Teen Titans: Fold!

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Teen Titans FOLD! 

By: Origami_Master53

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 Chapter 1:Introduction


“There is good and there is evil, and the line between them is clear” -Robin. 

That’s my favorite Robin quote from Teen Titans GO! I’m Richard Wickinni, but I like to be called Richy.  I go to Ward  Middle School. But anyways, I asked my friends Eric, Peter, Sara,and Jamie to tell me why they joined the Teen Titans FOLD! Just so you know who is who I will tell you. I am Robin, Eric is Beast Boy, Peter is Cyborg ( Eric and Peter are best friends!), Sara is Starfire, and Jamie is Raven!!! The next four Chapters are the team’s origins!

                  Chapter 2 Eric’s Origin


WHAT UP MY DUDES! My name is Eric. I joined the team because they promised 25 cents every save and at the Pizza Lobby you can buy a kid sized pizza for $1!!! I also love Teen Titans GO! And I think Beast Boy is just like me. I also heard that my man Peter is joining. Man, me and Peter have been friends since like 2nd grade!!! He helped me when my RC car stopped working and fixed it! So if he’s in, I’m in! They gave me my own Beast Boy Puppet when I joined. It is SWEET!!!!! See ya later dudes!!!

    Chapter 3 Peters Origins


So, um hi everyone… I’m Peter… I guess you want me to tell you why I joined, so um… I will start now… I was working in the Tech Lab, watching “Teen Titans: GO!” when I heard a knock on the door. I yelled “come in!” And the door opens. I see Richy.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Do you want to join a team?” Richy replies.

“What kind of team?” I said.

“It’s an Origami Teen Titans. I call it Teen Titans FOLD!, We could use a tech specialist like you.” Richy said as he held up an Origami Cyborg, my favorite character by the way!

“You got yourself a Cyborg now!!!” I say in excitement. So now I am on a Origami team which I thought would never happen!!!

    Chapter 4 Sara’s Origins


Hello everyone!!! I am Sara, or Starfire!!! I joined because I was told that I could do whatever I wanted to do when we are not fighting crime!!! And since we’re getting paid 25 cents per save I will be getting closer to buying a new pet!!! It would be a puppy and be sooo cute!!! I also think that Richy likes me… anyways I would probably be hanging out with Jamie. I hope this is enough for the story you are writing Richy!!! (It’s not a story Sara!!!)

     Chapter 5 Jamie’s origin


So… I was told to write something down, but I don’t like writing stuff down so I am telling Richy what to write. I usually sit in the corner in class and nobody talks to me. So, when Richy came up to me I was really nervous. He tells me he is making a team made out of Origami. I asked him what the team was about and he said it was about the Origami Teen Titans. He also told me he calls them the Teen Titans FOLD! Richy handed me an Origami Raven and left. My favorite Teen Titans character is Raven. And yes I watch Teen Titans GO! At my house. PEACE!!

Chapter 6 The First Meeting


“Ok Titans, for the first meeting we are going to the movies to watch ‘Teen Titans GO! To The Movies.’” Richy said.

“YEAH!!!” We all screamed. When we got there, I noticed Jamie was looking at someone.

“Who are you looking at Jamie!?!?!” Richy asked.

“That’s James. He was my old friend and now he hates me and everyone I hangout with…” Jamie replied.

“Oh…” Richy said

“Ok, let’s just watch the movie!!” Jamie whispered. As the team watched the movie James kept looking at us. He also came up to us at the end of the movie.

“So, Jamie, are these your new friends?” James asked

“Yes…” Jamie replied.

“We are the Teen Titans FOLD!” Richy said confidently.

“Oh… wow” James replied while laughing

“Ok team, let’s leave!!!” Richy yells. Well that was our first and last meeting…

Chapter 7 First encounter


So, after that meeting with James we went around the school and saw signs that said: “The Teen Titans FOLD are trash! We need to make a device to get rid of select Origami!!! Meet me in the auditorium after school.” We all wanted to go and fight but had to wait. Ok, first Jamie backed out of going to the auditorium, then Sara backed out because Jamie backed out. Next Eric and Peter backed out because they were going to an arcade. Since I was the last one I went to the auditorium. When I got there a bunch of kids were there!!! But I got kicked out. I also found out their leader. It was Sladeigami… Or James!!! I rushed home and wrote this down.

Chapter 8 First and Last battle

By: Teen Titans FOLD!

We were finally starting to get kicked out of Ward middle. When Richy had a plan…

“I have a plan to kick James out of Ward Middle!!!” Richy explained.

“Ok! What is it?” We all wanted to know.

“Well, if we make it seem like James is the bad guy then we can kick him out!” Richy yelled.

“Oh…” We all understood the plan. So after that small meeting we went to the auditorium. Sure they were booing at us, but after they saw our confidence they joined us and while they were busy with James we told the principal and got James kicked out of school. And sure, we know that this ending was not that action packed as people would like, but it was a CRAZY adventure.


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  1. The story we’ve been waiting for.. Epic.

  2. True artwork. Absolutley stunning brilliance.

  3. Origami yoda is awesome

    I like this story

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