Ant-Fold and Wasp-Pleat

Ant-Fold and Wasp-Pleat
By YodaForce


By: Shawn Allen

Hello! My name is Shawn Allen. I’m just your average geeky nerdy kid.

I’m a nerd, yeah. But because I like being smart, I have applied for the science fair. My project is a super motor-powered robot. Sounds cool, right?

I just really want to win this year, because the kid with the tuba and the stick always wins. Every single year!

But, whatever. Kirby’s science fairs are always really fun.

The Weird Meeting
By: Shawn Allen

I opened my locker and there was a strange note in it. It said:

“Meet me at P.Y.M. Industries.

From ????

Later, I walked to P.Y.M. In case you don’t know, P.Y.M. is basically a special club that makes the next-generation technology. Or so the legend says.

I walked inside of P.Y.M. that day. I saw Andy Gardner (My Idol), Noah Brickowski, and Kaylee Winston (My crush).

“Hello?” I asked awkwardly. 

“I’ll leave you guys to tell him,” Andy said, walking out of the room.

“What am I here for?” I asked. 

Noah looked at me. I saw him reach in his pocket for something. He had a Hank Pym origami. “I think you know what we are here for,” Noah said frowning. “Mr. Allen, P.Y.M. needs your help. We have don’t have a Ant-Fold on this team anymore. We used to, sure, but he failed. And we were just wanting to ask you if you could be the new Ant-Fold. But if you decline, we might be in great danger.” 

I thought about it for a few minutes. I finally decided. “Fine, yes. I accept your offer. Nowm what’s my first mission?” I asked. 

“It’s not just your mission; it’s your mission as well,” Noah said, pointing at me and Kaylee. Kaylee looked over at me. 

“Well, then,” Kaylee said, grinning. “Let’s see if this new Ant-Fold has good reflexes. ” 

“What do mean—” I said, before being cut off. Kaylee punched me in the stomach. “Ow!” I shouted.

My Plan
By: Trevor Grayson

I am Trevor Grayson.

Also known as Yellow Jackigami.

I will sabotage the science fair.

My science is more important than everyone else’s.

No one can stop me.

Science Fair Catastrophe
By: Shawn Allen

So, me and Kaylee were both at the science fair. Total coincidence. And our booths/science sections were right beside each other.

So first up was Cal the Spider-Fold kid. He built a super train track. However, it broke. It crashed into the kid with the tuba and the stick, ran over another kid, tripped Ally Weber, and then started messing up every single other science project, except mine and Kaylee’s.

Finally, it ran into another kid’s TNT car. As the name suggests, it started blowing up. The science fair was ruined.

Everybody ran screaming in terror. “Stay calm!” the judge shouted.  “The science fair is cancelled!”

I then saw a kid named Trevor Grayson standing still. He was laughing, and had a Yellowjacket puppet on his finger. Since Yellowjacket was the villain in Ant-Man, I figured he was the enemy now. I charged at him. He ran. Me and Kaylee followed him.

Big Fight
By: Shawn Allen

Me and Kaylee tackled Trevor. 

“Get off of me!” Trevor said. He then flipped us over.

Kaylee punched Trevor in the stomach. I kicked him in the face.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked, as Trevor fell over. 

“My science is far more important than whatever you idiots call ‘science’,” Trevor replied, as he sat up. “I’m levelling the field so people will recognize me for the genius I am!”

“Listen! You don’t have to do this!” Kaylee knelt down next to him.  

“Maybe you can join P.Y.M. with us,” I suggested.”

“Wait, what?” Trevor and Kaylee said at the same time.

“Yeah, you have a big head,” I replied, being helpful. “You could be, I don’t know….. Giant Man-igami!”

Kaylee glared at me. “Just please stop this!” she pleaded. 

Trevor looked down and seemed to repent.

“Okay, I realize I  did some bad things. And I accept your offer,” Trevor said smiling.

Oh No
By: Shawn Allen

Desiree Dawson has exposed P.Y.M. for letting a villain join the team.

By: Shawn Allen

Hey guys. It’s me Shawn again. So, today I got fired from P.Y.M., yay (sarcastic). Details are below.

