Fantastic Folds: Folders Unite!

Written by Superfolder Guillermo.


By Tim Baker 

Ahh, so good to finally be so close to summer vacation, feels like there truly is nothing to worry about. 

The most wonderful thing is knowing that in 5 minutes exactly when I’m done writing this, I’ll be packing my bags to fly to London, the end-of-year trip we had all worked a lot to get.

Hopefully, all will be well, because one of the main things was to keep us safe, now any possibilities of weird or strange happenings have been neutralized. 

But, what can I say? In Ilkley Grammar, many things seem to happen by magic, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Cassius DeNogaret blows up another building or Howard Morgan is made an accomplice for evil plans once more. 

Once I had finished writing that neat introduction, I checked my watch:


“Precisely.” I think to myself.

I get up from my seat and look around the room. I’ve got to say, this felt kind of exciting, going tomorrow to visit one of the most amazing cities in the world. Not to mention the origin of the Harry Potter series, which led to the creation of a crazy fanfiction world of origami Harry Potter back in September when Mrs. Eagle rounded us all up and sorted us…gosh that looks so far away now. 

Ever since then, more and more people have taken the roles of the Wizarding World characters that suit best according to their personalities, and surprisingly, that worked about right! 

It also led to two friends of mine, Trevor Hallard and Heather Harrington, joining me in a mission to stop the now renewed (or so everyone believes) Cassius DeNogaret, who had impersonated the role of an origami Grindelwald, or Grindelfold. 

I realised I was standing in the middle of my bedroom looking into a void of thoughts, and that if anyone came in, it would be a pretty embarrassing situation for me. 

“Alright, so… coat, yeah, coat,” I thought to myself, “Also, ehm, comb, yeah, and-and toothbrush.”

Having had those three things lying on my bed, I realised I had never actually packed before. 

“Oh, well, this may take a while, but I’m gonna do it!” 

I had gathered most of my important personal stuff. Not many things, I have to say, just the essentials. I’m not a material guy. Therefore, I didn’t see it benefiting to use a big luggage bag, I just got the first thing I found that I always take on my trips, my ol’-buddy-ol’-pal, brown leather briefcase.

I neatly piled all of them and folded them inside. It looked perfect. 

I closed the briefcase and looked at my phone to check for any unread messages, and I stopped on an email I got some months ago from a guy from London, claiming to know what had happened at the chemistry competition, and telling me not to trust Cassius DeNogaret. Now, this was good and all, but I’ve learned not to trust any emails from people I don’t know personally. 

I opened my drawer and got Newt Scafolder out, which I inserted in my briefcase, and closed it with a light click. 

I was ready to go. 


By Trevor Hallard

I hate it when the alarm clock wakes me up in the mornings with that devilish sound from the underworld! 

“But it’s dark outside still!” I exclaimed, ever so annoyed and tired, but mostly…wait. Mostly tired, yeah. 

At that exact time, I would’ve stayed in bed. Heck! I didn’t think I even knew why I had to get up so early on a weekend! 

I was partially still asleep. With my ears ringing, I tried to get up, but once I had risen, all the blood that had been in my brain and head fell down at incredible speed, leaving me like an idiot standing up on the bed until I fell down from the dizziness. 

The sheets were just so warm, and the pillow so cozy… I could’ve sworn I fell asleep again, until a voice on the other side of the door woke me up, surprised. 

“Trevor, honey, are you done?” Said this voice, which I quickly recognized as my mother’s. 

“Ready?” I muttered under my breath, “Re-ready for what?”

And yep, that’s when it struck me: Today was the trip to London “Aw, crap!”

I dashed out of the bed, this time not giving two pickles about where my blood was, I could care less if it was dancing in my brain.

So fast did I unravel myself from the layers of sheets that they had fallen on the floor, and I tripped while trying to reach the nearest chair, where my clothes I had left out yesterday for today laid. 

“What in the world are you doing?” My mother, who had just come into the room, was saying. 

I would have appreciated it if the chair hadn’t fallen on my back just when my mother asked that. 

She sighed “Look, I don’t care how you do it, but if you’re not downstairs in five minutes, you’re gonna lose the train!” 

I got my snazzy jacket on, just the way I like it. Grabbed my giant black trolley and went down the stairs like I was riding a freaking broomstick. 

Mom gave a little shriek when I opened the back of the car and threw the luggage inside. 

“Wow, you arrived sooner than I expected!” She commented in relief.

“Yeah, Mom,” I finally got in the car and closed the door, “They don’t call me ‘the flash’ for nothing.” 

I bet she would have spared the ride to the train station since we live relatively close to it, so I couldn’t tell if she was being a nice mom, or she didn’t expect me to get dressed so fast, so, for my own psychological health, I’m gonna pretend it’s due to the first reason. 

I had never seen the streets so quiet. Well, they always were, the one thing about living in an English town is that you’re never gonna hear more than an owl hooting in the distance. And that’s a privilege not many people have. 

But what I mean is that there was no traffic, for a difference, so I felt like every sound the car’s engine made was gonna wake up the whole neighborhood. 

We shortly arrived at an almost empty train station.

I had passed by many times, but I believed that to be the first time I had actually stopped to see it. 

It was rather little, to be exact. Two railways covered the center, and it was out in the open, against the road, and two red shops on either side: the one on the left was a TESCO™ supermarket, and the one in front of it was a simple railway ticket station. It wasn’t King’s Cross, that’s for sure.

Mom dropped me off and left because she had to get back home to work on some stuff from the office. 

I noticed a couple of elderly people buying tickets from a rather funny looking man with a white mustache. He made me make little smirks I couldn’t hold. 

I looked to the right and surprised myself. A figure was looking down at his brown leather briefcase, wearing a long dark blue coat. I could recognize Tim Baker anywhere.

This could be a time for a laugh. 

“You mind if I sit down?” I asked with a sheepish voice. 

“Yeah, yeah! I mean, no, no!” He exclaimed, looking down, “Not at all.”

I sat down next to him, arms crossed. 

“Y’know, one of these days, you’re gonna have to learn to look up.”

He didn’t look up, but to his side. He saw me and exclaimed:

“Trevor! How are you?!” 

“I’m good, but mostly excited,” I laugh.

“Good to hear!” He looked at the front, to the cabin where minutes ago the white mustached man had been selling tickets, “It was darker here when I arrived, and alone. Now there are more people coming…”

“That’s Eustace Connors, right?” I asked rhetorically, just to bring up the conversation. Of course, I knew who he was. 

“Yeah, yeah.”

In a couple of minutes, the station’s grounds were full of people coming from every side. All from Ilkley Grammar School, no doubt, except some people, workers perhaps, who looked at the agglomeration of students with a funny expression.

The chatter of the people was silenced by a train engine coming closer. 

I would’ve thought it would be a modern train, maybe electrical, but no. 

What was approaching was, if I recall correctly, a Hall Class Locomotive, blue and black. The silvery steam that came out of the smokestack soon covered the entire station, leaving us in a spot of fog that was quickly cleared away once this transport had stopped in front of us. 

I guess you could see the excitement in my face, because next thing you know, Tim Baker was talking again.

“Don’t tell me you know what type of train this is.” 

“I didn’t say anything! ” I replied.

“Hi, guys!” Heather’s voice was heard over the crowd’s echo. 

I noticed her with an aired expression. 

“Good day! Please sit down!” Tim, who had just noticed her offered.

“Where did you come from?” I asked her. I hadn’t seen her coming.

“Dad dropped me off seconds ago, you?” 

“My mother,” I gave a nod, “She thought I was gonna be late, but the train has only just arrived.”

“Yeah, well parents are like that,” She laughed, “Nice briefcase Tim!”

“Oh, yeah!” He nodded, “It’s awesome, easy to handle, and doesn’t weigh a lot.”

Dr. Marshall got out of a light green car that had just stopped. 

He looked stressed because he got his bag and carried it in such a rush to the train’s doors that I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had tripped and fallen to the ground.

“Alright, everybody!” He panted, “All aboard!” 

We three got up and went past him. 

“Good morning, Tim!” He said. 

“Good morning, sir!” 

The train was all that you could expect from a Hall Class Locomotive:

A great, never-ending aisle on the left, and a series of compartments on the right-hand side. Inside these compartments, there stood two large seats, each one facing the other, and a big window, through which the station could be seen, and a large line of students waiting to get inside.


