Episode 12: The Return of Darth Yoda


A Day of Detention
By Tommy

So, whoever is reading this, you all remember what happened in sixth grade, right? When Origami Yoda helped me ask out Sara during Fun Night? Well, I didn’t exactly “ask” her. A song came on and I just happened to be standing next to Sara, so we just decided to dance. Harvey, our former friend, tried to prove that Origami Yoda was fake by making his own Yoda, which I admit was pretty good, but gave terrible advice. He and our weird friend, Dwight, who wields Yoda, had a fight with Harvey on whether Sara liked me or not. They both agreed that if I asked Sara to dance and she rejected me, then Dwight would have to throw out Origami Yoda. If Sara danced with me, Harvey would have to get rid of his Yoda (I secretly nicknamed it “Darth Yoda”). And ever since we stopped FunTime, me and Sara would hold hands in the hallway, and she wanted to kiss me on the cheek, but the Principal would always stop us from our so-called “Public Display of Affection”. When her lips were about 1 centimeter away from my cheek, the Principal pulled me away from Sara and gave me detention for a day. After school, I walked into Room 37, where detention was held. Of course, Zach Martin was there, and on occasions he would give me dirty looks. Harvey was there, too. I wasn’t surprised. But what was weird was that I saw that he had something in his hand that looked green and brown. I was curious, but I couldn’t ask him what it was because he was in the corner of the room, and I was in the front. I couldn’t walk up to him because then I would get into more trouble than I already was. At the end of detention, I finally asked him. He responded with a big, “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!” And then he left.
Little did I know that little green thing would cause more trouble than ever before!

Kellen’s Comment: Jacob Minch is out for this one, because he’s helping out at his brother’s school, trying to get a good appeal from the Student Council. I think he’s making a case file, too…..

The Little Green Thing
By Kellen

So, uhh, I’m gonna use the recording thingy again, so, uhh, you can write all this down, Tommy, and, uhh, you can edit out all the “uhhs”. So, I was at lunch on the snack line to get a popsicle, when I saw that Harvey was on, too. I could see that he had his money in one hand, and a green origami character on his finger on the other hand. I didn’t get a good look at his origami because I forgot my glasses at home, so I secretly cut in line to get a better look at it. I was surprised when I found out it was Harvey’s old Yoda! When Harvey realized I was looking at it, he yelled, “STOP STALKING ME!” and pushed me out of line. I couldn’t get back to where I was because Quavando kept saying, “No cutting!” I ran as fast as I can to tell Origami Yoda. I found Dwight sitting under the table when I told Yoda everything. He responded, “A duel of Yoda’s there will be. Only one will survive.” Then Dwight crawled back under the table.

Tommy’s Comment: Oh my Jabba! Harvey’s Yoda returned?!? I swear to Jango Fett that I saw Harvey throw it in the garbage before he sat down on the stage during Fun Night! He must have took it out before getting picked up by his step-dad. But wait…didn’t Harvey just have an evil puppet after Darth Paper? It was…um… Brain fart. Forget it.

Sara’s Chapter
By Sara

After I got to your house and you told me what happened with Harvey’s Yoda, so I got on my bike and rode to Dwight’s house to tell him. It turns out Kellen already beat me to it, but this time I was even more surprised! When Dwight reached into his backpack to get Yoda, he pulled a note out instead. Dwight looked really confused and after reading it, he yelled and dropped the note! Dwight’s mom came in and asked if everything was alright. I told her it was nothing, so she walked back downstairs. I picked up the note and this is what it said:


Dwight then started freaking out until I told him I would go straight to your house and tell you. The rest you already know.

Tommy’s Comment: Oh no! This is madness! Well, there is only one person I can turn to for this…

Kellen’s Brother
By Tommy

I told Kellen everything that happened with Sara, Dwight, and Harvey. He said I can talk to his older brother, Tyler. He usually is the troublemaker of McQuarrie Middle School, and kind of has the skater-boy reputation. Even Zach Martin is afraid of him! But he is very protective around Kellen for some strange reason. He can pick locks, which is handy. And he can do all sorts of athletic stuff, like back-flips and jumping. Anyways, I went to Tyler’s room, and saw he was trying to practice copying his mom’s handwriting. He said, “What do you want, Squirt?” He always calls me, “Squirt”, for some reason. Anyways, I told him our problem and he said he would help us for $20. I reached into my pocket and gave him my $20 I was going to use for lunch tomorrow, but this is more important. He said he had a plan.

