Green Goblin-gami’s Rage


By SF Guillermo


I found this case file in one of the boxes from F.O.L.D. as I was going through some old stuff, right before I closed it down. This dates back before the Infinity Folds case file.


By Logan Miller

All this time trying to stop people from doing something which I didn’t like has made me come to a final conclusion. Let them all go. Finish them, if you have to, if it’s the only way to become what you are meant to be. Wait a sec, that’s not what I was going for, the quote just came out. Sorry ’bout that.

But it’s true in the end. You may say I’m being overdramatic about something, but I don’t think you guys know what happened. Let me put you in my position a few weeks back, from notes recorded for my agenda.


By Logan Miller

“Good day fellow followers! Most of you may know me, have seen me, or, more likely, have heard of me before today,” (I make a sarcastic face as I say this, everyone laughs except some guys around the center, but I continue nevertheless.) “I am Logan Miller, formerly just a member of the ‘OSCP’ Lego Robots class team.

“Me and my partners have come to the agreement that it should be I who carry out the role of being a leader of this team, pushing it to greatness and glory!” I finished with a slight intonation, so that people got the idea. 

After a round of applause, I continued. 

“Since this experienced team will be directed by me, and you know I like to take as much recognition as I can get, I will open a competition for the best Lego Robots design team ever!” I stopped to see what the crowd’s reaction was; some cheered, including my team and my friend James McLongway, but the ones that belonged to another Lego Robots team did not. I could mean their end. 

I smiled, and then opened my mouth again to start speaking, but only a loud, rough voice came out.

“Excuse me for a sec,” I said in that very same voice. Some started giggling while I said that. I cleared my throat, hoping this would get me back to normality.
“As I was saying-” I started, but I stopped. The voice still sounded rough. But it wasn’t because it was rough, I couldn’t care less. It was because of what other people might be thinking. How could I make sense like this?

“Dude,” This really skinny guy, Avery Dixon, came over, holding some cheetos. ” Do you need any help?” 

The audience had gone completely silent. Everyone was wondering what the heck was happening. 

“Are you alright? ” Avery asked again.

I felt like a clown, with all the people staring. I tried to remain cool, as I always do, but Mister Avery Dixon over there was making it a little bit hard.

“NO, I’m alright,” I said, making whatever I had go away, as if it had never happened.

Once I had done this, I turned back at the stage and tried to get a hold of the speech once more. 

“Alright, where were we?” I said, only to bring all the attention back to me again. I knew where I was. I memorized my speeches from top to bottom. That’s how I had gotten this far.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,”  I continued, but I stopped and realised what I was doing. My mind had gone black with all this nonsense, and so had my will to be proud of myself. 

“I’m so right, that’s it,” I finished, dropping the microphone where I stood, the audience mouth-opened, my Lego teammates flabbergasted. 

So far so good.


By Logan Miller. 

I exited the stage, my Lego teammates following me, ready with enough questions as to why I had just acted like that and stuff, and to keep me occupied during this exhausting time. My reputation was all that kept me high; now, I had just made myself ridiculous in front of everybody. Great.

That was not all. Since the guys were following me, I could still hear their voices echoing through the empty, student-less halls because nearly everyone had come to my speech. I don’t mean to be pretentious. This one was compulsory.

While the teachers made sure to settle everyone down, and make them go to their classes, I was walking through the hallway.

“Why on earth did you do that?” Drake started asking.

“Dude, what’s up?” Hotton said, approximately sarcastic. “You were doing good! You just did…something weird.” 

Jenkins, ‘the serious one’ of the team was silent all this time. Once he seemed to have reached one conclusion, he started saying the words I would’ve never wanted to hear.

“Logan,” he began, “You’ve been with us all for a long time now. Heck, you were even the smartest of all of us and always made the best robots,” he said, chuckling.

I, however, was not finding it funny. 

“But I have to say one thing,” he continued, turning his rather pleasant expression to his usual one; the one he always had, the serious face. “If you continue to act like this, flipping out every time someone says something or you do something wrong, or even when the project doesn’t work… then I’m honestly sorry, but I’m afraid I will have nothing else to do than to get rid of you.” 

As soon as I heard that, I don’t know what, but I felt some kind of chemical in my body pour down into every orifice, making me suddenly feel very betrayed, and angry.

The words just came out automatically. 

“What?” I asked, but they kept looking at me. “You can’t do this to me…you know

how much I’ve sacrificed!?!?” I said, shouting in the end.

“I know you created this and it must be hard, but you have just demonstrated nothing is gonna make you change. I’m sorry, Logan Miller” He put his hand on my shoulder. “Hey, look on the bright side. We’ll still see you at Tilly Waterson’s birthday in a few days!” 

