Origami Yoda: The Series (Web Show Update!)

Three years ago today, SuperFolders OscarU, The Evil Jawa, Peyton, JC, Avril, Megan/Phred, and Emily teamed up to make the first episode of the Origami Yoda Book Series-based web show, “Origami Yoda: The Series.” In three years, we’ve had six episodes, with the seventh finished and ready to be published to YouTube, once my iPad’s memory is cleared (sorry, SFs!)

Currently, our main cast has gained and lost many cast members. For example, look at the main four characters…

Episode I: Origami Yoda and the Night of Fun – Dwight/OscarU, Tommy/The Evil Jawa, Kellen/Peyton, Harvey/JC

Episode II: Origami Yoda and the Embarrassing Stain – Dwight/OscarU, Kellen/Peyton, Harvey/JC

Episode III: Origami Yoda and the Home Run – Dwight/JC, Tommy/The Evil Jawa, Harvey/JC

Episode IV: Origami Yoda and the Cheeto Hog – Dwight/Tony, Harvey/JC

Episode V: Origami Yoda and the Tragic Death – Dwight/Trevor, Tommy/The Evil Jawa, Kellen/Max, Harvey/JC

Episode VI: Origami Yoda and Darth Paper – Dwight/Trevor/Garrett, Tommy/The Evil Jawa, Kellen/Max, Harvey/JC

Episode VII: Origami Yoda and the Revenge of the Sith – Dwight/CJ, Tommy/The Evil Jawa, Kellen/Max, Harvey/JC

Episode VIII: Origami Yoda and the School Board – Dwight/OscarU/JC/Tony/Trevor/Garrett/CJ, Tommy/The Evil Jawa, Kellen/Peyton/Max, Harvey/JC

Thanks for an amazing three years of Origami Yoda fun! I can’t wait to show you this new episode! Lightsaber duels, good vs. evil, Star Wars music, a certain pickle… Stooktacular!



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