Hey guys, Jawa here. It’s been ages since I’ve posted on the EU, but I have a big announcement for everyone. The video below explains everything.


Nearly 5 years ago, I started work on one of my first projects: An adaptation of the Origami Yoda book series by Tom Angleberger.

We made a total of 7 episodes, and to be honest, none of them were very good. I’ve had the idea to reboot the series for years, and now that I have more experience in film, I decided now is the time.

So in the coming year, my YouTube channel, Alright Productions is going to work on adapting the first book in the series, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.

UPDATE 2/8/18: Episode 2 is done, but unfortunately we don’t have access to our filming locations for Episode 1 until early March. Until then, we’ll be working on Episodes 3-6.


Merry Christmas! SUPERVILLAINY HIGH: CHRISTMAS COOKIE CONUNDRUM is now on my website!!

Hey, guys! It’s JC! I’d love for you guys to check out my new website, JoshuaCroyle.com, as well as read my first ever SuperVillainy High Christmas Special! The story is completely free, and more short stories in the series will be released as time goes on, so check up frequently! AND… Coming 2018… You can BUY my first book in the main series, Firewhirl’s Frenzy!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to read SuperVillainy High: Christmas Cookie Conundrum!


Hey, guys! It’s JC!! Huge news!!!

We have new stories, a new leader, a new website, and a new EU!

First things first… SF Camster is taking over as the EU website leader!!

I’m so excited to announce this! After I saw his hard work on the website and his own blog, I asked Camster to take on the responsibility of being the head of the website’s production. He will be in charge of any upcoming contests, new stories, receiving fanfiction/posting it on the website, and co-managing the visual style of the website alongside SF Jawa. FYI, I’ll still be around as a creative consultant and friend to everybody, but I have some new things on the horizon…

Introducing JoshuaCroyle.com!

Coming soon, a whole website filled with my stories, books, videos, favorite fandoms, fanfiction, theories, film/book news, and everything else you’d expect from JC! The website will also house my original franchise, SuperVillainy High. In fact, the website will launch with my new holiday special, “SuperVillainy High: Christmas Cookie Conundrum!” Stay tuned!

Lastly… Here is the upcoming slate of Origami Yoda EU stories, heading into 2018…


Origami Yoda: Journey to The School Awakens

The Last Jelly

The Copy Wars

Origami Yoda’s Secret War

Twilight of the Student

Untitled OY EU Story

Untitled OY EU Holiday Special (starring the Minch twins!)


Origami Yoda: The School Awakens


Origami Yoda & Friends (a new line of stories!)

The Fold of the Rings

The Avengepapers

Justice Crease

The Magical Case of Origami Disney!

Harry Paper

Art Trek

And more!



Welcome to Origami Yoda: The Expanded Universe! This site is a place where SuperFolders send in their own stories and ideas set in the world of Tom Angleberger’s Origami Yoda series!!

You can read the OY EU stories, write and read the Origami Yoda Legends (the current stories being released on the website), chat in the SuperFolder TalkZone, have fun, do what you want, and enjoy your time here!

The Universe Belongs To All!

-SuperFolder JC

Introduction Post

Hey Superfolders!!

My name is SFCammy/SFCamster! I am so, so, so excited to join the team! The Origami Yoda EU has been something amazing for me to read about since I started reading the Origami Yoda series, and I’m super-thankful for being able to join the team.

Now, a lot of you don’t know me very well, so here is some basic Superfolder knowledge.

My First Post: My first post on origamiyoda.com featured my first-ever Yoda (made with Tom’s instructions) and a Mace Windu.

My Favorite Book: My favorite OY book might be Art2-D2’s guide to folding and doodling, though I loved The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppet, too!

My Favorite Character: Dwight!

My Biggest Origami Yoda Accomplishment: I folded each cover star to the detail, including size, of their covers.

Weird Fact: I read Fake Mustache before Origami Yoda! I liked the book so much I wanted to know what other works Tom Angleberger had.

All in all, I’m super excited to join the team, and I’d like to specifically thank JC and the other Superfolders for the incredible work they have put into the EU, making it a beautiful work of art.