Namor II: Revenge Reborn

Namor II: Revenge Reborn

Written by Sf Guillermo. 




By Unknown Sources 


Place: Clater School. 

Time: 25 November 2018.


A hooded figure stands just right in front of Clater School. Only one more step and he would be inside. He sure doesn’t want to be late. It’s 7:56, and with school starting at 8, he needs to hurry to get to class.

But he’s not there for pleasure; he’s waiting for someone. He’s late too. He should have been there about 15 minutes ago. 

He looks at his watch and looks at the people that are coming into the school. No one knows what is about to happen. 

The boy looks back. There he is. His partner, standing on the road, looking at him. 

They each come closer but when they come next to each other they don’t say anything. They just greet each other with a handshake. 

The second person hands the first a piece of paper when the bell rings and they both start to move. 

He looks at the paper and reads:

Guillermo V. 

Kirby High, New York. 

“So…he’s not so sad after all,” the hooded figure says, and rapidly puts on his uniform, revealing his true identity: Manuel Macket. 


The rest of us stayed here, you know 

By Andrei 


Yeah guys, I know you guys have heard of me from Guillermo’s previous case files. 

As you may know, he went somewhere in the USA. New York, I think, to some school which I looked up on the internet. I think the name was Kirby High. They have a lot of stuff, like, a LOT of stuff there, like swimming teams, baseball and basketball. Apparently their grades aren’t great, though.

Out of everything, the thing that most stands out is origami! Yes! Origami! 

Guillermo made origami in this school, but now at his new school, he will not be the only one with folding paper.

I heard there is a group that resembles the Avengers, the hero team from Marvel. They have all of the heroes in origami.

According to the website, every person has their own character, and they have their characters written with the name of the person who wields them.

So as you might expect I looked for Guillermo. I was surprised that he didn’t keep his Spider-Fold, but he got a different one instead. Monar? Nomar? Yes, Namor that’s it! Who’s that guy? I don’t know. He isn’t in any movie as far as I know. 

At first, I was astonished, but then this turned into anger. Why did HE get to have all the fun at the new school? All the good stuff always happens to him! It was time I did something for myself. 



By Manuel Macket. 


I went to the teachers lounge after 3rd period, and that’s when I came across what I was looking for. Walking around, I stepped on a folded piece of paper. I unfolded it. I looked at it for some time. I thought I had lost it forever, but that wasn’t what had happened. Evidently, it had been here the whole time, ripped in half. Origami Mr. Ditkovich. 

“So, it is time isn’t it?” I asked, not expecting any answer, of course, but it came nonetheless. 

Not from the paper no, but from someone behind me. I was afraid that it was a teacher or something, but no. It was Andrei, the last person I would have expected to talk to me after the Rent incident. ( I didn’t expect it was going to be so bad, I just thought about it more like a game. However, it ended with Guillermo leaving and me being hated.) 

“I know what you are thinking,” Andrei said, “but I’m only here to ask you one thing.”

“And what may that be, Andrei?” I asked, still looking at the piece of origami. 

“THE real reason for the Rent Case. I know it wasn’t just the money. The whole situation could’ve been avoided.” 

“So you knew, didn’t you? Guillermo wasn’t smart enough to figure it out.” 

“Actually, he was the one who told me, before leaving… (cough), that there must’ve been something else. You wouldn’t just turn against him for such a small reason.” 

“No matter how hard I tried, he was always on top of the class, on top of everything. I was just a mere shadow cast wherever he went. It was time I had revenge.”

“The thing is, the fact that he went to the USA leaving us here made me feel.. uncomfortable. I feel angry when I think about it. Of course Guillermo didn’t do anything, he saved the school, but he disappeared days after that. He is now with the OrigAvengers. ” 

“OrigAvengers! I thought that was a myth! There are files on the internet but I never thought they could be true! Are you saying we should take revenge on him? 

“No… I mean yes… kind of.”




By Manuel Macket


“So… how can we have our revenge?” I asked Andrei. 

“I dunno. I mean, we COULD go to Kirby, but it would be a complete waste of money,” he said. “I mean, how much money is getting revenge on Guillermo gonna cost?” 

