Super Smash Folds: Brawl!

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Chapter 1


Hey everyone! I am back at it again! Rapids middle school has been changing ever since I found Link-agami. What I mean is that people now have characters from Assassin’s Creed, Pac-man,Sonic, and even a game that recently got popular! The name is Among Us! Heck, I don’t even know if Mario or Mega Man have a puppet yet! That is how many puppets there are! But anyways I was hearing about an old hallway in the basement of the school. Let me tell you a story. Long ago (About five years) another hallway was in the school. This hallway was for the 6th graders. They used to have 6th graders be in middle schools until the state made them change. But, back on topic. Mold from the pipes would get into the classrooms and several students got sick! So instead of removing the hallway the school board did something that would save money: they placed a wall on the hallway entrance. I know this because Jimmy told me about it. He told me that HE was a student there and got sick. I went down to the hallway when I saw some kid with a puppet. When I asked what he was doing he turned around and took out a puppet. It took awhile for me to realise that it was a Sonic puppet.

“Hey! Hey! Don’t hurt me or I will have to hurt you back!” They said.

“Ok. I won’t hurt you. But what are you doing down here?” I asked while taking out Link-agami.

“Wait. You’re Linkin. Link-agami Linkin!” He yelled excitedly. “I am Origami Sonic… The Foldhog!”

“Well… glad to meet you…” I started saying.

“Oh! My name is Mike Jones!” He replied.

“Well, nice to meet you, Mike.” I say. “Now, what are you doing down here?” I asked.

“Oh, well I guess I can trust you… I am trying to find the old sixth grade hallway.” He said it, sounding like he didn’t want to get in trouble.

“Well, I am too. We can look together I guess.” I reply.

“That would be Grrreat!” He yelled. I don’t get the cereal thing though. We started searching for the wall and when we found it something sort of scary (not really) happened.

“Hey! I found it!” Mike yelled. I walked over to a wall that looked newer than the rest. A poster was on the wall and when we took it down we found a hole! Next thing we knew we crawled in…

Chapter 2

By:Mike Jones

HI! It’s me, Mike Jones! So, to continue the story. We (as in me and Linkin) climbed into the hallway and we saw people. First we saw someone in all black and next to him was someone wearing the same exact Legend of Zelda hoodie as Linkin but all black as well! Linkin stepped back. I heard footsteps leaving an old classroom and saw a kid with a metal Sonic puppet. I was confused and stepped back.

“Go get them!” The person wearing all black said, “Don’t let them escape! They will tell everyone in the whole school!”

“Yes, master.” Both of them replied. We started going for the exit but were grabbed and pulled into a classroom. The door got locked and we got trapped… 

One hour later:

We had to limit our breathing because Linkin got a light to work and we saw mold cover almost every corner of the classroom! After I started getting scared I yelled at the top of my lungs for help! I did that about 5 more times then stopped. We heard the door open and saw some 7th grader with 2 kids walk in. I didn’t catch the other 2 students’ names but I did get one of them. Ausar…

Chapter 3

By: Ausar (Aka OriBayek)

Let me get this straight. I wasn’t looking for that hallway like them. I was going to history and from the floor vent I heard screaming for help. I went to the basement and I heard screaming from behind a brick wall. I looked around and saw a weird poster that was a dead meme. I peeled it off and saw a hole to an old hallway. I went back up and got my friends. We went into the hallway and opened the door which had people in it. They got out and on the way out the hole I found puppets. I guessed it belonged to them because it must’ve fell out of their pockets. I gave it back and they went to the nurse.

 Chapter 4

 By: Ancient Minister

You don’t know me and you don’t want to know me. They call me the Ancient Minister. I was a student at Rapids Middle School. I was the one who brought the idea to the school to have the 6th grade hallway be in the basement. (At that point they were going to spend a fortune on extending the main building…) They liked my idea and went with it. When the day finally came I was the best student in the school, everyone liked me! Fast forward find weeks and I find out kids get sick from mold in the walls! They closed the hall and built a brick wall but made ME have to clean out the hall everyday after school! I had to wear a gas mask to do it. But one day some stupid kid came and didn’t want mold coming out through the hole I climbed in and out of. They covered the wall with some Flextape. I guess someone also put a poster on top of it. I was stuck in there all alone. My parents never tried finding me. The school never tried to find me. I was alone. One day I got hungry and being the stupid kid I was I ATE the filter inside the gas mask I started leaving the mask off knowing that without a filter it wouldn’t protect me. The mold started to affect me but the filter never got digested and it stayed in me. Protecting me from the mold. But in the process my body became wrinkly. One day someone hit the poster. I heard it and walked over. I heard someone mumbling! I was saved! I crawled into the hole and told them to peel off the poster. They did and crawled in. They were a seventh grader. He told me that some new kid came along and started hanging out with his friend. I replied to this by giving him black and grey paper. I did this because that kid hanging out with his friend had a Link finger puppet from Legend of Zelda. He asked why I gave him this and the answer was simple. “Fold a Dark Link puppet and take your friend!” He said yes and did what I told him to do. His friend was saved at the end but I didn’t give up. I used to know a kid named Jimmy. He was the first to get sick. I found out that his friend started hating him and I got him to help me. This was what I remember of the conversation:

