The Files of Mad Duck Taper

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_Paste_1595240512316THE FILES OF MAD DUCK TAPER

By Superfolder Guillermo.


By the Source and the Presence

The Source: This case file was found while clearing out the art Hallway, formerly known from a few weeks as Novick Detention, formerly also the art Hallway during pickup to restore the place that it once was.

The Presence: I wonder why no one else saw it though. Wasn’t unnoticeable for sure. 

The Source: Yeah, but it was kind of beaten, so I imagine that the school service found it, put it in lost and found, and people were nice enough to not touch a thing that wasn’t theirs, it’s not a mystery really. 

The Presence: I dunno man! You tell me! 

The Source: The good thing is that we know who wrote it, we couldn’t see where the staff got the files from, but what we do know, judging by the majority of the chapters written, is that this case file was written by Bob Markov. 

The Presence: This guy is a genius, thanks Sherlock! 

The Source: I hate you, comment section over.


By Bob Markov

I ran as fast as I could, towards the school exit. I would be safe there. 

“But Bob,” you might ask, “Why are you running?”

Oh, well, two things at once. Let’s say I got into a bit of trouble with the principal this last week, I had escaped the office and accidentally ran over ( or more like bumped into, since they’re impossible to knock over) a giant guy called Markus Raims. A well known bully.

But since I do believe I’m getting way ahead of myself, I’m gonna start right from the beginning. 

Nearly three days ago, Dad left us, my mom and me, I don’t know how long, Mom doesn’t wanna talk about it, really, so I just do what she says. 

“You’re going to have to take care of yourself from now on,” She explained to me, putting her hand on my shoulder. 

I thought that was all she was going to say, but she continued, she wasn’t done. 

“I believe I won’t have the opportunity to pick you up anymore, you are going to have to take the school bus, along with the other kids.” 

She thought to herself after saying this, she knew how much I always hated taking the school bus. Now I would have to take it on a daily basis. ‘Poor me’ she must’ve thought. 

” Great.” I said. And then I looked down.

 “The other kids.” She had said. If going in the school bus meant getting to know more guys, maybe taking the bus would be so bad. A guy once said the more friends you have, the better you’ll do.

I don’t believe that, but it was the only good thing that could come out of taking the bus. 

So, after a long day full of awful events, like the one involving a guy beaten up by a bully because he had failed to deliver a message ( don’t judge, Batfold hasn’t acted in weeks), I left after last class to the back entrance of Kane High, where the busses parked waiting for us kids to go inside.

Many kids were getting in, nobody seemed to notice the empty drivers seat at the front. I wasn’t going to get in a bus with no driver. I thought. 

“Kid, ya gettin’ in?” A voice next to me asked, I soon found out it belonged to the driver as I turned my head.

” Yeah, yeah” I answered as I got in, careful not to trip myself with the stairs.

This is a bit of a paradox, but I literally watched as everyone watched me going to the back of the bus, where I thought nobody would be. 

Just turns out I was wrong, there was someone there.

Tony Zazonnie was waiting for me. 


By Tony Zazonnie

Bob Markov saw me at the back. 

I would have expected it sooner, but he hadn’t noticed until he got past the two tall guys in front of me, who kept me out of sight. 

“Yo, I didn’t expect to see you here!” he exclaimed, surprised. 

“Howdy! Well, I got word that you might be going by bus now.” I said. 

“Who told you? How did you hear?”  He asked while sitting down and looking at the window as the bus started moving. 

” I have my ways…” I answered. 

He sighed as we pulled off, and for a while we stayed quiet. Until the ride got too tiring. 

” Have you heard of this new system?” I asked ” of keeping bullies and troublesome kids in one place?”. 

He looked astonished. “What are you saying?” He asked. 

“Terry D’lunes’s idea from what I heard, I bet that’s what the art hallway’s re-decoration is for” I said,”It’s got to have something to do with that” 

“Does the Batfold have anything to do with this?” He asked. 

“From what I heard, he will be there too, keeping watch over all of us. If someone gets in a fight, if someone does something fishy, he’s there” I answered “The teachers are starting to assign people there. Heck! Even I think I was assigned! ” 

The bus came to a halt just when I said that. My stop. 

“Alright, great to talk to you man!” I said, leaving. 

“Yeah, alright.”  He answered. And I walked out of the bus. 