“It wouldn’t really cost me anything, if I find a way to get the ‘free pass’ ticket for the USA. I could go for free, plus, my status level in this school is high enough. Yeah.. I don’t lose anything, plus, mom really doesn’t care what I do. She’ll think I’m off studying or something”

“In that case, I think I could help you. I won’t be going though” 

“I think I will talk with the Principal. I will see you later.” 



By Manuel 


“Manuel, I really do not think you have any academic intentions in going to the USA,” the principal clearly told me. 

“But, sir! My grades are good and all!” I protested.

“No, Manuel, you will not be going”

Yeah, so, long story short, they didn’t let me go. However I’m requesting via other ways of going for free, I hope something happens.


Guys! I made it! Some weird company gave me the chance! 

However, only for 3 months. I better make the most of it. I need to… Well… You may think that making Guillermos life bad is mean or something, but as I have said before, I do it for my honor, which he indirectly took away.

Which school will I be going to? Wheeler Academy. It’s in New York state about a mile from Kirby High. I suppose I could skip a day or two and vandalise the school or something. That would be really cool. 

I depart this Saturday. 



By Guillermo V. 


Wow guys, this was nuts. I’ll start from the beginning. 

It’s at the swimming pool, everyone is cheering, Kirby vs Wheeler again, and it’s a packed house.

I go in. It always surprises me how big the pool is; enough to fill a quarter of a football pitch or so. There were more people than last time. I suddenly felt excited, like I could win this again, so my heart started racing.

I noticed a lot, and by a lot, I mean a lot of people with black jackets. I imagined they were from Wheeler, a tradition or something. What do I know?. 

“On your marks!” 

The whistle blows.

I jump in the water and just keep swimming. The main thing is to keep going, do what you can.

I don’t come out of the water, but I can start to see some red lights outside of the water that illuminates the pool (it’s a covered pool) and I start hearing some screams. 

I come out of the water. I could not believe what I was seeing. 

The black jacketed kids were throwing red fireworks (the big ones that practically light fire) all over the place. 

I climb the stairs back to where the people were supposed to be seated. Nobody was, though; they were all trying to come out at the same time. 

“Stay calm, students!” the voice of Principal Ainsley said over the loud-speaker.

I noticed the leader of the guys throwing fireworks, wearing a black jacket guiding all of the other strange boys. 

He looked at me and I saw none other than Manuel Macket staring at me. 

You know when you’re in real life and you do something really wrong and you think to yourself, ‘is this a dream?’ But a second later you realize its not? Well, that’s how I felt right then. What was Manuel doing in the USA?

Manuel held his hand up high enough for me to see: a half-ripped origami Mr Ditkovich. 

“Oh gosh,” I just said, and reached for my backpack to get out of there but a gang of goons got it first. 

“No you’re not!” one of them said. 

One came from behind me to tackle me. I  dodged and made him bump into the guy holding my bag. 

I got my bag and got Namorigami out. 

I saw the OrigAvengers dealing with some of the bad guys.

By this time the only ones in the area were the OrigAvengers and these guys. 

Manuel came from behind me, but I used a judo technique and just made him fall into the swimming pool. The others looked defeated and therefore ran. 

I helped Manuel get back while Wheeler’s principal walked into the scene, but I had just about the right amount of time for him to give me an explanation of all that. I wasn’t about to agree with him, though.

When the principal got there, she took him and left without saying a word. 



By Guillermo 


After that we had an assembly the next day. It seemed that Manuel had been expelled from Wheeler and therefore had to return to Spain. 

I felt kind of bad for him. I knew the conflict in him. 

However, everything seems to be alright in Kirby. I’ve got lots of friends and all.

Maybe, after all, I don’t think anything bad will happen to this school.

Or will it?

  1. Supreme_Leader_Skywalker

    Cryptic, yeeeeees, I like cryptic.

  2. Great Story!!! is their going to be anymore?

  3. Ohhhhhh yes! I believe more Namor stories will be comming soon.

  4. Hi Noah! I sent a cover with this story, I think, it’s cool.
    Could you upload the cover please? If you can’t find the email I can just send it again.

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