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By Superfolder Hades (Cover by Superfolder Guillermo)

A Mysterious Occurrence


My name is Hannah Banana Annah. Don’t laugh, please. That’s really my name. Let me just get this over with.

So, these three kids wearing long bathrobes ran up to me and handed me an old wooden box in the middle of swim class. (As a side note I think bathrobes that cover your entire face and body and give off a general sense of eeriness breaks the dress code.) They called themselves The Source, The Presence and The Hand. I’ve heard of these guys, just a group of weirdos. I mean, we don’t know who they are, but we have our suspicions. Like, they’re just some people in different sports teams. Maybe there’s multiple people that take on that moniker? I don’t know. 

Anywho, I’m sorry that I keep getting distracted. I didn’t dare open the box until my curiosity got the best of me about an hour later. When I opened the box there was a puppet of a girl in green with red hair. I recognized her a bit. Like I saw her in a movie trailer. You know, the more that I think about it, I think I saw her in an Aquaman trailer. I put the puppet on and then I realised a note card was in the box.


“Hey, that boy you like-like, JC Russell. You know him, we know him. Fold him some Aquaman puppet. Give it to him. I promise things will go well. Also, I know about that one kid who likes you, Markus. If he asks you out: say No! Nothing good comes out of that child.  Then, you must  write a case file and send it to us. Let us write comments in it. Also, let JC write in it.”

So, this was kind of odd. Also, it had a name that DEFINITELY wasn’t mine on it, so they might’ve given this box to the wrong person because I don’t like JC. Well… he is kind of cool but he just transferred here.  So, I’m just really confused. 

Ok – call me stupid. Call me an idiot, but I folded the puppet and started this casefile. Also, Markus asked me out and I rejected him. His response? “You fool. You’re going to regret that.” 

A Recording

By JC Russell

[Just talk into this recorder thing! *unexplainable shuffling* *sounds of punching* It’s really not that hard! This is stupid! *unidentifiable noises*]

Hey! It’s me, JC Russell. So, this guy came to me and handed me this tiny plastic keychain. It looked like a tiny chair with lights and an infinity symbol on it. He told me to talk into this thing and “spill my guts”. I will not be doing any gut spilling, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

So, my name is JC Russell. I’m Best swimmer in the school. That’s a fact. Ask literally anyone. I have 3 gold medals and I have been going to this school for only TWO weeks. They’re practically handing them out to me. Oh yeah, about the whole only being here for 2 weeks thing. I just transferred here from Kane High School. There, I was also perfect. Little tidbit of information here: look for those scholarships, and pay people to do the applications for you! That’s what I did, at least.

Who is JC Russell?

By: Alan Wade

[An Interview]

(Hey, Hannah here. So, I decided to interview JC’s friend, Alan at the request of one of those bathrobe freaks called the Presence. He called him ‘The world’s greatest detective.’

I Wonder what that means.”

Welp. Jeez, I forgot what these case files are like. I mean, it’s only been a few weeks since I came forward about my identity, but this is my first time writing about someone else. Like, not in the Batman mythos. 

The guy doesn’t even have a puppet.

 So, a little about JC: He has this big bulky personality but when you look at him he’s soft. I’ve known him for years. Once my dad took me and him hunting and he brought back a live rabbit to care for. 

He’s a bit troubled academically and his answers to those academic problems aren’t the highest on the morality spectrum, but he’s a good kid. Certainly not extraordinary. 

Do you know how absurd it is that there’s many different Presences here? I haven’t talked to that guy from Donner yet, but I’m sure there’s a Presence there. Apparently, there’s one at Lampert with his whole team, which is weird because the guy who asked me to write this file actually looked a lot more like the DC Comics character the Presence, than my Presence does. Like, he walks in with that dumb bowler hat and everything. Also, JC’s Presence is far more mysterious. He’ll just like, sit around, not do anything, and then get up and leave and a message will lie there, waiting for you. Weirdos, man. No matter the school, they all have them.

 Any other questions? [Hannah talks on the other end.] Ok. Yeah, I’d say so. Uh-huh. Ok, yeah, JC is a bit of a jerk but he has a good side underneath that tough exterior. Yep. Hmmm, what puppet would he be good for? Maybe, like, Aquaman of something. Woah, that’s actually a good puppet. Wait, is that Mera? Hold up do you have a [The rest of this page was redacted.] 


Hannah’s comment: Ok, I need to explain that the way this interview worked was strange. I sent Alan messages and he used text to speech on them. I was tired and didn’t bother to use a transcription. I’m still working to get JC to become Aquapleat but it’ll be hard. I’ll have to jump through some hoops but JC will join this. Sorry, but for personal reasons I had to redact MOST of the following chapter. It is a series of texts from “The Source” to JC.

