FOLDEMORT: Origins of the heir.

FOLDEMORT: Written by Superfolder Guillermo

William Michael’s Diary

  • 5th of September 2015

Hey! I’m William Michaels! I’m so excited to start school today in IGS! I’m just so glad I got accepted. Many people don’t make it through the short interview they make you at the beginning. They really prepare you for the final GCSE and A-Level exams in a few year’s time. I’m so, so glad. I’ll be keeping this notebook or diary to tell you guys about the stuff I’ll be doing!

Year seven is just awesome. I signed up for cooking class, science and media studies. I’ll be writing soon!

  • 5th September 2016

Wow. Literally wow. I can’t believe I totally forgot about this diary throughout the year. Now I’m starting year 8!!!

It was kind of hard to find friends at first, so I went scouting from group to group until I found some people. 

I first met a really nice girl called Miriam Hazel. She’s the best, like, really. She’s got a best friend called Mia Green. Mia is an expert in computers. She totally looks like she could hack the entire school’s system.

I made some other friendships, like a really small kid named Peter, but he kind of run away after I said hi to him. Weird!

Anyways, see you soon!

  • 5th September 2017

Another year is gone, unfortunately. All my good intention with which I start off each year end up being sabotaged by someone or just… taken down by myself.

Every single year I start by saying ‘this is gonna be a great year this- this is gonna be a great year that-

But in the end, I always end up the way I usually do: annoyed and tired. I’m just going to try and take thing differently this time, even though it’s very difficult with a certain kid: Henry Walker.

Ever since year 7, I’ve been the best student in the whole school.

I’ve beat everybody in the midterms, the finals… practically everything. Suddenly, this Henry Walker guy has started getting some really high grades as well. He’s not a menace, I mean. I’m the best and that’s it… But his character gets on my nerves…

  • 5th September 2018

I hate him, I definitely hate him. By the time the year 9 finals came up, he had somehow managed to beat me in two tests. That wasn’t the worst part: He won the yearly award to the best student.

It just doesn’t fit inside my head. How can a guy who’s goofing around all day long with his friend Alastor Bismarck get the best grades?

It’s confusing, but I’m going find out this year. Even if I have to play dirty, I’m the one who’s going to get the best grades in the end. Nothing will stand in my way.


By William Michaels

I closed the diary I had kept for four years. It all started with hopeful expectations, but slowly turned into some kind of hatred towards Henry. 

At the end of last year, when Cassius DeNogaret was finally taken to Tuckerton Juvenile prison for once and for all. I hated his guts. Everything Cassius did was only to get attention or as he always put it ‘freedom of everybody having finger puppets.’ 

That of course was the beginning, later on I heard that while I was orchestrating  my plans to screw up Henry’s group by sending Eva to swim in a lake at 3 A.M, Cassius DeNogaret was giving a speech in Trafalgar Square to try to end the school.

The only thing I’m gonna say is that I’ll be operating much more quietly than that guy ever did.

Picture this: Henry and his group of troublemakers; Alastor Bismarck, Sirius Black Paper; Kevin Harrington, Remus Lupaper and Peter Chadwick, Peter Pettyfold all getting stuck on the same net, not knowing who to trust or what to do.

I have a plan that will destroy everything they think they know, and when they figure that out, it will already be too late. Henry Walker will not be attending IGS ever again, and I will claim my prize.


By Mia Green

William sat us all down around a square table in his house. He was my friend, so I had seen his house before.

I could see that his house was creepy, though. Creepier than the last time I had been there.

Ilkley had a history with noblemen, from whom the Michaels family inherited the house from. 

Around the Industrial Age, when the city of Leeds grew bigger and bigger than ever before, London was the capital that imported every type of material or industrial equipment to Leeds. 

As we all know, the rich became richer and the poor, who now worked in factories, with little to no economical benefit but a wide range of health problems, became poorer.

Some rich gentleman, Adam Specter, was in charge of the administration of the imports and gained a wealthy amount of money (or at least that’s what William told me when we first met).

Unfortunately for Mr Specter, it wasn’t long before he grew ill, and he retired from his life as an industrial manager and headed to a nearby town that was being constructed: Ilkley.

When he realised all the money he had made, he spent the rest of his fortune on three things; the railway from Ilkley to Leeds, a huge mansion for himself and his family, and the construction of a school for the town’s newborn; Ilkley Grammar.

When he passed away, his family inherited his house, and had been passed from hand to hand, owner to owner ultil William Michael’s parents.

