A Christmas Carol, McQuarrie Style!

By SWF12




This story is inspired by JT, who came up with this idea in my contest, and won. Without further ado, let’s begin. But first, I just warn you that this story contains a chapter, which is kinda scary, in a strange kind of way. Now, we shall begin.



The 2nd Last Day before Winter Break

By Tommy

Ok, so you think Harvey was a jerk for the last 3 case files.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Today, he was…. Murky, what was the word? Nostrul..?

So, this morning in the library, he went around telling everybody that he hated Christmas, and that anyone who believed in Jesus was… Actually, I can’t even put this. It was a bad word.

“Is this because you always get a stocking full of coal?” joked Kellen. We all laughed, but that made Harvey even MADDER. His face turned red and his mouth went in that frown that looks like Emperor Palpatine smiling, but the other way around.

He started to whine. AGAIN. Then he just went over to a table and took out a piece of black and white paper.

Then he folded a man-like puppet. He showed it to us.

It was Ebenezer Scrooge, the grumpy man from A Christmas Carol, which we all read at least 100 times. Then Harvey said, “Bah. Humbug.”



The Night before the Last Day of School (A.K.A The Kinda-Scary-In-A-Strange-Kind-Of-Way Part)

By Harvey

So, I went to bed, and then about 5 minutes later, I heard a moan.


“W-w-who’s t-t-t-there…?” I asked, a bit afraid.

“Harrrrrrveeeeeey….. Harrrrrrrrrrveeeeeeeeeey….” said the voice.

“H-how do you know my name?” I asked. Then I saw him. It was my older brother Lewis, who died in a car accident with a friend 7 years ago.

“What’s going on, Lewis?” I asked him. “You will be visited…..by 3 puppet-wielding ghosts….If you do not change your ways…….. YOU WILL BE LIKE ME!!!”

He ended that last part yelling, while holding his hands up, revealing massive chains around his neck, wrists, legs, and hands. I was shocked. Then he vanished in a cloud of smoke and vapor.

Then I heard another voice. It sounded like Sara. I looked up. It was Sara, holding…a angel-like puppet. “I am the Spirit of Christmas Past. And this is the Puppet of Christmas Past.” Sara said, pointing to the puppet. “We’re going to show you something.”

She grabbed my arm, and we vanished. Then I was in the school. I saw myself from last year, teasing everyone and making fun of them. “That was you last year. I’ve seen worse, trust me” said Sara.

Then, I saw myself looking at Lewis’ grave, and I heard myself crying. Then Sara said, “The past is behind you. The future is what matters the most. But that all depends on the present times.”

Then she was gone. Then I was in bed again. 10 minutes later, I heard Tommy’s voice.

“I am the Spirit of Christmas Present.” Tommy had Foldy-Wan with him. He grabbed my arm, and away we went.

We came to a house. It was Tommy’s house. I looked inside to see him, and Sara, and a little boy.

“That’s my…well, technically, HIS cousin, Tiny Tim. He’s very sick.” Tommy said sadly. Tiny Tim struggled to walk, and he made his way, slowly, toward Tommy, who gave him a hug. I was saddened.

All of a sudden, (AUTHOR’S NOTE: Here comes the scary part. Those of you who are a bit squeamish, scroll down to the end, NOW!) I was in bed. I got 15 minutes this time, and then a robed figure appeared. I could see a tiny bit of his face.

It was Zack Martin. “You?” I said. “Makes sense.” Zack just grunted and pulled me into a foggy place. There were tombstones all around.

Then I saw Tommy. He was kneeling on the ground, and I heard him crying. Then I saw the inscription in the grave. It was Tiny Tim.

Then Zack pulled me to another grave. I was shocked.

It was mine.

“But….but how?” I asked. Zack just grunted again, and the dirt below me gave way to a fire pit, with flames licking at my feet, a gateway to the Underworld.

“Please!” I begged. “Give me another chance! PLEASE!” Zack did nothing. I felt myself let go of the dirt wall, and I fell toward the fire. And everything went black.

Then I woke up. It was the last day of school. “I can make things right!” I shouted, happily. I got ready, and ran to school. It was time to make things the way they should’ve been.


The Day Before Winter Break

By Tommy


I came into the school library to see Harvey, of all people, putting presents under the tree. I was surprised to see him.

He looked at me, and smiled. “Tommy! How’s Tim doing?” he asked me.

“How’d you know about…?” I asked him, grinning a bit. “I had the strangest dream last night. I can’t explain it, though.” he replied.

“Ah. So, you need any help?” I asked. “Sure! That would be nice.” he said. Then everyone else arrived. Harvey gave us the presents, and we were all happy. It was a great day.

I knew this day would be a once-in-a-while chance, but I decided to go with it. After all, it was Christmas.




A Word from the Author:

I hope you guys enjoyed this. Have a merry Christmas, and a happy new year. I will be taking Thursday off to celebrate Christmas. I might come on once or twice, but I won’t be on for long. My gift to you guys is SCROOGE INSTURCTIONS!

  1. Take piece of paper and make it so small side is at top
  2. Fold down top left corner
  3. Fold down top right corner to overlap left corner.
  4. Fold “head” forward to other side. Flip paper.
  5. Fold side of paper on left to back. Do the same to the right.
  6. Fold corners at top to make hood more realistic.
  7. Decorate and have fun (if possible)!


  1. Amazing, but the instructions are very confusing.

  2. I figured the instructions out, but he has huge ears for some reason. Can you tell me why, SFW12?

  3. Either the hood failed, or the hood flaps stick out. Let me try it.

  4. Could you make a slideshow depicting the instruction process?

  5. Thanks, Ill try the instrux again

  6. Why should scrooge have a hood. I thought he had a top hat.

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  8. Wasn’t nostrul invented after this? Either way, STOOKY!

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