An Text Conversation with JC

Transcribed by the Source

S: Hello there

JC: Who R you?

S: The Source.

JC: Walter? Didn’t I invite you 2 watch the Nolun 3logy on Alans bday?

S: Who? I don’t know who you’re talking about. I came to ask something of you.

JC: To watch the Nolun 3logy?

S: No, you buffoon. I have already watched the Nolan Trilogy. I wish to document a hero.

JC: What hero?

S: You.

JC: Wait, what?

S: Will you become Aquaman or more accurately, Aquapleat?

JC: Nah fam, I’m good. I have ‘nuff problems as it is. 

He then blocked me. This didn’t go as planned. 

JC Russell is a Jerk. 

By: Daniel

I was wandering around Lampert, carrying my casefile about this new group that this kid named Sean is forming called the Folders of Tomorrow. I’m a part of it too. We’re fighting this evil guy called Chronos and he’s just being an all around jerk. Edgar KEEPS on saying that it’s my brother but he’s just such a good person I highly doubt th- [I had to take out a lot of this] 

Ok, time to get on with the point. I was walking around in my usual cool guy outfit: a plaid unbuttoned button up shirt and underneath it was this awesome shirt I got for Christmas- it had a print on it of the entire DC multiverse. Awesome, I know!

 I had this puppet I just made of the Atom and I was going through the halls quoting all his science-y terms when someone tripped me. “Hey, nerd! What’s the -uhhh- answer to the second question of Mrs. Petresko’s homework assignment?” 

“Hey, uh, sorry, I don’t, well, go to school here, buddy, so I’m going to go now.” 

“I’ll pay yuh.”

 “My father owns one of the greatest aviation companies in the state. I’ll be fine. Thank you.” 

Then he said something so horribly wrong. He told me to shove off. Horribly rude. I asked him, “Excuse me, what did you say?” 

“You heard me.” 

Now, I’m not proud of this, I’m sorry, but I shoved him. “So, that’s how you wanna play it, eh?” 

He then shoved me in a locker. I stayed there overnight which caused me to be the last person to arrive at the first meeting of the Folders.

Sean’s comment: This was originally going to be in the Folders casefile BUT this blonde girl with green eyes ran up to me. She asked if I could read it and I decided. What harm could it do? I could get a new member. So, I said sure and she just ran off with it. Weird.

JC’s Swim Meet Statistics

By: The Source

So the boss told me to write down JC’s swim meat statistics and um… eh. Not much to put here. I mean here’s how it basically goes. He hasn’t lost once since he transferred here. Always 1st place. 

Why I decided to be AquaPleat


[Note from the Source: He Emailed me this about an hour ago. It’s likely the longest thing he ever typed.]

Ok, so I know I said no to the whole superhero thing but what happened was too bad to be true. So I better not hear any sass from you, Ka-petch? [Kapeesh,he means Kapeesh.]

So I was at our swimming tournament. All the swimmers were looking good. 

Me and my little cousin were talking about how Barry Allen would have been 60 in Smallville, I don’t watch those lame shows, so I just made up dookie to make myself seem smart. 

Meanwhile, Markus was flirting with Hannah and she was rejecting him. Markus is kind of a measly little rat anyways. Then, the coach blew his ‘Over the Hill’ whistle. We lined up and were ready to start swimming. This race was really important because whoever won would be named the Swimaster of this semester. The coach blew his whistle and I did my signature move. I jumped in and sank down. Nearly to the bottom. It might seem like a bad call but it feels like good luck. I sunk down and I saw something. Markus was out of his lane. He had swung under the little floating dividers. 

He… jabbed Theo in the ribs and smiled at me. Theo screamed in agony (Actually mild annoyance), grabbed his side and nearly started drowning. I was mad. I swimmed out of my lane and tried to hit Markus. Then he swam back up for air and I noticed something- he was a foot away from the finish line. He touched it. He had won. He was the SwimMaster. I wasn’t. So that’s that. I have to stop this cheater. If that’s not good enough to take up this position, I don’t know what is.

A Quick Word from The Hand

Hi there, I’m the Hand

I made three types of puppets.

There was the nineties

I folded a Super Friend

Then, DCEU

I searched for JC and

I gave him the three.

He chose the nineties version. 

Then I gave him the Trident

He did not say thank you, rude. 

Aquapleat Meets Batfold.

