OY4 – Elseworld

          The Rise of Anakin Skypaper
         By Tommy
“Behold!” shouts Harvey. I glance over and…perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. I’m Tommy. I go to McQuarrie Middle School with my friends, Kellen, Lance, Mike, Murky, Sara, and Ben. Oh, and my almost-friend Harvey Cunningham. There is also Dwight Tharp, a master origami folder. He is the one who created Origami Yoda, a Star Wars origami finger puppet that could predict the future, help solve people’s problems, and just be awesome. Dwight had also folded many other Star Wars origami creations. For instance, Origami Admiral Ackbar. Harvey, his nemesis, and my almost-friend, created an origami Darth Vader. He called it Darth Paper. Darth Paper would go around spewing insults, giving bad advice, and causing many problems for the students of McQuarrie. In the end, Darth Paper became Anakin again, and even saved Dwight from being suspended. Unfortunatly, Dwight left McQuarrie and started going to Tippet Academy. Then Sara brought Chebacca the Fortune Wookie to school, and she fooled us all into thinking that Dwight had made the Fortune Wookie, but in reality, she and her friends Rhondella and Amy had worked together and they made it a hoax and…..oh forget it. Then I convinced Dwight to come back to McQuarrie. Anyway, this case file will be about the duel between Origami Yoda, and An…better not reveal his name yet. Anyway, the light side of the force had returned to McQuarrie and everyone was happy again. I wish I could tell you that everyone lived happily after, but that would be a big, fat, lie. But we did all have a New Hope! This is all the information I have gathered about what has happened at McQuarrie during this new school year with the Return of the Dwight!
                Harvey’s comment:
             So far the biggest question is… will this case file be even dumber than the last ones?
My comment: didn’t you write that in the Fortune Wookiee case file?
Harvey’s other comment: No…..
The Return of Origami Yoda
  By Murky
 Oh yeah! The stooky Dwight is BAAAACKK!!!! I can’t wait to ask Origami Yoda another question! And I already have one. Today I folded a Van Jahkne Yoda, but it wouldn’t give advice like Dwight’s does. Dwight’s Yoda is stookiness personified! So I asked Yoda why my Yoda wouldn’t give me jedi wise advice like his. So Dwight held up Origami Yoda and said in his really pikpok pete yoda voice, “Give advice like me, your Yoda cannot.” Well, I thought that was totally narnar, so I just stomped away. That advice was totally un-STOOKY! What happened to the total rockets Dwight I used to know?
Harvey’s comment: Ugh. That Murky-to-English dictionary was helpful, but still…ugh. At least someone finally agrees with me!
My comment: I think it is very strange that origami Yoda/Dwight just blew Murky off like that!
Harvey’s other comment: I don’t!
                 Anakin Skypaper appears!
                   By Kellen
So, me and Tommy and… well I was standing in the library with my friends, and then a loud voice boomed out from behind me. “Behold!” shouts Harvey. “Anakin SKYPAPER!!!!” then those weird librarians were like “Shhhh!” On Harvey’s thumb sat an Origami Anakin. Not Darth Paper/Anakin, but an actual Anakin, before he falls into magma.
“Plastic dinosaurs!” shouts Murky. “It’s an Origami Anakin!” Harvey did his I-am-a-much-better-origami-folder-than-you-are smirk. “I call him Anakin Skypaper!!! Muah, ha, ha, ha!!!” and the librarians were just like, “SHUSH!”. Harvey lowered his voice. “Does anybody have an origami Padme Amidala?” I knew his plan. But apparently either Murky did not watch Revenge of the Sith, or he was just dumb. I’m guessing it was door number 2. Murky reached into his pocket and removed his Queen Origamidala that he had just made yesterday for the Origami Rebel Alliance. Harvey reached out and grabbed the Padme. “Hey,” Murky protested. “That is my stookiest origami ever!” Harvey made choking sounds, then crumpled Murky’s Padme. “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!” shouts Murky, falling to his knees. Harvey is holding out his hand. In his hand is the crumpled Padme. Harvey drops the crumpled paper on top of Murky’s humiliated and angry head. “I should have known,” Murky groaned, getting to his feet. “Revenge of the Sith, Anakin Force-choking Padme. I was so stupid to fall for that!”
Harvey’s comment: Yes. Yes you were. Give in to your anger. Feel the power of the dark side of the…
My comment: Oh, shut up. That was a (as Murky would say) stooky Padme.
                   Origami Yoda
                   Anakin Skypaper
                        By Tommy
                   Then a screechy voice sounded from behind us. “A duel, let there be,” it was Dwight/Yoda! “Again, both give answers to one question we will! Right whoever is will win!” “I accept your challenge!” boomed Anakin Skypaper. There was a collective gasp. I just groaned. Not again. “What should the question be?” asked Anakin/Harvey. Murky perked up. “Ooh! I know! I know! I asked Yoda why my total rockets Van Jahkne Yoda wouldn’t give advice and Yoda said, ‘Use the Force, your Yoda cannot,’ or something like that.” Murky turned to Harvey. “What is your answer?” he asked. Harvey lifted Anakin Skypaper. “Your Yoda can use the Force. The Force flows through all things.” I guess we’ll see who is right.
Harvey’s comment: I’M RIGHT!
My comment: I hope not, but honestly this time…..I’m not so sure about Dwight right now. Maybe Tippett DID leave something nasty in Dwight’s mind….
                     The Duel!
                        By Tommy
So, today (Saturday), we all went to Murky’s house, to see who won Murky’s contest. And his house was just WEIRD. There were posters everywhere that said stuff like, Stooky, or, TOTAL ROCKETS!!!! The house was so clean it was unnatural. It looked like nobody had lived there for the past year. The carpet was cleaner than…well, really clean carpet. The couches looked like no one had sat on them in a month, and the TV was collecting dust. But Murky’s room was even WEIRDER. There was one poster that said, Stooky, and a bed. That was IT. There was nothing else. It was actually kind of creepy. “So Harvey,” Murky started. “You told me my Yoda could use the Force.” He turned around. “And Dwight, YOU told me my Yoda couldn’t use the Force. Now, I will PROVE that my Yoda can or cannot use the Force, and whoever is right will win the contest. Get it? Got it? Good.”
“Never said use the Force, you could not,” Yoda said. “Said only did I, ‘Give advice like ME, you cannot.'”
“Huh?” I was just standing there, confused.
“Advice like mine, you cannot give,” Yoda started. “Because unique, your advice is!”
Murky smiled. “Oh! I get it now! Well, I guess nobody won the contest, BUT….since Harvey ripped my Queen Origamidala, I think HE loses this contest!”
Harvey’s comment: Bah humbug!!!
My comment: In your FACE!!!

