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Funny How It Seems Like Yesterday… SF Hades’ Formal Farewell To Superfolder Central.

I’ve pushed away trying to write this post for a while. Some of it’s because of the stress of school, some of it is for lack of trying, but ultimately, it’s because I’m way too afraid to put this out there. I’ve always struggled with saying goodbye, and I was hoping that posting this could help me get some clarity.

In 2019, a young boy commented on Thorigami II. That boy was lonely, living with his grandparents. His Dad was in prison, his Mom was out of the picture. To him, the characters of the Marvel Origami Universe were people for him to project onto. Three years have passed, since that lonely boy joined commented on the story about origami Thor. Between then and today, that boy has realized that she is a woman. She’s met mentors, she’s made friends. She’s developed a love for writing, and storytelling, and guiding those who suffer the same loneliness she once did. Sure, the road has been bumpy. But Superfolder Central, and its community, were a constant in her life.

And now that girl is saying goodbye.

In my three years on the site, I’ve written 29 stories. (That’s more than Noah.) Novagami and Adam Papercuti, Adam Papercut, Origami Quicksilver, Folders of Tomorrow, Aquapleat, Folders of Tomorrow Season Two, the lost-to-time Folders of Tomorrow Season Three, Bat-Fold of the 1980s: The Long Halloween Break, Justice Pleats Dark, Kingdom Cut: A Beautiful Lie, Aquapleat and the Shredder Squad: Expel The Justice Pleats, The Crimes of Grindelfold, The Tragedy of Joe Martinet, The Rise of Pleaty Jackson: The Bytening Thief, OriGrover Underfold: Field Trip of Monsters, The Return of Thalia Plates: The Titan’s Curse Word, Annashred, The Rise and Fall of Luke Castepleat, Lore OrigOlympus, Pleaty Jackson 2: Welcome To Caesar Middle School, The Heroes of the OrigUnderworld, Chronos: The Iliad, Nico Di Angefold and Will SolCrease: Tainted Love, The Seven Champions, The Trials of Apollo: The Town of Nero, various stories found in The Lost Case Files: Fifteen Short Stories of Athens, New York, Pleaty Jackson 3: The Cicada Daze of Summer, O-Reyna-Gami, The Clone Saga, Chronos 2: The Last Odyssey, and…

The Spider-Fold.

Now, a word. If you click on this link, you will find that it is not attached to SFC. Despite being the culmination of my years worth of work, the story was deemed too graphic, uses too many swear words, and to violent. References to alcohol, cigarettes, and inappropriate activity are common. Despite this, I’m of the belief that this is some of my best work yet. It is an encapsulation of the the environment and people I have found myself surrounded by. This story is dingy, it’s grungey, and yet despite this I believe that there is still a lesson to be learned from it.

I have loved my time getting to know all of you. Every single one of you has a future of riches in store for you, and I mean that. Thrawn, I want you to know that no matter the pain you may feel, it truly is always darkest before the dawn. Never stop doing the right thing. CD, I want to thank you for always being a confident, for being the skeptic my eccentric self needs. OM53, I pray that you never lose that hopeful innocence you carry. You truly light up the Talkzone. Oh, and Noah? Never change, man.

I hope that Donatello goes on to do what he lovs, whatever that may be.

And Peyton, despite our disagreements, I believe that I owe most of my successes to you. Your advice on romance, careers, writing, even little things- Did you know that Peyton taught me how to shave? And he told my boyfriend not to shop lift. I hope that you continue on with your career as a writer, that you earn yourself legions upon legions of adoring fans, myself among them.

Me? I’m making an ARG man. I’m staying busy.

Thank you all so much for being there for me on this wild, wild journey. It’s been fun.

That was fun, goodbye!


At last, at long, long last! It is complete!

I don’t know what to say… It still hasn’t quite hit me, to tell the truth. I’ve already started work on my next project, which you can find here. You might wanna bookmark it, because work is starting on it VERY soon!! But, that’s not the main focus. The main focus is, IT’S DONE!! In less than two years, three kids wrote twenty six stories, and bippity bam, bippity boop, here we are.


Mixed Feelings – The Site’s Conclusion, Cancellations, and Hard Decisions


I’ve thought about how I’d like to phrase this blog post, as I feel as though out of everyone here, this one is going to bother me the most. Over 24 hours out from this decision, and I’m still reflecting on how I’d want to phrase it, so I would like to tell a story.

When we had announced the BTFolds section of the site, a debate had sparked up amongst the various council members around Canonicity. It’s an odd debate to have, but it came from a legitimate fear. You see, from the EU’s conception, we had users that wanted their stories to be “Canon.” Ideas like Jar Jar Pleats wanting to cause chaos to an idea I had of Billy Ali (who I think appears in Fold of the Rings?) Taking up General Creaseous and causing havoc (like, legitimate danger) to all of the McQuarrie kids. When a story was put in “Legends,” it was devastating to an author; it was a side story, a non-canon blip amongst the fabled “Canon timeline”… for a fanfiction website. We had similar fears that this would happen when we announced BTFolds. We had opened the universe to the public, so anyone could write anything. Immediately, we had an early version of the PJOU (called the ROU) in which Greek Gods were real, just embodied within puppets. We had Art Trek, with Harvey as a teacher at a school for Star Trek students. We had Foldiana Jones, where Jacob Minch was seemingly made canon. We had Miss Perigami’s, where suddenly McQuarrie had a new genre of puppets to play with.

