Operation Pegasus: the fall of Mar-Fold and the rise of Miss MarPleat

Operation Pegasus: the fall of Mar-Fold and the rise of Miss MarPleat


(Editor’s Note: This file takes place in the year of 1992.)

The History Report
by Vincent Tomas

Planet: Earth

Day: Monday

Date: Who cares.

Why am I doing this again? Oh, it’s because I need to give a report to F.O.L.D. about my “exploits” as Mar-Fold. The only reason I am doing this instead of ignoring all of it is because I feel that she needs an explanation, she needs a reason to rise up to the challenge that my title offers. So here it is, Carrie; this is why I helped you. 

It all started two days ago. I was walking through the hall, my fighter jacket comfortably on my back and tea in my hand. I was generally not liked by anyone, really, so I only helped people who I believed would need my help. In this case that was lucky Jonny DeBlowsky. I first saw Jonny sitting on the ground near his locker sobbing. This was the kind of person I helped out.

“Hey kid, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Some jerk stole my history report,” he said in between sobs.

“Well, do you know where the jerk is?” I asked as I began to fold my calling card.

He got up and pointed down the hall at a beefy kid holding a ball of paper in his hands. This kid was on the football team and he probably got bullied in elementary school and now he decided to lash out here. Poor Jonny just happened to get in his way. This is why I wake up in the morning and walk out that door. This is why (in my eyes) I am an Avenger. I put down my tea and walked into him, bumping into his shoulder.

“Watch it dork,” he said to me.

“No,” I said, “You watch it!”

I swiped my fist by his face, just barely grazing the bridge of his nose while at the same time tossing my calling card, the Hala star, into his locker. Then I clapped my hands in front of his face making him drop the report. He fell hard to the ground. I picked up the report and tossed it to Jonny.

“Y-rog told me you would do this,” the bully said as he got up and crumpled my calling card.

As I was getting escorted to the principal’s office I began to think about that name and it continues to haunt me to this day.

Y-rog and Wheeler
Excerpt from Carrie Morse’s journal 

Day: Tuesday

Important event(s): Continued to not get involved in the war.

I know I’m not someone you Kirbians want to be seen with but I have important news regarding “Y-rog.” I have heard that name be passed through the halls of school like a specter. They are mainly rumors and myths, like how he would nail the jocks in the chest with a paintball gun and how he would jump out of the woods to scare kids who just wanted to study. I have heard of a truly brave person who is going after this “Y-rog.” and if I meet this person all I would say is this: 

“I can’t force you to stop, but I can warn you to tread lightly.”

Meeting Carrie
By Vincent Tomas

Planet: Earth

Day: Wednesday

Date: Why do I need to put one?

I think that Y-rog might be a Wheeler kid. I only say that because all of my other ‘cases’ have led to Wheeler high school so it would not hurt to see if anything was there. As I was sneaking in I bumped into a student who dropped her books.

“Oh, sorry.” I said as I tried to help her out.

“This is not gonna be a cliche,” she said.

I burst out laughing, she had a point. The whole ‘let me help you out with your books, touch your hand’ stuff was SUPER old.

“I see that you have a puppet,” she continued. “Are you an OriAvenger?”

“Me? Ha! No I’m just a… um… concerned student,” I said.

“Well, it’s well made… Super… Person?” she began.

“Mar-fold, and you are?” I asked.

“Oh! My name is Carrie Morse and by the way, awesome cover man!” she said as she pulled out my fake Wheeler I.D.

“Ok, listen, I am just looking for a person called ‘Y-rog,’ have you heard of anyone who goes by that title?” I asked.

“Well,” she paused. “just meet me back here at 5:30.”

Vincent Met a Girl!
By Peter Scattch (From journal)

Day: Wednesday

# of days since ‘The Event,’ : 370

Hey! My boy Vincent finally met a real human girl! This was a huge event of sorts for him. Although for me it’s kinda getting over shadowed by my anniversary of ‘The Event,’

For those of you in the future who are wondering what ‘The Event’ is, it’s the day that I got fired from F.O.L.D. It started like any other day. I handed an information packet off to Vincent that contained a list of people who were pro-war, I told him that they were people who picked on the weak.

“It will be done Supreme Pleat-elligence,” his Mar-Fold said.

“Good,” my Supreme Pleat-elligence boomed.

Then, over the loudspeaker, I was called to F.O.L.D. headquarters. I hid SP in my coat pocket and headed off. Once I got there I should have known that I would be fired.

