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We Are OrigVenom

The second One-Shot, OrigVenom, has been posted. Please, check it out! OrigVenom.


New Year, New Stuff

Hey guys! It’s Noah. So, I know it’s been kind of slow here for awhile, but that should be changing pretty soon. The MOU is going to be back to it’s regular schedule on Saturday, when the second One-Shot, OrigVenom, will be posted. Then, we’ll have Thorigami 2, Captain Americut, Doctorigami Strange, and OrigVengers 2. That’s the end of Fold 2, guys!

So sit tight. Things are coming!


Into the OriSpider-Verse

It’s been a long, long time, but just in time for the New Year a new story has been written! Spider-Fold: The OriSpider-Verse by Mega3 is finally here, so check it out now! Link here: Spider-Fold: The OriSpider-Verse.

MOU One-Shot One: The Mantle of Iron Fold

Apologies for being so slow in the last couple weeks, but that is rectified today with The Mantle of Iron Fold, by SF Guillermo!

This is the first MOU One-Shot, so if any of you are interested in writing a One-Shot this is the template to follow. So, read it and enjoy!

The Updated Rules

In light of certain events that we, the mods, let get out of control, we have met together and updated the rules of the site. If you would like to be a member of this community, please follow these rules very closely, and we’ll all have a grand ole’ time.

1. No Major Swearing – This should be an obvious one. Since there are younger viewers that come and go from this site, and maybe parents that observe children’s internet activity, it is important to keep cussing to a minimum. This includes, bleeps, or implied cussing (such as loopholes in the system). Racist or derogatory terms fall into this banned category as well.
2. No Graphic Violence – As stated earlier, the EU is a safe site, in which people should feel comfortable posting, talking, and whatnot. Users should not have nightmares due to stories or comments made here. Graphic Violence is anything that involves: Blood, gore, guns, knifes, etc.
3. No overly sexual content/scenes – Parents observe children activity, and the last thing they want to see is other users talking of things that are deemed inappropriate. This is why we have the no overly sexual content/scenes rule in place. It’s done to protect users from seeing something they don’t want to see, especially on a site for origami finger puppets. This includes: Private part mentions, scenes that parents would make you cover your eyes, or dirty jokes
4. If you don’t like a certain story, don’t be a bully. Instead, offer constructive criticism – In our upcoming “EU’s Writing 101.” We go in depth on how to properly critique a story, and how to make it so your words aren’t hurting the writer, but building the writer up. Some people’s love for writing started here; don’t break it down.
5. Do not directly copy the plot of the original work. Make it your own! – This rule was simply made because in the infancy age of the EU, there were users that made stories that completely retold an entire movie, beat for beat, and if they were crazy enough, line for line. It’s uncreative and dull to read a story done in that way.
6. Please do not post stories as comments. – While there are exceptions to this rule (Parents don’t allow you to have an email), all stories MUST be sent through one of the three emails.
7. All Stories may be slightly edited before publication – If we find anything that violates 1-6, the writing will be edited or rejected.
9. In terms of talking Cartoons, keep it at what’s aired in the day (Cartoon network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Disney XD, boomerang), and avoid talking about what’s aired at night, typically on the adult block (Adult Swim, Nick at Night, etc.)
10. When theorizing, please keep it to the stories (Who/what is T.H.A.N.O.S.? What is the Presence doing in this story?) and not on: History, politics, or other users.
11. No begging for higher ranks, such as contributor, mod, admin, or even co-owner
12. Keep double posting to a minimum – fellas, it’s not us that are labelling your comment’s under moderation, it’s an automatic measure done in the event that you and a user post at close to the same time. If you post and it says “Your comment is awaiting moderation” That’s just because of the bot. Please, wait a bit before posting the same thing again.
13. No sharing personal information.
14. Have Fun! – Get creative! Make it your own!

I know this might seem like a lot of rules to just throw on you all, but almost all of these just hinge on common sense. If you have a healthy dose of that, you’ll do fine.


OY EU Minifigures

So, yeah I made more.

Jacob, Noah, and Vernon, the poster boys of the OYEU. Jacob has Papertine and Skittles, Noah has Luke Skyfolder, and Vernon has his smug grin.

Noah’s Custom OY Minifigures

Howdy! So, yeah, my original LEGO post didn’t go over quite so well because it didn’t have anything to do with Origami Yoda. Well, I’ve fixed it so my LEGO obsession and my Origami Yoda love can combine, and I made a digital minifigure series. Booyah.