The End

My Comment: I always wanted to include this in Jabba the Puppett, but it never really fit. It happened just one day after the Origami Rebel Alliance was formed. Obviously, Murky made a new Queen Origamidala, and Harvey went back to using his Anakin/Vader like normal. It’s funny, Harvey’s insults feel almost natural. Without them….hmmm…..

  1. one problem with Hervey’s answer Murky’s yoda is not alive

  2. Purple plastic dinosaurs! That book is jell-O!

  3. Sf hewhowalkstheskyshallblowupthedeathstar


    @ Jedi Gage: I like your icon pic.

  4. Super folder Epvjupa

    I bet Murky purposely stuffed those Grievous instrux. Who wrote this?

  5. Cool.

  6. Do you want to know what’s funny? In the actual 4th case file (Not Art2 one), Murky has Padme.

  7. Origami Zombie: BRAINSSSSS
    Origami Plo-Koon: What the wha?
    Origami Boba: Zombie, quit being weird and get your deadness in the cargo hold.
    Origami (VERY creepy wearing santa hat) Skeleton: Weee! We wish you a merry Crease-mas we wish you a merry crease-mas we wish you a merry Crease-mas and a happy new Fold!

  8. Ehhh, yeah, I can see why this is non-canon. It’s basically a copy of the first book. I hope the bounty Hunters is more credible. At least it will be better, I do know that. But no burning down the school.

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