“Are you the Ancient Minister?” He asked.

“Yes. are you Origanon?” I replied.

“Yeah. What do you want?” He said.

“Attack Linkin Roades. Get him out of the school.” I yell.

“B-” He started saying.

“IF YOU ARE TRULY ORIGANON THEN YOU WILL ATTACK LINK-AGAMI!” I screamed, we were outside. But he also failed so now I have to do this myself. But before I left my hiding place I got some teammates. Dark Link-agami, Metal Sonic the Foldhog (That is a dumb name but the kid liked it so whatever) Origanon and most of the villains in Rapis Middle school! 

Chapter 5

By:Arnold Sanders

So hi again everyone. I didn’t expect to write any of these again. You know after the whole candy incident. But I am back, mostly because of something weird that happened… I saw some people walking around the school after talking out in the yard. I got confused but went to tech class with Mr. Pollock. He is a good teacher but one of my fellow students keeps arguing with him. I think his name is Mike Jones.

“Mike! You are an idiot just like your brother!” Mr. Pollock yelled.


“DON’T YOU YELL AT ME” Mr. Pollock screamed again. You know this kid might be cooler than I thought.  Before I thought he was… Excuse me, this is what football players would say… a Sonic nerd! Ooh, that hurt! After school I saw him in the lobby waiting for his parents. 

“Hey, are you Mike Jones?” I started saying.

“Y-yes.” He replied.

“That was pretty brave of you to do.” I said.

“What do you mean?” Mike asked.

“Y’know in Tech with Mr. Pollock.” I replied.

“Oh… That.” He started saying. “Yeah he’s my enemy.”

“Hrm…” I started looking in my backpack for a Pac-Man handheld that companies started making. “Take this. If you need help use it. It needs new batteries by the way.” I finished.

“But I don’t play Pac-” He started saying but I walked away. I started walking back to my bike which is at the far end of the school so no one takes it. I saw that person in all black clothes talking to people wearing the colors of the ghosts in Pac-Man. I just ignored it and got on my bike and started riding home.

Chapter 6


Hi. It is me Jayden. You should know me because of the ‘File’ Linkin made on trying to find me. But if you don’t know me, I am Jayden Rose and I wield Zelda-gami. I was walking to class and my twin sister named Jayla Rose came up and showed me a dark version of Zelda-gami. I told her that it was cool but she wanted to be Evil Zelda-gami and punched me! I told her she shouldn’t do that but then it happened again! I was later found under a tree by Linkin who for some reason looked like he had just been poisoned!

“H-hi…” He started the conversation.

“Hi, Linkin. What happened to you?” I asked.

“Oh me and a kid named Mike Jones were trying to find the old sixth grade hallway and-” I cut him off.

“DID YOU FIND… Ow…” I stopped talking.

“Wow, what happened to you?” Link asked.

“I will tell you after you tell me the rest of your story.” I replied.

“Ok. We found the hallway and walked in. We saw three people and they locked us in a room that was full of mold! We got locked in until a seventh grader and his two friends unlocked the door and helped bring us the nurse.” He finished.

“Wow. I got attacked by my twin sister who had a Dark Zelda finger puppet…” I said.

“Yeah, the people that attacked Mike and me had Dark Link-agami, and a Metal Sonic puppet… The leader had a raspy voice and wrinkly skin but looked old enough to be a high school student. And what made it freakier was that he wore all black!” Linkin practically yelled that last bit.

“Huh… Now that I think about it, I did see Drake and another kid standing next to a person in all… Black.” I just realized what was going on!

“Link! This High schooler is trying to get all of our enemies to team up with him and fight us! We have to warn the others about this, for all we know he could go get Origanon to team up with him! We have to go!” I yelled. Linkin’s face turned to shock as soon as I said this…

  Chapter 7


I ran through the whole school at top speed trying to beat the clock! I had a feeling that the biggest fight of my… No, THE WHOLE SCHOOL’ LIFE was about to happen in close to five days. I bumped into Mike.

