Kirigami Boga’s Roar

Kirigami Boga’s Roar

By SuperFolder CJ

NOTE: This story takes place in an alternate Origami Yoda Universe, where, after the kids defeat Rabbski and FunTime, Dwight realizes that McQuarrie just isn’t the place for him. And, in true Ahsoka style, Dwight leaves the halls of McQuarrie Middle School, leaving Tommy, Kellen, Sara, and the others in total darkness. . . . .

A New Hope

By Tommy

The first day of eighth grade started like this:

I was sitting in the library, folding origami, thinking about the last thing Dwight said to me. Sorry Tommy, but I’m not coming back. 

I mean, I understand. That whole Rabbski/FunTime thing was so crazy, even I thought about leaving the school. And even then, Dwight said I know.

McQuarrie was paperless. No Dwight meant no Origami Yoda. And no Origami Yoda meant no Darth Paper, no Fortune Wookiee, no Art2-D2, and no Jabba the Puppett.

So there I was, almost finished with my Emergency Yoda (hey, if this isn’t an emergency, what is?) when this kid came over. He was wearing a green shirt and blue pants, and he was holding some sort of origami.

“What’s that?!” Harvey said, rudely, “Toucan Sam?”

“No,” the kid said, “it’s Kirigami Boga!”

“Kirigami Boga?” Kellen perked up, “Cool! Can I see it?”

Kellen reached over, but the kid snapped back his arm so fast, I only saw a green and blue blur.

“Nobody but me touches it!” he said, “I worked really hard on it! I don’t want anyone breaking it!”

“Well, it’s already kirigami,” Harvey said, “so ripping it up a little bit more wouldn’t be so bad!”

Harvey ran over, trying to grab at the kid’s kirigami hand puppet.

“No!” he yelled, pushing Harvey back into some chairs. The clatter was so loud, any onlookers would’ve thought that an atom bomb had gone off, which, judging by the kirigami Boga kid’s expression was just about to happen.

“I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH IT!!!” he said, walking over to Harvey, and kicking him as he was trying to get up. He was pinning Harvey to the ground with one foot.

“Hey! Kid!” I yelled, realizing I still didn’t know the guy’s name.

He turned toward me, with a burning anger in his eyes. I didn’t want to mess with this kid.

“What? You want Kirigami Boga, too?!?” he yelled. At this point, Mrs. Calhoun was going to expel us all.

“No! I just want to know. . . who the heck are you?”

“My name,” the kid started, “is Doug Jones. And now, I’m angry.”

What a swell start to eighth grade.

Mrs. Calhoun’s Wrath

By Mike

I was playing pencil podrace, and I was just about to flick my pencil. That’s when I heard a big bang which made me flick the pencil in the wrong direction and right into a cave wall. I whipped my head around to see Harvey being squashed like a bug under some new kid’s foot.

Just then, Mrs. Calhoun walked over to Tommy, the new kid, and Harvey, who was still laying on the ground.  Her face was red with anger, and I was sure that she would put them in some deep detention. But something amazing happened.  When the new kid turned around a looked at Mrs. Calhoun, they were both shocked.

“Doug Jones, is that you?” she asked.

“Aunt Teresa?” Doug asked.

They both gave each other a big hug and talked about things.

“The last time I saw you was when you were five!” said Mrs. Calhoun.

“Yeah, that’s one of the reason I wanted to come here,” said Doug.

I felt happy for them (even though I lost pencil podrace). I mean, seeing someone that you haven’t seen for years should make you happy. I almost started to cry.

Later that day, Mrs. Calhoun told me and a few other people that Doug had a few anger issues. She asked if we could be nice to him and try to be friends. I would do that, of course, but I don’t know about Harvey…

Chapter Four: Origami-Wan Kenobi Rides Again!


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    (moans) Uh, CJ? This is taking FOREVER!!

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