I got a call from Noah. In fact, 6 missed calls. I walked into P.Y.M. later.

As I walked in, Noah was frowning. And boy did he look mad. I also saw Trevor and Kaylee.

“Hey guys, what’s the matter?” I asked clueless.

“Oh, nothing, just that it’s your fault that Desiree Dawson exposed us for letting an ex-villain join the team,” Noah replied, sarcastically. 

“Look, I know it was my fault but—” I said, being cut off. 

“Don’t worry, Allen, we have a way to fix this. Give me Ant-Fold,” Noah said. He held out his hand, asking me to give it to him. 

“No, please, don’t do this to me, Noah,” I pleaded. “Ant-Fold has boosted my confidence.” 

He looked at me for a few minutes. He then looked out of the window. “Remember our rule, Allen? That if you fail, you lose Ant-Fold?” Noah asked. 

I bit my lip. “U-Um, yeah,” I stuttered, nervously. 

“Give it.”

“But, Noah I’m nothing without this fold!” I shouted. 

“If you’re nothing without this fold, then you shouldn’t have it,” Noah said yanking Ant-Fold out of my hands. “Now get out of my sight!” 

By: Trevor Grayson

Since Noah thought I was a ‘ex-criminal’, he kicked me out of P.Y.M. I sat outside, annoyed, for hours and hours. I really did want to be a good guy. Now, nobody trusted me. 

Until, this girl wearing a white hoodie came up to me. “Be quiet and listen to everything I say,” the girl said. She had a puppet of the Ghost girl from Ant-Man and the Wasp, in origami, of course. I nodded my head. 

She then grabbed me and we ran away.

The Strange Disappearance
By: Kaylee

Me and Noah were looking around when we heard that someone had seen Trevor go off with the Ghost girl. 

“See?!? This is exactly why I didn’t want Trevor on the team! He’s an ‘ex-criminal!” Noah yelled. 

“You don’t know that!” I said. 

Noah glared at me. “C’mon Kaylee, don’t be like Shawn.”

We then found a note. I read it aloud. 

If you want to see your friend again, come to the gym at 2:00 p.m., sharp.’

“So, someone kidnapped Trevor?” Noah asked me. 

“It appears so.” I said.

By: Shawn Allen

I was upset. Hours later, after being kicked out of P.Y.M., I was just on the football field doodling pictures of the Avengers. Kaylee walked over.

Me: Kaylee?

Kaylee: Shawn, we need your help.

Me: Really? After you kicked me off the team?

Kaylee: Look, Shawn, if we don’t fix this problem, someone could be in real danger. 

I thought about it for a minute.

Me: Ok. Where’s Ant-Fold?

Kaylee: Here. It has new upgrades.

Kaylee handed me a new Ant-Fold with upgraded designs.

Kaylee: We good?

Me: Yeah, we’re good. 

My Plan’s In Motion
By: Jennifer Karlston a.k.a. Ghost

Hello, idiots. You better not share this with anybody else or I’ll beat the *bleep* out of you!

I was sitting down in the chair in the security room. “What’s the code for hacking things?” I asked Trevor. 

“I don’t know, maybe Artron knows it.” Trevor said, sarcastically. 

“Tell me!” I yelled. 

“Ok! Okay! It’s 35962,” Trevor told me.

Just then, Noah, Kaylee and Shawn burst through the door.

Bad To Badder
By: Shawn Allen

“Stop this, Jenn!” I yelled out. 

“Oh really? Well, let me tell you my plan. I’m going to enter this code Trevor gave to me, and I’m going to hack the school, because I hate this place!” Jenn screamed. 

I walked over to Trevor. 

“Trevor! Tell her the wrong code!” I whispered. We all got out origami’s out (including Noah). 

“Uh…. Jenn, the code is actually 7615.” Trevor said. 

“Ok, then,” Jenn said. She entered the code a couple of times. 

“It’s not working!” She said. 

“That’s because it was the wrong code!” Trevor said. 

“You’re surrounded, Jenn,” Kaylee said. 

We dropped her off in the principal’s office. We won!

Leaked Quote
By: Noah Brickowski

Here is a quote from the next issue:

‘Let’s paint the town red!


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