The once happy and fulfilling house I once visited had changed completely now that I had come back after the End of Year trip to the Highlands of Scotland.

I entered his room, illuminated by a bright, green light lamp. The walls were black and there were piles of paper, some folded into blank paper puppets, and some not.

William entered his room and leaned on his wall.

“Welcome back, Mia.” He smirked.

“William! I’m happy to see you!” I said, but I really wasn’t. It hurt me to look at him. I knew his obsession with getting high grades had gotten to his head.

It had been tearing him apart psychologically. It let him think that no matter how many A’s he got he wasn’t good enough, and now with Henry…

The obsession was now manifesting itself in his physical appearance. His eyes were swollen and the capillaries in them were flaring red.

He carried big, purple eyebags and they were watery as well.

The growing acne was nothing to brag about, and his canine teeth, which had always been pointy enough, somehow looked sharper and stood out.

“I’m… happy to see you too,” He continued his smirk and grabbed one of his folded pieces of paper, “Come now, we’re waiting for you.”

I nodded and followed him to the dining room, where Miriam Hazel, Thomas Andersen, Holly Kim, Jake Hazel and Alan Rawlins already sat uncomfortably.

“What’s Alan doing here?” I asked William. Alan was one of the kids who had defended Eva that camp night.

“He’s a friend. He’s discovered his true purpose.”

Alan smiled from the other side of the room. He looked both annoyed and pleased at the same time.

“Gentlemen, Ladies,” William sat down, “We’re gathered here today because we’ve been spotted. Our old plan is in danger.”

“But William,” Jake Hazel interrupted him, “How did this happen?”

William looked very annoyed.

“For once, let this be the last time you interrupt me, Jake,” He bitterly replied, “And four- no, five boys saw us at the camp. It was a bad idea to hang out at nigh.”

“Who caught you, again?” Jake asked, and William shot him a menacing look.

“Henry Walker, Kevin Harrington, Peter Chadwick, Alastor Bismarck and I,” Alan Rawlins mocked Jake,who wanted to open his mouth to complain, probably to ask again why he was here with us then, “Not that you’d know anything about changing sides, right?”

“Jake, Alan, shut up!” I yelled.

“The plan is simple, yet complicated,” William put his hands together, “We frame Henry Walker so he gets expelled from Ilkley Grammar. He will lose the support of his family, friends… girlfriend. He will be defeated, taking the guilt for something he didn’t do, and having no way to prove the opposite. He will go to Juvenile prison and I will earn my rightful place in the school’s glorious hall of fame.”

We were left speechless. I was left speechless. This didn’t seems like him at all. He looked nothing like the boy I met in year 7.

“And how will we frame him?” Thomas Andersen, a red haired kid asked. He had been sitting quietly and listening until now.

“Peter C. Can be easily convinced to switch sides. He’s unstable. He’s scared. You didn’t even see his face that night back in the camp. He barely did anything!

“We go to him, and it’s easy from then on. We get the info, threaten him, and the rest we have.”

He proudly stood up, and this time Alan raised his hand.

“I guess you’re acting a bit Voldemort-like. Do we have to wear puppets, too?”

William looked down to his pocket.

“I tried, I really did. But nothing got the essence of what I was hoping, except for…”

He started pulling out a grey stick of his cape. It was impossible to not see who he had turned into.

He was waving Lord Voldemort’s squeletical wand.

“Who are we to play around with puppets when we can have the wands?”

“Those are not cheap.” Alan remarked.

“Yeah, I thought you’d say that.”

Two of his maids entered the room with a pile of collector ‘s wands boxes.

“Ah, here they are! Well, you know what they say. The wand chooses the wizard!”

The maids started giving them out, like, for free right there. 

I had been a huge Harry Potter fan when I was little and recognised all the wands. Jake got a Fenrir Greyback wand, the werewolf. Miriam Hazel got Bellatrix Lestrange’s distinctive, curvy wand. Thomas Andersen got Lucius Malfoy’s. He was excited, because it was one of the most expensive.

Holly Kim got one that looked like a snake. It was one of the newer one’s from no character especifically. It was the ‘Dark Arts wand’.

“I was told you did well as a snake.” William halfway asked her, and she nodded.

Alan got Snape’s. He also had his puppet.

And I got the last one… Narcisa Malfoy’s. With that weird handle. 

“We’re all settled!” William laughed, “Let’s go hunt Peter.”


