The Strange Case of Origami Dwight!


New Beginnings
By Obi-Wan Kenobi

My friend Yoda is the wisest Jedi ever!!! Yet he brought this weird puppet to the Jedi Academy!!! He called it Origami Dwight!!! These are what Origami Dwight has done for us!! I went around asking all the Jedi who had help from Dwight to tell me so I can write it in this Holo-document!!! Let’s see what happens!!!

Origami Dwight and the Not Embarrassing Stain
By Luke Skywalker

So everyone’s robes have been getting stained!!! Well everyone’s but mine… so I had tried to get my master to let me come with them on a mission but they said no!!! I tried and tried again but all the stains I tried to make kept coming out!!! So when I heard about Origami Dwight I went and tried. This is what he said. “Origami Dwight, how can I get a stain on my robe?” I asked. “Get stains, do you why?” Yoda asked. “ Well I have been very jealous because everyone keeps telling me that they got so much mud or whatever on theirs and I want to tell them what happened to me!!!” I tell him. “Go on mission with a master you should!!!” Yoda tells me.”She won’t let me!!!That’s why I wanted to ask Origami Dwight!!!” “Let you I would.” Yoda told me. “Purple” said Dwight. Origami Dwight, how can I get a stain on my robe?” I asked again. “Rub a Rib B Q on it, they get everywhere!!! That’s why I like them!!!” Dwight said. So later that day I tried it and it worked!!! I am so happy because all my friends think I go on missions now!!! Origami Dwight is legit!!!

The Tragic Case of Origami Dwight

So at Jedi Academy my friends and I sit at the same lunch table everyday. But one kid (Anakin) makes fun of Yoda because he is so smart…Now you might think that is a good thing but in this Jedi Academy you want to be weird so you get the best teacher. Yoda on the other hand is smart so when Anakin said “Dude why do you act so smart all the time? You want the best education do you?” Said Anakin. “ Good education I get hrrm.” Yoda said back. “No you don’t. I went on a field trip with your master chaperoning and I got the worst experience ever!!!” Anakin Yelled. “Fine weird I must be!!! Weird, I will be hrrm!!!” Yoda yells as soon as he throws Dwight away!!!!

The Aftermath!!!!

I run to where Yoda through Dwight away. I looked and it turned out Dwight was thrown into an air vent and was flouting back to the surface of Coruscant!!!! After about 2 months Anakin attacked the Jedi temple and killed about all the Jedi!!! He did not kill me, Yoda, and Luke!!! Since Dwight was thrown down all could be alive but I am not going to Coruscant to find out!!!

The End Is This?

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