“MIKE! Start getting everyone you see that has a video game finger puppet and bring them to the basketball court by the park!” I yell.

“B-” He started saying.

“GO! The whole school depends on it!” I ran off, yelling. I kept running, telling everyone I saw! I went to most people with a puppet from a video game on their finger but I don’t think most people have enemies like Me and Mike. I went into the Library and saw 3threepeople sitting down. Two of them were sitting together talking about who knows what and I started talking to them.

“Hi. I need you two to start walking down to the basketball court by Memorial park.” I finished.

“Why?” One said.

“You do have finger puppets, don’t you?” I asked.

“Yeah. Why do you need me for your team? We are already on a finger puppet team. The Subcrease army!” The other one said.

“Wait, as in the Subspace army?” I asked.

“Yeah! I am Origami Bowser!” The first one says.

“And I am origami Dr. Willy!” The other yelled. I started backing away taking out Link-agami.

“Wait you’re Link-agami! GET HIM!” They yelled and it looked like every villain came after me! But I did see someone in all black in the corner of the library smiling. I then ran as fast as possible out of the school and luckily made it to the basketball court before they did. But I now have a feeling that our time just went from 5 days to 3 hours…

Chapter 8

  By: Linkin

“So… Um. Hi everyone! My name is Linkin and I wield Link-agami…” I started saying. “I gathered all of you here today so I can help train you. People that want to get rid of all the Origami in the school were going to start a master plan to destroy all of the origami in the school in five days!”

“WHAT!?” They all yell.

“What did you mean they WERE going to start the plan in 5 days?!” Arnold Sanders asked.

“Well… Um… I went into the library and asked kids with puppets. I found out that they had Origami Bowser and Dr. Willy puppets.” I replied.

“So?” Arnold says back to me.

“Well, I found out that they are working for the enemies and I told them that we are at the basketball court.” I finished saying. Everyone gasped. “That is why I think that they will start the plan in about three hours!” I continue.

“Three hours? Why three hours?” Mike asked.

“I don’t know why yet but I think that it has something to do with that it gets dark in three hours.” I reply. Everyone received something that resembled their puppets. I thought we were going to win for a second until the gate to the court closed. It was getting dark out and everyone was hanging out talking and taking a break from all of the training. Then I saw a silhouette of people walking towards us. So I grabbed my phone and turned on the flashlight.

“Well, well, well. Thank you so much, Linkin for gathering all of the school’s warriors in one place!” The Ancient Minister yelled. “Now! I will let all you go…” People started getting up to leave but were pushed back down by The Ancient Ministers ‘bodyguards’. “Not so fast kids! You didn’t let me finish.” He said with a smirk. “I will let all of you go IF you give me EVERY SINGLE PUPPET!” I started backing away thinking that nobody would give up something as important as a puppet but I was wrong…


Chapter 9

By: Ancient Minister

Those people don’t know true power. All they think is that since they have some stupid piece of paper they can control the school! Well that is not how it works! You see what I found out during my time in the ‘dungeon’ is that school is the main problem! I went back to my old house and was able to stay the night. I went onto my old laptop which fortunately for me was put in the attic. I wrote down my whole plan.

This simple six step plan 

  1. Find out where our ‘heroes’ are gathering
  3. Put all of the Origami in a bag full of flammable gas.
  4. Bring the origami back to the school.
  5. Wait for the regular people to come back the next day.
  6. Light the bag on fire while standing on the roof while saying my final speech to the school!

After this the school will burn down and nobody will stop me! Not even the teachers that kept me down in the hallway for three years! During my first few months the school would give a huge bag of food to have for that month. I only ate 5 bites a day for the first year the school sent me stuff! Then they stopped… they stopped the day after that dang poster was put up! I had to eat half a bite every two day! This school has made me mad enough! I will get my revenge!!!!!


Chapter 10


I started running to the fence and climbed over it. Lucky for me Mike and Arnold Sanders made it over with me. We ran back to the school but bumped into three people, Ausar and his friends! We told them to get going and that we had to get away from the basketball court! We had made a team. I got us to an old tree fort I made after the first time I defeated a villain with Link-agami. 

“They are taking our origami and want to get rid of them!” I say.

“Ok, so we need to-” Mike started to say, but I kept thinking about what happened today. The more I thought the more I realized that I was the cause. If it wasn’t for me, origami wouldn’t have come to Rapids Middle school.

