The Secretary of Origami Yoda

The Secretary of Origami Yoda
By SF Robby

The new kid.
By Tommy
Dwight came into the library today with a kid that looked about our age but was a little taller and had a little peach fuzz under his nose. “Guys, meet Robby.” said Dwight.
He had brown hair, brown eyes, and a red shirt with a pocket. Out of his pocket, there was a green thing. When he got closer, I noticed it looked like yoda. Harvey snickered. “Dwight found his twin. Let’s see if he’s as dumb as Dwight.” Robby quickly tackled Harvey to the ground and Dwight said “Woah, Robby he’s ok. He’s just joking.” Robby had a rubber band out that was loaded with a birdee ready to launch. “Are you sure sir?” said Robby. “Yes” replied Dwight. Dwight said that Robby had met Dwight at boy scout camp and liked his yoda so Robby made his own design. Dwight had helped him though, so Robby said that he was forever in Dwight’s debt. So this is a weird case file so far, but I needed to tell this to introduce the rest of the file.
Harvey’s comment: One Dwight is bad enough. But now there’s two.
Tommy’s comment: Harvey’s just upset that he nearly got beat up by Robby. So anyway, here’s the rest of the file.
The FunTime pool party.
By kellen
So, uh, you know how rabbski is a crazy old lady. Well, she had a pool party to celebrate Funtime. Tommy was sick though. Dwight and Robby both swam with shirts on. Dwight came out of the pool and there was green and brown slop coming out of his pocket. Robby said “sir, you seem to have swam with candy in your pocket.” Then Dwight reached into his pocket and there was paper wadded up and had wierd paint stuff leaking off of it. Dwight realized it was yoda and started to cry but Robby said “don’t fret my pet.” and pulled a square sheet of green and brown paper. Then Robby’s yoda started to repeat instructions for Dwight’s yoda. Dwight soon had an EXACT replica of the old one. I mean EXACY. IT EVEN HAD WRINKLES IN THE SAME EXACT PLACES! Robby must be a Jedi too! I can’t wait to get advice!
Harvey’s comment: well, it looks like your case file is cut short tommy, Robby was just on vacation here. He’s going back to Texas now.
Tommy’s comment : Yeah, but he did give us instrux for is yoda.
2. Origami Ninjago 2. The construction paper army. Robby strikes back. By Sf Robby
Men in McQuarrie 3
By Harvey
With the snake juice cleaned up and the bathroom repaired, we continued our normal lives at McQuarrie. I was punched in the back, kellen was stapling the new stupid case file, and tommy was talking to Sara. Tommy was too busy to notice laskes using a weird folded gold thing to open a time jump. I think he hadn’t seen the time travel episode of ninjago very much, but had watched the men in black 3 a lot, so he jumped off the bookshelf and into the portal. He was trying to make it to where Lloyd was never the green ninja. I knew that the portal would close so I told tommy (who was too busy flirting with his girlfriend to notice the giant crash of biographys.) so we ran too it with the origami destinys bounty in our hands and the portal closed. After the snake, that portal must’ve been not too weird so none of the kids were too bothered. In fact the library helper just said: “be back soon!”
Harvey’s comment: isn’t my writing awesome?
Tommy’s comment: Harvey, is there ANY point to comment on your own chapter.
Kellens comment: nah, Harvey is just gloating and being stupid.


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