The original stories, directly inspired by the Origami Yoda series by Tom Angleberger. Read the main series, Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters, or some of the more creative stories in Origami Yoda: Legends. Want to read the essentials? Visit OYEU: Classics, which houses some of the most iconic OYEU stories, such as The Papertine Saga and The Chosen One. The Archives is a collection of lost/unfinished projects found in the backlogs of SFC.

Origami Yoda: The Expanded Universe was created in 2012 by SuperFolder JC, as a way for fans of the Origami Yoda series by Tom Angleberger to post their own stories based on the franchise. This was also the original name of the website from its launch until early 2020, when it was rebranded as SFC, or SuperFolder Central.

Origami Yoda: The Bounty Hunters Saga

Each Expanded Universe story was completely disconnected from every other story (besides its own sequels, of course) until JC created Rise of the Bounty Hunters, a series that took some of the most famous OYEU stories and edited them together into a somewhat cohesive narrative. The Bounty Hunters Saga takes place over 26 stories, written by many different SuperFolders all the way from launch in 2012, until the finale, Twilight of the Student, in 2020.

Volume #1: Episodes I-X

The first volume of the Bounty Hunters Saga is fairly disconnected, though Jacob Minch and Noah Minch are introduced as important.

  1. Episode I: The Rise of Jango Fortune
  2. Episode II: Boba Felt’s Mission
  3. Episode III: Revenge of the Felt
  4. Episode IV: The Adventures of Origami Yoda
  5. Episode V: The Week of Emperor Papertine
  6. Episode VI: Origami Yoda and Battles!
  7. Episode VII: The Mystery of the Drawa
  8. Episode VIII: The Folds Unleashed
  9. Episode IX: The Mystery of the Fortune Clone Trooper
  10. Episode X: The Month of the Skyfolders

Volume #2: Episodes XI-XX

Continuing from Episode X, Episodes XI – XX are a lot more cohesive and connected. The “Bounty Hunters Saga” truly begins, bringing back some other original characters and callbacks. The original conclusion of the EU, “The End This Is?” also occurs here.

  1. Episode XI: Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters
  2. Episode XII: The Return of Darth Yoda
  3. Episode XIII: The Beginning of the Origami Jedi Student Council
  4. Episode XIV: The Attack of Origami Shadow Squadron
  5. Episode XV: The Mighty Rise of Little Orig Ani
  6. Episode XVI: General Creasous Strikes Back
  7. Episode XVII: Splinter of the Mike’s Eye
  8. Episode XVIII: Cut Bane’s Bounty
  9. Episode XIX: Heir to the FUNpire
  10. Episode XX: The End This Is?

Volume #3 Episodes XXI-XXVI

Episodes XXI- XXVI continues — and concludes — the Bounty Hunter Saga despite it’s conclusion with “The End This Is?” This was mainly done due to the sequel trilogy’s announcement, sparking a semi-renaissance within the site for a time. Stories such as “Rogue Wug” and “Crease of Rebellion” were made in response of films and shows like “Rogue One” and “Star Wars: Rebels”. This is largely considered the most controversial of the three volumes, with “Twilight of the Student”, released March 4, 2020, being seven months since the last story (XXV), which was released nearly two years out from Episode XXIV.

  1. Episode XXI: The Lost Case Files
  2. Episode XXII: The Knights of Pen
  3. Episode XXIII: Crease of Rebellion
  4. Episode XXIV: Rogue Wug
  5. Episode XXV: Origami Yoda’s Secret War
  6. Episode XXVI: Twilight of the Student

Origami Yoda: Revisited

Created by Jawa and JC, Origami Yoda: Revisited takes place during the Original Books and acts as an extension to the six books. It is still in progress.

  1. Bag and Crink(le) Were Here
  2. MINCH
  3. Bag and Crink(le) Strike Back
  4. The Tragic Fall of Anakin Skyfolder

Origami Yoda: Legends

Legends makes no sense. These are NOT connected. These are largely unedited. Quality is a diamond in the rough. These are sorted by year, and there were no EU Legends stories between 2016 and 2017, along with no EU Legends stories in 2022. Some of these stories are “continuations” of EU stories, but they are not meant to be taken as canon.

Since it was originally separated into years, we will be doing the same here.


  1. The Lost Case File of Origami Admiral Ackbar
  2. Ackbar 2- Luke Skypaper: A New Fold
  3. Kellen’s Origami Yoda
  4. Origami Yoda: The Revenge of the Van Jahnke Yoda
  5. Origami Yoda and the Science Fair
  6. Artoo and R2
  7. The Shred Wars
  8. The OY EU: A Documentary
  10. OY4 – Elseworld


  1. The Origami Yoda Time-Travel Special
  2. Origami Jar-Jar’s April Folds Day!
  3. The Ghost of Mayhew High School
  4. The Story of Galen Paperek, Starshredder
  5. The Revenge of Count Foldu
  6. What Happened at Geonosis
  7. The Hoth Battle
  8. Skyfolders 2
    1. Skyfolders 3: Revenge of the Sith
    2. Skyfolders 5: Halloween Special
    3. How Noah joined the Alliance (Skyfolders 5 1/2)
  9. Kirigami Boga’s Roar
  10. The Jacob Minch File!!!
  11. Stooky Sauce Presents: Alternate Endings
  12. Invasion of the Origami Mandolorian by SF Weaver
  13. The Mystery of Sefolda
  14. Origami Yoda and the Phantom Menace
  15. The Vengeance of the Origami Kamino Crew!
  16. The Relatively Normal Yet a Tad Odd Case of Finger Dude
  17. Sefolda 3: Ruth on the Run!
  18. The Secretary of Origami Yoda
  19. The Origami Ewoks
  20. The Wisdom of Origami Obi-Wan


  1. A Christmas Carol, McQuarrie Style!
  2. A Nightmare on Fold Street (Rated E: For Everyone)
  3. Dwight and the Laser
  4. Jar-Jar Pleats and the Halloween Humdinger
  5. Origami Unwanted House Guest


  1. Universe: An Origami Yoda EU Saga Story


  1. OYTS: The School Awakens


  2. Origami Jedi Aftermath
  3. Story of a SuperFolder
  4. The Foldalorian
  5. The Mandafoldian
  6. The OYEU Time Travel Special
  7. What If…There’s No Cheeto Hog?


  1. Foldy-Wan Makes A Move
  2. Origami Darth Bane
  4. The Strange Case of Origami Dwight!
  5. Future Foldation
  6. Spider LabelMaker
  7. The Fold Wars
  8. Origami Durge Vs. The Mandalorians
  9. Capt-igami Rex and the FunTime Plot


  1. SaboFive the Alliances Aftermath
  2. The Redoubtable Rage of Kylo-gami Pen
  3. The Fabulous Flight of Poe Foldameron

Origami Yoda: Classics

These stories are the oldies, though the goodies. They’re largely considered fan favorites by readers, and that’s because at this time there was a sense of freshness and originality. If you want you can read through these stories as it’s own proto-Bounty Hunters saga. They’re all connected and conclude with “The Chosen One”.

  1. Origami Chewbacca I: Return of the Wookiee
  2. Origami Chewbacca II: The Attack of Crease Dooku!
  3. The Papertine Saga
  4. The Fold of the Rings
  5. The Chosen One
  6. The Year of Crease Bane

The Archives is a section of the site for unseen stories, images on the site that have never seen the light of day. It is essentially a history section of the site.

See The OYEU Archives Here

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