“You are on permanent leave,” Director Alden said, “on the belief that Operation Pegasus was not an ‘effective way’ of dealing with Wheeler’s pranks. That it was just a weapon for your own use.”

I knew that it had to be one of my (Well Vincent’s) Wheeler victims, but just how did they know about Operation Pegasus? Then he just went on and on about how I was ‘too invested in the war.’ But this is not about me, this is about Vincent. Go pal! Just please tell me it was not a Wheeler girl… 

The Note
By Carrie Morse (Found by Vincent Tomas)

I don’t really have time but I think that Y-rog is following m-

Hello Fool! It is I Y-rog! I will give you 30 minutes starting at 5:30 to race back to Kirby to try and bargain with me for your girl. If you don’t make it by then the Wheeler girl gets it! Good luck…

(Vincent’s note: at the time of me finding the note it was already 5:57!)

The Final Move
By Carrie Morse

Day: Wednesday (About to be Thursday)

Important event(s): About to be shot with paint by Y-rog

I could not believe who Y-rog was! From what I knew I thought what he would be the most invested in finding Y-rog. But if you wanted to hide, then you would never rat yourself out.

“Your traitor boyfriend is late!” he said in a sing-song voice. “Well, I guess that I’ll just have to shoot you.”

I would just have to buy myself time. When you read this, Vincent, I hope that you can live with the fact that you let me get nailed with paint.

“You see, the brilliant thing about this gun is that it doesn’t shoot balls, why it shoots a stream of hard hitting green paint!” Y-rog explained. “I’m sorry, missy, but you just so happen to be my lab rat in 5. 4. 3.” He began to count down as he was looking at his watch. 

I could hear fast paced footsteps coming from my side.

“2-,” He continued

Then a fighter jacked slid in between me and Y-rog

“1!” He yelled. 

Then Vincent slid on his bare knees in between me and Y-rog, blocking the pressurised stream of paint. He roared in pain as the paint raced up his back. He shakely turned around and looked at a bewildered Y-Rog.

“I… trusted you… Peter…” he said before he collapsed.

The Hospital
By Vincent Tomas

Planet: Earth

Day: Thursday

Date: Can’t remember but I know that I am hungry.

The only part of last night that I could remember was that I had been ‘painted’ by my oldest friend Peter Scattch who just so happens to be my greatest enemy ‘Y-rog.’

Then the previous night’s events came back to me. After Peter ‘painted’ me, my back began to bleed and Peter then called the Police and turned himself in. Before I passed out for the first time the last thing I remember is collapsing into Carrie’s lap and watching an officer throw up. Then I remember waking up in an ambulance to see my mom looking over me to my left and Carrie watching me from my right as the doctors put a mask over my face. That’s all I remembered about last night. Carrie then realised that I was awake, I looked at her and she began to weep. Then we [REDACTED BECAUSE IT WOULD MAKE KITTENS BARF]

Capitan MarPleat
By Carrie Morse

Day: Friday

Important events: First date with Vincent Tomas

Once I got out of school I met up with Vincent outside of the Thomas Road entrance to the department store block of town. He then led me for a while until we got to a rundown store where a surprising amount of kids were rounding to go to the back. We filed in and walked to the back, there was a building that had a worn out sign over the door entrance.

It was a comic book store. ‘Saru Super-Stories.’ When we walked in I saw why he led me here; there were Wheeler and Kirby kids talking to each other like there was never a war. Vincent turned to me and pulled out his wallet, pulling out not cash but his Mar-Fold puppet.

“This is a symbol for me,” he said. “A symbol to aim for peace. That’s why I ratted out Peter to F.O.L.D.” He shivered as he said that name. “I just never thought that he would take it out on innocent kids. I can’t continue with this life, so I am giving the title of Mar-Fold to you.” 

At this point we had a crowd. Then he pulled out a Miss Marvel puppet.

“I will explain all I promise, I just need you to take this,” he said.

My Response
By Carrie Morse

Planet: Earth

Day: Tuesday

Important events: I stood up to something.

After I had read this case file I was finally ready to respond. If I am to truly be Miss MarPleat, then my answer should be quick and witty, right? No? Ok, well my answer is yes, although I am not going to be AS dramatic as Vincent. 

We are still going on dates, I just never see him use Mar-Fold any more. It really is like he died, but we are not going to focus on that. I have heard rumors that someone is going around using Supreme Pleat-ellegence and I know that it is not Peter because he is on house arrest, and there’s still the mystery of what Operation Pegasus is. So until next time, Carrie OUT!

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