By Tim Baker 

The warmth inside the compartment in which we entered felt so good in contrast to the cold air of the morning outside.

Trevor and I sat in the first seat on the left side, while Heather sat alone in the other one. She didn’t seem bothered about that fact, or maybe she hadn’t even noticed. I mean, I would’ve sat next to her, but Trevor would have noticed, and I didn’t really wanna hurt his feelings.

“At last!” Trevor expired, “Have any of you looked up what we’re going to do during the week?” 

I blushed. I was commonly known for being the guy who documented himself about everything, but this time I hadn’t found the time, and I was too busy folding, and dreaming about what we would do instead of looking at those weird pamphlets the school had given us days ago. Ah wait, that’s not all. I had used one of those pamphlets to fold another Newt Scafolder (yeah, that’s what happens when you get used to living in a world of origami). Besides, I didn’t like it, so I threw it away. So yeah, I had no clue of what we were going to do. 

“Well,” Heather started, she seemed like she HAD documented herself, “I don’t know much, but I might have read we stay somewhere in Central London, a chain Hotel, “She stopped like she was expecting a reaction, but no one did, partially because I was kind of annoyed because of the fact that I hadn’t looked anything up. I was concerned about this and wasn’t really listening.

“Also, ehm, we will be visiting some famous buildings and structures, and, more excitingly, we have the afternoons free from 15:00 to 19:00, so that’s great-“

Heather was cut, unintentionally of course, by Alice Adams. 

“Hi, guys! Mind if I sit with you? Oh! Ehm, sorry if I’ve interrupted you.” 

“Oh, don’t worry. Sure!” Heather pointed at the seat next to her. 

“Thanks, everywhere else was full.” She added, “That’s what I get for arriving late.” 

“Speaking of late, what time is it? I feel like we’ve been here for ages.” Trevor said, looking at the walls for a watch.

“Yeah, I really hope we start moving soon, the wait’s eternal.” Alice agreed. 

“Well,” I replied, “I hope you get comfortable, it’s a few hours’ ride to London.”

“Bah, I’m sure we’ll be OK, I was just saying it because of the snacks, I’m sure there’s a guy giving out snacks once we get going,” Trevor laughed, “that’s just the biggest of my worries.” 

The engines could be heard again, and that classic sound of the train’s wheels moving made it obvious we weren’t staying in the station much longer, we were leaving, at last, abandoning the town and stepping into the deserted train tracks. 

“Oh! Yeah, I almost forgot!” Alice exclaimed, breaking the silence, and put her hand in her pocket, “I went into a lot of thinking… And I was sure this one wasn’t picked…” 

I could tell she was trying to take something out of her pocket, and I wasn’t mistaken. Seconds after, she pulled a perfectly crisp and detailed version of what I could tell was an origami masterpiece, “Here she is! I present to you, Pleata Lestrange!” 

“Wow, that’s-that’s awesome!” Trevor congratulated her, as did we all.

I wouldn’t have needed her introducing her puppet, she had perfectly captured in her puppet the details of Leta Lestrange, from Fantastic Beasts.

“It took me a while to get all the details, but eventually, I got it, have you still got yours?” 

“We never take them out of our sight.” I got Newt Scafolder from my briefcase and showed it.

“It’s funny how this thing started, right?” 

“Yeah, I never would have thought we would end up folding origami characters that fit our way of being,” Trevor added, “But have you ever thought that maybe we sometimes act accordingly to our characters just because we have them? Like, it’s an influence.” 

“Yeah, but I think that it’s all for good.” Heather agreed.

“Anyways, glad you joined the Fantastic Folds gang, Alice.” Trevor smiled.


By Cassius DeNogaret through recorder 

As soon as the engines started working, coal was in the train oven – or whatever you wanna call it. I knew I had managed to do what I had been planning practically all along, in case my first plan – which was to bankrupt the school – didn’t work.

When that happened, and that Tim Baker guy and his friends told me off to the so-called ‘Ministry of Folders’ council led by that Anna Leach, I decided to play undercover for a while. 

Of course, I couldn’t have done anything else, because shortly after that, my mom got a letter and we didn’t just get sent to a school board meeting for criminal charges, because of my bad luck, Ilkley Grammar is a public school, and the matter didn’t just concern the school, but the state’s Government as well. 

Not long after that, I attended a real jury which I can classify as ‘unfair’, since they didn’t let me defend myself, they just explained the situation to the people there – the secretary taking notes looked like he was about to burst into tears from all the excitement and info on my case – and after that, I was sent to a school for ‘juvenile delinquents’ or whatever that means. The place was called Tuckerton.

It was quite an interesting place, I must say. But dangerous and terrifying too. I just never thought I’d admit that. 

The policemen and guards in charge go through the halls every two minutes, they’re used to these kids, believe me: Adolescence is not a place to be in a cell. 

Every night you could hear someone crying to get out, or others just laughing diabolically.

The first night, I thought they would stop at some point, but they didn’t, they had to send a guard to take one someplace else, threatening the others they would share the same fate if they continued acting like that. That didn’t stop them from crying and screaming. 

Their lives wouldn’t be the same if they got out. Having to be in a juvenile jail would be something they’d have to accept for the rest of their lives, some may even fail to get a job in the future because of this.

Not to mention that they would always remember that experience, for it is not a forgetful one. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night, and see only the flashing of light before someone was taken away for shouting or cursing or threatening other inmates with getting revenge, sometimes a combination of all three. 

The very air is filled with depression and sorrow, and this stops you from dreaming of getting out, makes you make sure you won’t ever make it past those gates again. 

It’s one of the prime characteristics of Tuckerton, yes, this feeling of depression. It feeds on your hope, happiness, and your desire to survive, and it’s one of the main reasons some go crazy during their stay. 

Only my intelligence kept me from falling like the rest, since every time a guard passed by my cell, the only thing they could see was a white-haired kid sitting alone, and looking down. 

The one thing they didn’t know about me: I was planning an escape at the same time. 

No one, ever, has fled from Tuckerton, or so the legend says. But I have always been convinced that my intellect was beyond any type of academic achievement, and this was what it was worth using it for. 

Of course, one day I had a visitor: My mother had come to say hi. 

I went to see her, and she asked me how I was, but I didn’t feel like talking to her, the only thing I wanted to do was to have revenge on those who put me in this position. 

I left here, without talking, until they put me back in my cell. It was decided, I was running away that night. 

One of the things no one tells you about Tuckerton is also one of the things you don’t realise until you get there. No one knows exactly where it is, and there’s a fake rumour going on that it’s in Leeds. Well, yes, but actually no. 

It’s in the outskirts of town, surrounded by a field so flat and deprived of life, that even the tiniest movement outside can be worth sending a Police squad to figure what’s happening there.

Luckily, I had made a loyal friend there, who had been there for as long as he could remember, so he had an influence on the other guys locked up since they considered him the ‘supreme master’ or something. I had promised to get him out once I escaped, and being the dummy, half-brained kid he is, he sure took it to heart. 

During dinner that night- oh, don’t bother asking, it was the usual: a white, weird slob that no one could eat with a side of mushy mushrooms and 15-year-old water – the guy was ready, and he, along with the other kids he had convinced, made the biggest rabble you could’ve seen in prison.

Everyone got their plates and their forks and tried to hit some agents with them. 

The agents, thinking they were just looking for a fight, called most of the guards to the dining room to stop this fight. 

The locked-up kids fought hard, but being the trained policemen that they were, stopped the rabble and sent them to their cells, I suppose because by the time they figured there was a guy missing, I had already climbed two large fences.

I cut myself too many times, but I managed to escape. Stopping when a light came my way, and continuing when I was clear. 

The problem came when they knew I had escaped. 

Large numbers of policemen came patrolling in every direction, and I had to make a run for it once I was clear of the gates or otherwise they would find me. I reached Leeds not long after, found something to wear in the empty streets, and managed to get a ticket to Leeds. 

The policemen from the country had all been warned about my escape I figured, so I tried to avoid them.

You might ask yourself why I would run away from justice since they would end up getting me, I would have no education in the streets running away…well, I have my ways. 

I knew that the day after, during the chemistry competition I had overheard they were going to have, I would be a hero, I had made sure of that before being taken away for the first time to Tuckerton. 

And now the school was going to pay, I don’t know if the consequences are going to be bad, or how many people this is going to hurt, but I only know one thing:

I do this for the greater good.