By Bob Markov 

“Yeah right, now what am I supposed to do now?” I thought to myself. Left alone in a school bus sitting by yourself on the back… Only so much one could do. 

One of the people in the front, who supposedly was also sitting alone, saw me bored or something, and came to the back next to me. 

“Wadaya know?” He said ” That’s a great friend you got there, he left you” 

I was super confused. 

“What? He has to leave” I said ” Who even are you?” 

“That’s out of the question” he answered, “I think you could use a guide like me in a strange place like this.”

” What’s your problem? If you don’t start making sense right now you’re gonna regret it!” 

“You start making sense! You start making sense! You start making sense!” He said repeatedly over and over again in an annoying tone. 

I just couldn’t stand it, something came over me. Like I always did when people mock me, and punched him hard in the face while he laughed. 

Another guy in the front yelled “Are you mad???” 

I looked at him but didn’t answer. 

His nose started bleeding. 

” Ohb bbly” He said, covering his nose ” Yourbe goingb to getb ibt” 

Once my stop came, I left without further ado and was just glad when I got home.


By Bob Markov

I woke up the next day. The bright yellow light fazing through the open window. I sat there still.

I figured mom had gone to work already, because there was no sound.

I knew dad wouldn’t ever be there, he owned the one famous watch store in town, Marwatch. Creative, ain’t he? 

I lifted myself up and walked to the desk where I got my bag. 

After having breakfast I left.

I thought It was going to be a normal day, but no, I had completely forgotten about yesterday’s incident, the one on the bus. I thought it wouldn’t bring any consequences, but it did.

I was called to the office the second I walked through the door. 


And so I did. 

” Bob, you’ve been here quite a while, and I know what you’ve been up to” he said ” All the time something comes in your way and you can’t control yourself.” 

” What do you mean?” I asked. Again, I had forgotten yesterday’s incident. 

“Yesterday you punched a student on the bus, he told me.” 

” Ummm, I’m sure he’s lying…” I said. 

“Are you sure? Then how do you explain this?” He said, turning the computer, clicking and revealing a footage of the bus, dating yesterday.

And I saw the kid saying something to me and then I punched him. Now I remembered. 

“Seriously, how do you explain this? ” He repeated.

“Uhh, I dunno.” I answered.

That was it, I knew what I was summoned here for. 

“This is not your first time. I have to admit I was worried at first, but now I realise that maybe your class president, Terry D’Lunes might have had the greatest idea: Novick Detention, a new form of ISS made for people like you, rabble rousers. There you will find, along with your friends, yes, your friend Tony Zazonnie was assigned too a new definition of villainy, farewell, Bob, you are dismissed.”

I burst out running from the office. What would happen now?


By Bob Markov

A week later I was called to the office again to be shown the new art hallways modification at a grand scale. Everything nice had been removed, only classes divided into blocks occupied the hall. 

I walked, finding my place in all that, I soon found it, or a part at least, because Tony Zazonnie was also there. 

“Yo, how are ya? Hey, I told you about this! I wasn’t so far off, was I?” He said, coming to me. 

“Yeah, probably, I wish I had believed you, now I’m trapped in this place. How long will I stay here? It’s not they I dislike it-” 

” Oh this, this is permanent, yeah, but uhh…” Tony said, looking around ” Yo I need to tell you about some guys, they’re super awesome… Super-duper awesome I should say! You need to meet them, how about lunch?” 

“Alright, I’ll see you there,” I said, reaching my locker. 


By Bob Markov  (yeah… I learnt all the from memory) 

I’ve got to say, after all the fuss that was going on, the classes there were completely normal, the special thing was that everywhere you went, you were surrounded by people you knew were truly evil, or different from the others, people like me. 

Math class, then lunch. 

I headed to the cafeteria alone, as I had no one to rely on, yet. 

I would’ve looked for Tony, but he was probably gathering the stuff he wanted to show me, whatever it was. 

I picked up a tray and after getting served some Mexican food, I looked around and saw Tony Zazonnie and some other guys I could not see. 

I sat down with them. 

” This is the guy I was telling you about! Bob Markov right ahead!” Tony started shouting. 

“What’s with all of this anyway?” I said, trying to lower down the volume.

” Where do I start?…” This guy I had seen before, I later would know him as Ashton Mason said. “Out of everything happening here at Kane… and it’s prison, Novick, some of us… ( he looked around) the best of us… just happened to fight for the same thing, to destroy the Batfold.”

