Young JustCrease 2

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By Origami_Master53


By: Jesse Bennet

Wow. I can’t believe I’m writing in one of these again. I seriously thought that I would be done after the whole Granny Goodness fiasco. Anyways. Here I am. And Young JustCrease has had some… Changes, safe to say. A lot of people have left the Team.

Jonathan did after he became The Fold, most of the TT:F left except for Eric, Maria left. I don’t know why. One day she just walked up to me and said “I’m leaving the team.” and I was like “Yeah, okay. If you want to rejoin you can.” Theo left so he could focus more on swimming, and finally Richy Left (I’m not surprised). So that just leaves 5 people. Here is a list I made.

  • Me
  • Eren Haynes – Glue beetle
  • Megan Franklin – Miss OriMartian
  • Eric – Beast Fold
  • And Charlie Swift – SuPaperBoy

So yeah. That is the team. A new girl with prosthetic legs transferred to Kane a couple weeks after school started back up after a whole Summer of Quarantine. I asked her to join the team as Bolt. If you don’t know, Bolt is a speedster with prosthetic Legs. She appeared in Teen Titans Academy and Suicide Squad. She… Declined. Dang it. Another possible member is gone.

Anyways. After school today I logged onto the shared Minecraft world for Young Justcrease and got on Discord with the team.

“Hey everyone, What’s up?”

“Nothing much. I’m just building Mount Justice to prove it’s better than the team’s second base from the old comics.” Eren said.

“DUDE! I told you that the old hotel was a MUCH better base!” Eric SCREAMED into the mic. I’m being serious, it startled me so much I had to take out my earbuds.

I put them back in and heard Megan say “It’s been going on like this since I joined.

“Eric and Eren. They are BOTH good bases!”

“No! Mine base is better!” Eric said again. Charlie then joined the game.

“Hey everyone!” He said.

“Hi Charlie” Megan said

“Hey Charlie” I said after.

“What’s been going on in the server?” he asked.

“Just a competition to find out which Young Justice Base is better. The Hotel Place or Mount Justice.” I replied.

“Oh. The Hotel is a MUCH better base.” Charlie said, causing Eric to cheer for what seemed like HOURS. Once everyone calmed down a little bit a notification popped up in Discord.


“Richy? What are you doing here? You left the team, remember!”


“Richy? Who is Brian?” I asked.


Then he left. Leaving us all confused about what just happened.

The next day I asked Richy at school about it and he said that he had no idea AT ALL.


By: Charlie

Here’s what happened after the last chapter. Everyone left the server but I stayed on! I wanted to keep building my Watchtower (nobody knows about it yet!). We have Name Tags off for some reason and because of that I was able to witness this! But before I tell you what happened you need to hear some back story to it.

When we first made the server, it acted as a “Audition” stage thing. So people who wanted to join would have to go on the server and tell us about them. (This was before the TTF merged.) anyways if they didn’t make it they would get kicked from the server. Well, ONE person who called themselves Lil’ Lobo tried joining. He said that he loved ‘bounty hunting’ and stuff. We told him no but I guess that Jonathan forgot to remove him! Now he logs on and starts destroying a bunch of our builds! To make it worse, We’ve tried to get Jonathan to kick him after left the team and ALWAYS says “I will tonight” BUT HE NEVER DOES!

Anyways, that was the backstory. But now, I am still on and see this guy join. So, I type into the chat.

SuPaperboy: What are you doing here?

Lil’Lobo: Im just destroying stuff.

SuPaperboy: You know that this server is for Young JustCrease Only right?

Lil’Lobo: Yeah but they didn’t let me join the team. Why are YOU here?

SuPaperboy: I AM ON THE TEAM!!!

Lil’Lobo: So you can get me on the team?

SuPaperboy: I can try… But you can’t be Lil’ Lobo. In the comics he is just Lobo as a kid and the schools already have a Lobo. You can be Slobo though.

Lil’Lobo: YEAH! The Top Teen is back! Hold on one sec.

Slobo: That is better!

SuPaperboy: Cool! Now stop destroying stuff!!!!

Slobo: FINE!

So now we have a new teammate! I also shared this document with him and told him the rules!

Chapter 3

By: Keith David

WHAT IS UP LOSERS! It’s ya boy Slobo here! I am writing down my first meeting in this group of nerds!

It started at some garage. We all sat down and I was the last person to get there.