“Linkin, do you agree with us?” Mike asked me.

“I-I-I” I tried saying but ended up crying. This was the first time I have cried since I was in 3rd grade. This was happening for about 10 more minutes before I was able to stop.

“G-g-guys…” I started.

“Yeah Link?” They replied.

“I give up… Take Link-agami. Find a new kid to own him. Alright?” I say before leaving the tree house…

Chapter 11

 By: Mike

You know that feeling you have when you trust someone and they leave you to fend for yourself? This was what I felt like after Link left the tree fort. I sat staring at the exit/entrance. I tried chasing after him but Ausar stopped me. We kept making a plan to stop The Ancient Minister.

“Alright… I know of this girl from Toby Middle… Her name is Sara and she has an Origami Frisk.” One of Ausar’s friends said.

“Wait… Frisk from Undertale?” I replied.

“Yeah, Frisk is from Undertale,” They replied to me. “We can tell the kids at Toby about this Minister dude and have them set up a defense barrier with the others that survived the ‘attack’ at our school. With the two schools mixed we could stop the whole Subcrease Army!” He finished.

“Well… How would we get the Subcrease army over to Toby Middle?” I asked.

“We tell them another school has finger puppets… it’s that simple!” He yells!

“Ok?” I said. Link would not agree to this. But I shouldn’t care about what he would think! He left us in our time of need! But I know he would say that we shouldn’t put other schools in danger.

“G-g-guys! Maybe we shouldn’t do this plan because that would put Toby Middle in danger! What if we fail? Then nobody will have origami at any schools!” I finished.

“Don’t be so scared, Mike! We can’t lose! Two schools against an army of kids!” Ausar mentioned, waving his arms wide and smiling.

“Ok.” I replied. We then went searching for Sara…

Chapter 12


I climbed out of the tree house. I started walking away from my problems… walking away from my friends. The people who stuck with me over the course of this journey. The people who taught me stuff just like I taught them stuff too. I kept walking until I bumped into someone. I looked up and saw Drake standing there with his Dark Link sword out ready to hit me! But instead of hitting me I was grabbed and taken to a fallen tree. Drake let go of me and pulled the one end of the tree. I followed him in it and it led to a huge fort made out of sticks and leaves! It was completely dry even though it was raining outside!

“What do you want with me, Drake?” I said with sadness and I guess you could say a lonely tone in my voice.

“I want to help you guys stop the Subcrease Army.” He replied, “I only joined because I was mad at you for becoming friends with Jayden.”

“But that was one year ago!” I started saying. “This has been going on for that long?”

“Yeah… It has been… Wait. Where is Link-agami?” He finished.

“I gave him up. It was my fault that the Subcrease army even formed! If I never found that dumb puppet this would never have happened! You would never have gotten mad at me, meaning that the Ancient Minister would have never gotten out! It is all my fault!” I finished.

“No. it is not your fault. It is everyone’s fault. They didn’t have to make the puppets, they didn’t have to follow in your footsteps, they didn’t have to do anything! You changed the school in a way nobody even knew! Sure, you found the first puppet but you also gave kids an opportunity to be creative! If it wasn’t for you, kids might not have found a new hobby or a new favorite game, YOU helped them!” He finished.

“I-I-” I got cut off.

“Drake! We have word that the little ‘rebellion’ is going to get help from Toby Middle school. Get over here and help us stop them!” His walkie talkie finished.

“Are you coming to help your friends save the school?” Drake asked me.

“I don’t… want to face my friends after I left them alone.” I said.

“Well, you might find something in here very useful, Link.” He replied before leaving. I sat there all alone thinking about what just happened. Maybe I was not a good friend. I left Jayden. I left Mike. I left Ausar and his friends. I left everyone that needed me the most…

Chapter 13


We started our journey to Toby Middle school and when we got there it seemed empty! Sara told us that she would get every good guy with a puppet in the courtyard behind the school. But when we got there we saw them tied up and the Subcrease army waiting for us!

“Look who we have here!” The Ancient Minister yelled. “Our heroes that came to defeat us are now all alone without a leader! You are just bugs that I will squash!”

“They are not alone!” Someone yelled from behind them. “And NEVER and I mean NEVER call my friends bugs again!” After they said that I knew that it was Linkin!

“Linkin! You came to help!” I yelled.

“SO WHAT! IT IS FIVE OF YOU AGAINST MY WHOLE ARMY!” The Ancient Minister yelled back at us.