I snickered

” And how do you plan on doing that? ” I asked “Batfold has gone silent now! He hasn’t attacked in weeks! No one knows who he is, what he is doing, or… or anything. “

“He’ll come out, I assure you” Tony said ” but for now, you can join us.

Bob Markov, meet Jamie Redfern, right there ( he signaled the guy doing something on the table), Dalton Weeks – stop it with the laser thing already! -, Ashton Mason ( who sat in the center looking right at the front, hands clicked together), and Hayden Solomon, the genius with the calculator in his hand!”

” Alright, I know some of you, I’ll have to work hard to remember all of you.” I said. 

” There are more of us” Ashton said with a serious expression “Bartholomew, for example, couldn’t risk it, many of us would raise suspicion” 

” What are you up to?”  I asked ” What do you call yourselv-“

I stopped, because a large noise banged though the cafeteria, making us all turn out heads to see what was happening. Some bout between two kids, that bag guy and another really buff y’all dude. The guards barely interfered, but when Bag took the kid down on the ground and started hitting him hard they interfered.

We got back to the conversation.

” We’re the Super-duper secret society of supremely super supervillainous superfolders” Tony said, answering my question.

” Superfolders, like you fold stuff, put of paper? Like Batfold?” I said. 

” If were going to fight him, we need to fight fire with fire, at his game”


By Bob Markov.

” Are you mad?” The words from the kid from the bus echoed in my head during the same week. The more you try to forget it the more you can’t. Weird right?

During that very same week I learnt more about the group of the 7’s more than I cared at first. I figured that since we were stuck there, beating the Batfold and destroying what he made was one step more towards my peace at Kane.

I asked them, my question answered, they DID have puppets, reassembling the villains from DC to fight Batfold, each one chose his puppet because of their qualities they shared.

There is someone anonymous, that in exchange of money, he crafts you the best origami characters of any villain, he’s really good. 

The bad thing? The price is really high, really really high. The price now goes from 10 to 20 bucks a piece. 

But I was willing to take the risk of it being for nothing, the last thing I had there in Novick was joining the 7’s, and I required a puppet.

The instructions were clear, leave ten bucks on your locker, and a note, mine said ” Mad Hatter”, like the Mad Hatter from DC from 1948.

I must say I grew pretty fond of that amazing character, his personality, mad, like me, according to some people. But with merit and all, he knew what he did, as did I. 

And, true enough after classes, the puppet was there, in the same locker, perfectly folded, an origami green top hat that served as a puppet. 

Sweet, man. 


By Bob Markov 

I’ve been at Novick Detention for a week and a half, trapped inside these art Hallway walls, when Alan Wade came back to Kane. 

Math class had just ended. 

 “Alright, so does anyone have any questions on relative functions?” The teacher, Mr Dalton asked. 

No one said anything, neither did anyone raise their hand. 

“You’re all dismissed, and also I-” Mr Dalton started, but he was cut off, a rabble just outside had broken off, and teachers, all three were trying to calm down everyone. 

Mr Dalton checked outside, and without saying anything he left, seemed like something was really happening. 

We all went out, Alan Wade was there, in the middle of everything, with another girl, and that CJ Whogley. He seemed to want to stand but the girl held him down and sat down again. 

“It’s funny you know, all this mess, all because Principal Sampson found out about us.”

 “I know…” I said “I wondered how long it would take Batfold to know we’re acting.” 

“Not us, directly, he knows there are people who bought from the Superfolder, Bartholomew Lowe” He explained. 

“Because I am Batfold” Alan Wade said, completing his talk with a petition, or a demand to close down Novick and start a school for it, where we would be transferred. 

Conrad Mordecai, the ORIJOKER kept cracking it up, he didn’t care if he was transferred to another school. 

I did, someone was going to pay for all this. 


By Bob Markov 

Bobthexpert: When does the transfer start? 

Neil: Days from now, I bet that school will let us become something more

Hayden: More powerful you mean? 

Neil: More of a threat, if Alan Wade truly is the Batfold, he just wished us all away with money, out of his school. 

Ashton: The guy CJ, the friend of Alan’s, is also a threat, you know what he did to Graham Moocher, he could do it to us. I mean, we saw him working with them after that revolt.

Bobthexpert: He’ll never get the chance, believe me, we will be ready.

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