Young Justcrease

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Chapter 1


I’m so alone. All my friends are gone and the people who have seen my face think I’m some jerk who likes beating people up. I only felt like I wasn’t alone once. And that was when I was ‘pranking’ my old friends. They trusted me when I said that I could help but… but… I broke that trust again. Once more I wanted to tell them the truth, tell them everything that has ever happened to me but was afraid of what they would say. I occasionally see Peter at Target but never say anything. It just reminds me of all the things I did wrong. They replaced me but I was fine with it, I understood why they did it. I betrayed them and they wanted a new leader. Okay, let’s stop the sob story now. At Kane things are practically back to normal. And by normal I mean Alan is NOT at Kane! So things are like BatFold never even was there… I-I think I might try to apologize to the TT:F. This is my time to tell them everything that happened.

Chapter 2


After I was unsuspended from the TT:F, I introduced what was left of the team to the Young Justcrease. What I mean by that is fights happened and Jamie quit the team saying and I quote “This Origami business was always STUPID! I only joined because of Sara!” So yeah, the team is down to these few people:

(This is just for the TT:F, I will do an updated one including Young Justcrease later)

Kid Fold – Me

Cyborigami – Peter

Beast Fold – Eric


Welp… Teen Titans FOLD is officially done. We agreed to merge them with Young Justcrease! Here is the NEWEST roster!

Kid Fold – Me

Cyborigami – Peter

Beast Fold – Eric

Origami Jinny Hex – Maria

Wonder Girligami – Jesse Bennet

AquaPad – Theo

SuPaperBoy – Charlie Swift

So, that’s it!

Chapter 3

By: Eren Haynes

Recently, my mom transferred me to Donner, and it’s been really hard making new friends, but luckily I made a new one! Her name is Megan Franklin, and she is AWESOME! We were walking together today and passed by the science lab. I looked in and saw smoke! Instead of going to get a teacher like I should have, I barged into the room and grabbed the fire extinguisher. I started spraying stuff when I accidentally knocked over a jar full of Blue Beetles! They started going crazy and crawling all over me! I was screaming and Megan ran into the room with a teacher and they helped stop the fire, BUT Megan started coughing and fainted from the smoke! At this time I got so distracted by Megan fainting I didn’t feel one of the beetles crawling on my leg and IT BIT ME! (I SAVED IT’S LIFE AND I GOT THANKED BY GETTING BIT!) I started feeling drowsy and blacked out. When I woke up I was in the hospital with Megan next to me. I got told by her that the beetle bit me and the poison from the beetle made me black out.

“You’re lucky to be alive.” The doctor said. “If the poison remained in the body for even five minutes longer, you would have died.”

“Th-thank you.” I stuttered. Later, me and Megan decided to fold Origami for the first time! I decided to make a Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes version) and Megan decided on Miss Martian! Mostly because her cousin is Martian… ManShredder or Penmuncher… I don’t remember. There is a group of Kids named Young Justcrease and I talked Megan into seeing if WE COULD join! If so, that would be awesome!

Chapter 4


It has been weeks since I last wrote in this. Today, I finally worked up the courage to go talk to Peter and the gang. But beforehand I was texting Sara, because she was my best friend on the team and I wanted to tell her first.

Me: Hi Sara…

Sara: OMG Hi Richy! How are you?

Me: I’ve been better…

Sara: OH NO! What’s wrong?

Me: Well… do you remember when we were still 8th graders and I went crazy and you all thought it was because of Red X-igami?

Sara: Yeah…

Me: It was actually because… Because… My Dad died…

Sara: What? Why didn’t you tell us!

Me: I was worried you guys would be friends with me out of pity…

Sara: …

Me: I then went on a path of revenge and did mean pranks to the others and… and… I regret it all!

Sara: Are you okay? I can see if my Mom could drive me up there for the weekend so we can talk face to face.

Me: N-no. You don’t have to. I just want your advice.

Sara: Ok Richy, what is it?

Me: Should I tell the others?

Sara: Yes! They might forgive you!

Me: Okay. Thanks Sara. and Maybe you should visit. 😉


Me: Bye!


I walked over to Peter’s house and knocked on the door. I heard laughter and music inside and was starting to back up when Peter answered.

“Richy? What are you doing here after that stunt you pulled?”

“I-I… Can I come inside?” I asked.

“Sure.” He rolled his eyes and I walked in and saw what looked like a party. Everyone looked and people who knew what I did started boo-ing!

“H-hey everyone… Can I just talk to Peter, Eric, and Johnathan?” I asked. They all ignored me.

