By SupremeLeaderSkywalker/SLS



“Gimme your lunch money, geek!” said a school bully, who was robbing some random guy of his lunch money.

Spider-Fold and Cal came out of nowhere, interrupting the bullying session. “Hey, guys,” Cal said, punching the bully in the shoulder. The bully tried to punch back but Cal easily sidestepped. The kid fell to the ground but jumped back up.

The bully then smacked Cal on the face several times. The bully got the upper hand, grabbed Spider-Fold, threw him out of the way, and was about to give Cal the final blow when Cal said quickly, “Ezra! It’s your cue!”

A boy named Ezra came out from behind the two and tackled the bully, attacking him with a paper Venom puppet.

“WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!?” the bully said as Ezra grabbed him by the shirt, OrigVenom in other hand.

“We…are OrigVenom,” said Ezra and “OrigVenom” in perfect sync. Ezra threw the bully out of the way. The bully jumped up and ran away like a baby.

“Good job,” said Cal, rubbing his bruised cheek. “You saved my butt back there.”

Now you’re probably wondering, who is this Ezra kid? Well…heh-heh…it’s actually me. Let me go back to the beginning…A.K.A. only two months ago.

Chapter 1: Not-So-Humble Beginnings As A Reporter

By Ezra

How am I now living it up with Cal Largent and his puppet pal, Spider-Fold, you ask? Lemme tell you my story.

The short way.

So once upon a time Cal was defeating this Chameleon guy, but the Chameleon guy framed Cal, so Cal put together a team and defeated the Chameleon guy. Then I appeared and became friends with Cal. Yay! Story’s over.

Oh wait. Forgot to tell you how I became the partner of Cal Largent and the wielder of OrigVenom.

I’ll tell you that story…

The long way.

Chapter 2: At The Office

By Ezra

I was at the backstage of the school auditorium, with my fellow editors and reporters. We were studying local happenings around the school for our next school newspaper issue. My friend, Elliott, was writing a review of the new Into the Spider-Verse movie. In every issue of the school newspaper, these things are mandatory to include:

  1. One movie or TV show review
  2. One book review
  3. A weather prediction section (for some reason in the winter it’s not very cold.)
  4. At least one science article (this time it was my turn to do the science article)

I was going to interview the leader of the L.I.F.E. (Little Ingenious Forceful Eco-studies) Science Club, who I heard from some of my fellow reporters, were supposedly…making unstable chemicals that could cause the human mind to almost go crazy! At least, I think that’s what they told me.

The L.I.F.E. Club leader’s name was Karl Blonsky Jr. His father was very rich until his company, “Edu-Fun,” collapsed due to some little group of students rebelling against some educational videos of his. Heard they were wielding…origami STAR WARS puppets. Really? Star Wars? That’s a geek thing. In Kirby and Wheeler, we’re much more proper, and we have our helpful little Marvel puppets. Much less weird than Star Wars puppets. Anyways, here I went, about to interview Karl Blonsky Jr. Boy, oh, boy. The day I interviewed that guy changed my life forever.

Chapter 3: How The Interview Went

By Ezra

I walked up to Karl Blonsky. “Hello, sir,” I said, pencil and notebook in hand. “I’ve heard a lot about you. Great things, yes.”

“Oh yes, indeed,” Blonsky replied. “My team and I won the New York City Annual Science Fair two years in a row: 2016 and 2017. This year we’re planning to make it three years in a row.”

“What are your hobbies?” I said, recording the conversation.

He said, “Oh, well, reading, writing short stories, torturing people using unstable chemicals, and, of course, science. I am head of the science club, after all.”

“Oh, but I’ve heard some recent shocking reports from some of my fellow reporters about—guess what—you and your team at the L.I.F.E. Science Club literally making unstable chemicals using even a few—illegal—ingredients. Wow, dude.”

Karl then got a derisory look in his eyes. He said, “That’s…half true, not so much. Wait, are you recording me saying it’s true?”



Two L.I.F.E. Club members grabbed me by the arms. “Is that a threat?”

“Yes, indeed,” Karl said smugly, taking my notebook and pencil and throwing them behind and into a canister of chemicals. Right next to the canister was some black origami finger puppet.

I kicked both guards in the shins and ran away, trying to escape the lab. I then saw a big flash of red go by me. As it went by, I saw a really well-folded origami Scream symbiote puppet. The wielder appeared to be a girl, not a boy. I accidentally bumped into the canister of chemicals, which went on the black origami finger puppet. I fell to the floor with the puppet on my hands. I must have knocked my head pretty hard, because I blacked out.

“Ezra,” said a voice in my head.

