Origami Quicksilver

By Caiden Lashay 

Lashay. What a strange last name. I don’t know where it’s origin is from, and I’m far too lazy to Google it, all I know is, It’s my last name, as much as I wish it wasn’t. 

My early life was rather simple, me, my sister, Cassidy Lashay lived a simple life, but when my behavior problems arose I had to move to a new school, Claremont. These behavior problems were due to my… well… I wouldn’t call them gifts. If I were to oversimplify, I’d say that I’m fast, like, really fast. Now Caiden, I hear you asking how could that be a problem? 

Well, my dear reader, I have ADHD, so when I start acting out my impulse urges are literally too fast for me to control myself. Mom and Dad never really care, they don’t abuse me, and they’re far from neglectful but they just don’t get where I’m coming from. My sister, Cassidy, is like a typical sister. We’re not particularly close but we still talk and help each other out, on occasion. There’s a service at Claremont, one that lets you live near the school in a dormitory, so obviously, I signed up for that program, because, here I’m alone with my thoughts and do stupid crap without anyone calling me out. Psh, just yesterday I microwaved a fork. 

When I woke up in my little cot one morning, it kinda hit me. My natural talents with speed, my sister having an origami Scarlet Witch. I folded a puppet that could… eh… help me coap, I guess. I call him the Origami Quicksilver, might I add that the other kids at my school have their own Origami X-men. 

I wanted to join this Origami X-men group, I mean, who wouldn’t?  So one morning I go to their meeting area, typically no one knows this but I stalk them. I guess you could call me a ‘fan’.

So I asked the guy who was the boss, he had Cyclops or something, but I asked if I could join his team. He, unfortunately, declined my offer, for some reason. So I think I need to set out to prove myself. Remember how the time in a bottle scene, from Days of Future Past, and Apocalypse, proved Quicksilver to be a valuable member? Or, at least to the fandom. (So valuable they had to nerf him and/or get rid of him?) 

Well I’ll be doing something like that. I just don’t know what. 

Time in a Bottle 
By: Caiden Lashay 

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid Wallace. It all began one day in math class. Mr. Peters was going on his long, boring, lecture and I, naturally, zoned him out when I got an idea. Mr. Peter’s had this little statue of Atlas, holding up the earth. The earth he was holding up looked separate and pretty shoddily attached. So I grabbed one of those thicker rubber bands and pointed it at the mini-earth. Ready. Aim. Fire. It fell off. Then, at that moment, I knew that I messed up. It fell down and hit Mr. Peters’ foot. The guy was wearing sandals and it must’ve really hurt him, for some reason, so before he could ask who did it, I hightailed it out of there, but that’s when he called the Sentinels, or, that’s what most of the Origami X-Men call them. There’s an official term somewhere, but they gotta hunt down troublemakers like us. 

Another thing that I just have to note is the beef between the Origami X-Men and the “Sentinels”. They’re alway jealous of the Origami X-Men, something about them taking their jobs, it’s been a thing since the nineties. 

None of them were able to catch up to me but I knew that I couldn’t run forever. I sped into the gym and was caught by the jacket. “Beep Beep?” I asked, trying my best to reference that old Road Runner. He looked down at me. “Party’s over, Road Runner.” I kicked my foot back, pushing him back into the hallway. “Beep Beep.” I said, this time more confident. The kid was in a red vest, this meant he was the leader, compared to the other purple vested people. He chased me through the halls, and occasionally some other people would join in, then the bell rang. 

Good lord. 

I swear people made it like a game, like I had a ‘Wanted’ poster of something. 
Scratch that. I did have a wanted poster. Those manchildren made them. How immature do you have to be? 

In between classes I’d have a mob chasing me, when there are  classes”The Sentinels” would chase me, of course. This lasted, maybe, say, an hour.  Eventually, I got them out of breath. I sat down in a bathroom, knowing no one would see me, and I sighed, even though I had been out of breath for several minutes now. 

Then I realized I had forgotten to lock the door. 

Time slowed down as I saw the familiar looking shoes of the guy I beat the crap out of, the boss. He opened the door and attached to his hat was a puppet. “You thought you could embarrass me in front of my crew? You gave me time, I used it. Meet Origami Benedict.” I knew who Benedict was, an obscure villain, a cyborg guy. 

I pulled my own puppet out, “Well, ” I pulled my water bottle out and beat him over the legs with it. The bell rang, this time dismissing us from school. 

Time and the bottle. I shoved him into the sink. When the horde chased me, this time I was prepared. I ran to the office, the secretary would go on her bathroom break, right when school dismisses only to get back to work when the students are all gone. I put my bluetooth speaker by the phone, I normally just brought it to play the Russian Anthem on the bus (I’m so funny, I know)  this time I played a different song: Sweet Dreams with Kahoot music. It fit the tone. 

I sped through the halls, and this time I felt alive. I got revenge on the people who had chased me, caused me pain. I flicked rubber bands, “dunked” on people, and slapped them over the head. As soon as I exited the doors, I made a beeline for my dorm room, and locked the door shut. I got a discord DM, almost within seconds of me switching on the TV. 

A friend request, I DMed him first only to get the “Clyde” message. I accepted. 

Who this?
Origami Cyclops aka Eric
Oh hey.
Well, a bit exhausted.
What for
Yeah haha, you saw.
That’s what I want to talk to you about 
Thank you, it’s an honor.
I havent even said anything yet 
And dude don’t use periods 
So whatchu gonna say 
Isn’t it obvious 
I wanna invite you to the Origami XMen 
Yeah, actually, please go back to using periods, anything over you not saying basic words 
Jeez, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea 
Anyhow, I like your moxie, keep being bold 

Then I was added to a group DM, a group DM labeled “The Origami X-Men”, and at that moment I was overjoyed. 

I went up to the roof, just as I go every night. I picked one of those pebble things and threw it out into the night sky. 

“Jesus Christ!” I heard, after the sound of a dent being made in metal. Maybe not such a good idea. 

First Class 
By Caiden Lashay 

Eric brought me to the courtyard, we talked for a bit and training had started. He seemed to like me, he told me about the rest of the group, how they’re all just really cool people. 

He told me to run a few laps, which was pretty easy, then the challenges got more difficult. Well, they were supposed to. They all felt easy. He taught me how to fold a puppet, after a few attempts I nailed it. I combined the MCU and Fox looks, the blue and white comic suit with that silver jacket and Evan Peters’ goggled face. For a moment, my nerves calmed, I actually managed to focus on something. It felt so good. 

The moment I was done, I was grabbed on the shoulder and turned around. Wallace had caught up to me. He had Origami Benedict with him. He turned around and faced Eric. “We meet again Origami Cyclops! Oh, and I see you’re harboring this fugitive, I’m not surprised!” He shouted a little bit too loudly. 

“Do I know you?” Erick asked. 

“Of course you do! I’m the head of the hall monitors!” 

“Oh, uh, dang, kinda forgot your club existed, with the origami X-Men doing your job for you and all…” 

The two monkeys he called brain cells were likely trying to decipher sarcasm in that statement. 

“H-Hey, you, shut- shut up!” 

“No,” Eric said. 

“Out of my way, I need to fight Eric!” 


“For honor!” He shouted. 

“Dude, no,” Eric said, stepping in front of me. 

“Out of my way or-” 

Eric punched Wallace in the gut. 

Yeah, I think I’ll end it off like that. I’m adding these last words in to reach 1560. 

  1. Lol. Why wasn’t a post made for this?!?!! I think it deserves one!

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