Included in said series are, from top down and left to right, The Brat with Skateboard, Mr. Good Clean Fun with Soapy puppet, Quavondo with a Bag of Cheetos, Mike with Baseball Bat, Mr. Howell with Jabba the Puppett, Murky with School Photo, Ms. Rabbski with Princess Labelmaker, Rhondella with Godzilla Toy, Amy with Art2-D2 and Diary, Kellen with Pencil and Recording Thingy, Sara with Han Foldo and the Fortune Wookiee, Tommy with Case File, Dwight with Origami Yoda, Harvey with Darth Paper and Emperor Pickletine, Lance, and Professor Funtime with Gizmo! Phew, that was a mouthful.

These were a lot of fun to make, so who knows, I might make some more down the line. Some based on EU characters, perhaps?

Tell me who your favorites are and what you think of them as a whole!

Iron Fold Returns…

The continued adventures of Clark Largent and Iron Fold are now available for your viewing pleasure! But it’s not entirely as you’d expect, and the line between hero and villain is not clearly seen at times. Read the story here: The Imperfect Iron Fold

As always, when you’re done comment what you thought here or on the story itself. And above all, enjoy the beginning of the Marvel Origami Universe: Fold 2!

Updated: Big Announcement!

With the release of OrigAvengers, Fold 1 of the MOU is now complete! For those of you who have been reading along with us since Iron Fold back in June, (Has it really been that long?) thank you so much! The MOU as a whole has been pretty experimental, and just speaking from my own views I think it’s been a resounding success so far.

However, we are nowhere near done. MOU Fold 2 is going to be massive, with new stories, new characters, new writers, new everything. The tales of the OrigAvengers will be continued, with some very new faces thrown in. It won’t start releasing until the middle of October, so, to satiate your ever hunger appetites, o faithful readers, here is the lineup of Fold 2 part 1, starting release in two months:

Iron Fold 2, by Noah
The All-Winners: F.O.L.D’s Beginnings, by Jar Jar Pleats
The Foldians of the Galaxy: Far Out!, by CJ
The Mantle of Iron Fold, by SF Guillermo
Spider-Fold: Into the OriSpider-Verse by Mega3Drive
Captain Americut 2 by Noah and Stichiella

And, part of the new Marvel Origami Elseworlds stories (It’s basically the Lost Case Files of the MOU) OrigVenom by SLS!

How’s that for a lineup? And that’s just the stuff coming out this year.

But that’s not all. Not even close.

All of you know that Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters has been stagnated for a long time. It’s been almost a year since Rogue Wug was posted, and left us all on an awful cliffhanger. Nobody has been writing anything for the OYBH storyline, leaving us with many questions and no idea when we’ll be getting answers.

Until today.

The story of the OY:BH will finally be finished in the coming weeks, ending with two stories: Origami Yoda’s Secret War and Twilight of Student. Written by the OYEU Council, including myself, CJ, Cam, and the long-absent leader himself JC, these ending stories will, in our opinion, provide a great ending to a story three years in the making.

How’s that for a news update?

The OrigAvengers are Ready to Assemble!

That’s right, folks! OrigAvengers is finally posted, to much anticipation from you all, I’ve noticed. Let me just say I believe it’s been worth the wait! Right here!

And stick around today, because tonight some BIG NEWS is coming for the MOU and OYEU!

A Special Hint

So, guys, I am sorry to say, due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts, and, you know, life, CJ has not been able to complete Agents of F.O.L.D. yet. However, he is working very hard to complete it, and it will most certainly be finished by next Saturday, with OrigAvengers following it the next week. So just hold tight!

But, I know that you guys like the content we produce, so I’ll give you something to chew on;


This is the chapter list for OrigAvengers. What could those names possibly mean? Take to theorizing, people. 😛


Dove MacCleash, in Illustration


The second drawing by TheWatcher, Dover ‘Dove’ MacCleash as he appears in Thorigami.

Introducing Clark Largent in Glorious Technicolor


Courtesy of TheWatcher, we have our first look at Clark Largent!

The Unshreddible Hulk Joins the Fight!

The third installment of the Marvel Origami Universe is here: The Unshreddible Hulk!

Written by the current head of the EU himself, Superfolder Camster, it’s sure to ‘smash’ all expectations! Read it here: The Unshreddible Hulk. And, as always, make sure to tell us what you thought!


Iron Fold is Live

After much anticipation, you know, hopefully, “The Invincible Iron Fold” is now live for your viewing pleasure at this link: The Invincible Iron Fold.

Enjoy the story, then come back here and tell us what you thought! Every piece of feedback is appreciated. And expect more from the MOU very soon…