By Cassius DeNogaret

Just when I finished recording the events so that I never forget what had happened, of course, I would guard that recording with my life, since what I said would be more than enough to get me in Tuckerton again- I listened to it once more, making sure that I made Tuckerton sound like a reality, and not some teenager’s bad dream.

Then the compartment’s door in which I was in opened again, and a bunch of students, boys and girls alike, came in and asked either to sign their wallets or to shake hands with them. They did treat me like a hero ever since I saved those two boys from the explosion. 

“Cassius, my man!” A red-haired boy, Thomas Andersen was saying, holding his hand up high so I could high five.

It was interesting how no one ever wanted anything from me before, and I had to climb up a social ladder to popularity, even then no one knew who I was, and now, I do something little, and I have everyone’s disposition at my command. This feeling of having fun and enjoying life was unique, and I wouldn’t give it up so easily. 

They all sat down in the seats left and started talking to each other and me, and therefore I had to abandon my reflection projects and writing for my great plan and try to make them think I like them destroying my personal privacy.

“So, Cassius,” A blonde girl wearing a funny light green skirt said as she sat next to me. Pen in hand, she got a small booklet out of one of her pockets and felt like she was ready to write about whatever she was going to ask me.

I recognized her as Lisa Ferrier, the IGS Prophet’s, the school’s most famous newspaper, top reporter. She had the fame of being completely dishonest with her work and a big liar, but extremely good at extracting information, and some others say she had started carrying around an origami puppet as well.

“You don’t mind if I interview you for your heroics, right?” She asked with a very funny accent. 

“No, no not at all, I enjoy a bit of reflection of course,” I replied. 

“Oh, you like to reflect?” A small smirk was drawn on her face, “Say, ehm, you like to reflect about your dangerous life, surrounded by mystery and disloyalty, but in the end, you think you are much better than that, yes?” 

“Yeah?” Maybe talking to her wasn’t such a good idea. Her pen seemed like a flashing silver thing that went forwards and backward as she wrote with incredible speed. She was really talented, to be honest. 

“So, tell us, why did you choose to save those two young men?” She asked, “Was it to regain your honor? A thirst to prove yourself? Love?” 

“Just doing my duty, ma’am,” I answered, just as a familiar face was showing through the door. Howard Morgan. 

“Excuse me, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to leave for a second,” She seemed to be hurt for leaving her and ending her interview like that, but I personally didn’t have any intention of continuing with something that didn’t make sense at all, she seemed a little long-winded. 

I got up and headed for the door, which opened easily. 

Going through the corridor, I realised how many compartments there were, and it seemed like an impossible task to go one by one searching for Howard. 

I felt the urge to go inside one and look if he was there, but knowing him, he would be someplace else. 

I went wagon by wagon, convinced that I would find him. And I did. 

In the last wagon, against the back of the train, there he was. But he wasn’t alone, a girl was with him. 

“Oh no, it’s you!” He exclaimed, and tried to leave, but realised he was against the back of the train, and the only way he could go was through me. 

“You don’t need to be scared of me” I tried to calm him down the best way I could. 

“You. Made. Me. Do everything, those things I would never have done!” He started mumbling in little more than a whisper. 

“Stay away from him!” This girl had stood in front of him. 

I couldn’t help but smile. 

“You know what my project is, don’t you care about it either?” I asked both of them. 

“You have no project! All you want is destruction!” Howard replied with his head down. 

“Destruction is a necessary part to rebuild something more,” I sat down next to him. If I really wanted to convince him, this was the way, “And you know as well as I do, everyone with a right mind will want to be on my side, when the time comes, for they will be rewarded.”

There was a strange pause, like if they were considering something.

“What’s in it for us?” The girl asked.

“Holly Kim,” She was surprised I knew her name, “For you, and for you friend, there will be glory.” I handed Howard the puppet he had left at the school gates back in November, Creasence, and handed Holly some green and brown paper (a very rare thing to come by) “You will look out for Howard and work for me. I want you to make Nagini, Credence’s faithful friend.”

She took it and I smiled. They were mine now.


By Tim Baker

An hour away from our destination, I started to realize that the probability of someone coming with a trolley and selling snacks was low – very low. 

“So yeah, no snacks, right?” Trevor asked. He had guessed right. “Well, that’s a bummer.”

“Sure is,” I agreed. 

“I thought this was gonna be like a Hogwarts Express or something,” He replied dreamingly.

“Did you really?” Heather asked. She looked tired too. I bet she was just asking to pump up some conversation.

“Well, what if I did?” Trevor laughed, “Anyways, all I want to do now is to take a nap.” 

“An hour away from the destination? What do you want us to do, wake you up?” I asked him, but he had already made himself comfortable, leaning against the window. 

“I wonder what that would look like to someone watching from outside.” 

We laughed. It had been a long time since I had laughed with a group of people; it felt good. 

“What do you guys think about Cassius?” Anna asked us.

“Are you kidding? This topic has already been exhausted… Everyone thinks he’s found the way of life,” Heather replied.

It was true, the numerous followers around DeNogaret had made everyone think of him as an actual god on earth. There wasn’t a single place he went where people didn’t ask him something or asked for him to sign whatever. 

People love the bad guy/good guy stories, and this has started to get annoying. 

“Oh, come on! He’s great! He risked his own life, seconds away from an explosion just to save two people.That makes him a legend if you ask me.” Alice explained. 

“Pfff!” Trevor had just woken up, or maybe he just hadn’t fallen asleep and had pretended he had. “Who is he kidding! That guy almost sabotaged the school! I wouldn’t trust him, and I don’t care how you feel about it.” 

“Oh, and don’t you think a guy deserves a second chance? Or is everyone just as perfect as you?” Alice indignantly sneered.

I tried to calm the situation down. “Actually, Alice,Trevor has identified him better.” 

I signaled Heather somehow, sort of saying that what I was about to say was something important. 

She answered something like ‘we can trust Alice.’ Or something like that.

“Months ago, I got an email from a certain Camster Jenkins, who lives in London.” Everyone looked astonished, I hadn’t told anyone about this before, “He told me not to trust Cassius.” 

“And that’s it?” Alice asked.

“Yeah, what did you expect?” 

“I dunno Tim, we don’t know this guy, he might be messing with you,” Heather started.

“How did he get your email?” Trevor asked. 

“Alright, those are too many questions! Firstly, he told me he had his ways to get my email, and he told me he had known Cassius for a long time, but they ended up disagreeing. Personally, I think that if we have to choose between Cassius and this other guy, I’ll choose the other guy’s trust.” 

“Alright, seems fair,” Trevor agreed. 

“Wait, what does that change?”

“Why would a guy I don’t know be bothering me if it weren’t for this?” I snapped back. It’s like they wanted to contradict me on purpose. 

“There are plenty of weird people in this world. If he knew the school was coming to London, he might have hacked the school system to get your school email address.” Alice explained. 

Of course, she was trying to convince me that…

“We don’t even know him!” said Heather.

“How about we get to him?” 

“Are you saying we meet him somewhere?” Alice yelled 

“No. No, why would we?” I faked confusion. 

“I dunno…” Heather answered, “But I do think it’s better to trust him than to trust Cassius.”

“Agreed.” Trevor said. 


By Heather Harrington.

All of a sudden, the window seemed to change colors; it changed from  farms and never-ending green fields and rural backdrops to a much different one.

The fields were replaced by roads, the flowers replaced by cars, trees by enormous buildings, and the sun by a grey fog that seemed to cover the entire city.

No one could deny it – we were now in London. 

Trevor woke up once more with some ‘awws’ from other compartments. Most of us, not to say all of us, had been to London at least once in our lives, but there was a strange air in the city that made it look like it had been the first time we had stepped foot on King’s Cross Station minutes after.

I was followed by Tim, Trevor and Alice to the train’s doors along with our luggage, and every time I saw Tim’s ease while he carried his convenient briefcase, I count help but wish I had brought smaller bags, because mine kept crashing and bumping against the train walls.

“Ahh! Kings Cross Station,” Dr. Marshall announced, “Hasn’t changed a day, has it? Except for those things they added around a platform over there,” He signaled a brick column with a cart attached. “They added that when Harry Potter came out. Anyways, let’s get going! Lots of stuff to see, so little time!”

“So little time?” Trevor chuckled ” You think a week is little time? I doubt London has that many things to see”

I nodded. I didn’t want to get in an argument right then. 

“Do you need help, sir?” I asked Dr. Marshall, who looked like he was having a little trouble looking at the map. 

