The Origami Yoda Time-Travel Special

An Unexpected Journey?
By Tommy

It all started like a normal afternoon. Kellen, Sara, Harvey, Dwight, Lance, and I were there sitting at the picnic area in the park.

All of a sudden Dwight says “Hey! I want to show you something cool!” “Okay?” Kellen said. “Are you sure it’s cool?” Dwight didn’t answer. Instead he shouted “C’mon! Hurry up!” So we all got up and left.

Except for Lance, who was waving at a cat.

Dwight said where he was taking us was very far and we might want to get our bikes. “Ha! I don’t need to use my bike!” Harvey replied. “Just look at these legs!”

“What legs?” said Kellen. “I only see sticks!” Okay, I have to admit I laughed a little at that. But anyway, we all went home and got our bikes. (Except for Harvey.)

Once we got our bikes, we met at the Qwikpick. Dwight said just to follow him down the road. So we all got on our bikes and started our journey.

Meeting Jasper
By Tommy

So we followed Dwight down a narrow road, up a hill, right, left, and so on until we got to a dead-end street. By then, Harvey was pooped, and said panting, “Bullies are great sprinters, but they’re nothing for distance!”

“I warned you!” said Dwight. “Now, it’s that white house on the end of the street over there. That’s my cousin’s house.” “Cousin?” I thought. “I wonder if he’s weird too.”
Well, turns out, I was right.

The moment we walked in, a weird guy who looked about 16 years old comes up to us wearing goggles and a lab coat.

“Dwight!” he says. “I see you brought your friends!” “Yep!” Dwight replied. “ I want you to take them to see ‘The Machine!’”

“You mean The Machine? Are you sure they can handle it?” “Now, Jasper, why would I bring them if they couldn’t handle it?” Because you’re stupid!” said Harvey. “Hey, shut up, four-eyes!” said Kellen. “Make me, uh, kid-who-still-pees-his-pants! *snort*”

“Alright, alright!” said Sara. “You’re both pretty girls. Now SHUT UP!!” We all stared open-mouthed at her.

“Are you sure they can? After that?,” Jasper inquired.

“Yes! Now let’s see it!”

So Jasper led us downstairs to a basement.

The Machine
By Tommy

Down in the basement were all of these cords and cables and stuff hooked up to TVs, Computers, and this big, odd well, machine.

“Welcome to the Control Room!” bellowed Jasper. “I know it’s messy, but it will be all cleaned up soon. As you can see, the-”

Dwight cut him off. “Just show it to them!!” “Okay, okay! Here is ‘The Machine’”.

“That’s a machine?!” snorted Harvey.

“Yes. It happens to be a very advanced Time Manipulation Device.”

“So, you’re saying this is a time machine?” I said.

“Precisely!” said Jasper in a British accent.

“Okay, anyway, how does it work?” I asked. “Well, you see the monitor over there? Well, it’s the-”

He was cut off by rustling noises coming from ‘The Machine’! Harvey had ran to and stepped into the Time Machine!

“Wait! Uh..Harold! Or whatever it is! DON’T HIT ANY BUTTONS!”

Harvey stared at the array of buttons. “Which one?” he said. He settled on a big green square one. The horn honked.

“Harvey! Stop it!”
I ran with Kellen, then Sara and Dwight came. We all got into ‘The Machine’ and tackled Harvey. Jasper was standing in disbelief and shock.

Then it happened. Someone’s foot hit the “START” button, I heard Jasper scream a Blu-Ray “NOOOOOOOOO!!”, and that’s all I remember before I blacked out.


The Awakening
By Tommy

We all woke up on a gravel road. “Ugh,” said Kellen, “Where are we?”

“Well, I’m guessing were not in the USA.”

“Or in the 21 century” piped in Harvey, “Look!” We all looked over to see a few horse-drawn carriages. Then we saw a building down the gravel road. It looked like a castle, but a little more strange.

“Um, Dwight…” I said. “What kind of machine is this?” He took out Origami Yoda. “Time machine, this is!” “Oh great,” said Harvey, “Now I’ll never get a college degree.”