This was dangerous. It had started a debate about canonicity.

Read the rest of this entry

Introducing… Hubs!

Hey guys!

As you all know, the DCOU has officially reached it’s conclusion, and, because of that, I have decided to take a less active role on the site for the next month before it closes. Think of me now as a sort of Web-Master Sam as I pursue a few projects to help future superfolders, looking for new content to read, navigate this site a whole lot easier.

Currently, we have 373 total pages. By the time the Origami Universe drops, along with Hades’ last story for the PJOU, we will total (much to my OCD brain anger) 381. That is a lot. It’s hard to navigate, especially on a phone in which all the pages are visible. As part of the archival project, we at the mod team are working on a few things:

Firstly, the Omnibus Project. At the bottom of the site, you will see two things under the “Collected Editions,” these being the OYEU Omnibus, and the MOU Fold I Omnibus. We plan to craft more omnibuses, collecting them as downloadable links within a drop down potentially in either the Resources section or the respective universe. These will probably be relatively large in size, given the amount of content we have ALL written for the stories. Heaven forbid a nationwide blackout, but these Omnibuses, I plan (if I have the money) to get printed so at least one of us has a physical copy of the sacred texts.

Secondly, the Stats Project. This project involves giving you guys some end of the site statistics. From word count length, total comments, most commented post (except for talkzone), total views, most viewed story, etcetera. This is largely just for fun, but it will be great for you guys to see it.

Lastly, the Hubs Project. Basically, to allow for a greater navigation of our 381 stories, you’ll see various “Hubs” on the site. They’re now accessible through our “WELCOME TO SUPERFOLDER CENTRAL!” Post, stickied at the top of the page.

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Final Creases: The LAST DCOU FRIDAY!

Hey guys!

I… don’t know what to say. I didn’t really expect to get this done, especially tonight. It’s one of my favorite works I’ve ever done so far, and I hope you guys genuinely enjoy it. I hope, looking at the DCOU as a whole, this is a nice conclusion for all of you guys. I hope you enjoy the read as much as I had writing it. Thank you all for sticking by me this whole time,


Read the story here!

VGOU Finale is UP!

Hey guys! I’m sorry about the later-than-usual posting, but I just woke up from a nap, haha.

Anyways, the finale to OM’s VGOU was completed earlier this week, and I failed to upload it on Monday, so I said, “why don’t I post it on Friday?” And, well, that’s where we are now. The VGOU finale: Super Smash Folds Ultimate, is finally up. I’m so excited for you guys to see OM53’s epic, the conclusion to his universe, and his final story for the site. Thank you guys so much for staying along for the ride with OM; I appreciate it, and I sure he appreciates it even more.

Check it out here — Super Smash Folds: Ultimate

MOU Monday??

I know what you’re thinking. That’s not Noah! That’s not the guy! Well, you’re right. I’m not Noah- Noah’s gone. And with Noah gone, I decided to type up a little short story meant to set the stage for The Spider-Fold, which is coming soon…

Read From the World of the Spider-Fold: The Clone Saga here! And be sure to leave a comment, maybe a theory or two?

Peace out, and remember, Bienvenidos a la villa de arañas españas!

DCOU Friday, the Second to Last One…

Hey everyone!

The Second to last DCOU story has released! It is my personal favorite one, Batfold: The Three OriJokers War. It was something I have wanted to write for the, well, longest time. Back as THE Batfold, Alan Wade, with his Crease Family, must put a stop to the Three OriJokers, and Save Kane once and for all! Will he do it? How will he succeed? Find out in Batfold: The Three OriJokers War.

I would love to have a Q&A about it. Ask me any questions you might have in the comment section of BF5, or here, or in the talkzone!

See you guys in a week or two for the last DCOU story… ever!

VGOU Tuesday!

Hey guys! Sorry for the late post!

Today, we’re on the second to last VGOU story: Legend of Zeldagami: Skyfold Sword! The story of Linkin is ALMOST done. There’s one more story for his saga, and the saga for the Rapids Middle. I loved it, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Remember to be kind to OM, and have fun reading:

Legend of Zeldagami: Skyfold Sword!

DCOU Friday, finally, on a Friday?!

Hello everyone!

So, possibly my favorite story of this fold has just dropped, the conclusion to the Fold trilogy: SuperPaperFoldGirl. SuperPaperFoldGirl focuses on Casey, the third member of Team Fold, and the whole story is from her perspective! Jonathan Yen has become the New Fold, and Casey has to keep him — and her life — on track. Be sure to read it here! It is really important, and, if you only get the chance to read one story from this fold, this one is my personal favorite.

Anyways, on Monday, a NEW VGOU story drops! Then, on Friday of Next Week, BATFOLD: THE 3 ORIJOKER WAR drops! I’m so excited!

See you guys later!