“WHAT IS UP! SLOBO IS HERE!” I exclaimed to my peers. Then I heard someone ask my boy Charlie something.

“So he is who you let join the group.”

“Yes, Jessie. But I need you to trust me about it, okay!” Then this ‘Jessie’ asked me a question.

“Okay, so what is your pun?”

“What pun?”

“Pun for your puppet.”

“OOOOH! My pun is Slobo!”

“That’s not a pun. That is just the character’s name!”

“Okay. How ‘bout Slobo-igami!”

“Yeah, that’s fine I guess.”

So that was my first meeting! And now I feel like this group of Nerds might not be nerds after all. BYE NERDS!

Chapter 4

By: Jessie

Status: Private

I made this chapter only for Charlie. I wanted to talk about Slobo-igami.

Me: Hey Charlie?

Charlie: Yeah?

Me: I feel like we should kick Slobo-igami out of the team.

Charlie: We can’t! I want to have him in the team because he could get us inside information about enemies!

Me: How?

Charlie: He could go into the ‘criminal underworld’ of the schools and talk to some people about our enemies!

Me: Okay. I’ll give him a chance.

THE BRAIN: Hello again Young JustCrease! Are you keeping this chapter private? That is no fun! Let me help you show the team!!!

Me and Charlie: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

Status: Shared

Chapter 5

By: Megan Franklin

Status: Private

So I’m a little upset. Wait, scratch that. I’m REALLY upset! So I have a crush on Charlie. And not just because Miss Martian and Superboy date in the Young Justice TV show (Which is really cool by the way!) I just really like how nice, and smart, and funny, and kind, and cute he is!

I told Jessie the way I felt about Charlie because I THOUGHT I could trust her! Well I guess not! Because I am getting the feeling that she ALSO has a crush on Charlie! Which might be a coincidence that Wonder Girl and Superboy date in the Old Young Justice comics from the 90s!

UGH! This is so upsetting! Everytime I see her now, I get the feeling that she is trying to win over Charlie’s heart because I did something to her! Maybe it was when I ACCIDENTLY burnt the cookies we were making for Charlie’s Birthday last year… I HATE THIS!!!!! Oh wait, someone just threw a rock at my window. I bet it was Jessie!

“Well hello there Megan!”

“Who is this?”

“Your old friend the BRAIN!”



“Ooooh! You’re that weird guy impersonating Richy!”

“Yes! That is me!”

“Why are you even here? It’s very creepy.”

“Well… You are keeping secrets from your team! I don’t like secrets so I am sending your newest chapter to everyone in the team! Unless…”

“Unless what! Please don’t send it to them!”

“Unless you help me DESTROY YOUR FRIENDS!”


“FINE! Have it your way!”

Status: Shared

Chapter 6

By: Eren Haynes

Stuff has gotten pretty weird in Young Justcrease! NOBODY is trusting each other! Well… that MAY be a little lie. Jessie and Megan aren’t talking to each other after Megan’s chapter suddenly was sent to us. Charlie is super confused about it. Man, I can’t believe Megan has a crush on Charlie!

But I’m not going to talk about it because I don’t want to be ignored by my friends. So me, Eric, and Charlie were playing some Trio bed wars and talking about which is better, the Karate Kid movies or Cobra kai. I personally think Cobra Kai is better! Miguel is SO COOL!

“Dude! The Karate Kid movies are WAY BETTER!” Eric shouted into the mic. “Cobra Kai would’ve been better if they brought back the actor who played Mr. Miyagi!”

“Eric… The actor who played Mr. Miyagi died…”

“HE DID! I don’t believe you!”

“Dude, Search it on Google.” I heard typing in the background. Then I heard this:

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” It INSTANTLY stopped the conversation about which was better.

Anyways. That was my update! Bye for now!

Chapter 7

By: Eric

Okay, So the team has been separated… sort of. I am going to expand upon what Eren said. You see. Megan thought Jessie betrayed her! So now they aren’t talking to each other and are now making us pick sides! I chose Jessie’s side because I have known her the longest out of anyone one the team, and Eren chose Megan’s side because they have been best friends since before they joined the team! Keith (Slobo-igami) said he was going on whatever team Charlie picked! And Charlie joined Jessie’s team. So this made Megan pretty mad.

After that whole fiasco, Jessie decided to rebrand the team! This is my recording of the meeting we had last night.

Jessie: Okay, I have decided to rebrand the team!