“Who said that?”

“I’m the black origami puppet that got affected by the chemicals and is now own your lap.”

“These guys are trying to hurt me!”

“I know. But trust me, okay? I can use my powers to save you, Ezra. Cooperate…and you just might survive.”

Chapter 4: We Cooperated And Survived, So Yeah, It Worked

By Ezra

I woke up with the Venom puppet in my hands. I stood up tall and started running again. Recess had ended long before and though school was not over yet, the power in the science lab was off, and no one was in it. Thank gosh the door was unlocked.

As I went out the door, the most unlucky thing happened: the bell. A bunch of students came in for lunch, and guess who saw me? That’s right. A group of L.I.F.E. SCIENCE CLUB GUARDS.

“Ezra, run!” said the Venom puppet in my mind. So yeah, I started running. Who wouldn’t?

I ran across the pavilion and school yard, but those guys still chased me. Then I felt him talking to me again.

“Now is the time to use my powers.”

I then tried to punch one of them, but it didn’t worked, and he punched me back. And then…

“Time for me to come in.”

I felt a surge of strength in my bones. Maybe it was OrigVenom. Maybe just me. But then I punched and kicked all of those guys until they were running away to their mamas.

“See, Ezra? It’s good to be bad.”

Chapter 5: Cal’s Reaction

By Ezra

Cal saw it. All of it. He saw me attacking those L.I.F.E. Club members, though they tried to attack me first. He saw OrigVenom.

I walked to Cal and he gently grabbed OrigVenom slowly from me and looked at it for a few minutes. “This is the Symbiote Spidey from the OriSpider-verse team. Those…those dirty L.I.F.E. Science guys turned the Symbiote into…this thing.”

“It’s Venom now,” I said, taking the Venom puppet back. “And I’m calling it…uh…Orig…OrigVenom.”

“Why does it feel greasy, Ezra?”

“Hazardous chemicals.”


I then walked away from Cal.

Chapter 6: I’m Going Crazy

By Cal

As Ezra walked away from me, I started to feel dizzy.

I went into a few bushes. I felt sick in my stomach. Something was wrong.

Was it those chemicals? Gosh darn it. Ezra must think “OrigVenom” is sentient and is corrupting him. I’ve gotta stop him.

I pulled out Spider-Fold to stop Ezra, but then the weirdest thing happened…


Spider-Fold was talking to me.

Chapter 7: Something Weird Happened

By Ezra

The next day at recess, everything was pretty much back to normal except for me starting to get slowly more evil and corrupted. Maybe it’s OrigVenom. Maybe I should throw him away. Should’ve never interviewed Karl Blonsky Jr., that little punk.

At recess I also saw Cal up in a tree, hooting like an owl. Did he get affected by the chemicals when he touched OrigVenom? I saw him saying a bunch of crazy sayings to Spider-Fold. Um…okay then.

I saw Clark saying, “CAL! Get down here! What are you doing? Spider-Fold can’t talk to you?”

“Yes he can, he’s ALIIIIIIIIIIVE! Hoot-hoot-hoot!” Cal said in a crazy voice. What happened to my friend?

I walked up to Clark and said, “Any idea of what happened?”

“I think he touched something that’s driving him to the point of insanity,” Clark replied, not seeming to care.

I hid OrigVenom in my back-pocket. Didn’t want Iron Fold, Kirby’s best protector, to be driven to insanity also.

I then slowly walked away from Clark. Thank gosh he didn’t notice OrigVenom.

Chapter 8: How Do I Do This Again?

By Cal

“HOOT-HOOT-HOOT I’M AN OWL BOYYYYYYS,” is all I can say. A day ago, my pen pal from Virginia told me to keep being weird.


I fear Spider-Fold is not taking over like how OrigVenom is taking over Ezra. I think Ezra just got lucky. All that’s happening to me is…these chemicals are driving me to insanity.

Chapter 9: A Few Weeks Later

By Ezra

I have become a popular kid now. I’m using OrigVenom’s powers for good. I am replacing Spider-Fold and Cal on the popularity scale. I have, in fact, teamed up with the OrigAvengers a few times. I’m living it up.

Unlike with Cal:

“Hi, Cal!” said Elliott, my fellow reporter.

“Good morning, Cal!” said Lacey.

“How’s it going lately, Cal?” Samantha said.

“I like owls!” Cal said.

But then, today, Karl and his science team confronted me on the school yard.

Lemme tell you how it went.

Chapter 9.5: My Growing Life

Before we get to the confrontation between me and Karl, I think it’s time I explain some things about myself.

My eye color is brown. Hair’s black. Favorite color? Blue. Favorite food? Chocolate-chip pancakes.

