Episode X: The Month of the Skyfolders

The Month of the SFs

The Month of the Skyfolders
By SuperFolder DarthNoah

Prologue: The Prophecy
By Origami Yoda (as written down by Tommy)

My note: Origami Yoda randomly blurted this out in the middle of Biology class. I thought I’d write it down in a case file, just in case it was important.

To the one who fights first, much pain will endure.

Bleak, the destiny of the Chosen One may be.

For brothers to be reunited, a sacrifice it will take, But in the end, prevail, love will.

The End of the Normal
By Tommy

Stuff has actually been pretty normal lately (I mean normal like nothing has really changed, because nothing is ever normal at McQuarrie). Dwight and Yoda have been giving the same old advice, Harvey and Darth Paper are having the same old battles, Dwight has been being his same old weird self, but all the normal ended on that one fateful day, when Noah walked in the doors. The new kid, Noah Jekan, is the one thing that ended the normal. He created the Skyfolders, and the normal days were gone.  I’m guessing his mom kept him homeschool for most of his life, but this year she made him try going to real school. I’m not gonna write about what happened on the first day and when he came, but Noah is so he can tell what his perspective was. This school always gets so weird, the word ‘normal’ should never be used in this school. Well, this will be interesting.

Harvey’s comment: Great. Another wierdo to deal with. Our school probably has the record for most psychopaths held under one roof.

My comment: Why did I even let him make comments in the first place?

Origami Yoda and the New Kid
By Noah

Okay, Tommy made me write this so I could kinda help him with these case files and stuff, and he asked me if I could write about my first day so I thought I would help him. So I walk in the doors and the hallways are a complete MADHOUSE! I try and walk down the halls without getting pummeled, but that’s not easy when 200 kids are running around like cheetahs on steroids. I round the corner and start walking down the second hall. I walk by the stairwell but before I can get past it a big hairy arm grabs me by the backpack. I look up and see the face of Zack Martin, the Neanderthal eighth grader. He starts holding me up and dangling me from my backpack. “Let me go!” I keep saying over and over again, trying to squirm out of the straps on my pack. He holds me there for like three minutes but then I hear something. “Let him go, you must,” says a really strachy voice, it almost sounded like a very bad Yoda impression. I look up and see Dwight, the infamous creator of Origami Yoda and world-renouned wierdo of McQuarrie Middle School. I look at his finger, and there, is Origami Yoda, famous all around the school. “Let him go, you must,” Orgami Yoda says again. Zack  wasn’t feeling like listening to a finger puppet, so instead of dropping me, he says, “Oh yeah? And who’s gonna stop me?”

“Am I, help from friends with.” Sure enough, behind Dwight, there is Kellen and Tommy, Dwight’s friends and fellow weirdoes. “Now, drop him you must, or face the consequences you will.” Zack still stands firm. “I’m not gonna listen to a couple of wimpy kids,” he says mockingly.

“Okay. Consequences you will face.” Dwight points up, and we see a girl with a water ballon in her hand. Before Zack can react, the girl drops the water ballon on him. “Aaauugghh!” He screams as the water ballon explodes on him and he drops me. He runs down the hall screaming, “I’ll get you for this!”

After I get the smell of sweat out of my nose, (I was being dangled directly under his armpit! One word: Deoderant) I thank them for saving me.

“By the way, my name in Noah Jekan. I’m the new kid.”

“Oh yeah! You’re a friend of Kellen’s! He told me a lot about you.” Tommy says.

“He even says your a pretty good artist too. And my name is Tommy, and this is Sara.”

“Hello there, Noah. I’m Sara, Tommy’s girlfriend.” Sara says.

“Wait, so you, get a girl like her? That means it’ll be easy for me! Yes!”

“Ha ha. Good luck with that, Slick. Well, this is McQuarrie, home of Origami Yoda! Welcome.”

“Oh, wait!” Dwight shouts. “I’m Dwight! And this is Origami Yoda!” And he shoves him in my face.

“Wow. So you made him?”


