Kid Fold 3

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By OrigamiMaster53

Note: this story takes place during Teen Titans FOLD 3

Chapter 1


I was walking back to my locker when I saw this guy walk into Lampert. He looked older. Like he already graduated.

“Hey. Who are you?” I asked.

“Hi. I’m Shawn.”

“I’m Johnathan.” I replied. That was the most awkward conversation…

Anyways, I had to go watch the football team called the “Lampert Lances” play. It’s funny, because I heard that the Quarterback used to be a geek, then after hating the bullying so much, he became a Quarterback. I say this because he reminds me of Gorilla Grodd. On the field he acts like a gorilla… but a very smart one that can make every other ‘gorilla’ on the team do his work! But anyways… I had my first race since Winter started! It felt so good. The air was fresh and had this smell of March leaves in the breeze.

‘I will win. I will win. I will win!’ I kept telling myself in my head. You see, my parents got me a treadmill for Christmas so everyday for about two hours I would go on that treadmill and practice at the twelfth level. The max speed for the treadmill is fifteen, by the way. When Matt came over one day, I was using the treadmill.

“Oh… H-hey, Matt!” I started.

“Oh, hi Johnathan. Why are you on a treadmill?” He asked.

“Oh… I am getting… my practice! Gotta stay fast!” I replied.

“I think it’s better to maybe get a run around the block for about an hour or two.” Matt said.

“I’ve tried that, it’s just not for me.” I replied.

“I still thi-” I cut him off.

“I do what I do. Got it?” I snapped at him.

“Ok, jeez.” He started walking upstairs, probably looking for something to eat. But now back to the race.

“READY! SET! GO!” The announcer yelled. I thought I would do great! Picture me, thinking ‘Alright, I’m here at last but I WILL pass people.’ 

‘Ok we are close enough to the end time to start speeding up’ I thought. Passed one person. Passed two people. Passed three.

I was panting now, breathing SUPER heavily. This usually NEVER happens to me!

‘People are catching up behind me now…’ I started thinking, but while in my own thoughts they passed me.

“WE HAVE A WINNER!” The announcer yelled again. I walked over to my family after the race.

“What happened to you, John?” My mom asked. “You did all that training on your new treadmill over the winter.”

“I… don’t know.” I replied. We then went home and I was so tired that I immediately fell asleep.

Chapter 2 – Two Weeks Earlier


Today was weird to say the least. For instance, New students joined the school and some of them even had puppets. I walked up to them after school.

“Hi! Are you new to Lampert?” I started.

“Oh… yeah. My name is Peter.” One replied.

“Hey Dude! My name is Eric!” the second one said. I was waiting for the last person to say something but she didn’t.

“Oh! And this is Jamie.” Peter said, pointing to her. “Don’t worry, she doesn’t like talking much.”

“Ok… Well, nice to meet you, Jamie.” I said.

“Nice to meet you, too…” She replied.

“Oh! I remember seeing you guys with Origami earlier. Can I see them?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah, dude!” Eric started. “BEHOLD: ORIGAMI BEAST BOY!” 

“I’m Origami Cyborg.” Peter said. “And Jamie is Origami Raven.”

“Cool! Are you guys like… The Teen Titans?” I asked.

“Yeah, dude! But we call ourselves the Teen Titans: FOLD! TT:F for short.” Eric replies.

“Um… aren’t the Teen Titans supposed to have a Robin and Starfire?” I asked another question.

“Yeah. We have Sara, the Origami Starfire and used to have a Robin.” Peter replied to me.

“What do you mean by USED to have a Robin?” I questioned.

“Well, um… the thing is-” Peter started saying.

“Don’t tell him!” Jamie interrupted.

“No, no. It’s fine. I am actually the Origami Kid Flash!” I say proudly.

“Really? That’s sweet, dude! Can I see your puppet?” Eric asked.

“Oh, yeah sure!” I take out my NEW puppet. I liked my original and second puppets so much I MIXED the designs together!

“Sweet!” Peter yells. I checked the time and noticed that I am LATE for track practice which NEVER happens to me!

“Oh, dang! I am late for track practice. Gotta go!” I say while running away.

Chapter 3 – Present


So throughout my time of being on the track team, I found that running through the Football field was a great shortcut to get to the track field. The football team never starts until 5 minutes AFTER the track team starts practice AND I was already six minutes late so when I tried running through my little shortcut I ran into the star QB.

“Oof!” I yelled as I fell to the ground.

“What do you want, shrimp! Oh… It’s the ‘mighty’ Kid Fold! Are you trying to take down my empire?” The Quarterback yelled.

“W-what empire?” I replied.