“In what?” said Kellen, “Annoyingness?”

“Hardy har, har, Kellen…” “Hey wait, if we got here in the time machine, maybe we can get back.”

“Um, guys” Dwight said. “It was an unfinished machine. It only goes back in time.”

“WHAT?!?!?” We all shouted. “You mean we’re stuck here forever?”

“No. I may be able to contact Jasper through the machine.”

“Well, try it, already!,” said Harvey. “Okay, okay!” Dwight replied. He went over to the machine and pressed a button. “Come in, Jasper. I repeat, come in, Jasper.”

“Stop being an astronaut and talk normally!” Harvey snapped. “Jeez! OK. Japser! This is Dwight! Jasper, can you hear me?”

“Dwight? Is tha-KRRSK! KRRSK! -ou??” said a voice coming from The Machine.

“JASPER!!” said Dwight excitedly. “We were sent back in time!”

“OK. That’s wh- KRRSK! -was supposed to do!” replied Jasper.

“Yeah! I know. But we can’t get back! It isn’t finished yet, remember?”

“Oh…yeah. We- KRRSK! -on’t panic!” “Don’t Panic! You’re insane! Everybody is already panicking!” Harvey hollered. Everybody just stared at him.

“I think you’re the only one panicking, Harvey.” said Kellen.”

We’re just standing here.”I’m NOT panicking! I’m just uh…”

“Panicking,” said Dwight. “Now, Jasper, how do we get back?”

“Well what tim- KRRSK! of the world ar- KRRSK! – ou?”

“I’m not sure. I think I see a mansion or castle or something up this hill.”

“Oh no.” said Jasper. “I think yo- KRRSK! – the Victorian Period!”

“Why is that bad?” said Dwight.

“Well, let’s just- KRRSK -ay that the dimension you’re in is the one that’s- KRRSK! -arthest from our dimension. Heh Heh.”

“WHAT?!?!” Everyone shouted in unison.

“Guys! Be quiet! You don’t know what might happen if we yell. Someone might find us! OK, how do we get back, Jasp?” said Dwight.

“OK. You need a Wig, a Monocle, and a Jewel.”


To Be Continued….


  1. TommyTheMonsterlyMassivelyStookyTurkey

    Happy Foldsgiving!

  2. Ok. It’s almost Christmas and the time travel special still isn’t finished. Please. All I want for Christmas is this story to be finished. I miss the Origami Yoda books.

  3. Stookiness!

  4. Evil jawa, you really are evil!

  5. Because he wants a story from you. To which I say, DUDE. STOP. PESTERING. HIM. AND. LOOK. AT. EVERYTHING. ELSE. Like MY story, Universe! Check THAT out while he does his stuff. Jeez, do you even know how a story-writing process goes? We don’t just have the entire story in, like, 10 minutes! We need time to think, edit, and other necessary stuff. Sorry if I sounded mean, but it’s true!

  6. evil jawa can you add at least a little more to the story? like, one chapter?

  7. So cool! Can someone please tell me where I can read Doctor Glue? Im a MAJOR Doctor Who fan!

  8. Doctor Glue is not up yet. Patience, my friend. It will come.

  9. Oh, Thanks!

  10. It would be super stooky for them to see the doctor randomly!

  11. just upload one more chapter, not so evil jawa.

  12. Where are the doodles

  13. Alright Jawa. I have deciphered your code. What is our next clue?

  14. [points Iron Man repulsor at Jawa’s head]


  15. Let me just say, I’m sorry about how toxic I was before. I was young and foolish

    • Grand Master Skywalker

      Whoa! Are you…the guy who called Jawa actually evil? Well, I’ve seen your definitely spam-like comments all around the site, and…all I really have to say that everyone deserves a second chance. You admitted your past self’s flaws and that’s good enough in my book. You’re forgiven by me, someone who’s only been here for a solid two years and barely remembers you, and until then, I guess that’ll have to do. Skywalker out!

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