“Okay….., well, it was nice meeting all of you. I got to get to class. Bye!” I say as I walk away. I was really grateful to Dwight/Yoda for saving me, so I made an Origami Luke and Leia Skyfolder to help Dwight, And they were actually pretty good. “Dude,” Kellen said. “That Luke is almost as good as the one I had against FunTime!” But what happened next was what was interesting. What changed my perspective on this whole school…….

Harvey’s comment: Ahhhhh, Zack was dangling Noah almost to the ground and I wasn’t there to see it? I miss all the good stuff…..

My comment: Man, I’m glad Harvey wasn’t there. If he was, Noah would’ve went straight back to homeschooling. He is such a jerk sometimes.

The Chosen One…Revealed??
By Noah

So, that same day, I was walking to gym glass (which I was NOT looking forward to. John Oxley and Chuck Kazmer’s sweaty armpits in my face?? Not cool man), when Dwight stopped me, right in the middle of the busy hallway. Some students stopped or tripped over themselves, but Dwight wasn’t paying attention. He raised Origami Yoda into the air.

“The Chosen One, this is!” he screeched.

Tommy tapped my shoulder behind me. “Oh, no way! Dude, Origami Yoda made this prophecy. It was, like, one month ago, but I guess YOU’RE the Chosen One of it!”

I was a little bit weirded out. “Uhh……okay? But I didn’t even choose to come to this school until a couple weeks ago. My older brother and his friends go to school here. I’m just the new tagalong kid.”

“Hey,” Tommy said. “Don’t talk like that! You just made Origami Luke and Leia puppets! That’s, like, total rockets stuff!! You’re awesome, man!”

Tommy left for his class, but Dwight still hadn’t moved. Instead, he handed me a piece of paper. I read it. It was the prophecy Tommy told me about.

I don’t want my destiny to be “bleak.”

The Hiding of the Skyfolders
By Tommy

I didn’t let Harvey see this one ’cause then he would know our plan. So, Noah brought the two Skyfolders to school after he created them. As he found out, big mistake. I must say, they were pretty good. But then, Harvey came by and saw them. His Origami Anakin suddenly got super angry and turned into Darth Paper. Harvey I guess couldn’t see that they were the Skyfolders so he just laughed at Noah about how his ‘wraps of scrap’ were the most stupid things he had ever seen. So of course, Noah got his feelings hurt so he went in class and tried to find me, Kellen, Sara and Dwight. What’s good is that when the new year started, there was a seat not taken. Me and my friends all had taken seats next to each other, (me next to Sara, of course) and the seat that was left was next to us. So he sat down there and told us that if Harvey and Darth Paper saw the Skyfolders again, he would for sure try and take them and destroy them. So the five of us came up with a plan to hide them. Sara would take Leia, and I would take Luke. This way, Harvey would not know where they are and not even know that Darth Paper was a father (Wow. We just went all Obi-Wan and Yoda in EP III). And to this day, Harvey/Darth Paper doesn’t know about them. Let’s just hope he doesn’t find out…….

The Failed Mission
By Sara

Well, I was going to homeroom. We were learning about diplomacy, and I was given an assignment to make a special report on how I thought diplomacy should work. Well, I was on my way there with Origami Leia and Tommy with Origami Captain Antilles as an escort. Kellen was also there with Art2-D2 and C-3PO. Well, I was almost there when we were attacked by none other than Harvey and Darth Paper. “I am here for the report. I need it,” he said in a semi-good, mostly bad Vader impression. Okay, I’ll pause it right there. You see, Harvey wasn’t really having a good year, and his grades weren’t very good (mostly C’s and D’s). He really wanted an A, and since I was mostly a straight A student this year, he thought he’d steal my report and pass it off as his own. Okay, let’s hit play. I went and hid while Tommy protected me with Antilles. Kellen followed me. When I found a good place I hid there and waited. Kellen found me with Artoo. We talked. Then he, Artoo and C-3PO ran away. Harvey saw Kellen, and figured that he wasn’t really a threat, so he let him pass. Well, he found me and Leia, and pretty much captured me (not really, figuratively). He had taken care of (crumpled up) Tommy’s Cap. Antilles. Harvey spoke again in his Vader voice. “Where are the Rebel Plans?” (I assume he meant my report).