“Oh, like you don’t know!” He started. “My operation to make EVERYONE at this school my pawns and me be the leader! This school will become a kingdom and I will be the king! Everyone will be like wolves and I wou-” I cut him off.

“I get it. But this makes you seem like Gorilla Grodd.” I replied.

“Funny that you mention this, because when this whole origami thing started I actually DID make an origami Gorilla Grodd. I also made the rest of the football team some Origami Gorillas.” He said.

“Well… um, I am already late for Track practice as it is, so I should get going!” I yelled, running off.


Chapter 4


So I got in trouble for being late to practice and my parents scolded me for that… In my anger I went downstairs and started running on my treadmill. AND to make things worse, I got a text from the team.

Peter: WHAT THE HECK, Johnathan!

Me: What’s wrong?


Me: No… I really don’t.


Me: Who?


Eric has joined the chat

Peter: Because of you, we were late for our theater production AND we were grounded!

Me: Well, I’m sorry I had track practice! I also have more stuff going on to GO TO MY LOCKER!

Eric: You’re fired from the team.

Me: Wait… What?

Eric: You heard me, dude! FIRED! Do I have to spell it out for you? F-I-R-E-D!

Me: Please reconsider!

Johnathan was removed from TEEN TITANS: FOLD! CHAT

Well my life is going down hill…

Chapter 5 –  3 WEEKS LATER


Ever since I was kicked from the Team they got popular. They had a speech today.

“Welcome, everyone!” Peter started. “I would really like to thank every single one of you for the help, and we really couldn’t have done it without YOU!”

People started cheering.

“We really got more progress after our second leader, Johnathan Yen, was out of the picture.” Peter continued but I left. Everyone HATES me now! Matt doesn’t see me as a real teammate on the track team anymore after I kept coming last EVERY RACE! The football team keeps pushing me around now. I have no friends. I am a nobody again. I remember when Eric once told me about their old leader, Richy Wickinni. He PAID them for every time they saved someone. I thought that was just stupid, but Richy was probably in a spot I am in now. I needed help to get his life back on tracks. I just wish I could’ve met this Richy kid.


“MOM! I am going on a jog!” I yelled.

“What? Why don’t you just use your treadmill?” She yelled back.

“I just need some fresh air.” I yelled back. This was the first time in a long time that I went outside to actually practice running! When I was running, I passed that one kid in the Red Hoodie.

“Hey! Hey, you!” He yelled.

“Yes?” I replied while getting in my fighting position.

“I… I am sorry… Sorry for everything I did to you and your team.” He said back to me.

“What team?” I started. “I am not on a team… At least no longer on a team…”

“They fired you, didn’t they…” He replied again.

“Yeah…” I said.

“This is all my fault!” He started. “I-I got to go…” And like that he was gone. I started jogging again. I kept jogging for about 3 more hours. On my way home, I bumped into someone.

“H-hey. I am so sorry…” I said.

“It’s alri- Johnathan?” They replied.

“Matt?” I said back. “Like I said… I am so sorry but I have dinner soon.” 

“Well… Bye I guess.” He replied. I got home and started reading DC comics. (Kid Flash to be specific) In it he was part of a team named Titans East. I decided to turn my life around again. To do that I need to stop that Quarterback! But he has the football team around him at all times protecting him…

Chapter 6


Today is the day! The day of the big race! The coach put me on the bench when it was announced BUT someone got a sprained ankle at the practice beforehand so I was put in! I smelled that fresh April air. So crisp. The breeze was just right.

“READY!” the announcer yelled.

“SET!” He continued.

“GO!” He finished. The race started. Time to turn my life around again. I passed almost everyone! Pacing myself. I went and got into the lead.

‘Okay… second lap…’ I said in my head. I kept pacing myself but it sounded like people were picking up the pace. I was on the final stretch!

‘Okay. Start sprinting’ I told myself again. I almost got past but then I started sprinting ahead again! I went ahead and reached the finish line! Matt walked up to me. “I guess all that treadmill time paid off.”

“Nope. I decided to try your tactic again.” I replied.

“Oh, really? I think you will have more winning races, John.” He then walked off. At my house I hung my first place ribbon on my wall. I then went to grab my Kid Fold off of my desk.

“JOHN! Come down for dinner! It’s pizza night!” My Dad yelled.

“ONE SEC!” I replied. The comic book I was reading was sitting on the desk.

“Teen Titans East huh? What about… Tin Titans Creast?” I said to myself. This was when I officially came up with my plan to stop the origami gorillas! I am going to make the Tin Titans Creast! 

… Eventually.

I just need to find the right members.



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