The Shred Wars

The Shred Wars, An Origami Yoda Story

Now, I know what you’re thinking,” oh great, another WONDERFUL case file about some loser and his talking paper, whoopee, fun”. But this time’s different, because THIS is about that SAME kid (Dwight) and his battle with the new kid at our school (classified). You see, these two were huge Star Wars Fans, and they had both made origami. It was strange because Dwight preferred light- side characters, as the other kid preferred Dark- Side characters. One day, the kid showed up with something he and everyone else called General Creaseous. Now, normally, he (and anyone else like him, like Harvey) would demand some kind of big battle, but he didn’t. In fact, he did nothing to Dwight at all, he actually wasn’t seen around for a while, until we found out that not only was the kid in 8th grade, but HE had given advice with it too! He stole Dwight’s thunder. From there on out, he was bent on destroying Origami Yoda’s good, and making his own good out of people’s problems. This had to be stopped, so this is yet another case file that we wrote to protect Origami Yoda.
Origami Yoda and the Destruction of Degoblocker
Ok, so this one’s not really helping with defeating him because we have no proof, but still, it’s strange all right! Here’s how it went: Dwight’s locker was one place NO one had EVER seen, well, no one but him and Origami Yoda, but we finally got permission from him to look in there, and let me tell you, that kid has a gift! EVERYTHING was origami, but it looked EXACTLY like Yoda’s home on Degobah! He got the huts right, the trees, the swamp, even the creatures right. He had even made a half origami X- WING fighter, and made it look like it was sinking in the fake swamp like the movie! It was just amazing. Then about 3 classes later, we saw THAT kid destroying EVERYTHING! We sprinted over, and got him to stop. We looked inside. It was a wreck, and if we were caught over there, it would look like we had done it. Kellen was with me, by the way. He grabbed the crumpled hut.
“PUT THAT DOWN!” I hissed. “If Dwight sees you, we’re both dead!”
He put it back where we found it, then walked around the corner, spying on Dwight, who showed up a minute later opening his locker. We looked inside from the croner as he bent down to grab his books from the ground. It looked as good as new! And origami Yoda was in there, standing up like he does when he’s no Dwight’s desk!
“There you are!” he said, and grabbed him out of the locker.
The bell rang, and it was time to go to class.
Harvey’s comment: Even I have to admit, that was strange, and that the locker was awesome!
My comment: Well, at least his comments are positive. Hopefully they’re all like this! Maybe Harvey has changed, right?
The battle that had never been done
Well, that’s the end of that crazy story, but now there’s this one, which is yet as mysterious, but still, more awesome! You see, Harvey couldn’t stand that another kid went blabbing on with a finger puppet, so he got Darth Paper out again (ohh yay!._.) and he confronted with the enemy, and the result was a war in the hallways every day, until THIS day had happened. Harvey was so furious, he had grabbed Creaseous, and crumpled him. The kid took it back, put it behind his back for a second, and put it out in front of him yet again, and it looked as good as new!!!!!!!! As I said before, maybe this kid is as powerful as Dwight and Origami Yoda, but whatever he’s using, it’s affective!!!!
Harvey’s Comment: no comment

Now of all things to happen next, the unspeakable has happened! Turns out, that night, after that fight (hey that rhymed!), Harvey called the kid, and they had teamed up AGAINST DWIGHT TOGETHER!!!!!! Just when you think one moron with an evil finger puppet is annoying, another kid comes in WITH him!  At lunch the next day, they both came over to our table, asking to table to Origami Yoda, so Dwight took him out, and it was an all-out war, it sounded like this:GET HIM!!!!! OW! STOP IT! GET AWAY! BACK, BACK, YOU SAVAGES! SHOVE IT YOU JERK. (And some more words, including some that I refuse to mention just in case some kids decide to study Origami Yoda for a living). It was total chaos.
Harvey’s Comment: Man, that was awesome! AND, PAPERWAD YODA LOST AN EAR!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Stookio! (new word! I just made it up!)

  2. i should make more chapters

  3. superfolder np

    Fortunately… Part 2 of Creasious Destroys All is coming out soon!

  4. noooooooooooo yodas ear i am just kidding nice story

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