And I think I’m growing a crush on…believe it or not…Samantha Walters.


Chapter 10: The Battle Begins

By Ezra

“Well, well, well,” said Karl. “If it isn’t Ezra Cronin. Mr. Cronin, you have stolen from us. Give the origami specimen back.”

“You stole it from an OriSpider-verse team member,” I said. “It’s mine now, not yours.”

“I guess you’re right…” Karl said, trailing off. He added, “NOT! Get him!”

Two more L.I.F.E. Club members grabbed me by the arms. But I got free of their grasp again.

Karl said, “Technically, if you’re not planning to not give it back to the Symbiote Spidey’s owner, you’re also stealing. We all have our problems. Breakups. Divorced. What’s yours?”

“OrigVenom. He’s my problem. But I’m learning to deal with him.”

“And I’m learning to deal with my friend, too,” Karl said, and he pulled out none other than an origami Riot.

“The perfect adversary,” Karl said. “And in my hands.”

Chapter 11: Main Event Time

By Ezra

Just as I was about to punch Karl in his big ego-inflated face, Cal came OUT OF NOWHERE WITH SPIDER-FOLD AND AN ORIGAMI TOXIN!

Cal punched Karl in the face for me. “I. Love. OWLLLLLLLLLLLS!” Cal yelled as he kicked Karl right in the trunk.

I was about to punch a L.I.F.E. Club member in the arm when someone stopped me: Samantha, who looked dazed and was holding…believe it or not…the origami Scream from earlier. I should’ve known. She folds origami perfectly.

“How could you?!” I said. “Samantha, what have they done?”

“Nothing,” Samantha replied. “In fact, you’re the one who is doing things, not them. I serve the L.I.F.E. Science Club now. You can hurt people. You have very strong muscles, Ezra, and you can inflict harm. And that little Venom puppet of yours is doing nothing to help you! In fact, it’s making you worse!”

I grabbed Origami Scream from her and ripped it up.

“C’mon, Samantha! This isn’t yourself! I…I love you! And much more than a friend!”

Then Samantha started to look less and less dazed.

She kissed me. And…

“EXCUSE ME!” Karl yelled.

Awkward silence befell the school yard.

“Cal is in the middle of kicking me in the shins, and you two are kissing? Ew! Snap out of it! Let’s get back to battling against me!”

As the battle started again, Cal threw Origami Toxin across the field to Samantha, who now had one puppet.

So now it was three of us. Me, Samantha, and Cal, just fighting a bunch of L.I.F.E. Science Club people. Best. Day. Ever.

Chapter 12: Witnessing A Battle

By Clark

I, Clark Largent, was drinking my morning cup of coffee with Dove and Andy when we saw Karl Blonsky Jr. and his science team beating up Ezra Cronin.

“Should we help?” Andy asked me.

“Nah, the kid has OrigVenom,” I said.

I then saw Cal (who has been drawn to the brink of insanity by something) going in front of Ezra and punching Karl.

“I love owls!” We heard Cal say.

“Well, that kid’s lost,” Dove said. Dove made Thorigami say, “We should help Friend Ezra and Friend Cal defeat Karl and his crew.”

“Leave them,” Andy said. “Cal’s handling Karl pretty well.”

We then saw Samantha walking up to Ezra, who was trying to punch a L.I.F.E. Club member. Samantha stopped Ezra from hitting the guy.

“Friend Samantha?!” Thorigami said. “What are you doing?!”

We saw the strangest and grossest thing of all after that: Samantha kissing Ezra.

“Oh no!” Thorigami said. “Samantha, what have you done?”

“Okay, I’m looking away,” I said.

Karl then scolded Samantha and Ezra for kissing in the middle of a battle.

Cal threw Samantha an origami Toxin from across the field.

“Okay, that was disturbing,” Dove said. “The image of Ezra and Samantha kissing is gonna be in my head forever. What can be seen cannot be unseen.”

“Young love,” I said, smiling. “They act like me and Emily.”

Chapter 13: What Happened Next

By Ezra

Me, Samantha, and Cal were basically done with the L.I.F.E. Science Club. All that was left to defeat was Karl and a few others.

“Origami Riot cannot be contained,” Karl said, trying to punch me in the face. After he tried to punch me, he tried to grab OrigVenom. I could feel it starting to make a ripping noise.

“No! OrigVenom, don’t die on me!” I said. But then, I realized in my head…OrigVenom can be repaired. He’s just a puppet. And that power was me all along, not OrigVenom. And I also realized…it was the chemicals that made me think OrigVenom was alive. And if I’m still affected with the chemicals…then…OrigVenom will always be with me.

