Marvel Origami Universe

We’ve had Star Wars forever…why not try Marvel?

This series details the long war between Kirby High School and Wheeler Academy and the students who rise up to protect the students and stop the fighting. Created by Superfolder Noah. For Four Folds, the story of Kirbians and Wheelerians gripped the eyes and hearts of readers for nearly five years. In Fold Four, Claremont is introduced, along with the Origami X-Men.

There is also One-Shots, which are not necessary for the stories to be understood, they they are fun supplementary readings, including “Origvenom!” One-Shots were introduced during Fold Two to act as a bridge for canonicity. If you choose to read One-Shots, we recommend the best order is Fold One, Fold Two, all of Volume One and Two of One-Shots, followed by Fold Three, One-Shots Volume Three, Fold Four, and One-Shots Volume Four. Though, it should be noted that Volume Four of One-Shots does not act as a “continuation” of Fold Four, most occur either during or before Fold Four.

Fold One

  1. The Initiative: The Beginning of the MOU
  2. The Invincible Iron Fold
  3. Thorigami: Lord of Folders
  4. The Unshreddible Hulk
  5. Captain Americrease: The First Fold
  6. Agents of F.O.L.D.
  7. The OrigAvengers

Fold Two

  1. The Imperfect Iron Fold
  2. The All-Winners: Dawn of F.O.L.D.
  3. Foldians of the Galaxy: Far Out!: The Unfinished Tale
  4. Spider-Fold: The OriSpider-Verse
  5. Thorigami II
  6. Captain Americut: The Fall
  7. The OrigAvengers: Rage of Artron

One-Shots Volume One

  1. OrigVenom
  2. The Mantle of Iron Fold
  3. Luke Page
  4. Master of Puppets
  5. Korgigami and Squeak: The Wrestling Team
  6. Scissor Blade
  7. The Ballad of Paper Ray Bill
  8. Spider-Fold: Rent Case
  9. The Old OrigAvengers

One-Shots Volume Two

  1. Ant-Fold and Wasp-Pleat
  2. Carnagami
  3. The Menace of Mysterigami
  4. Thorigami: Rise of Ragnarfold
  5. Dawn of the Summer Camp Six
  6. Iron Fold: The Machinations of Mandarfold
  7. Ant-Fold: Stage Fright
  8. The Amazing Spider-Fold
  9. OriRiot
  10. The Amazing Spider-Fold 2

Fold Three

  1. Novagami and Adam Papercut
  2. Doctorigami Strange
  3. All-New Spider-Fold!
  4. OrigVenom and the Attack of Knulligami
  5. The Rise of Namorigami
    1. Namor II: Revenge Reborn
    2. Namor III: The Mission
  6. Brother Voodoodle, Or how I learned to worry about Wheeler
  7. Rise of the Summer Camp Six
  8. Unshreddible Hulk II
  9. All-New Spider-Fold 2
  10. Foldians of the Galaxy: The True OG’s
  11. The Peculiar Arrival of Shang-Crease
  12. T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds
  13. The Return of the Summer Camp Six

One-Shots Volume Three

  1. The OriDefenders
  2. Blank Knight and the Wheeler Curse
  3. Operation Pegasus: the fall of Mar-Fold and the rise of Miss MarPleat
  4. Green Goblin-gami’s Rage
  5. Black Paint-ther vs. Klaw
  6. The Mystery of Agent Venom-gami
  7. Blank Knight 2: Electric Boogaloo
  8. The Irrefoldable OriAnt-Man
  9. Doctor OriDruid
  10. Spider-Page and the Comic-Con Upset
  11. Captigami Britain and the Silver Label!

Fold Four

  1. Origami X-Men and the New Girl
  2. Origami Wolverine
  3. Origami Cyclops and the All-New X-Men?
  4. The Tale of Origami Nightcrawler!
  5. The Surprising Captain MarFold!
  6. The Return of Emma Frost
  7. Namorigami vs. Black Pen-ther
  8. 2 Foldians of the Galaxy: 2 Legit 2 Quit
  9. Foldtastic Four
  10. Adam Papercut: Uncertain Times
  11. The End of the Line

One-Shot Volume Four

  1. Namorigami and Dormarker
  2. MarkerVision
  3. Moon White-Out
  4. The MCP Saga: Part I
  5. The Amazing Spider-Fold 3!
  6. Origami Quicksilver
  7. Ł()K!

Anywho… Elseworlds are Fanfiction of Fanfiction. They are fan stories about the fan stories, so we don’t have volumes for them, they’re non-canon. Think… Legends for the MOU.

  1. RescueCut: A tale of Redemption
  2. The Wrath of War Mache-ine!
  3. The Adventures of Captain Americut and Falcon!
  4. Giant Size Paper-Men #1!
  5. MOU Zombies
  6. All New Spider-Fold: Far From Home
  7. Captain Americut: The Winter Folder
  8. Shrednom: Retold
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