“Oh, no thanks Heather, I’m just confused,” He was saying “Alright, so this underground takes me to Baker Street…Stay close people!”

Mrs. Eagle had just arrived and tried to help the other teacher out, and together they both managed to make a route to the hotel to drop the luggage. 

After a crazy couple of hours hopping from train to train, with one or two complications with distracted kids getting stuck in the underground train, we managed to safely reach our hotel destination. 

“I’m going to read your names out loud so you can get your keys and get your room. This is a very good hotel, a classic, so please don’t make a ruckus and don’t ruin its reputation.” He explained. 

So many names called, until finally 

“Baker, Tim and Hallard, Trevor, second floor to the left, room 221. Same thing Alice and Heather, although to room 223.”

“We’ll meet in half an hour downstairs at the door!” He called out while everyone was leaving to their rooms. 

“Finally!” A voice behind me exclaimed. But I never found out who it was, because whoever it was got lost in the crowd. 

“So that’s it, then,” Tim said “We’ll see you guys later.” 

We climbed the stairs to the second floor and parted ways on doors next to each other. 

In short words, the room was awesome. 

Who would have told me that having gone to London with a school, we would be staying In such a cool hotel, with views to the more modern side of London at the other side of the Thames, and the Tower Bridge which connected both ends. 

“This is awesome!” Remarked Alice.

“Yeah”, I agreed.

“Have you seen the decorations downstairs?” She exclaimed in excitement. “Sincerely, I was expecting something less…quality-like, you know what I mean?”

I examined everything. “Yeah, this wasn’t expected!”  


By Trevor Hallard 

Tim was checking his phone as soon as we got inside. 

“Dude, why are you checking your phone?” I snarled at him. “Look! Just look at the freaking room! We’re in a 5 star suite for Pete’s sake!” 

“First of all”  Tim started, looking down and speaking under his breath. I had to listen extra carefully to get everything he was saying. “I saw it, it’s great, but it’s not a 5 star suite. I bet they just make it look like that for first impressions.” 

“Whatever you say… But look at the views! You can’t hold anything against them!” 

“Alright, sorry.” He fit his phone back into his pocket. “I agree that the views are great, yes.” 

There was silence for a moment, until I almost broke the handle of the wardrobe. 

How was I supposed to know it came out easily? 

“See what I’m talking about?” Tim explained. “Umm, also! We have half an hour to do anything, so if you wanna shower or anything, better do it now.”

“OK, yeah I think I’ll go.” 

He nodded, and turned back to face my phone. 

I came out minutes later and stopped upon seeing him. 

“There’s something wrong,” I stated. “I can feel it! I can feel it in the air! You’ve never looked that much at your phone! Some could even say you hated it!” 

He hid it again in his pocket, he didn’t wanna tell me, but it looked like something was creeping him out, but now he had no excuse. He had to tell me

“You do remember that guy I told you on the train about? Who told me not to trust Cassius?”

“Lord almighty! Did he send you something else?” 

“Yep,” He replied in a funny accent. 

I stomped towards him, and he showed me his phone, in an email, it said:

Dear Tim,

He’s dangerous, he’s preparing something, a final weapon. 

Be weary. 

Also, I think we should meet. How about Brick Lane ? 

I know you may not trust me, but I need you to. It’s essential. 

Send an email. 

“Well this solves a lot of questions doesn’t it?” I asked ironically, and Tim raised an eyebrow. 

“What I don’t understand is what he means by Cassius preparing a final weapon.” Tim hesitated for a second before opening a drawer, he didn’t want the knob to fall off. 

“Maybe he’s like preparing  giant catapults or something,” I joked. This made us both laugh. The mere scene in our heads of Cassius and army with catapults assaulting the school was too funny to bear. That guy may be a genius, but there was no way people were gonna join his cause…or were they? 

I stayed for some seconds thinking, and I had barely noticed Tim leave to the bathroom to shower. 

I took Jafold Kovalski out of my pocket. Was Cassius going to start an origami war? Was that the weapon? Whatever it was, it didn’t sound good. 

Tim walked out, and after taking three steps, he stopped on the spot. 

“Ehm, Trevor?” He muttered, “What time is it?” 

Something inside me didn’t want to look at the watch, while my hand acted on its own and we could see the time. 


“Oh, my, when did Dr Marshall say we needed to be outside?” I asked him. 

He put his hands over his head and yelled. 

“Forty-five minutes ago!” 

We dressed up fast, and went down the stairs, but found nobody at the entrance. 

Where had everyone gone? When would they come back? Would we have to look for them? 

“Tim!” Heather’s voice was heard, but, looking around, I realised it wasn’t coming from around us, but from Tim’s phone. “Where are you? I thought you were with the group and I didn’t rush to find you!” 

” Heather, I need you to listen to me” Tim called from the phone ” Where are you? Are you that far away?”

They spoke for some time, and Tim hung up with a sigh. 

” Well?” I asked

“We can’t reach them, they’re too far away, but we know when they’ll be having dinner, we can catch them then, or else they’ll keep moving” He explained ” Oh, welI wish we don’t get into too much trouble” I said, my hands still on my head ” We need to think right now.” 

“If we stay here, I didn’t know how long we’ll have to wait, and for sure we’ll be bored”

“Where are we going to go? We’re gonna get lost?” 

“No, we’re not, trust me. The best thing we can do is save time and do something else meanwhile.” 

Tim looked at his mail. “I’ll see where Brick Lane is, and hope it’s not far away.” 

“Great, now you’re meeting a stranger” 

“No, we’re meeting a stranger,” Tim corrected me. “And besides, that’s a crowded street, it’s not like it’s gonna be dangerous or anything. Sometimes you’ve got to take risks for a greater benefit” 

“If we get caught, I’m blaming this whole thing on you.” 

“Seems fair.” 


By Alice Adams

In truth, when Heather received the call from Tim, we were already moving in a subway towards the London National Gallery museum. 

As always, people who felt a sense of orientation helped Dr Marshall translate the map signs and pick a route to the museum, but Heather was tired and I was too, so we sat down. I couldn’t help myself at that moment, much less someone else. 

Cassius was right in front of us, flirting and trying to be cool in front of everyone while passing his hand over his hair a few times to untidy his hair and tilt it backwards. That guy disgusted me. 

“Hi guys!” A very nice voice said right next to us. It was James Bruce. 

“Hi James!” I saluted him. “Hadn’t seen you yet! How are you doing?” 

“Pretty well, to be fair,” He replied with a smirk, “You will know of course the Ministry of Folders has put a lot of work into this trip, so I’m trying to enjoy myself”

“Looks good.” 

“Mind if I sit with you guys? The turns in this thing are driving me crazy.” 

“Be my guest!” 

He sat beside us just as Heather hung up on the call. She looked preoccupied. 

“Oh Gosh,” She Put her hand over her mouth. As preoccupied as she was, she held in a little chuckle. “We left Trevor and Tim at the Hotel, they lost track of time.” 

“You’re kidding? I thought they were somewhere around the underground!” I laughed, I really couldn’t help it. Something must’ve happened. Tim wasn’t one to forget his priorities. 

“Oh, man” James exclaimed. “Can’t we just tell Dr. Marshall?” 

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, they’ll get in trouble if he figures it out” Heather replied coldly. “I’ve told them to meet with us at the shawarma place, hopefully they’ll be there by dinnertime and blend in.” 

We reached the stop about ten minutes later, and I couldn’t yet get over how big London was, it was huge.

Yes, I’d been there before, but this was the first time I had actually noticed it. 

The museum was nice, filled with paintings that spanned several centuries, from Roman to Early Modern period, and it was hard not to get lost between all those faces staring back at you from every angle. 

“I didn’t know you were such an art lover.”  Heather joked

I got my Pleata Lestrange from my pocket. “At the best of times, but now I’m a bit bored, I’ve already seen most of these on the internet.” 

“Well yeah, but the good thing is looking at them in real life, isn’t that right?” 

“Well, yes.” 


CN: My fellow followers, we must meet in half an hour in the women’s restroom.

HM: Do I bring anyone? 

CN: As many as you can gather


AS: I don’t get it, why are we called acolytes again. 

CN: It’s an alliance, the ones who follow Grindelfold to the end. 

AS: No pun? Or is the pun already included? 

CN: Don’t make me laugh. 


