Foldiana Jones and the Search for Van Jahnke

By SuperFolder Jawa
(Puppet by SF Firk)

The Adventure Begins…in the Next Chapter
By John Flanery

The year is 2020. Bowling averages are way up, Mini-golf scores are way down, and we have more excellent water slides than any other planet we communicate with.

Heh, just kidding. All except for that 2020 part, that’s real. My name is Jonathan Flannery, but I usually go by John F. I’m a self-proclaimed “origarcheologist” who specializes in recovering school related artifacts that are either mentioned or doodled about in The McQuarrie Manuscripts.

These manuscripts were written by Tommy Lomax, who from 2010 to 2014 chronicled the adventures of his friend Dwight Tharp, who supposedly had a magical origami finger puppet based on the popular Star Wars character Yoda.

In the first section of these casefiles, a bust of Shakespeare’s Head, among many other things, was the topic of discussion. Although famous, it wasn’t the most sought after relic from the Manuscripts…until now. The evil criminal/bully organization known as the Brotherhood of Minch have realized the potential of this artifact and will stop at nothing to find and destroy it.

The Brotherhood was formed shortly after Tharp’s nemesis, Jacob Minch was expelled from McQuarrie after destroying a bunch of origami with a device called the Death Shredder. Some people also claim that he caused the fire here a few years back, but any evidence incriminating Minch was either burned up and/or shredded accordingly.

But enough about them, back to Shakespeare’s Head. It’s said that encased in the playwright’s Play-Doh noggin is a clue that leads to none other than the previously mentioned Death Shredder. The weapon is said to have vanished after the fire, with many choosing to believe that it was completely destroyed in the blaze. But the Brotherhood and I still believe that it’s out there, just waiting to be found.

What a setup for an adventure, am I right? A race against time (and an evil bullying cult) to recover a map to the most infamous weapon of mass origami destruction? What could possibly go wrong?

Foldiana Jones and Shakespeare’s Head

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  1. Charlie Anderton

    Oh. Mah Gawd. You need to update this story.

  2. stookiestorm41408

    Yeah I totally agree. Hope a sequel comes!

    • Um… I don’t know if you know this but my wordpress has been deleted… this means our plan to post Art-mong us on my site wont work anymore. I came up with a could of solutions though!

      1. Make a new/fake email so you can send it to me and we can talk about some other stories you may or may not want to write.

      2. Use the submission form on the talkzone and tell a mod to send it to me so I can make sure it will fit in!

      I hope we can find another way for me to read it because I have been very excited!

  3. Lol when is this getting continued!?!?!?

  4. is this still coming? Oribelloq is gonna get to the Van Jahnke first lol

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