“You’ll never find them, Sith scum.” I grabbed Darth Paper from Harvey’s finger, and threw it across the room. But where WAS the report? I had given the report to Kellen, he gave it back and I got an A, again!

Harvey’s comment: How could I have been so dumb and let Kellen pass?


Tommy’s comment: Ummm, I prefer not to answer that. One thing, why did you have to crumple up Antilles?! It was my best piece of origami that I created without instructions!

The Adventure (for Noah and Luke) Begins
By Kellen (on his recorder thingy).
Written by Tommy

Okay, um, after I, um, got away from Harvey and Darth Paper,  I found Noah and Luke in Science class and told him what happened. Sara had given me her video camera which she had brought to school (Who uses video cameras any more?) and it had a video of her on it. The video said, “I am under attack by Harvey and Darth Paper, again. They have stolen my project for the science fair so they can get a good grade. I need help to get it back and bring to the fair. Help me Noah. You’re my only hope,” and it turned off. So, yeah, I, uh, told Noah about how I had gotten away from them the first time, and how I needed help to get it back. At first Noah refused, but then I told him Sara had some cute friends, and if he helped she might hook him up with one of them. After I told him that, he shouted, “To the the Mos Eisley gym class!” We need some transportation! Oh, and get Tommy and Luke.” and ran out. Man, that kid is fast.

My comment: I joined them in the hallway, and they told me what happened. We all went to the gym, and that’s where the chaos started.

The Mos Eisley Gym Class
By Noah

The reason I called the gym class, ‘The Mos Eisley gym class’ is because you could never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy ever. And I mean ever! I have only been here half a week and I have already broke both my legs while playing basketball (not really, just felt like it)! Okay, back on subject. We walk in, an immediately regret it. We just walked in at the worst time ever. Two words: Dodge Ball. Balls (and kids) are being thrown all over the gymnasium, and once we got in, there was no turning back. After all most getting killed by rubber red projectiles, We run outside to where the bikes are kept. I grab mine, Kellen grabs his, and Tommy jumps on his. We drive around the school a couple times, trying to find Sara, (she usally goes outside) but we can’t find her anywhere. We think she might’ve gone inside already. But come to think of it, I haven’t seen her since yesterday, before she got away from the Sith (and his boy). I shrug, thinking that she must be sick or something,  and we head back inside. If only I had known the truth……

Harvey’s comment: Hmm, I wonder what happened?

My comment: If you had anything to do with it……..

(I let Harvey comment again because these next stories won’t alert him that Noah made the Skyfolders and gave them to us. But that doesn’t mean this next story is no less terrifying, and it might not have anything to do with him).

No More Sara (for awhile)
By Noah

Yay! So I would be closer to my new school, we moved to a new house, which is right next to Tommy’s house! Yippee! Oh, wait, this is supposed to be a sad story, so I’ll tone it down. Queue the dramatic music!

Okay, our story starts Friday night, the night after our last chapter.

I am sitting on my porch, trying to keep my composure. This morning, my mom got a call from Tammy, Sara’s mom, telling her that today, she had missed the bus and had to ride her bike to school. But while she was riding, the bike must’ve hit something, so the bike launched her onto the pavement and she sprained her ankle. When I got home, my mom told me what happened. That’s seriously narnar. I head over to Tommy’s house to see if he’s heard the news. I knock, and Tommy opens the door. His eyes tell me he already knows. We planned to visit Sara in a couple days, once she was feeling better. But Sara wouldn’t be at school for a whole week! And now we don’t have any Fortune Wookiee or Han Foldo! How can this week get any worse?!

Harvey’s comment: Okay, I’m just not gonna say anything mean or rude or anything. This is totally nostrul, I admit.

Tommy’s comment: Harvey, seriously, if you had a part in Sara spraining her ankle, I will definitely pound you.

Harvey’s Other Comment: What? I just said how I wouldn’t be rude! Dang, you must be pretty on edge today!