By Tim Baker 

As Trevor and I approached Brick Lane at high speed (fast walking, to be exact) after exiting the train, I made sure to email this mysterious Camster Jenkins and tell him we were coming, and to meet at a place called the Three Brothers, a national treasure from what I could tell. 

The place was huge, second floor and all. 

The waiters, wearing brown, rusty clothes, gave a tavern airiness to the place, and these guys went up and down like lightning, from one table to another. They were used to working in big places. 

All the tables were occupied, except for one in the middle, where a small man formally dressed in a grey wool coat sat, looking at us. 

“That’s him,” I signaled Trevor. 

“How do you know?” He asked, muttering. 

“I just feel it, trust me.” 

He sheepishly walked over to the table, and with every step I could hear words come out of Trevor’s mouth. It sounded something like ‘all I ever do is trust you’. 

We came to him and he looked at us for a moment before speaking. 

“Oh, please have a seat my friends!” He stood up and got some chairs, putting one beside him and one in front. 

“Camster, Camster Jenkins?” I asked. 

“The very man,” He said happily. “Tim Baker, I assume.” I nodded in agreement. “–and you are?” 

“Trevor, Hallard, Trevor Hallard” He stuttered.

“Alright my men, I’ll get some stuff over here-“

“Camster, how are you old pal!” An old waiter had just come and high fived him.

“You’ll have the usual, I suppose?” 

“Oh yeah thanks! Also, I’ve got two guests today,” Camster signaled to us. 

“And what would you gentlemen like to have?” 

Trevor was nervous, and you could barely make out a word when he said “Pepsi free.” 

“I’ll have a milk, chocolate” I added 

“Very well” The nice man said, returning to the bar. 

For some reason, even though I was known for being tremendously shy everytime I met a new person, this time this seemed to change. I was here for a reason and we had come all this way to know what Cassius was planning, and we needed to get to the bottom of this. 

“So, you’re very popular around here,” I said to him, looking around. I could tell Trevor was just as surprised at my new attitude as I was. 

“Well, you can never be too popular,” He laughed. “But yes, many know me, I’ve come here almost every day for the last two years. It’s homely.” 

We could sit like this all day. I checked my watch, and time was running out. I needed to get to the point. 

“Why did you call us here? ” I may have asked way too harshly, but I didn’t want to lose more time. 

“Tim. Tim, right? You may not know this, but I had been a friend of Cassius DeNogaret for a long as time goes back, 

Cassius was a brave boy who would stick up for me everytime someone wanted to fight me. People in these streets used to fight a lot, for some reason and they needed someone to hit. To my inconvenience, that kid was me. 

Cassius was the boy who would fight all of these guys and get them on the floor before they could touch me. It was no mystery that the guy was a genius in martial arts. 

He taught me like no one else, and with a bit of hard, daily practice we became master and apprentice. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I told you that there was a time when me and Cassius were best friends.” Camster smiled. ” Yes, indeed, those were the good old days…Nobody dared oppose us. Not at school, not in the streets, nowhere. 

So, with that and some time, we even started believing we were better than anybody, just because we exceeded everything at school and daily life. 

We took a quest to end anyone who, let’s say, didn’t have so much ‘talent’ as we did, AKA the rest of the world.” 

“Wow, that sounds egocentric,” Trevor interrupted. 

“Shhh!” I silenced him

“No, no he’s right. That idea we carried during our childhood disappeared for me when I became more mature, when I realised that people like my younger sister, who was not as bright as normal people, was a person with an open mind, open to reasoning and feelings like me, and Cassius, and everybody. Cassius of course didn’t like that, he thought nobody with a discapacitated mind deserved to learn. And he fought me. After that, he left, and I didn’t know anything about him until this November, when Tim, you and him were in the newspapers. 

I knew what he was doing, Tim, he doesn’t want to destroy your school, he is planning to destroy every single student who is not as good as him! “

“From what you’re telling, for him that means everyone” Trevor interrupted again. 

“Probably, yeah, and we must do something to stop him.” He stopped to think. “And, Cassius has always been a good public speaker. He always exposed his ideas in front of people so they all can see what he’s trying to make, take that into account.” 

“What is ‘take that into account’ supposed to mean?” I snapped. 

“Unfortunately, I can’t really help you with this.” 

“Oh, I see, so you just tell us to come here, order us chocolate milks-” 

“You’re the one who ordered chocolate milk,” Cut Trevor, who now feared for his life. 

” – order us whatever to tell us your cute story of your friendship with Cassius just to know he likes to speak in public!?” 

The sensation of likeness this guy had carried before had gone away, the only thing you could see was a tired teen wearing formal clothes, who tried his best to stay calm. 

“I wish I could help you, but you must understand,” Camster said gently. “He was my best friend for many years, I cannot fight him just like that.” 

“OK, thanks anyways.” I got up ” C’mon Trevor, I think we know enough.” 

Trevor got up being careful not to make a sound with the wooden chair and we left the place. 

“So, what was your first impression of him?” I asked Trevor walking down the street.

“He seems like an okay guy,” He sneered. “The problem is that he’s of no help.”

“We can’t beat this guy in a fight, you know what Camster told us, he’s the best fighter in town.” I stopped to think. ” But maybe we can frame him somehow, get him expelled again.” 

“Tim, look, there’s no way we can frame this guy! He looks like he’s five steps ahead of us every time!” 

“Then what do we do, search his room?”

“Trevor, that’s it! We can get some testimony or something for his actions in his room! Then we can prove what we have against him even if he denies!” 

“That’s great and all, but what chance do we have that he’s gonna have stuff inside his room?” 

“We’ve got to try,” I murmured. ” If there’s a chance, only a slight chance of getting him expelled, it’s worth it.” 

” When do we go?” 

“Tomorrow night, while everyone is on their free time out somewhere, we sneak into his room and explore,”  I explained, “And also let’s keep this a secret. Heather wouldn’t like it. Deal?” 

Trevor shook the hand I lent him.

“Deal” .


By Howard Morgan 

My phone rang, and my pocket vibrated with a ring different from the others, three rings one after the other, and a last one a second after that. 

That could only mean Cassius was calling us. 

It was time to go to the bathroom

Gosh that would sound a lot better. 

I signaled Holly, and she confirmed she had got the ring too. 

We headed down the stairs, followed by another group of kids, probably too for Cassius’s intimate group. 

The bathrooms were surprisingly classy and clean for a public place, but then again we were talking about London, where they take stuff seriously. 

“Good day, glad you could make it here” Cassius announced once most of us were there ” I believe this is the first time some of you meet. It’s important you guys trust each other, so please shake hands” 

It was an awkward moment, and it could’ve gone better. 

First of all, we held on for a second, but then shook hands just like Cassius had ordered. 

Right then, Heather Harrington came inside and looked at all of us holding hands in front of a stall in a girl’s bathroom. I closed my eyes for a second to spare myself of this awkward situation, this was impossible. 

“Uh, sorry guys, I think I went inside the wrong bathroom…” Heather started, and turned around. When she thought she was clear, she ran towards the exit. 

“Not to worry,” our leader stated, “I had foreseen something like this would happen.” 

“If she recognized us, she’ll get us into trouble!” Ashley Spinnet shouted, accompanied by a ‘that’s right!’ from his brother Ryan. 

“Relax, Spinnet!” I spat back. I needed to earn Cassius’s trust before anybody else. He could get me the glory I needed. 

“They don’t know what we’re doing, or why I called you,” Cassius smiled. “And now that I mention it…” 

He got some color paper from a file he had brought, and handed one to each; Ashley and Ryan Spinnet, Nicole Rotchman (a bulky school rugby player, but mostly a jock), David Ferrer and Thomas Andersen, who I all recognized from school. They all took it easily, considering a ‘hero’ was giving it to them. 

“Fold an origami puppet, like I did, and be prepared for my call for victory. I believe that with you guys, I can finally return Ilkley Grammar school to its former glory!” 

I could tell everyone around was excited, this guy really looked like he knew, like he had all the answers. Unlike many teenagers, he was sure of himself and that his purpose was right and fair, and was willing to fight for it. That was all a follower asked for. 

“I will say no more today, meet me in three days, outside the museum, we will act then,” Cassius explained with a poker face. “Prepare yourselves for the show.” 

In between all the excitement, I heard some creaking in the stall next to me. Which I had thought was empty. 

Trying to peek inside, I opened the door a little, a little more… until the stall was completely opened, and no one was inside. 

“I’m sure that’s nothing,” I thought to myself, hoping that was true. 

