The Legend of Zelda-Gami

Zelda-gami cover! - Edited

By OrigamiMaster_53

Chapter 1


Hello. I’m Linkin, or, as my friend calls me, Link. I have been at Rapids Middle School for… I don’t know one month now and my only Friend Jayden was Kidnapped! I have come to suspect that it was someone in the school but I can’t be for sure. Then, one day I had a field trip to Washington DC. While I was walking around, I saw this puppet on the ground. It had a note that said: “take me, please!” So, I took it. But it wasn’t until about a week later when I realized what it was made for…

Chapter 2


I was walking around the school when I saw… Kids with Origami Armoses!! ( I played Legend of Zelda so I knew what they were!) They looked at me and charged! I ran up drawing a foam sword I made at my house and slid under them and… Hit them in the back! They all fell and I had my first victory! After a while I walked into a dark gym. Lights went on in the far back wall. But as I walked closer I saw more kids with Origami Armoses! I defeated those kids and made it to the wall there was one more kid with an Origami Dragon, like in the game! We fought and right as I was about to lose I flung my sword which hit the kid but the sword broke in the process. But in the end I got the Tri-Crease! Or, at least a part of it…

Chapter 3

By: Linkin

I was walking around the cafeteria and saw a little shine on a cart that brings back plates. I snuck back to the kitchen and looked under the tray. IT WAS A SHIELD! Well… It was a shield made out of three layers of foam and designed to look just like Link’s from the Legend Of Zelda! I got home at 3:00 and went to my local craft store called ‘Craft Mania!” I went in and found my way to the foam isle. I picked out two things of ‘SUPER Thick Foam!’ I went back home and took out a knife to cut the foam. This is what I ended up with! (After a lot of cutting and glue)


Chapter 4


I went to school the next day and saw more Armoses but something was different throughout the school. Everyone kept giving me glares! I asked someone what was happening and they told me this: “You vandalized the school! And you bullied a BUNCH of kids! Don’t act dumb!”

“Wh-wh-what?” I said confused but I went on with the day. I was walking on the blacktop when I saw someone wear what looked like me but with black as the color instead of my red and green. They also had a… Dark Link puppet? They charged at me and I charged at them. I hit them and they hit me. This kept going on for about fifteen minutes until their sword broke! I struck them down and won the battle! They dropped the Dark Link-agami and I unfolded it revealing a map of the school! I saw the gym I went to was marked one and the cafeteria was marked two. I know where I need to go!

Chapter 5


When school ended after my last class I told my mom that I was going to help someone find something. I went back inside and turned to the cafeteria. I went inside and turned to the corner. I saw the kid with Dark Link-agami again! I charged and hit him in the side but he also hit me! I ran back and saw a tiny bit of his face… He did it. HE kidnapped Jayden! I then had a flashback to the day before she went missing.


I just came to Rapids middle and started walking around. I saw Jayden and she helped me get to my classes. Her friend Drake didn’t like that she was helping me and hated me for it. After school I went home and my mom told me to meet the neighbors. I went to the house on my right and it was Jayden’s. I was let in and Drake was there. After a while of talking Drake left. I went home for dinner and the next day I went back. Jayden’s mom answered and told me that Jayden was at a friends house. She never came back. Then I found Link-agami and went to find her.


Dark Link-agami IS Drake! HE kidnapped her so she won’t be with me. I defeated him and ran to the kitchen only to find a kid with an origami Dragon. I easily defeated him and got the nexxt third of the Tri-Crease! Only one more dungeon to go! And It is at Drake’s house…


  Chapter 6




 Chapter 7


I ran as fast as I could over to Drake’s house. I knocked on the door and asked if I could come in. I searched his whole house and then went to the backyard. I went into the shed and found Drake hold a SUPER thick sword. I charged and after 5 hits my sword broke in half. I started using my shield and knocked his sword out of his hand. I grabbed it and hit him to the ground. I untied Jayden and she said thank you. I noticed that she had a Origami Zelda in her pocket. She called it Zeldagami! Drake was super mad and we told his mom. He got in trouble and had to move out of state! I think it was to Ward Academy. He REALLY wanted to be a football player. Jayden was allowed to have a sleepover with me! We had fun and talked about what happened over the last few weeks. Oh! And if you are wondering about the Tri-Crease. I found the last bit in my backpack and found Drake’s house with it. You point it at a house and the sun will line up with the house. Sooo I found Drake’s house with that. Good day.


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