Me: Why Jessie?

Jessie: I have felt like the team is now a shell of its former self! I mean, we’ve lost about HALF OF THE MEMBERS WE HAD!

Me: Okay. What do you have in mind?

Jessie: I’m thinking something cool like Young JustCrease Dark.

Me: Works for me.

Charlie: I don’t care.

Keith: Sounds way better than that dorky name we had 3 minutes ago!!

So we have officially become Young JustCrease Dark!

Chapter 8

By: Megan

Those traitors! They made a new team WITHOUT me and Eren! I have gotten over what happened and realized that Jessie didn’t have a crush on Charlie like me! I’m so stupid! She’s been dating Maria. Everyone else around me was like “We, y’know, figured that.” But I didn’t! I tried to go back to them and see if I could join this new Young JustCrease ‘Dark’ but Jessie said “You would only get in the way! UGH!” I decided to create my own team. The all new Young JustCrease! The roster so far is this:

Me (Megan Franklin) – Miss OriMartian and Eren Haynes – Glue Beetle

I just don’t know what to do! I will type again after school.

Okay, It is 4:30pm and me and Eren decided that we are going to have tryouts for our team! They will be at 3:15pm tomorrow! Can’t wait! I will type again after the tryouts!!!

Okay, so it is after the tryouts now! I have recorded the entire thing so I can put some of the people’s answers in this document but I might not now. That seems like ALOT of work! Instead I will name some of the people that wanted to join in order of when they tried out.

Origami Bat Mite, Pleatster, CreaseWing, Red X-igami, and A BUNCH OF VILLAINS!

I’m not joking! I feel like all the Villains tried to mess with us today! But one good thing came out of this. Brian Jordan. He said he was super smart, great at hacking into google documents, Minecraft accounts, anything you could think of! I told him we’d let him know and then it hit me! HE IS The Origami Brain! EVERYTHING he mentioned he did to Young JustCrease! I need to go tell the rest of the team! Oh, wait. I’m not on that team anymore. BUT I HAVE TO TRY!

Chapter 9

By: Jessie

“JESSIE!!!!!!” I heard it coming from over my shoulder and I recognized the voice. “WE NEED TO TALK!”

“What! What do you want Megan!” I yelled.

“I know who Origami Brain is!”

“Yeah?!? AND WHO IS THAT!” I was yelling VERY loudly.

“Brian Jordan! And I HAVE PROOF!” She yelled that last bit. But PLEASE just let Eren and I show the recording I have to the rest of the team!”

“FINE! We are having a meeting tonight! If this ‘proof’ isn’t good enough to connect everything to him then I do not want to see you again!” That sounded really harsh and I know Megan didn’t deserve it but I was still mad at her. Maria told me she left because she I didn’t really talk about her enough, and, well, here we are. Megan had no clue, and, well, I’m just stubborn. Anyways, I will write again after the meeting.

Okay, Megan’s proof DID connect everything together! This is what happened.

“Okay everyone.” Megan started. “I have proof that tells us who The Origami Brain is!” I then scoffed.

“Anyways, here it is!” Megan then put on the recording and everything came together! Brian did everything to us! Then gave it away? That doesn’t make sense but he obviously had a plan!

“Megan… I’m sorry. For everything.” I told her.

“I forgive you Jessie!” She replied “Can me and Eren please join the team again?”

“I guess you can!” I said smiling.

“But please can we change the name back?” Megan asked me.

“ONLY if everyone agrees with it.” Then everyone said they liked the old name better (Even Keith!).

Chapter 10

By: Charlie

So now the team is back together! After the meeting I went to talk to Megan.

“H-hey Megan?” I started.

“Yeah Charlie?”

“I just wanted to know if you meant what you said about me. Y’know, me being smart, kind, funny, nice, and cute?” I was super nervous talking to her for some reason! This never has happened before! Maybe it was because she admitted to liking me and I sort of like her too… I don’t know! Love is VERY confusing to me!

“I meant every word!” Then my phone rang and it was…


“What about him?” Jessie asked while walking over to us.

“He is calling me! He never calls me!”

“Dude! Answer it!” Eric yelled. I then answered it.

“Hello charlie. This is Brian Jordan. But you know me better as The Origami Brain!” I then put it on speaker. “Don’t come to school, or else you’ll get your brains freezed! HAHAHAHAHAHA” That didn’t even make sense.

“What do you want with us! What did we ever do to you!”

