Quavondo at the Quickpick
    • Quavondo begins selling biscuits at the Qwikpick!

The Universe isn’t finished expanding, yet!! As long as the OY EU lives on, there will always be Star Wars-related content coming.

May The Folds Be With You! Always!


PicsArt_04-30-01.13.09Hey, everybody! JC here!


Seeing as Revenge of the Sith is about to celebrate its 15 year anniversary, I thought it would be fun for all the SuperWriters to collaborate on a multi-story project similar to the books Tom has contributed to, From A Certain Point of View, and The Clone Wars Anthology: Stories of Light and Dark!

For this project, you have to think of any obscure character from the time period of Revenge of the Sith, and write a story around them explaining what they were doing during the events of the film. You wanna write about Dexter Jettster fending off battle droids from his diner during the Invasion of Coruscant? You wanna tell the forgotten love story of the freaky-looking Utapau chairman? Maybe some miner on Mustafar witnessed the Battle of the Heroes from his front lawn! You never know! The galaxy is FILLED with exciting characters from Jedi to bounty hunters to clones. Get creative! Get goofy! Have fun!!

When you’ve finished writing your story, send it to superfolderjc@gmail.com. I’ll make some grammatical edits when necessary, and compile every story in a downloadable book on the website!

(NOTE: If you happen to write a story about the exact same character as somebody else’s, I will notify both SuperWriters about the discrepancy and we will work out a solution.)

The deadline for your stories is the night of May 18th! On May 19th, I will publish the anthology for everyone!

May the Force be with you! God bless!


We’re in the Endgame Now: Infinity Folds is OUT NOW!

Hey everyone, Jawa here. We have LOTS of news today! First off, the title of this post: T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds is out NOW!!!

Noah and Cam have been working on this for months, and I really think you’ll enjoy it! It now holds the record for the longest story on the entire OYEU at a whopping 41,966 words! This has been years in the making, and we can’t thank you all enough for sticking around. But THE END THIS IS NOT! We still have some other major news:

After much thought, OrigamiLuke100, or SuperFolder Peyton, has decided to leave the OYEU Council. He has chosen to step down in order to pursue other passions. This does not mean that the DCOU is dead, but it will be released much slower than the MOU stories.

Once Peyton announced his departure, The Council decided to vote who should fill in the gap…and in a unanimous decision, please welcome Jar Jar Pleats to the OYEU Council! Jar Jar has been around for a very long time, and has always been an encouraging and friendly face. We’re glad to have him on the team. Here’s a little something he wrote for you guys:

Wow! I can not tell you guys how surprised and excited I was to find this out. I was more shocked than you guys are now, I’m certain of that. What an honor to be voted into the Council. THE Council! The Council I’ve grown to love after so many years of great stories, not just from them but from you guys as well. We, all of us, are what make this entire genre so fun and exciting. This site has been a part of my life for so many years, and I am happy to be contributing to its future.

So, what does this change? Well, on your end, not much! I still plan to visit, comment and catch up when I can. But on my end, I will also be able to help edit the stories and posts that get put up on this site as well! Cool, right? To start with, I have a new story that you have probably seen posted in the past few days, titled The Peculiar Arrival of Shang-Crease. The opening four chapters or so are up now, and it will be continued in the weeks to come. (I promise this won’t be another Guardians – Far Out!)

-Jar Jar

Phew! Three big announcements in one day! Now what are you waiting for?!? Go read T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds!!!!!

Foldmania Extra: Shang-Chi and some Fun Facts!

I know you’re all probably waiting at the edge of your seats to read the finale of the current MOU, but until then we have some last minute fun!

Jar-Jar Pleats has started the final story before Infinity Folds, ‘The Peculiar Arrival of Shang-Crease‘. That’ll hold you over for a couple hours, at least!

And, for your enjoyment, we’ve compiled some fun facts about the development of the MOU!

  1. T.H.A.N.O.S. was one of the very first concepts we ever came up with! The idea for different people being different letters was there from the start, along with the names of the characters. You’ll have to wait and see exactly who they all are tomorrow, though.
  2. Originally, there was going to be a seventh member of the original OrigAvengers: a girl who would use Echo, a sort of ninja character. She was ultimately scrapped.
  3. Ally was planned to be a guy! Initially, along with the seventh member, there would be four boys: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk. When we scrapped Echo we decided to change one of the characters, so we decided on Hulk. That’s how Ally was created!
  4. Cassidy Lashay was initially going to be the villain in Imperfect Iron Fold. She would still be a popular girl at Kirby, but she’d use the puppet Madame Masque and turn Clark against his friends.
  5. Many of the teachers at Kirby and Wheeler are named after Marvel crew. In Thorigami II, for example, Mr. Branagh is named for Kenneth Branagh, director of Thor
  6. Cal is short for something, we just don’t totally know what. Calvin, maybe?
  7. Most of Fold 3 was actually unplanned. You all kept writing stories, though, so we kept adding them!
  8. Kirby High School is pretty obviously named after Jack ‘The King’ Kirby, one of the most influential writers in the MOU. But the namesake of Wheeler is a little more obscure: Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson was a soldier, who, after World War I, started to write newspaper comic strips. He founded a company called National Allied Publications which eventually became known as DC Comics!
  9. Clark’s middle name, Anthony, is a not-so-subtle reference to his puppets’ namesake, Anthony ‘Tony’ Stark.
  10.  Altogether (on their own stories and working together), Noah and Cam have written 155,827 words for the MOU. And that’s not counting editing!

That’s it for today. We’ll see you all tomorrow, with T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds!