The Fold Wars


The Fold Wars: The Series

By SF Guillermo Valenzuela.



Episode 1

By the Force, always there. 

“It is better the bad that is known, that the bad that is unknown”


“Our heroes, the rebels from the McQuarrie gang have started a war against the evil and destroyer, the Edu-Fun Empire!

“Battles are at hand! While the Rebel Leaders at their headquarters decide their next move, Captain Dwight and Origami Yoda embark on a crucial mission to the survival of hope”.

(Sound of panting and gasping. Unknown from whom, but the door to the principal’s office rapidly opens) 

Mrs. Rabbski: This is the last, last time Lance! Next time there won’t be a second chance. 

Lance: Jeezzzz, okay, okay. (Glances at the corridor before he steps inside, he sees Dwight running) Okay Dwight, I got you past the blockade. 

Dwight: Okay, switching off the walkie-talkie now.

(Dwight enters a hallway never seen before. The hallway was blocked during most of the sixth grade, due to repairs going on at the site. It has never been used. The reason: While those truly loyal to the origami  Rebellion fight against EduFun every day, there are other groups of people that don’t want this rebellion to exist. The Rebels do not yet know of their intentions, but they are suspected to be intimidating)

Dwight: Okay, okay, so, uh, this is the hallway?

(He looks around. He sees the walls are covered with green paper) 

Dwight: What the-? Why are the walls green?

Indistinct voice: Yes, yes, but you must remember to distract them while we-

Dwight jumped up and hid between a wall and a trash can. 

IV: Did you hear that? That’s weird. 

Voice 2: Yeah, but it’s probably nothing… Hey! What do you think about the new recruit, William Luam? I’m sure he will help us win this war. 

Voice 1: Luam? Yeah. Tough guy huh? He was hired by our leader, this… Otto Leach. You know him right? Hes-

Dwight stopped listening

Dwight: So Otto has a new partner huh? This must end soon, or our enemies will get stronger.
Voice 2: Hey, you!!! (Points Nerf gun at Dwight.) Freeze!!! 

Origami Yoda: Ummmm, misjudged you have I. Thought that old and weak you were, heheh. 

(Yoda laughed, and the two soldiers looked at each other) 

Dwight: Anyways, I think I better go back now. 

Dwight turned around, only to find two new troopers standing next to the hallway door. 

Soldier 3: You’re coming with us, Dwight. 



By Tommy. 


Origami Mace Windu: I sense a plot to destroy our rebellion,
Mike: And it’s not coming from Rabbski. 

I held up Obi Wan. “Yes, I agree. Harvey, you and I are going to get to the bottom of this.”

Harvey using Anakin: Aw, man, noooooo!

To be continued….

  1. Oh, didn’t I send a cover with it? I’ll check it out

  2. I think I did? Didn’t you receive it?

  3. Grand Master Skywalker

    The creator has returned!

  4. Nice story!!!! Did you read my two new stories yet? They are Origami Durge vs The Mandalorians, and Origami Darth Bane!!! Hope you like them!!!

  5. Do you want me to make a second Darth Bane? Because right now I am making a second Origami Durge Vs The Mandalorian

  6. It’s called Revenge of Origami Durge!!!

  7. By the way when is the next chapter coming?

  8. origami_master53


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