“Correction… It is your whole army against 6 of us!” Someone from The Subcrease army yelled. They started walking out of the crowd and we saw Drake!

“You-you are helping us?” I started saying.

“Yes. I am. I learned the error of my ways. It was not right to attack Linkin when all he wanted was to have a friend.” Drake replied. We all lined up.

“On three. One! Two! Three! CHARGE!” Linkin yelled and we started the attack…

Chapter 14


So. I am sure you guys are wondering why I chose to help in the battle, Right? Well… I was sitting on the rug in thought.

“What did he mean I might find something very useful in here?” I said out loud. I saw a mini fridge plugged into a generator and grabbed a Ginger Ale. I turned around and started walking again until I stepped on something harder than the dirt on the ground. I folded up the rug and found a big metal box. I pulled it out of the ground and opened it. On the top I saw a note.

“Link. I know we may have been enemies in the past but I found the error in my ways. I was jealous of you. You were nice to everyone you met even if they bullied you. I wasn’t like that. If you ever find this place take this stuff. The Ancient Minister will destroy the origami at all costs. I want to help you! Take this stuff and help US!”

From, Drake.

I removed the blanket and saw something. It was my first sword that broke in half and a brand new shield! But underneath everything was a Custom Made Bow with suction cup arrows next to it. I sat there staring at it for two minutes until I got up and ran to Toby Middle school! I climbed onto a rock on the edge of the forest. I grabbed the bow and shot one of the enemies! I then climbed off the rock and rejoined my friends! I fear the final battle has started…

Chapter 15


Everyone on our team charged the Subspace army! But I saw the Ancient Minister duck behind the crowd of kids! So I decided to chase after him. When I reached him  I shot an arrow at his back. He turned around and saw me.


“Are you sure I ruined everything?” I replied. “Did you know that I have a friend who told me about you, Jared? He said you were the nicest kid in the whole school until you had that dumb idea for the hallway! You soaked up all of that fame and became a Jerk! He told me that you left your best friends behind for the popular kids! You think that you are the hero here… No… you’re just a jerk that doesn’t like what the schools do now! You’re just a jerk that wants to make things the way you want it!” I finished.

“You-you-you… ARE WRONG! I AM NOT A JERK!” He then tackled me to the hard dirt ground. I then kicked him up into the air and he landed on the ground. I took out my sword and started hitting him over and over again. He then pulled out a foam sword and wacked mine so hard that it broke twice in two different parts! I was then wacked in the head and got knocked out.

“Linkin… Linkin…” I heard Mike say, but when I opened my eyes I saw that he was not wearing his usual Sonic T-Shirt. It was a uniform that had the Ancient Ministers face on it from the game Super Smash Bros Brawl.

“Mike? What happened to you?’ I asked.

“You did this, Linkin. If you had been able to stop the Ancient Minister, we could have stopped him from taking over the schools.” Mike replied.

“He took over the schools?” I was surprised.

“Yes. He also banned Origami! IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT!” Mike Yelled.

“It is not my fault! It is not my fault! It… Is… Not… My… Fault…” I said waking up. When I opened my eyes I saw light snowflakes falling down onto my face. I looked and saw the Ancient Mini- I mean Jared, walking away back to the others. I reach for my bow and took the shot… My last shot. DIRECT HIT! He fell over and I grabbed him. Drake gave me some rope and I tied his arms behind his back. We then gathered the other people in the Subcrease army and brought every enemy to the principles of BOTH schools. Then just like that everything went back to normal. Sort of…


    By: Linkin

Today when I was heading to my next class I bumped into some kids.

“Oops! Hey, I am so sorry guys!” I say.

“Hey it’s ok dude… Tell me, do you like Mega Man more than Mario?” One said.

“BRO! I told you Mario is 10,000x better than Mega Man!” The other one says.

“Here, let me help you. I have something in here that could help you guys…” I started looking through my backpack until I pulled out two puppets. “Here, you take this and you take this. Now I gotta go but good luck!” I yelled running off. I hope those two use them for good.


Acknowledgements: Hey! I would like to thank every writer and reader for Video Pleats. I am going to name a few and if I forget you tell me in the comments!

Writers: Ausar (Peyton) Sara and Toby middle (Potato Dabber) Arnold Sanders (Guillermo)

Readers: Guillermo, Potato Dabber, Hades, StookieStorm41408, Origami Donitello, and Arctic! (Once more if I missed you tell me in the comments!!!)

Congrats! You’ve finished Fold One of the VGOU. How about beginning the next one, with “Legend of Zelda-Gami 3: Ocarina of Folds”?

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