“GUYS! Leave the room except for Eric and Johnathan!” Peter yelled. As everyone left except for them I started.

“I made mistakes… and I feel like it is time to own up to them…” I said.

“Go on…” Peter said.

“My Dad died the day after Christmas… I was REALLY upset and got violent and… and… Y-you know th-the rest…” I bent down and started crying. I mean BALLING! Everyone looked at each other and then back at me.

“Richy?” Johnathan started.

“Y-y-yeah?” I replied.

“Would you like to join Young Justcrease?”

“Y-you mean it?!” I looked up with a face full of tears.

“Yeah, man. You had a lot going on when all that stuff happened.” Peter said.

“Also we need a new Robin after CJ quit and became Nightwing!” Johnathan piped in.

“No. I’m not Robin. Not again. But I can be the Red Hoodie.” I stood up.

“Well. Jason Todd is kind of an Anti Hero so I gue-” Peter was interrupted by Eric.

“COME ON!!!!!! ‘Granny Goodness’ is the algebra Teacher at Lampert tomorrow!” Eric SCREAMED! You could hear more voices saying concerns from upstairs.

“Who is ‘Granny Goodness’?” I asked.

Chapter 5

By: Eric

“Dude Granny Goodness is THE WORST SUB EVER!” I screamed.

“How could she be that bad?” Richy stupidly asked.

“Dude… When you do badly on a test she will WIPE a BOOGER on the paper!”

“1.) Gross 2.) Why would the schools even ask her to sub?” Richy asked another stupid question.

“They ask her to sub because the students are scared of her and don’t mess around.”

“Makes sense. But I never had her as a sub so…” 

“She is also subbing at Kane on Friday for Math.” I said smugly for some reason.

“I guess I will get to meet her on Friday.” Richy shot back.

Chapter 6


Friday: 8:45AM

I went into math and saw her: Mrs. Cooke.

“Good Morning Mrs.Cooke. My name is Richy and it is a pleasure to meet you!” I started.


“Oh… Okay…” Eric was right, she IS BAD! SOMEONE GOT DETENTION FOR DROPPING A PENCIL! So Eric if you are reading this… You were right!

 Chapter 7

 By: Eren Haynes

So me and Megan went over to Lampert after school because that is where we heard the leader of Young Justcrease is. I saw Johnathan Yen talking to someone else. We walked up and I greeted him by saying “Hi! My name is Eren Haynes and this is my friend Megan Franklin. We are The Glue Beetle and Miss OriMartian!”

“Okay… Nice to meet you.” He replied. I was so excited! We are usually the kids that get ignored so when someone like Johnathan talks to us it is AMAZING!

“We were wondering if you knew where we could find a member of Young Justcrease, We are REALLY hoping to join!”

“Well… I am Kid Fold… So… I think you two are in!” He had a grin on his face.

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!” Megan started screaming while jumping up and down.

“We have a meeting at 7:30pm at this address.” Jonathan then started writing down a house address and gave it to me. I am so excited!

Chapter 8


After all of the new members have been added, here is the list!

Kid Fold – Me

Cyborigami – Peter

Beast Fold – Eric

Jinny Hex – Maria

Wonder Girligami – Jesse Bennet

AquaPad – Theo

SuPaperBoy – Charlie Swift

Glue Beetle – Eren Haynes

Miss OriMartian – Megan Franklin

Red Hoodie – Richy

We have 10 members now! And everyone agrees we NEED to get rid of Mrs Cooke AKA Granny Goodness! She is THE WORST!!!!! I just got over a cold and when I coughed she sent me to the principal’s office! I EVEN GOT DETENTION! I tried telling the Principal what happened but he didn’t believe me AT ALL! Claiming I “Tried to get out of my punishment by lying” Anyways, I went to Peter’s house and waited for everyone else to arrive. Richy tolds us that he had someone coming to visit and he invited her. Peter and I started playing Fortnite and I used my Nintendo Switch. (I was obviously the Flash skin) We were about to get a Victory Royale when more of the team arrived. I left the game when Peter got No-Scoped. I could hear him groaning from upstairs!

“Hi guys! The meeting is about to begin, just head downstairs!” I greeted them. As I showed them downstairs I saw Eren and Megan looking around amazed.

Chapter 9


Me and Eren walked into the basement.

“Eren… We are actually here!” I whispered.

“I know! This is going to be the best!” He responded. We walked down and saw the rest of the team. I recognized one person there and it was Charlie Swift. I saw him walking around at Donner. While Eren went to go talk to Eric, I sat by Charlie and started a conversation.

