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Writer’s Blog #4– If This Be My Destiny, i might as well shave

Note from Hades: This post was written on August 12th. 

Hi!! Hiiiii!! Hi hi…. hiiiiii!!!! Hades, here. So, I decided that to keep myself busy I’ll be doing a post on each of the four stories left on my slate: 

  • The Spider-Fold
  • Origami Catwoman and the Kane Conspiracy 
  • Aquapleat and the Shredder Squad: Expel the Justice Pleats 
  • The Shredder Squad Versus The Council
  • CHRONOS II: The Last Odyssey 

So, with this story, the Spider-Fold, I’m very passionate. And I decided to choose the date of August 17th as my day to get it all done, and what’s the consequence? Well, I’m not shaving until I finish the story. And that day, August 17th WAS my first day of school. So, I would shave what’s almost a full mustache. (How? I’m not old.) BUT LO AND BEHOLD, MY FRIENDS, SCHOOL STARTS ON THE 15TH, APPARENTLY. Meaning I’m going in with whatever I got, woe is me. 

So, the Spider-Fold. It’s a mix of several narratives, some I’m not at liberty to share, but I will a few, just for you guys. It’s based on Kraven’s Last Hunt, The Green Goblin’s Last Stand, and The Night Gwen Stacey Died. I’m proud to be able to weave these stories together to craft my own narrative 

Oh, but Hades? You ask, What narrative ARE you trying to craft? Well, my dim witted child, The Spider-Fold details the story of Sebastian Merrick, yes, THE Sebastian Merrick, two years after the events of the PJOU. He’s down on his luck, he’s lost most of his friends, all he has is the girl of his dreams. And yet… he’s happy, because he defends Wheeler Academy as it’s one and only Spider-Fold. Whenever Kraven, the Hunter begins to target the villains Spider-Fold has helped reform (Some of which you may recognize from OM53’s Amazing Spider-Fold and SLS’s OrigVenom serieses…) Sebastian is forced not only to examine himself, but the impact he has on its other heroes and the school as a whole. 

DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A BLAST, OR WHAT? And you might be wondering, if this is a new hero and a new take on the character… what “villains” would be redeemed? Oh, nothing much just… 

  • The Green Goblin
  • The Hobgoblin 
  • Jack-O-Lantern
  • Kraven, The Hunter 
  • Lizard 
  • Madame Web
  • The Owl
  • Riot
  • Tombstone 
  • Venom 
  • The Vulture
  • & The Wall 

Now that I’ve done my self promotion bit, I’m gonna talk about SFCC Year 3! SFCC Year 3 is all about closing the site, we’ll be releasing The Cold Open and A Meeting of the Minds on Friday, December 3rd. Read those two back to back! After that, weekly releases, Book of Boba Felt on December 9th, The Origami Illuminati and the Trial of the Funpire on December 16th, The Spider-Fold: Kraven’s Last Hunt on the 24th, and The Shredder Squad Versus The Council on December 30th. December 31st we will be releasing omnibuses for each universe, as well as a mega-Omnibus with every story in the main canon sorted chronologically. Why? Why not, guys? 

In between those releases, we’ll be having panels for users to discuss what their plans are after Superfolder Central closes, and for me and Peyton to give out awards. It’s going to be an EVENT! An EXTRAVAGANZA! 

See ya there! 



At last, at long, long last! It is complete!

I don’t know what to say… It still hasn’t quite hit me, to tell the truth. I’ve already started work on my next project, which you can find here. You might wanna bookmark it, because work is starting on it VERY soon!! But, that’s not the main focus. The main focus is, IT’S DONE!! In less than two years, three kids wrote twenty six stories, and bippity bam, bippity boop, here we are.


Funny How It Seems Like Yesterday… SF Hades’ Formal Farewell To Superfolder Central.

I’ve pushed away trying to write this post for a while. Some of it’s because of the stress of school, some of it is for lack of trying, but ultimately, it’s because I’m way too afraid to put this out there. I’ve always struggled with saying goodbye, and I was hoping that posting this could help me get some clarity.

In 2019, a young boy commented on Thorigami II. That boy was lonely, living with his grandparents. His Dad was in prison, his Mom was out of the picture. To him, the characters of the Marvel Origami Universe were people for him to project onto. Three years have passed, since that lonely boy joined commented on the story about origami Thor. Between then and today, that boy has realized that she is a woman. She’s met mentors, she’s made friends. She’s developed a love for writing, and storytelling, and guiding those who suffer the same loneliness she once did. Sure, the road has been bumpy. But Superfolder Central, and its community, were a constant in her life.

And now that girl is saying goodbye.

In my three years on the site, I’ve written 29 stories. (That’s more than Noah.) Novagami and Adam Papercuti, Adam Papercut, Origami Quicksilver, Folders of Tomorrow, Aquapleat, Folders of Tomorrow Season Two, the lost-to-time Folders of Tomorrow Season Three, Bat-Fold of the 1980s: The Long Halloween Break, Justice Pleats Dark, Kingdom Cut: A Beautiful Lie, Aquapleat and the Shredder Squad: Expel The Justice Pleats, The Crimes of Grindelfold, The Tragedy of Joe Martinet, The Rise of Pleaty Jackson: The Bytening Thief, OriGrover Underfold: Field Trip of Monsters, The Return of Thalia Plates: The Titan’s Curse Word, Annashred, The Rise and Fall of Luke Castepleat, Lore OrigOlympus, Pleaty Jackson 2: Welcome To Caesar Middle School, The Heroes of the OrigUnderworld, Chronos: The Iliad, Nico Di Angefold and Will SolCrease: Tainted Love, The Seven Champions, The Trials of Apollo: The Town of Nero, various stories found in The Lost Case Files: Fifteen Short Stories of Athens, New York, Pleaty Jackson 3: The Cicada Daze of Summer, O-Reyna-Gami, The Clone Saga, Chronos 2: The Last Odyssey, and…

The Spider-Fold.

Now, a word. If you click on this link, you will find that it is not attached to SFC. Despite being the culmination of my years worth of work, the story was deemed too graphic, uses too many swear words, and to violent. References to alcohol, cigarettes, and inappropriate activity are common. Despite this, I’m of the belief that this is some of my best work yet. It is an encapsulation of the the environment and people I have found myself surrounded by. This story is dingy, it’s grungey, and yet despite this I believe that there is still a lesson to be learned from it.

I have loved my time getting to know all of you. Every single one of you has a future of riches in store for you, and I mean that. Thrawn, I want you to know that no matter the pain you may feel, it truly is always darkest before the dawn. Never stop doing the right thing. CD, I want to thank you for always being a confident, for being the skeptic my eccentric self needs. OM53, I pray that you never lose that hopeful innocence you carry. You truly light up the Talkzone. Oh, and Noah? Never change, man.

I hope that Donatello goes on to do what he lovs, whatever that may be.

And Peyton, despite our disagreements, I believe that I owe most of my successes to you. Your advice on romance, careers, writing, even little things- Did you know that Peyton taught me how to shave? And he told my boyfriend not to shop lift. I hope that you continue on with your career as a writer, that you earn yourself legions upon legions of adoring fans, myself among them.

Me? I’m making an ARG man. I’m staying busy.

Thank you all so much for being there for me on this wild, wild journey. It’s been fun.

That was fun, goodbye!