I let OrigVenom be ripped in half. As Karl held what was left of OrigVenom, he said, “I…I feel strange.” He then realized he was getting affected by the chemicals now. Karl looked dazed and said slowly:


Karl ran away from us, with Riot falling out of his hands and into a group of tall trees near the school yard.

“Well…that was easy,” I said. “Is…is the day saved? By us?”

“Yes,” Cal replied. “I guess so. And now, Ezra, I realize…OrigVenom can be used for good. I think we’ve all learned a lesson today. Samantha? Love. Ezra? Self-confidence. Me? Not to be driven to insanity. Now let’s go back to shop and repair OrigVenom, eh?”


Me and Samantha were in Wendy’s with Cal and Spider-Fold as our third wheel.

“So…how’s the pen pal from Virginia going?” I said to Cal.

“Oh, him? Good. He says he likes squirrels, not owls, though,” Cal replied.

Still awkward.

Second Epilogue

Hello. I am an anonymous narrator. Ezra or Cal or Clark was not here to witness these events, so I’ll narrate it myself. In the group of tall trees near the school yard, Origami Riot sat, unharmed. A person who’s face was concealed because of his hoodie being over his head picked up Riot and colored him red with a sharpie. And then…origami Carnage was born. Carnagami. The true ultimate threat to OrigVenom.

  1. The Immortal Iron Fisk

    Wheres the cover?

  2. I dunno, I created the cover months ago in August.

    So, overall thoughts? Yeah, I’m not a very good writer… 😬
    Well, hey, I helped Mega write Spider-Fold, and look how it turned out!

  3. Personally, I enjoyed the story, SLS. It’s clear you have a passion for writing, and if you continue to write, you will only get better. My stories at around your age were very similar to this, and now I’m finally getting down my style. We grow as writers and we learn and improve. So, I think you are doing a good job.
    Now, I do have a question:
    Have you ever considered a character such as Agent Venom? There are so many symbiotes that I think would be interesting to see you do, and I’m excited for, if I recall correctly you’re doing a trilogy, correct? Keep it up, homie. Proud of you.

  4. I would love to do an OrigVenom trilogy, but…
    …are One-Shots allowed to have sequels?

    Respond to this if you can.

  5. Nice work,SLS. Loved the range in symbiotes.

  6. Thanks, man! Fun fact: I considered putting an extended chapter of Spider-Fold talking to Cal, but then I was like, “Nah, ‘‘this is Ezra’s story, not Spider-Fold 2.”

    Also, if anyone wanted to know, Cal’s taking therapy presently, so that’s why at the end he’s sane again. I know, in that unofficial OrigVenom prequel, I have an explanation, but now, I actually think that explanation was…pretty bad.

  7. It was a little fast paced but other than that, great story SLS.

  8. Also, the second epilogue was great. So was the Dwight cameo.

  9. Yeet
    D W I G H T

  10. The Immortal Iron Fisk

    This was good. Dont get me wrong, there are flaws in the pacing, character development, etc, but that is normal. You’re still learning and your writing style will, like OL100 said, evolve and mature along with you. I see a career in your future if you stick with it!

  11. Yeah, I really rushed through this story…may have left some character development behind…oof…
    Glad you enjoyed nevertheless!

  12. UGH, why is my profile pic changing so much? Gosh darn it…

  13. The Immortal Iron Fisk

    Besides, these are one-shots, they are made for stories of this nature

  14. I enjoyed story it was very good although I totally forget who Samantha was bu ok theory time

    Theory 1) Karl moves to McQuire place and befriends Dwight
    2) the anonymous narrator at the end was The Presence from the DCOU on vacation because he was present for the beginning of CARNAGE
    3) EduFun guy may be a secret supporter of thanos *DUN DUN DUN* see origami yoda books for evidence

  15. hey you know how comic CARNAGE likes to write something like CARNAGE RULES in his victims (and sometimes his own) blood I wonder if Carnagami will do the same but with riped papper

  16. *this is a joke*

    After the events of OrigVenom, Karl has now gone mad and has moved from school to school. After Kirby, he went to Bowser Elementary School. Then Mario Private School. Then Luigi Academy. Then Pikachu University. His current school is Piranha Plant Charter, though his father is considering moving back to Virginia and putting him in McQuarrie again because now Karl’s personality is basically the same as Dwight’s.

  17. SLS, I think one shots can have sequels, I, myself wrote a one shot that will be published soon that has in fact a sequel that’s on the main stories
    So the first part is on one shot, the second is a main story.

  18. Star Wars IS NOT A GEEK THING!!!!!!!

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