Tyler to the Rescue!
By Murky

So, for some strange reason Kellen told me I needed to write a case for his friend’s stooky case file, as well as distract PikPok Pete (aka Harvey). I went up to Harvey and asked him if he wanted to hear me list all the words IiPad recently made up, because “Stooky” was too mainstream for me. While I bored him, Kellen’s brother, Tyler (he really scares me) snuck up to Harvey’s locker and stole some piece of origami and replaced him with a note. When Harvey had enough of it, he threatened me with some Origami Yoda and reached into his locker to find a note. When he read it, he screamed like a girl and ran off and dropped the note.

Harvey, this message is for you. I have your Darth Yoda, and you have Dwight’s Yoda. If you don’t want me to give you a swirlie next week, you’ll return Origami Yoda to Dwight in the library tomorrow. And we’ll return Darth Yoda. And as I said, if you don’t…it’s toilet-time, Cunningham.

Tommy’s Comment: I was actually in Math Class in the other side of the school and I could hear Harvey scream! At first, I thought it was Quavando’s sister or something before I read this chapter.

The First Note
By Tommy

It was just before first period, and we were in the library. I was sitting with Kellen and Dwight, when Harvey walked over. He looked pretty angry.
“Okay, I understand why you’re mad, and I even get why you made that ransom note, but just STEALING both Paperwad Yodas from me??” Harvey’s voice got really high-pitched. “That’s just cold!”
“What are you talking about?” Kellen said. “We didn’t steal…..” His voice trailed off. He pointed his finger at something right behind us. Someone had placed a sticky note on a nearby library book. Harvey snatched it, and showed it to all of us.

Origami or not, you must realize…You are doomed.
–General Creasous

Van Janke Yoda (3) Van Janke Yoda (1)Van Janke Yoda (2)

Written by SuperFolder CPH

  1. Amazing! Let me guess “The Revenge of General Creasious!”

  2. SuperFolder JC

    But of course!

  3. Of course what?

  4. The Revenge of General Whiteout!

  5. SuperFolder JC

    General Creasious is Episode 11!

  6. Oh… I also got a name in mind. General Whiteout!

  7. when does it come out?

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  9. SF master Yodawiz

    Please write more or write another story please!!!!

  10. SF master Yodawiz

    oops, sorry, never mind cph

  11. no way!!!!!1count dooku….

  12. kill darth yoda!

  13. darth yoda sucks

  14. How do you fold the darth Yoda?


  16. STOOKY

  17. Why say only good things when some of them are grammatically and the storytelling is bad. This story sucked

  18. Dr. Vhanoss, it’s a good thing you were just on this site this once.

  19. And yes I purposely spelled your name wrong to annoy you, Vhanoss.
    😂 Vhanoss rhymes with Thanos.

  20. I’m going to be working on Foldo here.

  21. Hiding From Danger

    “Do you here a sound?” said Sara, who was hiding outside the public library behind a wall with her boyfriend, Jacob.
    “Nah, not really,” Jacob said.
    Suddenly, Sara and Jacob heard the voice of the neighborhood bully, Maddox:
    “Uh-oh, it’s that school bully, Maddox,” Jacob said nervously. “I hope he didn’t bring his sidekick Rebolt and their cronies.”
    They heard a higher-pitched voice saying, “We have friends that can kick your two butts!”
    “Oh God, you shouldn’t have said that,” Sara sighed. “That’s Rebolt’s voice.”
    “Quick, let’s run from Maddox and his posse!” Sara said quickly, tightly grabbing Jacob’s hand and running away. Maddox then said Sara and Jacob running to the street.
    “Ah…,” said Maddox slowly. “I see them.” He pulled out Origami Moloch.

    “Bring you down here, in the dead of morning,” Moloch said. “Keep you running, trying to survive.”
    Origami Moloch said with Maddox, “We are secretly watching you too…trying our best to get. At. You.”
    Maddox said, “RUN.”
    Sara and Jacob ran down the street faster while Maddox and Moloch and Rebolt chased them.
    Maddox said, “You can run, but you can’t hide. We’ll always seek, we’ll always find. You can run, you can hide, we’ll always seek, we’ll always find. You can run. You can try. You can run but you. Can’t. HIDE.”
    Jacob said in his head, “They’re laughing while chasing. We’re hiding, we’re trying. I feel like she may be lying. I feel like I’m dying. She’s guiding me quietly. Afraid of what might be. I feel like I’m dying.” He and Sara hid behind a bush
    Meanwhile, Maddox heard them going into the bush and said, “I hear a sound.”
    Moloch said, “It’s probably just a mouse.”
    “I see them in the light.”
    “It’s probably just a spark.”
    “I know they’re there.”
    “Not as far as I’m aware.”
    “Why don’t you believe me? …You know, maybe you’re right.”
    “It’s just another night.”
    “But I heard a creak.”
    “Just go back to your house.”
    “I guess I’m always quick to rage.”
    “Just go back to the library. …WAIT. Now I hear them.”
    Maddox yelled, “WHAT’S THAT SOUND? I know someone’s there. Hiding in the shadows, thinking I was unaware. Well, who’s that I see? The bullied-person-to-be? Let’s invite you older, before you get any bolder!”
    Maddox looked at Moloch and said, “OH, MOLOCH, let’s make this fun. You can’t deter me this time! No, I’m done!”
    Maddox ripped Origami Moloch’s head off.
    “I won’t go back to the library, it’s my new trend. Now let’s say hi to our new friends!”
    Sara and Jacob ran out of the bush quickly and started running again.
    Then Maddox caught up to them and shoved them into a corner.
    “I knew I was right…that I would find you two…over here. Ha ha ha! Well, it seems intriguing that…you seem to be…a little wary…of Moloch and me. Well, there’s no need. We know you want to run away from us. But we just can’t let that happen. We can make…accidents happen. We can make…accidents happen. We can make…accidents happen…”

