Origami Yoda: The Revenge of the Van Jahnke Yoda

The Revenge of the Van Jahnke Yoda

Origami Yoda and the Revenge of the Sith

By Tommy

It’s summer vacation at McQuarrie Middle School. The 6th Grade is finally over! That’s right! No more Harvey for AN ENTIRE SUMMER!!! Woohoooo!!! But, there is another person who, sadly, who has proved to be even more annoying, even more cruel, AND HE IS TOTALLY DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE!!! ZACK MARTIN!

(Y’know, I think he’s just a bully because the guys at Disney think he is Cody’s twin brother). Anyway, today in the park, where Dwight, Sara, Kellen and I where all playing Origami Wars, Zack comes over, and shoves his hand into Dwight’s face! But it was what was on is hand that worried us… HARVEY’S OLD ORIGAMI YODA!!! we haven’t seen that thing since the May the Fourth fun night! (did you know that that date is STAR WARS DAY? May the Fourth Be With You!)

But, how did Zack get Harvey’s Yoda? Or, more importantly, HOW IS THAT YODA EVEN HERE?!?!? Y’see, Harvey told us he threw him away, AT HIS HOUSE!!! So, has Zack gone too far?!? Has he actually stolen from Harvey? Dwight said he could go to Harvey’s house, but that Sara had to go with him. Just then, Evil Yoda spoke.

“In grave danger, you are!” said Darth Yoda, as we now call him.

“At an end, your rule is,” said the real Origami Yoda, “and not short enough it was.”

Dwight got up, brushed through Zack, and nicely held Sara’s hand as they walked to Harvey’s house, which wasn’t that far away. (Ok, I’m gonna say it, I was jealous. I mean, holding hands with Sara, the WHOLE WALK?!? Plastic Dinosaurs!!)

Harvey’s House

By Sara

Well, I might not like Harvey very much, but if someone has wronged him, I will do anything it takes to make it right! Dwight had Yoda on his hand, and I had Ackbar; and together, we will get Harvey to listen to us!

As we got to his front porch, I noticed a card, saying “Dwight, if that’s you, come in, and take a look!”

What I saw next, I cannot explain. Though it had something to do with Origami Star Wars, but on a HUGE scale!!! I mean, he had a Darth Shredious that was about my size! He had an actual ORIGAMI DEATH STAR, that fired sharp paper at me, and gave me really harsh paper cuts!

Dwight fell down, a piece of paper embedded in his finger, and said something to me. His voice sounded hoarse.

“Harvey was right about Yoda. Tell Harvey…He Was Right……….”

Dwight then fell asleep.

Attack of the Ninja

By Sara

So, the second Dwight was unconscious, HARVEY walked down the stairs, grabbed Origami Yoda, and tried to rip him!

“Oh, no you don’t!” I said, as Ackbar and I punched Harvey in the nose.

“OW!!!” He yelled. “I’m sorry, I thought that it might have been Zack, trying to steal more of my origami. Wait, Sara, Dwight, what are you doing here?!?”

“I am on a diplomatic mission from the planet Alderaan.” I put down Ackbar, and surrendered. “We just want to help you, Harvey.”

Harvey’s expression softened. He took my hand and squeezed it. I’d made an ally.

I heard a clatter upstairs, and Harvey and I ran up to find out what it was. (Sorry Dwight!)
What we found was a boy a little older than us, all dressed in a skin-tight black ninja-esque suit. He creeped over to what I could only assume was Harvey’s room, and pulled out of Harvey’s drawers an origami Darth Vader.

“Not Prototype Darth Paper!” Harvey cried. He lunged at the boy, and tackled him to the ground. The boy didn’t look frightened, at least he didn’t look that way through the eye slit in his mask. He kicked back at Harvey, forcing him against a wall. The boy quickly jumped out the window, onto the roof, and slid down the telephone wire, before running onto a bike, and pedaling away into the streets.

“Zack hired someone to do his dirty work!” I marveled. I didn’t think Zack was even capable of ordering take-out, much less ordering bounty hunters off Craigslist.

“So, what do we do now?” Harvey asked, dumbfounded.

“Simple,” I said. “We wait for Mr. Ninja to strike again.”

The Ninja Strikes Back

By Harvey

I knew one thing. I was going to get my Prototype Darth Paper back.
I quickly folded, with my custom ordered blue/brown paper, an Origami Cad Bane from The Clone Wars. If I was gonna bait Mr. Ninja, I knew I’d need something good. Maybe Zack has a thing for bounty hunters? I don’t know! I took Cad Bane, and put him on the table by my windowsill. It would be a quick window of time, but I knew that with my incredible skills, I could EASILY take this guy down, no sweat!

I waited. And waited. And waited.

By nightfall, I was bright-eyed and ready to roll!
Sara’s Comment: Actually, he was fast asleep……I woke him up.
Harvey’s Comment: Yeah, sure.

I heard a rustling in the bushes outside my mom’s flower garden, and looked out the window. Sure enough, our ninja friend was creeping up the house walls, cleverly fitting his hands and feet into the cracks between the bricks that made up our house. I hid behind the curtain, and waited until I heard him open the window. This was my only chance. I leapt at the kid, and the two of us tumbled out the window, onto a very slim windowsill outside. We clambered to get back inside, and I instinctively kicked the ninja, sending him crashing below, into Mom’s flower garden. (Sorry Mom!)

Sara looked at me, disappointedly. “Harvey,” she exclaimed, “we need that kid to talk! What did you DO?”

“Oh.” I looked down, and saw that my Origami Cad Bane was gone, and the ninja was nowhere to be seen. “Sorry.”

After trying in vain to explain to Mom about why her Black-eyed Susan’s were trampled, I talked to a bruised up Dwight. (I was desperate!)

I was about to ask Origami Yoda what to do, when Dwight’s eyes widened. He reached into his pocket, and pulled it out, empty.

“Origami Yoda’s gone!” Dwight cried.

The Search for Yoda

  1. starwars fan

    Dude stooky man when I are you posting the rest of it.??????

  2. sf darth maul

    I wonder what peanut butter jelly time is

  3. Super folder Tristan

    !@#$. HE’S BACK uh oh JC he never listens to anyone. well at least that is what super folder gavin said

  4. Super folder Tristan

    p.s. JC what’s your e-mail address

  5. Super folder Tristan

    thanks JC ohh and I posted new pics on tom’s site. I ‘ll email you soon. (if my mom says okay. but she said okay last time and I forgot to ask you what your e-mail address is) – 🙂

  6. Super folder Tristan

    OH JC do you live in florida

  7. Super folder Tristan

    ahhh. Hey can the superfolders still email you stories for the poll

  8. Super folder Tristan

    okay Thanks!

  9. origamiluke100

    cool ending is there a sequeal


  11. And yes, there will be a sequel.

  12. SuperFolder JC

    BTW Dude does the sequel happen AFTER Papertine III? Cuz u know it follows this like immediately afterwards, but maybe you could have a story with Tommy trying to for one thing stop Harvey and Darth Yoda and prototype DP and Zack, plus maybe find out why they started working together. Cuz, according to the story, Harvey is afraid of Zack, and didn’t want him to invade. So, what happened?!

  13. origamiluke100

    no luke i am your mother!

  14. hey SuperFolder JC do ya own this site or something

  15. This story is SO STOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Will there be a sequel?

  17. DFVHJYy678890-(&^%$yghhhir3$^YGGtr4dr4

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