By: Alan Wade

So I got a text from JC. It was a blurry image of some silver and gold blob on his finger. It vaguely looked like a greek god. That boy is not a photographer, I know that from when we took him on vacation with us and had him take a picture of me and my family. Blurry and shaky. I texted him to come over and he did. After an hour of playing Injustice 2 (Why does he always pick Aquman?) I asked him what the photo was about. He pulled an Aquaman puppet out of his pocket and put it on his finger. 

I laughed, “Of course.” I said. 

JC was like, “I mean, you went public a couple weeks back about Batfold. Just figured it would make sense to let you in on this.” JC/ Aquapleat said. 

“So do you talk to origami fish?” I asked, “I’m kidding, of course. I’m starting a little group. Me, Walter, and I’m trying to get some kids from Lampert and that Donner kid.”

“… The one who’s made the rounds? That SuPaperMan?”

“Yeah, him.”

“I’ll try to help you. What’s the name you have for this team?” 

“The Justice Pleats.”

 “Well, If I don’t have to wear that dorky superfriends puppet and stick with my current one then, yeah, Heck yeah.” JC said. 

Aquapleat, meet Merart. Merart, meet Aquapleat. 

By: Hannah

The Source ran up to me and told me that it had worked. I asked what he was talking about and he pointed at JC’s Aquaman hoodie. I understood the message. I put my Merart finger puppet on (Based off of her Rebirth outfit) and ran up to JC and asked him about everything. He explained and then he told me to leave him alone but I needed MORE info. I pulled out Merart and yelled at JC to come back. “Yeah, nah… wait… is that Mera?” 

“Yeah, it’s… Merart.”
“Cool I’m Aquapleat, so I guess um… we have to go out now.” He laughed.

“Wait, what!?” I felt a blush coming on.

“Dude, chill I’m joking.”

 “Oh ok.” Then we had several seconds of awkward ums and uhs. Then the Hand passed by and slipped a note in my pocket. 

When the awkward conversation thing was over I looked at the note and it was addressed to JC. I ran up to JC in swim class and handed it to him. Then we had another swim competition. Markus cheats, Markus wins, and y’know JC want to cave in Markus’ skull. The usual. Then the Source invited me to McDonald’s at 8:00. I decided to go and….

I Hate the Source

By Hannah

That little jerk. The Hand didn’t show up. No one showed up. You know who did show up? JC. That note I gave him? The Source had written it so it made it look like I wrote it and basically asked him to come to McDonald’s. Y’know what’s worse? JC wore a suit. A tailored, tightly fitting suit. 

Oh, why? Oh Presence, why? Then this cringey song started BLARING across the speakers.


JC asked for extra mustard. That’s a little weird I know but what sucks is that they replaced every ingredient other then the patty with MUSTARD. 

 He laughed a bit about it and ate it still. My order was a chocolate Mcflurry. I got a vanilla Mcflurry. We laughed again and he said “Well, you know what I would’ve done? I would well… I’d scream.” 


“Ice cream pun. I’d scream. Get it?” 

“Oh yea, so what Happy Meal Toy ya get?” 

“I got a little Scooby Doo. You?” 

“I ordered a flurry, genius.” 

“Oh, oh yeah. Why did we get happy meals? We’re teens.” I snickered. The conversation continued, we got more food, and I think by the end of it I gained a few pounds. When I left at midnight JC yelled at me. “There’s a french fry in your hair!”

Two Cousins, Talking about Girls.

By: Theo

Hi, JC’s little cousin here. I went to go see JC and he was practicing breaking this book with a pitchfork. 

“Hey man.” JC said. Then we talked. I won’t bore you with the details but the topic of girlfriends was brought up. JC talked for about 15 minutes about this girl he spent the day with at McDonald’s 

“Ooooh, somebody’s crushing!” 

“Am not.” He said in this mocking tone. 

“Are too!” 

“Dude. I’m holding a pitchfork.” I raised my eyebrows, acknowledging that yes, he had a pitchfork in his hands.

“Good point.” Then a bit later he told me his “secret identity” I kind of already knew. When I left I folded an origami Aquman out of boredom. I used some paper I already drew on. It was my drawing of Spider-man, he looked like he was red with blue pants. Wait, pad of paper? A pad. Pad. Pad… Lad… Lad. Aqualad. Aquapad. “So.”, I said to JC as we walked to school, “Are you in need of a sidekick?”

Yeah, Yeah I Was


So yeah, Theo’s my sidekick now. I have a little mini-Aquapleat family. Now, time to talk about The Trench-igami. Markus found some geeks in the fencing club and paid them some money to make me a fool. They were some kids in emo-style clothes with weird demon masks from that local mask store close by. They tried to hit and slap me and they have been doing so all day. They’ve just been a pain in my butt. 