“You don’t remember? Me and my friends were trying to get into the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C! But then you and your friends the ‘Young JustCrease’ ran ahead of us! Making us have to go to a very boring museum instead!”

“That is a stupid reason to hate us.”

“Well, I don’t care! You guys made me lose ALL MY FRIENDS!”

“How did we do that!?!?!”

“I got so obsessed with getting revenge on you guys that they started finding me annoying and stopped talking to me and even told me to get lost when I tried to reconnect!”

“That sounds like a you problem, dude.” Eric butted in.


“Would you be even madder if I said yes?” I asked. And then he hung up. This whole fight has been getting to me!

Chapter 11

By: Jessie

It’s been awhile since I have done a team list hasn’t it? Well, here is the team so far!

  • Me – Wonder Girligami
  • Eren Haynes – Glue Beetle
  • Megan Franklin – Miss OriMartian
  • Charlie Swift – SuPaperBoy
  • Eric Logan – Beast Fold
  • And finally Keith David – Slobo-igami

So that is the team now! But onto the problem at hand, Today we have to go to school. And none of us knew what would happen! The Origami Brain is too smart for any of us! We can’t decode what he is trying to do!

I just realized something! We have a big test going on today! I think it is supposed to tell the faculty what Math we should be in next year. But he might be trying to sabotage the test! I am texting the others to meet me at the front of the Kane soon!

Chapter 12

By: Charlie

Okay, so Jessie told everyone to meet her outside of the Kane. So we did. I didn’t need to worry though I could drive everyone who doesn’t go to Kane to where they need to be. But back to the topic.

“I think Brian is going to sabotage the school wide test!”

“You mean the tests we are taking next week?” I asked.

“Wait… the tests are next week?”

“Yep. They got rescheduled this morning. But you might be onto something!” I started. “Brian obviously wants revenge on ALL of us! And since we all go to different schools, he has to plan for something that happens at every school!”

“Yeah… What is every school doing today!”

We all sat and thought for a bit. Then my mind started to drift to simpler times. Like the time we just got to hang out as friends and occasionally beat some people up. Then my mind drifted to the time in D.C. We had so much fun back then. That’s when I realized it!

“D.C.” I said.

“What?” Jessie replied. “You have got to speak louder.”

“This is the day we went to Washington D.C!” I yelled. “That is why he is getting revenge today! Not because of a test!”

“Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Now come here and claim your prize!” Brian yelled. “Henchmen! Give them what they deserve!” 

Then a bunch of football players came charging at us! We all ran away but Keith stood in place and got tackled! I slowed down and watched what happened next. I saw the pile of football players suddenly fly in all directions! Keith then started running around beating every single one of them up! It. Was. Awesome.

I then saw Keith CHARGE Brian! Brian tried to run away but for some reason he was wearing a giant robe. Keith tackled him and was about to start beating him up, but a teacher arrived.


“I was beating people up after they tackled me.” Keith replied like it was nothing new.

“I am guessing THOSE guys tackled you.” He pointed to the football players who were struggling to get up. “I don’t think this kid did anything to you.”

“Well, Brian here, SENT the others to attack me and my friends. I did what I had to do to protect them.” Keith pointed to us.

“Is this true?” The teacher asked us.

“It is, sir.” I replied.

“Okay, all of you need to get to class. I am guessing some of you don’t go to Kane so you better get going.”

“Yes, sir.” I replied.

“But you!” He looked back at Keith. “Are in BIG trouble! What school do you go to?”

“I go to Kane. I am in your First Hour class.”



“You are getting detention for 2 weeks. Be in my class after school.”

“Okay.” Keith said this like it was nothing new.

As I am typing this chapter and remembering the events from today all I can think of to describe it is: Awesome.

Chapter 13

By: Keith

Worth it.

Chapter 14

By: Jessie

I showed the Principal what happened to us because of Brian and he got Brian EXPELLED! I guess we won’t need to worry about him anymore! I logged onto the Minecraft server after everything that has happened to us and was greeted by this.


“Bro! Andrew Garfield is 10 THOUSAND times better!” Keith yelled back.

“Guys! Can’t we all agree that Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man?” Charlie asked.

“NO!!!!” Eric and Keith both yelled.

So I guess this story ends the way it began!


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  1. I really liked making this! It was a ton of fun!

  2. I can’t wait to see what happens to the team in the rest of the DCOU!

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