But what if there had been someone listening? Bah, even if there was, there’s no reason for him to be a student from the school! 

… But what if it was? Would he tell what we were planning? Was being here with these…jocks worth it? 


By Alice’s phone

Heather: It’s time, free time for dinner around Trafalgar Square. 

Heather: Meet us near the shawarma place around the square. 

Alice: How will they find it? They can’t even keep track of time 

James: Hey! That’s not very nice

Tim: We’ll use Google Maps, DUH! 

Heather: How far are you? 

Trevor: Around five minutes away

Alice: What have you been doing?

Tim: We’ll explain it all once we get there, it’s a long story

Heather: Where are you now? 

Tim: Behind you 


By Tim, Trevor, Heather, James and Alice. 

Heather: Hey! Am I supposed to say: long time? 

Tim: Only if it makes you feel better

(sound of smirk) 

Trevor: Have you guys found anything? 

James: Anything….? 

All except James: About Cassius! 

James: Sorry, I only just joined, what are we exactly doing? 

Heather: We believe (sound of looking at Tim) due to sources, that Cassius hasn’t redeemed himself like we all had thought he had-

Tim: And that he’s planning another attack. 

Heather: That too. 

James: Alright, do you have any proof? 

Tim: Not yet (sound of glare from Heather) but will have it soon. 

Heather: We should find all we know about this guy and his past in hopes of getting him expelled. 

Trevor: About that, we visited a friend of his today. 

Alice: You what? 

Tim: That Camster guy? A friend of Cassius’s childhood, now his enemy, apparently. 

Heather: Won’t he join our cause? 

Tim: He doesn’t wanna, or that’s what he says. 

Alice: Let me get this clear, you met a guy who emailed you? That’s totally risky! 

Trevor: It’s done now anyways. 

Tim: Alright, find out stuff, and we come back and meet after tomorrow. 

Heather: Why not tomorrow night? 

Tim: I’m gonna be busy, why not after tomorrow? 

Heather: I’ve found out the time and place when they’re doing it. 

Tim: You did?! How on earth? 

Heather: They didn’t know I was in a stall, hidden. 

Trevor: Didn’t they see you come out? 

Heather: I crawled underneath another one just as they were opening my door, lucky me! 

James: So after tomorrow, that’s when the ‘show’ takes place. 

Heather: Indeed, and we need to find proof to stop him before he does. 

Tim: So, meeting adjourned? 

Heather: Yes, let’s order something, I’m starving. 



HM: I’m worried, I heard someone in the stalls last meeting 

HK: Yo! I heard it too. 

HM: Since when do you talk like that? 

CN: Why didn’t you tell me when you heard it? 

HM: I thought you were enjoying your moment

CN: You and I, we’re gonna have a chat soon. 

CN: As for the stall thing, we need to be more careful, we don’t want anybody knowing anything. Yet. 


By James Bruce 

Well, I really hope that this thing Tim Baker and Trevor Hallard have with not following the timetables does not become a regular. 

Ever since they found out they didn’t get caught for not going “culture-hunting” as I like to call it, they basically decided to do the same thing today. 

After Dr. Marshall announced that we would be visiting Baker Street, the one place in London known for being the home of the one and only best detective in the world: Sherlock Holmes, Tim elbowed Trevor, who nodded. 

Then, being missing for the rest of the day in search of this Camster Jenkins and proof, I could only imagine that elbow meant ‘getting lost.’ 

Anyways, the rest of the ‘Fantastic Folds gang’ stuck around and followed the rules that basically meant going to Baker Street in the morning. 

“Honestly, I don’t get what’s the fuss with Cassius,” Alice was complaining, “And then going around London looking for clues, what do they expect to find?!” 

She was cut off when we turned around the street and faced an average height building, and a brown door with a gold door knob. 

“Here it is, boys!” Dr. Marshall was explaining, “221B Baker Street, home of Sherlock Holmes and…”

“Couldn’t we afford a tour guide?” I asked them.

“Well, taking into account the costs of the hotel, we couldn’t,” Heather replied, looking to our left, “Gosh, I hate that guy.” 

She was looking at no other than Cassius DeNogaret and a crowd of people, all of these were being inspired by him and not by the house they should be spectating. 

“Mmm,” A formal voice was heard from behind us, “I see what you’re looking at, there’s no way, he’s out of your league.” 

We all turned around and saw a brown haired kid wearing a hat and a squared coat with colors that repeated themselves. 

“What the? No!” Heather replied, but that made him raise an eyebrow, “I’m not into him, I’m just trying to figure something out!” 

“I see,” He noted, and put his hands on his chin, “I knew that, but I can also note you look at him with anger.”

“How can you tell?” She asked him.

“I’m a detective, the best, in fact,” He stood proud, “It’s just people don’t admit it.”

“Ehm, not to be rude or anything, but who asked you?” Alice grimly asked. 

“I just thought you would like to know that guy has been checking his pocket every five minutes since he arrived here.” 

We all looked at each other.

“How did you? How come yo-?” Heather started. 

“Dear, I have been watching you since you arrived, it’s my curse.” He explained, “Donner King, pleasure.” 

After shortly introducing himself, he left the way he had come. 

“Well, that was weird.” I added to diffuse the tension. 

“He has been checking something in his pocket?” Heather asked no one in particular, “Why would he?” 

“Maybe it’s something he wants to hide, why else?” 

“Or maybe it’s just his phone, there are lots of pickpockets in this city.” I added, but they all decided to ignore this comment. 

“Do you think he will leave it anywhere so we can take a look?” Heather asked.

“Maybe,” Alice started, “In his room, tonight?” 

“Tonight it is, then.” Heather confirmed. 


By Tim Baker 

After dinner that night, we all headed inside the Hotel. 

Most people were tired from spending the day outside, and they were hoping to get into their rooms and their bed as soon as possible. 

Trevor and I were under the same circumstances, but we had a superior mission that had to be taken care of. 

If we were lucky, by next morning we would have enough clues that could be presented to Dr. Marshall, resulting in Cassius DeNogaret’s expulsion and our leverage from his presence. 

“Our plan is clear,” I checked with Trevor as soon as we were in the room, “You knock on his door, and tell him and his roommate to come see something and drive them off the room and buy me time. 

After that, I’ll go in and hopefully find something and get out as soon as I can.” 

“Perfect, got it,” Trevor agreed. 

We had to wait a bit until the time came, so we stayed in bed while we waited. 

“Uh, hot chocolate!” Trevor exclaimed, happily. He had found hot chocolate bags in a drawer. 

“Trevor I don’t think that’s-” 

“Oh c’mon! We have to do something while we wait!” He replied, this time we were already taking a dip, “And why are we alone on this? I’m sure Heather wouldn’t have minded helping you.” 

“Yeah she would, she would’ve told me there’s another way, but there’s no time, we cannot do anything else and this is our last chance before he strikes.”

“Oh, OK.” He just answered. 

The alarm clock went off, that meant 10 minutes had gone, and we were ready. 

“Time to go!” I exclaimed, jumping off the bed and getting my briefcase, lying it on the floor. I opened it. 

“You’re not going inside just to find a lot of weird animals, right?” Trevor asked, half joking. 

I got Newt Scafolder out of the case, and Trevor jumped out of his bed, knocking off the rest of his hot chocolate “Oh, I’ll pick it up afterwards.” 

“Are you sure this will work?” He was asking me all the way to Cassius’s room, “I mean, they know we’re against him.” 

“Just shut up and see how it goes!” I replied, annoyed. 

We reached the room, it was his turn. 

“Uh, Tim” Trevor asked, confused, “The room’s open.” 


“Yes, and I think we’re alone.” 

I entered too, confused. 

Sure enough, the room was open and unprotected, completely different from what we expected. 

I got Newt Scafolder out as an instinct, and so did Trevor with his Jafold Kovalski. 

The excitement was growing with each step, the only thought was of getting caught which would get us expelled for sure. I was pretty sure this wasn’t legal. 

“Hold on.” I was super confused now. 

“Why are all the drawers open?” 

I looked at Trevor, whose face was as purple as it could get, and was looking at me and pointing at the door, which was moving. 

“Duck! Under the bed!” I whispered loudly. 

The door opened, and revealed the worst I could ever see. 

Cassius DeNogaret was really close to a girl, standing at the door. 



Please, no…

The girl was Heather Harrington. 