By Thomas Andersen

I totally got in the role when he gave me the wand. I wasn’t very convinced at first, but I have to admit he was very persuasive. How could I say no to a guy who spent 30 bucks on me?

Ilkley is a small town, so William divided us into different areas, so each one had a sector of town. Hopefully we’d see Peter. Since we hadn’t started school yet, it was our only hope.

We did find him on his way to the shop after a long and boring conversation with myself.

I quickly got back to the walkie-talkie channel and pushed the button.

“All Death Pleaters. Peter Chadwick has been spotted near the Tesco entrance, I repeat, near the Tesco entrance.”

I ran towards him. He didn’t see me until I was face to face with him.

“Oh! Hey, Thomas!” He almost dropped his shopping bags.

Should I intimidate him? No, I knew a better way.

“Hey, I really wanted to join your team of friends. The Ori-Marauders, you know?”

“Oh!” He was surprised, “I’m not sure we accept new members right now-“

“Come on! Please. I really want to. Do you know where I could get an interview?”

He thought for a second.

“If I don’t recall wrong, Henry Walker is going to the treehouse in Alastor Bismarck’s yard to meet Eva next Tuesday at 20:00, that’s all I know. Do you know where his house is?”

I did not, but we could send someone for sure to find out. This guy didn’t look like he could guide me anyways.

“Yes, of course. Thanks for your help!”

“Anytime!” He smiled.

When I got back to the team, Peter was gone, and I had the info, which I gave to them.

“Perfect, perfect,” William looked around at every single one of us, and then settled for Alan, “Alan, you know them best. Do me a favor and follow them, figure out where this treehouse is, and mark the house with a green snake. Can you do that for me?”

Alan nodded, not very convinced.

“I’ll do what I can.”

A few days later, Alan mentioned he’d picked their trail and found their house, marking it with a snake.

William had never been prouder.

The next Tuesday at 19:00, it was getting dark already when William rounded us all up once more.

“I’ve been giving it some thought over who it should be.”

“Wait,” Jake interrupted, “What exactly are we going to do?”

“That is my problem, not yours.” William cuttingly replied.

“So, we’re not coming with you?” Miriam seemed disappointed.

“It’s something I should do myself. It ist be me who ends this annoying fight.”

Of course, none of those present knew that that night, William Michaels was going to approach Alastor Bismarck’s house, look for the treehouse in the yard, and set fire to the treehouse right when Henry was coming to his meeting with Eva.

Since William ran away and went into hiding, the only information we got about Henry’s framing was Henry quickly approached the burning yellow and red treehouse, where he knew Eva was in. William got out from the back door and took some pictures of Henry looking at the house; others of Henry trying to go up the ladder, which he quickly deleted; and some of Henry with the dropped lighter on the ground, which he quickly picked up to figure out what had happened.

But when the fire disappeared, no one was inside the treehouse, there was no sign of Eva until days later at school when we heard she was in a hospital, and Henry’s picture holding a lighter in front of the fire was published everywhere. 

He was taken to court and sent to Tuckerton Juvenile prison where Cassius DeNogaret was sent after his last failed attempt to destroy the school.

True, this was crazy, I mean, who would have imagined what William was going to do? After we heard he had set fire to the place, the first thing some of us thought was leaving the group of Death Pleaters.

We all disliked Henry, yes. But this was taking it to another level. We weren’t killers, no matter what he made us think.

But the team was hanging by a thread. If we left right then, William would throw a fit. We were scared of ever being involved in this, because all it would take would be for William to turn us all in except for himself and then we would be doomed, because who would believe that the perfect William could ever do such a thing?


By Jake Hazel

Several days later, the school year started all over again, our last school year 2019-2020. After that, we’d graduate and move on. William would earn the highest marks in the school (and probably in the state too).

I thought this was over and done with, but Thomas Andersen bumped into me right on the first day of school.

“What the-.”

“I don’t have much time, but I just figured something out.”

“What?” I asked, perplexed.

“Henry had a little brother.”

My eyes widened really fast.

“Wha-. And now you tell me?”

“I didn’t know until now. What do we do?”

“Should we tell William?”

“I guess we should. Not it!”

Thomas looked at his watch and looked at me furiously.

“Alright. I’ll tell him. I’ll also tell him to do something about it himself. Nobody else involved.”

 I nodded.

“Seems fair. You tell him.”

That was a bad call. That was exactly the thing that got him suspended from school for bullying a year 7 student.

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