“Hi Charlie. I’m Megan Franklin.”

“Hello, Megan. I’m pretty sure I saw you Donner.”

“Oh yeah. I go to Donner. I saw you before too.”

“Since you joined the team I was hoping to know what puppet you chose!”

“I chose Miss Martian! Who did you choose?”

“I chose Su-” He got cut off by Johnathan.

“Ok has everyone had Granny Goodness as a teacher yet?” Jonathan started.

“YES!” We all screamed.

“Well… we have to do something about it!”

“YEAH!” We all screamed again.

“Here is the plan: everyone from the school Granny Goodness is going to be at will wave puppets around in her class. She WILL give you detention and WILL want to watch you during detention. You will keep doing this every time she is your teacher until she quits!” He looked happy about the plan, I wasn’t.

“Um… Johnathan?” I asked.

“Yes, Megan?”

“What if we get expelled? I can’t have that happen!” I yelled. People started agreeing with me in the crowd.

“Stop doing it before you get expelled. Simple.”

“Oh… Okay.” I replied. After the meeting we left.

Chapter 10


I already got suspended once from Granny Goodness and I CANNOT have it happen again! My MOM BELIEVED HER AND I WAS GROUNDED FROM PLAYING MY PS4 FOR 2 WEEKS! Anyways… I don’t want to do my plan anymore. But the others already agreed to it! I don’t know what to do anymore… I tried going to Matt for help but he just brushed me off… Again… I don’t know what to do! School is tomorrow and Granny Goodness is at Lampert! Ugh. I need to sleep. I will write again tomorrow.

I have a class with Eric and I saw him doing the plan and started feeling bad about chickening out. Granny Goodness pulled Eric out of class. During work time I snuck over to the door and listened to them.

“Listen, Eric.” Granny began, “You are a good kid… BUT WHY WOULD YOU BRING THAT STUPID LITTLE PUPPET INTO MY CLASSROOM!?”

“Uh… Um… I w-was showing a friend.”

“You couldn’t have done that BEFORE MY CLASS?!” She yelled.


“GO TO THE PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE! NOW!” I started running back to my seat. When Granny Goodness came back I raised my hand.

“Ugh. What Johnathan?”

“Where’s Eric?” I asked.

“You will find out VERY soon if you keep asking questions!” I was quiet after that.

Chapter 11


I AM SO MAD AT JOHNATHAN! It was HIS plan! He should have done it with me! BUT NO! I created a new YJC group chat WITHOUT Johnathan! I told everyone what happened and they agreed with me that if Johnathan doesn’t do it tomorrow then he is KICKED off the team. PERMANENTLY! I started texting him and this was our conversation.

E= Eric

J= Johnathan

E: You BETTER do the plan tomorrow or the rest of the team agreed to KICK YOU OUT!

J: I am actually planning on ‘retiring’ from the puppet business. It is too stressful and the last time Granny goodness gave me detention my mom grounded me for 2 weeks.

E: Oh… Ok. Who’s the new leader?

J: Jesse. She has potential.

E: I thought you would say that. But Whatever.

So Johnathan quit and our battle is just getting started!

Chapter 12

By: Jesse

So… Johnathan Yen… he made me the new leader for some reason. Eric told me Johnathan thought I had potential or something. I don’t know anything about being a leader! I decided to just keep doing Johnathan’s plan. I changed it a little by letting the others choose if they want to participate or not.

 Chapter 13

By: Richy

Sara ended up coming for the weekend. It was nice to have a friend back. Someone who never had gotten pranked by me. I felt happy again. I felt like I was getting my life back on track. I fixed my relationships with the TT- I mean Young JustCrease. Anyways I was with Sara at Pizza Lobby.

“Richy. You seem distant.” She said.

“It’s just… Granny Goodness-” I began.


“Oh… yeah.. I forgot you don’t go to Kane anymore. Granny Goodness is the MEANEST substitute EVER!” I started. “We’ve been trying to get rid of her for forever now but our attempts have come up short.”

“Hehe. This ‘Granny Goodness’ kind of reminds me of my new Vice Principal, Ms. Leeker.” Sara started. “She is STRICT.”

“I doubt anyone can be more strict than our middle school Principal.” I laughed.

“Which one?”

“Ward! Remember when the principal transferred us without our consent?”


“I put that we CHOSE to transfer in my second TT:F Case file.” I started laughing again. I felt like my old self again. Messing around, “Hey Sara? Should I invite the original members of the TT:F to hang out with us too?”