    As Maddox was about to punch Jacob in the face, Sara stood up to Maddox, took Origami Moloch, crumpled it, and then ripped it into a million pieces. Maddox got angry after that. “Come back here!” he said. He shoved Sara into another corner. Then Rebolt and his posse appeared in back of Maddox as they started walking towards Sara.

  22. The Street Chase

    Let me explain how Sara and Jacob got into this situation. They were having a normal date at the cafe near the library when they went in with…guess what…lottery tickets. The night before, Sara had said that she predicted what the winning numbers might be. They won. Yes, Sara Bolt won the lottery. And at that time, Jacob was being passed around, foster family to foster family. By that point he had enough and said he would use some of the money to get a permanent family. Unluckily, Maddox and his group heard them talking and wanted them to hand over the money. Then Sara and Jacob started hiding behind a bunch of walls, before going off into the street, with Maddox chasing them. Now, back to the story, eh?

    Jacob grabbed Sara and started running with her again.
    “Are we gonna be running forever?!” Sara said.
    “We’re almost at the adoption port!” Jacob replied. “Don’t worry!”
    Jacob and Sara ran faster and faster, but nothing would work. Then, they saw a bunch of bikes in the entrances of an alleyway. Before they could get one, Maddox and his friends appeared and grabbed the bikes for themselves. “Oh no,” Jacob nervously said.

    Maddox said, “Everyday I go to the library to bully nerds for fun with my friends. One two threes, they’re the keys, basic bullying, very easy. To my world of fun (bullying) where no one leaves till punched and kicked at, every street is full of kids, to run away until they’re bullied.
    Maddox started peddling more on his bike and said, “The kids try their best to…better not get bullied. Comprehend the material, and run away hard, relay every chance of freedom. Nobody wants to get bullied. They only want freedom. But even when life is tough, oddly quarters are enooooough.”
    Rebolt grabbed Sara’s backpack, which was full of the lottery money. But Sara snatched it back and hopped onto the bike, accidentally pushing Rebolt off and onto the ground.
    “OH GOD,” she said. “Did I kill him?”
    Moloch shook his head and started singing again:
    “Running across the streets, hiding behind walls so they don’t get beaten up. Follow every single rule, or we’ll be even more angrier. For I am listening and watching everyone’s progression, and all mistakes have consequences, so get bullied today, no questions.
    Try to hide and ride up excuses, nothing will make a difference. I hear every bush you hide into. Following from behind, I can hear you. There is no place for playtime, only bullying. Avoid playing all from every side. Better leave me to be, and follow my philosophy!”
    Maddox saw Jacob hop onto Sara’s bike.
    Sara said, “THIS IS how we live our lives, searching for the answers inside of every bully. And I’m wondering if one day, we’ll finally be free from this running. Is it okay, to have a feeling, that maybe there is more to him than just bullying? But now is no time to question…so I’ll just behave.”
    Jacob replied, “Run, through the streets, to escape, will have some sacrifices. Not a pinch of jealousy, I’ve got NO time to play, hide and seek, because eventually he’s sure to catch up to us, have to be brave, or worse, give in and get bullied. Run till I don’t know how to actually run, every—”
    Maddox jumped off his bike, and grabbed Sara and Jacob by the necks.

    Jacob punched Maddox in the face and left with Sara. The unconscious Maddox was on the floor. And guess where Sara and Jacob had arrived? That’s right. The adoption port.

  23. And that’s an exclusive sneak peek of the first two chapters of Foldo, which is currently on hold. I probably will do only one more sneak peek before someone releases Foldo.

  24. If Camster and Noah reread the entire Volume 2 of Rise of the Bounty Hunters, they might mention this sneak peek which is in this comment section. 🙂

  25. Okay. This draft of Foldo has been scrapped. Goodbye.

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