Tommy’s Other Comment: Ignoring that…..Dwight lives next door to Sara, and he missed the bus yesterday morning (as usual) like Sara, and he said that he saw Sara riding up to school. I asked all about what he saw, and I captured our interview on Kellen’s recorder.

The Questioning
Tommy and Dwight on Kellen’s recorder thingy

So, I rode my bike up to Dwight’s house at about lunchtime, and I found him on his porch, poking holes in his hamburger with a straw. I sat down next to him to find out what he saw yesterday. Here is our conversation.

Tommy: Hey Dwight. You live next door to Sara, right?

Dwight: Purple.

Tommy: Is it true that you saw Sara riding to school yesterday morning? And you also saw her crash her bike?

*Dwight nods*

Tommy: Okay, what exactly did you see when she crashed?

Dwight: She was riding her bike. Then she crashed.

Tommy: Yeah, um, I got that.

Dwight: I think you should ask Origami Yoda for the rest. (subject pulls Yoda from pocket)

Tommy: Hey, good idea! Okay, Origami Yoda, how did Sara crash?

OY: Drove into a nail, she did. Left in rode by bully, it was. Zack could it be, hmmmmm?

Tommy: Zack, huh? Well, thanks for the help, guys! (I leave area of subject and head home)

After that, I grabbed my bike and began to ride home. I took one quick glance at Sara’s house, but I didn’t see her. I didn’t wanna disturb her if she was resting. So I left.

The Accused
By Tommy (With help from Noah)

So, after I asked Dwight what he saw, I thought about what he said about Zack. In the first chapter. This is where the help from Noah comes in. He wrote that Zack attacked him, and we rescued him (Sara dropped that water balloon on top of Zach which made him drop Noah). And he also wrote that after Sara dropped the balloon, Zach ran away yelling ‘I’ll get you for this!’ So I’m guessing this is part of his payback. But why he did something so violent, I still don’t get. But now, I should probably start preparing for confronting Zack…..

Harvey’s comment: Wow. I didn’t even know you could piece together a puzzle. I’m impressed.

My comment: Thanks, I think….

Surprising News and Stuff
By Kellen

So, I read Tommy’s accusation, and I think he’s probably right. Cause no one, and I mean no one, ever gives violent revenge, only Zack. I mean sure, Harvey tried to get revenge on Dwight/Origami Yoda by almost sending him to reform school, and sure, we got justice on that Sam guy by crumpling his Fortune Clone Trooper, but no one ever uses violent revenge like Zack.

Anyway, today started like any other days, but it was weird with Sara not being there. She sprained her ankle on Tuesday, so we had kind of gotten used to  it, since it’s been like a week. But it still felt weird with Rhondella and Amy and Sara not sitting in the library giggling there heads off. So we had just finished science class, and we were heading into Math, and we had just sat down when we all heard a small tap on the door. We looked over, and there was Mrs. Bolt next to Sara, who was on a crutch. I looked over at Tommy, eyes wide with a smile the size of Endor (and all it’s moons), who looked like he would’ve jumped up to hug Sara, if she hadn’t just sprained her ankle. She looked very tired, but still looked like the Sara we all knew and loved. I looked at Noah, who strangely had a smirk on his face. After math in the hallways, I asked Noah why he had the smirk. He said that he now sorta had someone he could relate to. “What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“Well, the tired-ness I saw reminded me of me, sorta, cause I had cancer, and it made me really, really, REALLY tired. So I think it’s good that I now have a friend who is kinda like me.”

“Wow, dude. I never knew. I…..umm…..” And I turned around and left.

Harvey’s comment: Whoa. Poor dude. Okay, I am putting him on the list of nerds I pity, so I don’t joke with ’em to much.

My comment: I am SOOOO glad that has nothing to do with him liking Sara (Yeah, I saw the smirk). But I also think he is amazing, as a regular kid acting like nothing happened.