“Yeah! So there was You, Me, Eric, Peter, and Jamie right?”


“Ok! I can’t wait to see them!”

“I just texted the rest of the team, they are going to meet us at my house.” We then left the Pizza Lobby, not before I left a tip of just a single quarter.

Chapter 14


I don’t even know why I write in these anymore. I guess it is just a habit. After I retired from being Kid Fold I started giving my teachers all of the missing assignments I have and redoing bad tests. I was able to bring my grades up! I also have been practicing for track! I forgot all about Origami Grodd until I passed him in the hall. He snarled at me. I was about to do something but the minute bell rang and I ran to class. I made it 1 second before the final bell rang and was really glad I did that. I have Peter in this class and he kind of looked at me like I was a traitor. I know I left them in their time of need against Granny Goodness… But I couldn’t risk getting grounded again! After class, I walked up to him and had to ask this.

“Peter…  Is the team doing okay without me? I will join again if you need me to…”

“We are doing JUST FINE without you, John! We don’t need you to help us anymore! I always felt like you were a crutch, and now that you’re gone, we can stop Granny Goodness ON OUR OWN!” He sounded mad at me so I left for my next class.

Chapter 15

By: Richy

I forgot to mention in another chapter about this encounter I had with Kanes newest protector, The ‘BatPen’. It was WEIRD but I figured out who they are! Here is the encounter (or at least how I remember it)!

It was a Friday and I had seen a bully trying to shove a kid into a locker! I started walking over when BatPen showed up! He took the bully, tossing him aside into the wall. I walked closer, being curious. I stood there in the middle of the hall watching him save the kid. After, he started running towards me when we bumped into each other.

“Ooh!” I yelled, falling down. I got back up and asked something potentially stupid. “What happened to Alan?”

“I don’t know and frankly, I don’t care. Why do you?” BatPen responded.

“Well… Um… I-I was one of his… Old f-friends…” I was stuttering. I usually stutter when I get nervous, but not like this!

“Oooookay…”  ————————————————————————————————————————-

It was super fun! We went to Pizza Lobby again, and started remembering our old adventures! Like the time when we first formed and stopped James. It went on like this until Pizza Lobby closed. After that, we all left. It was the happiest I’ve been in YEARS (Yes even happier than when Sara came to visit). It was my old team back together again.

Chapter 16


I finally thought of a plan to stop Granny Goodness! I am going to hide a camera in the back of the room and show the tape at the district meeting the schools have once a month! I set it up behind some books before class started.

“ACHOO!” Someone sneezed.


“O-ok- ACHOO!” The student sneezed again.

“GET OUT OF MY CLASS. NOW!” She screamed at the poor kid. That is just ONE of the students leaving the class in that hour! Someone dropped a pencil, someone else raised their hand to go to the bathroom, and MANY more! I will tell you what the meeting was like after it happens.


I went to the meeting at 6:30pm. I was waiting for the Student concerns time which was at 6:45pm. I signed up first on the list and went to my seat. I heard people talking behind me and saw the Young JustCrease also sign up! When it was time for me to go up I plugged in my phone so it could go on the big projector screen. I shortened it down to just the major stuff like detentions. The hosts of the meeting said thank you and Granny Goodness will be fired, thanks to my video. I looked out in the crowd and saw the Young JustCrease looking at me, angrily. I turned around back at the hosts and said this.

“I-it wasn’t my video. I shouldn’t be taking credit for it. The real people to film it were the group of students way in the back. They’ve wanted to get rid of Gran- Mrs. Cooke since she came to the schools. Give them the recognition they deserve, not me.” After that, I walked off of the stage and left the building. Before I could get ready to run home the whole team walked out after me.

“Johnathan. Thanks for doing that for us. You’re welcomed back on the team if you’d like.” Jesse said to me.

“No thanks. I have problems of my own to solve. I’ll think about it though.” With that I ran home.

I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve had more adventures than my cousin, Matt. I’ve just gotten a teacher fired. I’m a hero. I’m a superior, better, more successful hero. 

I’m… I’m not a kid. I’m the Fold. I’m the Superior Fold.

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  1. Is it just me or am I the best person to write for sidekick heroes. I mean I have written for Richy, Kid Fold, and now practically EVERY sidekick.

    • My favorite thing to do with the characters you make is I love writing sidekicks as well, but I like making them fresh, doing something to them that changes them forever. Sidekicks are so fun, if I write for DC or Marvel eventually, I’d like to write about some sidekick for an entire run.

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