“So be it,” I said, not caring. And I left without looking back. 


By Logan Miller 

I remembered my other friend, James, who had recently started being a Spider-person. I’d never understood the origami craze…until I watched the Amazing Spider-Man movies. I tried my hand at making a puppet and helped a guy named Chester to fight James. It didn’t go incredibly well; the Green Goblin puppet I made just didn’t work with me. I needed something different.

Then, the next night, I watched the first Spider-Man film over and over. Specifically, the first one of the Sam Raimi Trilogy. My brother begged to watch it, so I just accepted it even if didn’t want him to. 

“Logan, please!” he said. 

I was done with people that day, but somehow, I knew that even if everything went wrong, I could still play the victim, the beaten up guy, who just wanted to make everyone happy. 

I thought I was going to regret accepting though, but in the end I found what I was looking for: a stimulant. 

As soon as I saw Mr Norman Osborn, kicked out of the own company HE created, and being left forgotten…I felt for him. Until he came back, and avenged himself, and his honor. It was time I did the same thing. It was time to make a new Goblin. A better Goblin.

Did the guys at school like origami? They were gonna love mine. 


By Jenkins 

And so Saturday night came. It was wonderful at first! Everyone was there! 

My dad dropped me off, along with some other friends of mine, like Max McCain and Avery Dixon. They were members of the OSCP who just volunteered to go with me on the car. 

“Alright, you guys have fun now,” Dad said. 

“Yeah, alright, dad. I wouldn’t be worried about me, you know? I’d be more worried about you getting bored at home,” I said, smiling, so he wouldn’t take it too seriously.

“Alright, run along, you three,” he said, while we opened the doors and he made sure we were safe or something – I don’t know! – and then just got the engine running again and left us there at the front door.

We knocked on the door. We waited, looking at each other, as if taking bets on who was coming to open the door.

“Were we supposed to bring something?” Avery said, breaking the silence.

“Umm, maybe…” (I was looking for a quote.) “but who am I to judge.” 

Avery looked confused; he hadn’t got the quote. 

Tilly Watterson opened the door. 

“Oh, hi guys. Great to see you here!” she said, but looked confused. “Wasn’t Logan Miller coming with you?”

Max looked like he was about to talk, but I rushed. 

“I… He ran into some trouble. Sorry he couldn’t make it.” 

“Oh well, don’t worry. Come in, please!” she said, and so we did. 

Everyone was there, and when I say everyone I MEAN everyone!

The one they called Gar was sitting on a couch next to a table where friends and foes alike were reunited. 

Jessica Smith-Holt was talking to some other guys whose face I could not see. 

And far beyond I could see the Spider-kids; Cal Largent, Ezra Cronin and company. 

Dove MacLeash, Ally Weber, Andrew Gardner and Guillermo Valenzuela were there, discussing something. 

Shawn Allen and Austin Baker from the Kirby King were heading in their direction, coming from Clark Largent, Jesse Rodríguez and Emily’s way. They were also discussing something, and again, I don’t know what. 

I arrived at the kitchen, when this guy come over from the back. 

“Any more Cheetos around there?” 

I turned around and saw Robby Boone with some Cheetos.

” I did not take you for the Cheetos guy, Boone,”  I said, mockingly. 

“Neither did I take you as the party guy, but I now see you here. Where’s your friend?” He asked. 

“You mean Logan? Haven’t seen him” 

“Keep an eye out, or they’ll take your eye out,” a girl said, importantly.

“This is Desiree Dawson, meet Jenkins,”  Robby said.

The doorbell rang. Someone was there, 15 minutes after we got here. This guy was really late.

I really wanted to see who he was, so I left out of the kitchen and went to the door, but Tilly beat me to it. 

As soon as she opened the door I was able to see Logan with a white box, and a bus that had probably dropped him off.

“Awesome to see you here, Logan!” She looked even more confused than before “I heard you weren’t coming.” She glanced at me as she said this. I just smiled. I didn’t know what to do. 

“SDon’t worry about that at all,” Logan said, but the doorway was rather silent. He tried to hide it as much as possible, but he hated being awkward.

“Anyways,” he said, “I’ve uh, I’ve picked up a fruitcake,” and handed the white cardboard box to Tilly, who took it, thanked him, and welcomed him inside.

Logan totally changed the look on his expression as he turned towards us. He got really close, but didn’t say anything. He just mocked us and continued walking forward. Something told me we were in for a show.


By Logan Miller 

If they thought I was gonna forgive them, they were really wrong.

They were going to pay now, no exceptions. I didn’t feel sorry for the others that were there in the party, they all had this coming. 