I couldn’t believe it, she was there with him, really close, when all this time I had thought that… Nevermind, I thought she was with us. 

“NO!” Trevor yelled, but I covered his mouth before it was audible. 

“Anyways, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Cassius said, and locked the door behind him after Heather went for her room. 

“Yeah, right” He muttered to himself.

He was falling asleep right where he was. 

“And I thought… I thought she was… trying to steal something.”

He fell on the bed, making a flat sound, and didn’t move a muscle, therefore we could only hear his breathing. 

“Time to go” Trevor whispered, and started moving. I stopped him. 

“Are you kidding? If we leave, he’ll hear us and we’ll be in trouble!” 

“But he’s asleep!” 

I stopped to hear. Now he was snoring. 

“Alright, but quietly now.” 

Getting up and carefully opening the door, we were ready to leave. But his partner, Thomas Andersen, was at the other side. 

He looked confused, but quickly looked at the room and quickly figured out what we were doing. 

He looked angry. 

“RUN!” I yelled, pushing him with my elbow with all my strength, knocking him to the floor. 

We closed and locked the door behind us once we were in our room. 

“All that for nothing,” Trevor wheezed, “We didn’t have time to find anything.” 

“At least we preserved our lives, it could’ve gone much worse.” 

I looked contradicted, but calmed down. 

“Let’s just go to sleep, we’ll do something tomorrow.” He announced, and so we did. 


By Heather Harrington 

I woke up the third day with a hopeful feeling, as if everything I did that day would turn out to be good. 

The light was shining and came through the window. 

My roommate, Alice Adams was lying on the bed next to me.

I sat in my bed, looking up. 

Maybe, just maybe I could try and ask Tim out somewhere… 

I wasn’t feeling so sure, but Alice soon woke up and found me in my thoughts, so I had to break it all to her. 

“If he says no, which I think we will because he’s a lonely guy, and you know it as well as I do, then you can say you got the tape.”

My face lit with excitement, I had forgotten we had grabbed a cassette tape from Cassius’s room last night when we came looking for proof. 

Unfortunately, Cassius, half asleep, got in my way after coming back from the distraction James had taken care of, and started getting really close to me. That was strange and could surely be misinterpreted from a distance. Thank gosh no one was there. 

“I don’t think so,” I replied, “Maybe we won’t like it since we didn’t call him, you know he doesn’t like to miss out on all the fun.”

“Alright, no mentioning that!” She exclaimed, “You’re on your own, kid!”

She gave me a pat on the back. Maybe If I was lucky enough, this could actually work. 

I caught Tim in the Hall, he was walking camly, and looking down as always. But this time he had an air of deception that wasn’t normal.

“Hi ehm, Tim-” I started, but he cut me off

“What is it?” He looked tired and annoyed, I started to have second thoughts about this. 

“I-I,” I started, “Tonight we’re going to Trafalgar Square once more and I wondered if you would like to… go out somewhere.”

His face changed during a fragment of a moment, but soon turned to the other expression once more. 

“Oh, yeah that would be great.” He sneered, “Is Cassius coming too?” 

I didn’t know what he meant. 

“What are you talking about?” I asked, astonished. 

I didn’t need an answer, the image of Cassius and I shot in my memory bank. 

But that couldn’t be, the room was empty, wasn’t it? 

As if Tim had listened to this thought, he gently walked away from me and joined Trevor down the stairs. 

When I regained my full conscience, I realised that today was actually the third day, the day that Cassius was supposed to make something ‘spectacular’ to prove a point, if, of course, I remember hearing it right. 

I needed to get as many people I trusted as I could get with the hopes of elaborating a plan for destruction of the DeNogaret movement. 

The first person I thought of was Alice, she was already in the gang, but still, checking one last time never hurt anybody. 

“Yeah, sure!” She replied to the question, “I guess that’s when the tape comes in?” 

“Yeah, as soon as I round you up, I’ll turn it over to Mrs. Eagle and stop this.” 

“Why not turn it in to Mrs. Eagle now? I mean, turn him in now and it’s all over.” 

I stopped to think.

“That does make more sense, thanks,” I walked over to the drawer where I had kept the cassette. 

I opened it, but it was empty. 

“Wait a second…” I was sweating and started feeling all the blood come to my head, “I could’ve sworn I had it…” 

I couldn’t believe it, it was indeed, gone. 

“What is it?” She asked, confused. 

“It’s not here.” I murmured, “We need to call the others, someone took it.” 


By Tim Baker 

“… And then” I was telling Trevor, “She comes and asks me out somewhere! Is that even possible?” 


“It’s not! I thought it was only a matter of asking, but now I realise I’m not the only one!” I was exhausted, “And wait– it gets worse: Cassius attacks today, and we don’t have any proof to turn him in to the teachers.” 

“But in the worst situation we can just warn them without proof.” 

“Remember, Trevor, he’s a ‘hero’, he’s charismatic, he’s smart, and what we say to the teachers won’t change a thing.” 

“He’s got a criminal backstory, he’s not clean, I think they’ll believe us.” 

“We will only make matters worse, we will be made fun of, it’s not something we need right now,” I stopped, “But there is someone else we can rely upon.” 

“Oh no, not again-” 

“I actually believe Cammy Jenkins can calm him down, and we need him,” I shot back, “Now all I need is to reach him via email, and tell him we should meet.” 

“I think I should’ve gone to the Highlands Camp!” Trevor cried, “I bet it’s a normal trip!” 


We met at the usual place, that pub with the wooden walls that seemed to be as old as the city itself, where Cammy Jenkins was a usual client. 

“What can I get for you boys?” A nice waiter asked us.

“I’ll have the usual, thanks.” 



“Well,” Cammy was interested. “What brings you here again?” 

I managed to take away my tired face and fake a preoccupied expression. 

“I know what you said, that you couldn’t move against Cassius-” 

“You heard that right.” 

“- But we need your help,” I explained, “Today, if my sources are correct, he will make a huge testimony in front of everyone who can hear, and possibly end the school’s reputation.” 

“Well, I thought you guys had that covered,” He bluffed.

“We- We did, we wanted to find proof of his guilt, but we didn’t find any.” 

 He sat there, possibly thinking, probably just making up another excuse. 

“Tim, I know what is going to happen, but if I help you, I’m back in the circle again, I’m back where I don’t want to be.” 

I couldn’t find an answer to that, so I just let him explain himself. 

“If I face him, there and then, I wouldn’t be able to fight him, he was my friend-” 

“He wants to hurt everybody!” 

“-But I can’t do anything to stop him, I’m sorry.” He finished. 

So, that was it, I was going to be leaving like last time. 

I stood up, and Trevor did too. 

“Where do you say he will be?” Camster asked, before we left. 

“Trafalgar Square, tonight.” 

I closed the door behind me. 

We were alone in this. 



CN: Meet me now, outside the museum. 

HM: Copy that


By James Bruce

From what Alice told us when we got rounded up, Tim was mad at the rest of us, and didn’t want anything to do with this. Heather was quiet all the time, which didn’t fit her personality at all, as well as leaving without saying anything didn’t fit Tim’s personality either. 

So Heather, Alice, and I hung out around the Square looking out for any signs of trouble. 

Tim and Trevor were nowhere to be seen, so I can imagine they were off somewhere as they had been since the first day when they got lost. 

“See anything?” Heather asked, looking around while taking a sip of coffee. 

“Not really, but I don’t think they’ll do anything until everyone comes, most of the students are all around town and aren’t supposed to come until 18:00.” I replied. 


We gave a quick turn, which ended up being three quick turns, until people started gathering around the square, mostly teenagers wearing clothes they had bought in gift shops. 

I had warned members of the Ministry of Folders that something might happen, so some of them kept watch in some places. I told them to blend in, of course, but some had taken the job too seriously and dressed up as bodyguards with black jackets and sunglasses. They looked weird. 

The sky started to turn dark blue as more people gathered around, they sat down in cafe’s and restaurants for dinner. 

Around 18:30, a guy wearing a jacket exited the museum through it’s large doors and stone columns. 

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!” The voice said over a wireless microphone “Welcome to a formidable speech many of you will be glad to hear! Come on! Gather around!” 

I signaled the others, but they already knew who the guy was. 

“Don’t do anything yet, not with all the people around.” I was telling the jacketed students from the Ministry. 

“I’m glad to see so many people here gathering up!” Cassius was saying, “’But why?’ You will ask yourselves.”