The War Begins
By Tommy (with help from Noah, Kellen and Harvey)

Now this is getting huge. This one thing which we thought is just a small revenge (I asked Sara, and she said she sorta understood) is turning into a full-scale war! I hadn’t thought about it, but Zack got himself suspended, and I think he did it on purpose. He was supposed to come back two days ago, but he lied to his mom and said he was sick, and—according to Yoda’s advice—he had called together every bully we’d ever faced, so that they could together stop Origami Yoda. Noah and I prepared for the oncoming war. I called him over one day, with Dwight by my side, and showed him a box. I told him to open it.

“No way!” he yelled, looking inside. “Luke! I missed you so much!” He lifted Luke out of the box and onto his finger. “Thanks dude!” But right at that moment, Kellen and Harvey burst through the door. “We got some company!” Harvey said, panting. Fists pounded on the door. “What did you do?!” I said to them. They gave a small, smile, which tells that they did something. “Ugh! Never mind that! Noah, Harvey, Kellen! Get the troops!” Dwight stood up with Origami Yoda on his finger, and said in his scary serious dark-side voice that I mentioned in the Fortune Wookiee, “Begun, the Fold War has.”

The Revealing
By Noah

Oh, it is on. (By the way, I started to tell my stories like everyone else now, in you were wondering) Me, Harvey and Kellen did a good job rallying the troops. In less then five minutes, while Tommy held the door against the bullies, we had called all of our friends. Lance, Amy, Quavondo, Cassie, Rhondella, Remi, you name it. They all came. Wielding their old origami Rebel Alliance characters, the were ready to attack. We all ran out the secret back door and climbed to the roof. We looked down and saw the worst sight ever. Every bully that I knew and had only been told about were down there. And in the front was Zack. But…..Zack was never this bad. Why is he doing all this? Then I remembered the famous Yoda qoute at the end of The Phantom Menace: “Always two there are. A master, and a apprentice.” Then it struck me. Zack was definitely not the one who came up with this, and he was doing only what his master told him. And the only one powerful enough to think of this was the one mastermind who had planned most of my friends’ greatest battles. The one and onlysjdhhfbfryehsbsvgshsndbsh…..

Tommy’s Comment: Noah?!?

The Battle
By Tommy

When Noah said that everyone of our enemies were there, he was NOT kidding. Everyone from Craig and Kurt with Origami Darth Maul and Savange Oppress, to Sam and the Fortune Clone Trooper, but now is was the Fortune StormTrooper. And all of them were fueled on one thing; revenge. Yup, these were real Sith alright. I got fighting Zach, of all people. He was using an Origami Rancor, and he was shooting at me with a dart gun! I battled hard with Foldy-Wan Kenobi, using him to deflect the darts. When Zack’s darts ran out, and ran over to him, took the dart gun from him, loaded it, and ran over to Noah to help him. I quickly looked around me, surveying the battle. Harvey with Anakin was throwing old RibBQs at Craig and Kurt, while Kellen and Art2 were losing to Jim and the F.S.T. Then I look over at Noah, with Dwight next to him, staring straight into eyes I have nightmares about. And around those eyes was the chalk-white face of the one and only Jacob Minch, and Emperor Papertine on his finger. Dwight with Origami Yoda spoke to Jacob. “My friend you once were, Jacob. To the light side, you may still turn.”

“Never!” Jacob sneered. “Darth Zack will become more powerful than either of us!”

I went over to Jacob, ready to just tear up Papertine and be done, when suddenly, a shadow loomed over us. Jacob grabbed onto ny shirt tight, closing his fist. At first, I couldn’t tell who the person was, but then I heard that strong voice say, “LET HIM GO!”

This next part I can’t tell, cause only Noah can. So I gave it to him.

The Rescue
By Noah

The Principal stood over Tommy and Jacob. “This is unbelievable! All students, get inside! NOW!”

All the bullies (except for Jacob and Zack) went back inside. So did our friends. I stayed, and so did Dwight. Even Tommy left.

“Now,” The Principal started. “Would any of you care to explain what happened here?”

I gulped. “Zack and Jacob were trying to get even with Sara and Dwight—”

“I don’t care about personal vendettas, Noah,” the Principal said. “What I care about is….What….Happened?”