Like I’m getting a drink when my head gets shoved into the metal water fountain. I’m taking a test and the teachers sometimes let us chew gum. Well the emo kids in the back are loudly chewing gum and when I ask them to stop I get in trouble for talking. That’s when I snapped. I called the teacher who got onto me ‘An old dingus-man’. I don’t even know what that means but it sounded good. I’m in detention now. There’s three emo kids in here. They have puppets of trench characters. Send help. 


By: Theo

Today we had a swim. Same as everyday. That means more pokes in the ribs! Today though, I noticed something. He was caught today. Markus was caught. Yet as we left I saw Markus pay Mr.Vulko some money. It was a large wad of cash. Markus still won by the way. Next week we’ll crown a new swim master. JC, please help us. You’re our only hope. 

A series of emails

These emails were brought together by an unknown author. Believed to be The Presence. 

Dear Hannah,

How can I stop Markus?

Love, JC 

(Ignore the love bit. Unless…)

Dear JC,

Maybe we can expose Markus. Or Vulko.

Sincerely, Hannah

Dearest Hannah, 

I don’t think Vulko is the problem here. I know him. He’s good. It’s that brat Markus.

P.S. What’s your favorite movie genre? Alan said he’ll hit me up with 2 movie tickets. So…


To JC, 

Yeah, I agree. We just need to get Markus out of this. Or you could beat him. 

Also, I like sci-fi

Love, Hannah

JC and the week leading up to the big battle.


Monday: My rematch will be on Friday. I’ve been practicing. Markus tried to do some stuff but today he didn’t get me. I still lost though. 

Tuesday: I got released from detention. I had another encounter with The Trench-igami

Wednesday: Really nervous. Me and Markus got into a scuffle at lunch. No one saw.

Thursday night: Me and Hannah saw Venom.

Friday morning: It was ok.

The Swim meet of the fates

By: Theo

This was it. The final countdown.

We had a plan. Me and Hannah had laminated our puppets so they didn’t get wet. I forgot to remind JC. Basically: Markus brings a handbag and leaves it on a chair. It contains a wallet that contains the money that Markus uses to pay Mr. Vulko. One of us had to do the unthinkable. We had to eat one of our puppets.

Okay. Please, trust me on this. I know what you’re thinking: where’d this come from? Believe me.

 We had voted and we decided that Aquapleat looked the most like barf and had to do away with him. Then JC made me eat him. (I promise this will make sense.) 

JC’s puppet was made using crayons and the kind he used had toxins that would make one throw up. We got Daniel (The Atom guy) to run the numbers on how long it would take for me to well… hurl. I ate a finger puppet at the perfect time for me to throw up during a swim. I had to sit out of the tournament. I knew that if Markus lost he would pay Vulko to alter it so that it would look like Markus won. So, I got the money. Then we hid the cash in JC’s  L O N G F L O W I N G H A I R (JC made me write that.)

 Oh yeah, I have to add in that Hannah had made this plan. 

So the race was off. I sat out and was watching this. Then just as planned the money fell out of JC’s hair and Markus who was swimming to go poke JC got distracted. He saw his money and freaked. He picked it up but by that point, JC had the lead! He was 19 feet away. 5 feet away. Markus had started swimming again. He was fast. Markus was already 3 feet while JC was at 2. Then, JC had won. He did it! We are the champions! Then Markus got up and started screaming. “No, no, no, NO!! That wasn’t supposed to happen!” Then he smiled. 

He looked at Mr. Vulko pointed at the soggy money as if to say Will you take it a bit moist? Mr. Vulk shook his head. 

A Few Days Later 

By: Hannah

Times are swell. Mr. Vulko got exposed. The Trench-igami left. Theo made friends with this kid, CJ, I think. Wow, now I know JC and CJ, hopefully that doesn’t get confusing! Me and JC are kinda sorta going out now. It’s complicated. The Hand, the Source and the rest of them mysteriously left. Things are good. 


By: Alan Wade 

This file was dropped off at my new address the other night along with another file, labelled “The Fold.” I’ve just now finished reading through this. It was a ride, but I realize that now that I have JC on my team, Matthew Yen could also be a viable option. Everything said here has been put into a drive account, and I will get everyone together soon. There’s this kid, his name is Daniel Anderson. The Atomigami? I don’t know him, I’m not catching his drift. JC keeps rooting to add him, but I’m not going to. I don’t think there’s a need. With that, the Justice Pleats grows evermore, even without an atom-sized character.

                            The end

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    Good job Hades! I can’t wait to see more Aquapleat!

  2. Well done indeed Hades

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