“Because for over almost a year now, Students from Ilkley Grammar School, which we have before us today at this very moment, have been messing with the standards of education! The school had many damages made to it before, and many faults, but none so big and disastrous as the most recent one: Instead of learning and trying their best in school subjects, they have been making, folding and drawing on paper to make them look like Harry Potter characters! Can you believe this?” He paused before continuing, “Not only this, but these also have an effect on the students. Since one of the science teachers gave this troublesome idea, fight levels have increased regularly, students pay less attention in class, and grades have gone down!” At this point, many were booing and yelling, it really did seem like Cassius was making a point in front of everyone. 

“Many wouldn’t want me to say this, they would stop me if it were for them, like the so-called ‘Ministry of Folders’ who we also have before us today! Those students in the back, holding origami puppets and wearing black jackets prove my point!” 

I sighed, this was one of the reasons I told them to blend in, now we were being looked at like a bunch of weirdos. 

“But I won’t be quiet! I won’t be stepped on! Because I want what’s best for my school and the students!” He finished, with a round of applause from the crowd. 

It all really seemed lost, as Cassius’ companions stepped next to him, making him more intimidating. 

But a guy popped in from the back, with a dark blue coat, crazy hair and an origami puppet on his finger. Tim Baker, who we all thought to be a crazy traitor, had appeared to save the day. 

“St-stop!” He yelled, there was a tone of fright in his voice. I remembered then that Tim hadn’t been a speaker, quite the opposite, he never looked at anybody in the face, but now he was standing in front of the whole of Trafalgar Square, full of people from and not from the school. But there was also confidence in his voice, like he believed he could do this. 

“You have listened to this person, this student. And yes, telling it from his point of view it all seems so unfair. But the truth is really different. What he isn’t  telling you is that he was one of the first to fold an origami puppet? Didn’t he tell you that he was almost responsible for a bankruptcy of the school? That he had been stealing school equipment until stopped by those kids there, holding puppets and wearing jackets? 

Cassius has been trying to destroy the school, not save it. If it hadn’t been for these awesome people from the Ministry of Folders and Ilkley Grammar school’s teachers, he would have succeeded!”

There were some boos all around, this time all directed at Cassius, and some started calling him names. 

Howard Morgan, in between all the booing, got a black rectangular thing from his pocket, and handed it to Tim Baker behind Cassius’s back, and whispered something to him. Cassius was still trying to calm everyone down. 

“Oh!” Tim exclaimed, now he was smiling, “And I have just received proof of all the things that I have just said.” He got the rectangular thing, which in the light looked like a cassette tape, “This was never a cassette tape, was it, Cassius?” Tim asked him, breaking the black rectangle with his hand, and revealing a white recorder inside. 

Tim pressed play and put the recorder in front of the microphone. Cassius’s followers tried to stop him, but my officials and myself had arrived next to Tim, and stopped them. 

The recording had everything, from his family backstory, to the relations with his brother, his classmates, his life. Camster Jenkins also appeared two or three times. His life inside Tuckerton, his escape, and finally, his plans to destroy the school, all recorded in a very little thing. 

The whole square was silent after this, with only the cars and busses making sounds in the distance. 

“Not to mention, he was responsible for the fire in the chemistry lab back in February! Acting through another kid once more, who he has been using since the beginning of his activities! He knew it was gonna blow up! He knew he would have to save somebody and act as a hero! I hope you all can see here what I see.” 

Cassius laughed at this,”Play by the rules,” He murmured under his breath, “No cheating, children.” 

He pushed Anna Leach, who was holding him. She fell down, and Cassius tried to run away as fast as he could. 

Me and a group of students from the Ministry started to chase him until we reached a dark  one way street with no way out. 

We looked at each other, now, once and for all, it was time to get this crazy guy. 

We went all together, half a dozen kinds trying to hold him down, but with each  move of his fist and arm, he took down two of our men, who landed beaten up on the floor. 

And fairly soon, I myself was also lying on the floor. 

He tried to make a run for it, until… 

“Cassius DeNogaret!” A voice called from the other end of the street. 

The voice came from a kid about my age, he had brown hair, and wore a gray coat.

Cassius looked at him with a mixture of excitement and fear. 

“Camster Jenkins, at last” He said, bitterly, putting a hand inside his pocket and revealing Grindelfold. 

So, that guy was Camster Jenkins, the guy Tim Baker was talking to all of us about. I was kind of excited for what was to come. 

“That was a very foolish move, Cassius.” Camster noted, “You should’ve stayed undercover.” He also put his hand in his pocket, and pulled out an origami Dumbledore. 

“I was tired of being stepped on, you know.” At this point, Tim Baker, Alice Adams and Trevor Hallard, accompanied by Dr. Marshall and Mrs. Eagle, arrived. 

“Looks like your friends were arrested, Cassius.” Camster smiled, “You’re not going away that easy. 

They ran into each other, Cassius tried to kick the other, but Camster avoided it, and knocked Cassius off-balance. 

This guy recovered, and threw a punch at Camster, which he blocked with his arm, and punched him in the face, finishing off with a final blow from his leg on Cassius’ knee, this time making him fall to the ground. 

“Cassius DeNogaret, you will be taken to Tuckerton immediately.” Dr. Marshall announced, taking him with the help of others. 


By Tim Baker 

After those events, everyone congratulated me on that speech I made, I wouldn’t have believed myself capable of that stuff, but I made it in the end. 

As Dr. Marshall announced, Cassius DeNogaret was taken to Tuckerton for the rest of his teenage life, and his goons were instantly expelled from the school, except for Howard Morgan, for whom I fought to the end. I couldn’t have proved my point if it hadn’t been for him giving me that cassette tape, so I owed him that much. He was able to stay at IGS under supervision. 

On the last day before we went back to Kings Cross, Trevor, Heather (with which I had finally solved my differences with), Alice and James formally met Camster Jenkins in that pub he really liked (I admit I was starting to like it too). 

“So, Camster, there’s a vacant spot for a student in Ilkley Grammar, since so many people were expelled, wanna come?” James asked him. 

“It would be an honor, but I’ve still got a family here in London, friends and a school, so I’m gonna have to refuse your offer, sadly.” He explained. 

“Well, I know you like to take your time deciding, so we’ll wait.” I laughed, “If you do take your time, however. Please come without hesitation, we need people like you.”

As for the guy who had stolen the cassette tape from Heather (yes, she had told me the whole story), I think it was clear. Howard Morgan had seen the whole scene of that night from a distance, and surely knew what Heather was hiding behind her back, and he took it as his job to get it back. 

Unfortunately for Cassius, Howard had been ill-treated, and his loyalty to him was hanging by a thread. At the right time, we did the right thing and gave it to me when I most needed it. 

“So,” Heather was saying two hours before the train arrived at the station, “What do you say now to ‘take you out somewhere?’” 

I smiled, “You know, I was half-expecting you to ask me. Let’s go!” 

In the end, I have no doubt things will happen in the future, things like these that we can’t avoid, where we have to think a lot and fight our friends for it. 

But for now, all is well. I say we cross that bridge when we come to it. 


DATE: 7/4/2019


Cassius DeNogaret sat in his cell, muttering words to himself. 

“DeNogaret!” An officer called, “You have a visitor.” 

“Who is it?” He asked, but the officer didn’t answer. 

Cassius came into a room, where at the other side of the table was a hooded person about his size. 

“Cassius, right?” The hooded kid asked, “I’ve heard of you.” 

“Yes.” Cassius almost whispered. 

“Greatest troublemaker there ever was,” The other kid said, as if he was reading. 

“Who are you? What do you want?” Cassius asked.

“I hear you had… mostly good and loyal servants.” The other guy whispered with a formal voice, “Where are they?” 

“What makes you think I will tell you?” Cassius answered with a tone of determination, but there was also doubt in his voice. 

The hooded kid revealed his face, and smiled. 

Cassius swallowed, “Get me out of here!” He quickly demanded. 


I would like to thank a  bunch of people who helped me all the way here. 

To Superfolder Camster, who, when I offered him the idea of the Wizarding Folds universe didn’t doubt it for one second, and gave me the strength to write these. 

To Superfolder OrigamiLuke 100, or Peyton, who published many of the initial stories and wrote an important one that will be published soon. To his good writing. 

And Hades! You too! You wrote the first story not made by me, after all. 

Thank you so much! 

And finally, to all the readers who joined me right from the first story! I thank you all! 



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