“The two of them started a fight.” Dwight pointed towards Jacob and Zack.

The Principal looked at Zack, and must’ve looked really scary, cause even Zack looked afraid.

“Mr. Martin, we’ve discussed this before. I told you that if you were to bully or start fights any more at this school, that we might seriously need to consider expelling you. Follow me into my office.” Zack scurried off inside, leaving me, Dwight, and Jacob. Alone.

Noah vs. Jacob
By Noah

Jacob Minch. The wielder of Emperor Papertine. The one who introduced Dwight to Star Wars and origami. The former Class President of McQuarrie Middle School.

Noah Jekan. The wielder of Luke and Leia SkyFolder. The New Kid. The Chosen One of Origami Yoda’s Prophecy.

Dwight Tharp. The wielder of Origami Yoda. The weirdo. The founder of the Origami Rebel Alliance.

All three of us. No teachers. No rules. No paper airplanes or food fights or dart guns. Just us and our finger puppets.

“Wait, Jacob,” I said. “What advantage do you have now? All your weapons are gone. All your school president powers are gone. Even ‘Darth Zack’ is gone. You have nothing.”

“Young fool,” Jacob sneered. “Only now, at the END, do you understand….. When you steal everything from your enemy, all you’ve done is made him angry.”

Jacob pulled out Papertine. Boy, it looked bad. The hood was ripped off, and, thanks to Tommy, there was water all over the face, which made it look all wrinkly and old like in Revenge of the Sith.

The sky was cloudy. The sun was completely covered in darkness. It began lightly raining. It was beautiful, but in a tragic way.

Jacob stopped. Looking all around himself, he spoke in a sad voice. “Y’know, Dwight,” he turned around. “This reminds me of the day we had our big fight.”

“May 19th, 2005,” Dwight looked pale. “The weather was exactly like this. We had just watched Revenge of the Sith at the movie theater. We were sitting at the bench just outside of the theater, while your mom grabbed the exclusive collectible movie poster. We wanted to make a make an origami finger puppet that captured the essence of the film. You made General Creasious. I made Emperor Papertine.”

“We had a thumb wrestle duel,” Jacob recounted. “You won. But I slipped off the bench. Hit my head.”

“We went to the hospital. The doctors said you had a minor concussion. No head damage, but—”

“But plenty emotional scars.” Jacob turned away. “We wouldn’t have been outside if it weren’t for you. Constantly badgering your mom to get you a poster.”

“It was for my father,” Dwight murmured. “It said ‘Who’s your daddy?’ and it had Darth Vader on it. My dad would’ve loved it. When we dropped you off at your house, and came home, though……….. He was gone. Took the dog, too.”

Jacob swallowed. “Dude, I didn’t—”

“Coca-Cola. Nice at first. Leaves a bad aftertaste. Chinese Food. Sweet and Sour. Bittersweet.” Dwight walked back inside the school, but not before dropping Origami Yoda at Jacob’s feet. “I’m sorry.”

Jacob frowned. He placed Papertine on one thumb, Yoda on the other. Making them briefly thumb wrestle, Jacob looked bored. The Emperor won. Origami Yoda fluttered back onto the softly wet grass. Fearing it to be wet through, I picked up Yoda. The prophecy rang through my head.

“To the one who fights first, much pain will endure.”

Sara. Her sprained ankle, for fighting against Zack first.

“Bleak, the destiny of the Chosen One may be.”

I got nothing.

“For brothers to be reunited, a sacrifice it will take, But in the end, prevail, love will.”

I got it.

“Jacob!” I cried. “You know what we have to do, right?”

A slow smirk creeped onto Jacob’s face. “We must fight.” He lifted Papertine high above his head. I did the same with Dwight’s Yoda.

“Alright, Jake,” I growled. “One of us is gonna have to make a sacrifice. And if I truly am the Chosen One, then my future won’t be so cool. But I don’t care. All I want to do right now is fix you and Dwight’s friendship.”

