Story of a SuperFolder

By SF Guillermo

Let’s start off: what is a SuperFolder, and what does a SuperFolder do?

That’s a typical question that people ask us SuperFolders, normally people that wonder why in the world we listen to origami, or post and write stories continuing Mr. Tom Angleberger’s legacy.

Well, a SuperFolder is a person, that can be any age, as long as they believe in Origami Yoda, and try to make the world a better place. As Mr. Angleberger said in an episode of OY:TS (Origami Yoda: The Series), “Without the SuperFolders there could be no balance in The Force.”

Was that quote just for the OY series? Or was it a quote that could be used in real life?
I believe in the second option, we SuperFolders are the ones that can keep The balance in The Force, making sure each an everyone of us is OK, and protecting our interests.

Today, less SuperFolders are active than they were before, probably because of the original Origami Yoda fan-base growing up, and moving on, and just carrying on with their studies and life.

I’m going to tell you my story as a SuperFolder.

I was once in a library in the USA, I went there everyday after school. It was so nice, much bigger than the ones we have in Spain. (At least in my city.) It had tons of books, and it was great. I could read all I wanted and still read more, because the books never ended. Around October, I spent a great deal of time searching through the shelves full of various books to see if I could find something interesting.

What I found would change my whole life.

I remember it perfectly, there was a “READ” poster featuring Origami Yoda in the center and all the cover heroes up to Princess Labelmaker! I liked Star Wars a lot back then, and so I looked for those books and actually found a boy that was checking out every OY book that there was, and so I asked him if I could have one. He said “Sure.” and handed me “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda”

I could feel the power in my hands, and went to sit down somewhere.

The first thing I did was go to the end of the book and fold my first origami Yoda. It wasn’t that great, the creases were completely horrible!

I really got into origami after I read the book, and I folded my Origami Yoda and brought him to my USA school, it was so cool, some people really listened to his advice! Around this time Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus came out, it was my favorite book.

When I came back to Spain though, things went downhill. I guess my friends had moved on, and when I showed them my origami skills, I guess they got jealous or something and they all went against me, so I had to find some new friends. My only entertainment was going home and posting stuff on Superfolder Stookiness.

That’s when I started my career as a SuperFolder, 5 years ago! After a few months I got in touch with SF JC and he was talking about making the OY:TS Finale, The School Awakens, and I signed up to play Poe Dameron and BB plate. Things were really starting looking up to me, I only had one friend at school who didn’t even like origami, but in the end, I was happy. Things changed when I entered Middle School however, when I discovered that there was a Jedi Council of SuperFolders. I became kind of obsessed with the idea and did everything I could to get in.

I changed schools in my second year of Middle School and that’s when things really changed. I didn’t bring Origami Yoda to school anymore and dedicated myself to work. I still made lots of Origami, but this time I did it at home.

By this time, The Bounty Hunter Saga had announced its third volume “Journey to the School Awakens” and the SuperFolder Celebration was starting to take place.
That’s when I wrote my first EU story called Crease of the Rebellion.

The next school year, Episode VIII was at the movies, so I went to see it and participated on the Origami Yoda Last Jedi showcase.

After The Last Jedi, let’s just say that people weren’t into Star Wars so much anymore because Avengers: Infinity War was the big hit right after April 2018.

Soon after, I left Star Wars Origami behind and moved on to Marvel Origami. Eventually, I started thinking that getting into the SuperFolder Council was impossible, that despite all my efforts I still wouldn’t get in, so unfortunately, I started giving up on origami altogether.

Well, Solo came out, and I didn’t like it at all. I thought it was very forgettable.

So I folded some more Avengers origami characters and wrote my second story for the EU called “The Mantle of Iron Fold”. After that I left origami for good.

A year and a half went by without folding any origami or keeping up with the OY news. I guess I thought I didn’t like it anymore, and that I wouldn’t need it.

I was wrong.

I recently got bored again and I didn’t know what to do. Then I remembered that origami was something I used to do when I was bored, it had always been there for me. I wanted to ask Mr. Angleberger what I could do to get back to the “Origami Side of The Force”, but I didn’t find the strength to do it.

I gave the “Origami Comeback” idea some more thought and a week later or something like that, I decided the time had come.

I messaged Mr. Angleberger and told him that I had left origami for some time but that I wanted to make a comeback, and he introduced me to a new form of Origami.

I decided to make an origami stop-motion video for the anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing and with that, I was inducted into the Jedi Council of SuperFolders and fulfilled my dream.

I went back to writing stories starting from Spider-Fold: Rent Case, The Rise of Namor, and this story!

I believe that this story may be familiar to many of you, it may be close to your own experience of a SuperFolder, I think each of us has a story to tell, and I urge you to write your own experience as a SuperFolder and, may the folds be with you.

  1. Wow, Guillermo. That’s an amazing story!

  2. *clap clap clap*
    Guillermo, take a bow!

  3. alchemistwolf34

    Nicely told.

  4. clap clap clap

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