I had just got some paint bombs from the Quickpick next to my house, serious stuff. It’s quite a fascinating thing, I must say, with a timer, a wide range and everything. However, they did cost 5 bucks each, so I could only make 3 of them or my parents were gonna kill me. 

The plan was perfect, and there was only one thing: Tilly’s house. Was it really this great of a plan if an innocent was going to get blamed for not being responsible, and let her own house get soaked in paint? 

I figured it was a small price to pay for my revenge. 

I waited until the right moment. 

Dover MacLeash brought my fruitcake, while the others watched and started clapping. 

“Guys, are you sure about this?” Tilly asked while laughing. 

“Of course. I know that there is no party without cake,” Dover said. 

Everyone was having a good time right then. I looked at my watch: t minus 30 seconds. 

“I really need to go to the bathroom,” I told Jenkins, Avery and Max, leaving them and going as far away as I could. 

T minus 20 seconds. 

I looked around. Sure enough, the damage would soak them all, especially Max and Avery and Jenkins, who I really wanted to get. 

T minus 10 seconds. 

I didn’t know what was happening but everybody was cheering. They didn’t know what was coming. 

That’s right. Everybody WAS cheering, before the green paint bombs exploded and left nothing else but green splashes everywhere. 

I heard everybody go quiet. Recognizing what had happened. They might have thought it was part of the party, who knows.

What I know is that it was time. The time to show how you don’t mess with me. 

Once I reached the bathroom, carrying my bag, I opened it, put it down and knelt so that I could see better what was inside and what I was seeing.

A green mask was inside, with room for eyes, and a drawn mouth. I bought it at Costco yesterday, half price. I figured I could just buy it and see how it all goes.

The guy at the cashier had asked me what it was for. 

 “You know Halloween is in six months, right?” he asked, even though he didn’t seem interested at all. 

“I got one or two things to do,” I answered, paying for it and leaving. 

I put the mask on. It fitted perfectly, and somehow it all felt right. 

I went towards the door to open it and present myself in the living room, but I had forgotten something.

In my back pocket lay a green piece of origami: the new and improved Green Goblin-gami. 

And as I put him on my finger, I was fueled to enact justice. 

I exited the room and followed the corridor. It seemed like everyone had volunteered to pick up, because they all were cleaning the mess. It was on the walls, floors and tables. Good for them, but my entrance was ruined.


By Avery Dixon. 

While all of us were cleaning the whole mess made by a couple of remote green paint bombs (you won’t believe it, but we were going pretty fast), this guy wearing a green mask came over from the hallway. He was waving his hand that was holding an origami figure, green, with flaming, glowing yellow eyes, and a smile that made me want to turn away.

“Good afternoon gents” he said, with a strange tone. 

One he said that, the ones that hadn’t noticed his entrance did, and the others just continued looking at him. 

Except Austin Baker, who rose up with his camera phone, and another origami piece, J. J. Jameson. 

“Who are you and what just happened?” he/JJJ said. 

The masked man suddenly grabbed Austin’s phone and threw it to the ground. He grabbed his shirt and pushed him away as far as possible, making him crash against a chair.

“You guys are gonna have to fix all this,” the guy said. 

Max, who had come with us, walked towards him. 

“Wait a sec, did you do this?” he asked “Who are you?”

“I am the Goblin-gami, and I will end all of these annoying teams! The OSCP, the OrigAvengers, everything. They make those who are cast out rot, those who do not belong anywhere!” he shouted. 

“Logan?”  Jenkins asked. I could totally imagine him under that mask. 

He ran, bolting through the door, and we looked at each other. 

 “I’m going after him,” I said. 

“So are we,” exclaimed Jenkins and Max, starting to run towards the door. 

But just as we were coming out, we tripped on something, probably on the doorframe, and sent us all flying and falling to the ground in a quite unforgettable, unpleasant and uncomfortable way. 

Austin Baker came out, following him, making sure not to trip, but he was too slow, and the Goblin-gami already had the advantage. Austin realised this and stopped. He had escaped. And he would be back. 


By Logan Miller. 

This is Logan Miller from what was Kirby High school. A lot has happened in these last weeks. You probably wouldn’t believe it. To make a long story short, Kirby is gone, boom. 

Yeah, most of us were transferred to Wheeler High. They were nice enough to let us in. 

Who did this? I haven’t yet heard exactly, all I know is that some kids turned against the OrigAvengers and something came out of that. 

Here I am, with Green Goblin-gami in my pocket studying at Wheeler, but I promised myself I would let nothing, NOTHING stand in my way to end everything the school stood for and the people who wronged me. I’m ending it. 

  1. I just LOVED writing ” I’ve picked up a fruitcake”

  2. origami_master53

    Great job Guillermo! It’s cool that you used my Green Goblin-gami!

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