I charged at Jacob, shoving him to the ground. I grabbed for his Papertine, while also defending Origami Yoda from Jacob’s clawing hands. Finally, I grasped both Yoda and Papertine. I took out Luke and Leia SkyFolder too. All four of them. All in my hands. I knew what I had to do.

I burst through the doors of the school, and ran the finger puppets over to the Principal. Zack was sitting in a chair. He’d been crying, that much I could tell.

“Excuse me, Principal,” I said. “I’m the vandal you’ve been looking for. I have Emperor Papertine right here. Tell Dwight and Jacob I’m sorry, and please give them their Origami Yoda and Luke and Leia SkyFolder back. I stole them, and I’m really sorry.”

The Principal looked serious but also hurt. “Noah Jekan Minch. I really thought you’d get along with your two brothers and with the other students here. I’m very disappointed in you.”

And then the Principal started listing off all these things about how I would be transferred to a military school, and how my parents would be informed of the incidents immediately. Somehow, I felt that my parents’ punishment would be much worse than anything the Principal could dish out.

I walked outside. My mom was coming to pick me up. Jacob and Adam would be picked up by Dad later in the day. The clouds that were covering the sun cleared up, and brilliant sunlight gleamed everywhere. The beautiful violet flowers perked up, and birds were chirping merrily. It was gorgeous outside.

My last look at McQuarrie Middle School. It was beautiful.

The End….
By Tommy

Noah was gone. Transferred to another school. Nobody would say why. Jacob came up to us during lunch. He didn’t look so good. His eyes were red, and he looked more upset than angry.

“Guys,” Jacob said. “Look, I know I’ve really messed up. And now, Noah’s paying the price. I feel terrible for what I did. And…I told the Principal. About everything. And—well, the Princial is letting me stay.”

“What?!?” Harvey cried. “After everything you did, you no-good—” “Shh,” Kellen said. “I think…I think Jacob’s trying to apologize.”

We all looked at Jacob. He smiled shyly. “I’m really sorry, guys. Please forgive me?”

Silence. We were stunned. Here he was. The guy who hurt Sara. The guy who fought Dwight. The one who nearly turned McQuarrie Middle School into a madhouse. Asking for our forgiveness.


My words pierced through the air, breaking the silence. Jacob’s shy smile widened into a full grin. His eyes lit up, and he tackled me in a hug.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” Jacob was overjoyed. I felt a little awkward, as you probably would be, too, if your arch-nemesis were hugging you.

Jacob became our friend, after that. He and Dwight worked together—best friends again—and they even worked together to create the winning piece of our art class contest: An Origami Papertine/Yoda Senate Duel Mural!

Jacob—along with his good-guy Chancellor Papertine—stayed in McQuarrie Middle School, and surprisingly, became a really good friend.

As for Noah, well…… Don’t feel too bad for him. I kept good on my promise, and Sara—who, by the way, has totally healed from her ankle— introduced Noah (via Skype call) to Rhondella. (John Oxley and her never worked out anyway…..)

Noah (and his newly redesigned SkyFolders, complete with Vader and Padmé) talked with us via Skype once a week. He’d update us about his school—Williams Middle—and we’d tell him about what happened in McQuarrie that week.

Noah said that his future wasn’t as “bleak” as the prophecy stated, and that he was having a great time at his school. Origami Yoda shook his head sadly. “A Bad Feeling About This, I Have.”

Noah and the SkyFolders changed this school forever. Without them, Jacob and Emperor Papertine would’ve destroyed Origami Yoda! Noah made a powerful Chosen One.

…..This Is Not!
By Tommy

Jacob approached me after school one day. He looked worried.

“Tommy! Tommy!” He slowed his pace, coming next to me. “Yoda said that there’s more to the prophecy. He only told us the first part of it.”

“Wait, What?!?”

“And….” he gulped. “Noah’s in trouble.”


Written By SuperFolder DarthNoah

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    This is the best story EVER…

  3. @AustinC Yes, I actually did have cancer. And I’m sorry its taken so long to reply; I haven’t checked the comments here in literal YEARS.

  4. well @D.N. do you feel better after the cancer

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