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Sonic the Foldhog 3 is Live!

My story for the VGOU, Sonic the Foldhog 3, is now up! Please, read it here!

I Saw the Light Fade From the Sky

Well, guys, it’s finally happened. I have completed my final story for the site. We really are in the end times.

Don’t worry, this story won’t be posted for a while; in fact, I have two completed stories ready to be published. They are Sonic the Foldhog 3 for the VGOU, and the Fold 3, officially titled Superpaperfoldgirl for the DCOU. They will be released before the end of the year, and I’m very proud of both of them, for different reasons. My favorite superhero is actually the Flash, and coincidentally both of my final stories dealt with speedsters! I find that pretty funny.
But, I’ll take this time to what will likely be my final words for the site proper. Especially with school starting soon, it’s a time of endings, and a time for beginnings. Why not both?
When I first submitted a story to the EU in 2013, there was no way I would have expected I would still be here, writing puppet fanfiction, ten years later. Young Noah would either find that really cool or really lame, the jury’s still out. In that ten-year span, I have written at least 25 stories. I say at least because some may have been lost to my hard drive, some went down with the BTFolds ship, who knows. But 25 stories written by one Superfolder DarthNoah/SF D.N./Noah remain on this site. Some were written independently and some collaboratively. All told, those stories amount to a whopping 403,208 words. That is insane.
The exhaustive list is currently The Month of the Skyfolders, Skyfolders 2, Skyfolders 3, Skyfolders 4: Halloween Special, How Noah Joined the Alliance (Skyfolders 4 1/2), Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters (with JC), Heir to the FUNpire, Rogue Wug, Origami Yoda’s Secret War (with the Council), Twilight of the Student (with the Council), The Invincible Iron Fold, Captain Americrease: The First Fold, The OrigAvengers (with Cam), The Imperfect Iron Fold, Captain Americut: The Fall, The OrigAvengers: Rage of Artron (with Cam), Unshreddible Hulk II (with Cam), T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds (with Cam), Origami Cyclops and the All-New X-Men (with Cam), The Return of Emma Frost, The End of the Line, The Fold, Captain Cold and the Fold and the forthcoming Sonic the Foldhog 3 and Superpaperfoldgirl. If you’ve read them all, don’t. Some are pretty bad. But others are really good. It’s up to you to decide which is which.
I have loved my time in the EU, now the SFC. Some of it has been stressful, some has been incredibly stupid, but most has been a lot more fun than any origami fanfiction website has any right to be. I have learned so much about plotting, character writing, dialogue, and the whole gamut. I’ve even had the pleasure of taking the definition of a self-insert character (Noah Minch) and build an actual character for him over time. This has been better than any English course will ever be, and trust me, I’m an English major.
But most importantly, I have met some incredible people through this site who I have come to know and love over the years. If you’re on the site right now, you’re probably one of them, but I’d like to give a particular shoutout to Superfolder Cammy, who has been the best writing buddy and confidante a guy could ask for. And a big thank you to Clark Largent, who stuck by me through the three years of the MOU and grew just as much as I did in that time.
Thank you all so much for having me on the site. You’ll probably still see me around here and there, but consider this my formal goodbye.

So, if you please, I bid you all a very fond farewell.


Super Smash Folds 2 is out!

When test scores are being sabotaged, Link is going to have to find out just who is behind it before Rapids Middle descends into chaos. By OrigamiMaster of course, you can read it here!

The SFC First Family: Jacob, Noah and Frankie in Lego!

You may not know that today, April 12th, 2022, is the official ten-year anniversary of Superfolder Central! Of course, back when it started it was the EU, all about expanding the world of the Origami Yoda books. There’s supposed to be more anniversary stuff coming soon (it was all very slapdash, let me say), I wanted to commemorate the date by drawing the ‘first family’ of the SFC: Jacob, Noah, and now Frankie Minch! (See, Noah and Frankie are married now.)

Jacob was created all those years ago for the Week of Papertine, Frankie was initially a member of the Fellowship of the Paper in Fold of the Rings, and Noah was created by (gasp) me, Noah, to be the Mary Suest of Mary Sues. Originally they had nothing to do with each other, but due to the Rise of the Bounty Hunters, Noah and Jacob were revealed to be twin brothers and Noah and Frankie began dating. They’ve gone through a lot, these three, and it’s insane to see how they’ve grown at the same time as the writers.

Who knows, I may draw more of these characters soon, but for now, it’s always great to remember our history!

MOU Behind the Scenes: The Imperfect Iron Fold and How to Do a Sequel

This might be a recurring thing, who knows.

On the SFC, there are a lot of sequels. I’ve written a ton, and have been ever since people seemed to like Month of the Skyfolders almost eleven years ago. I’m old, folks.

If you have a full and complete story, how do you improve on the ending and prove that a sequel is worth existing? The first story has to be a complete story, obviously. Your main character goes on their character arc and everything is wrapped up in a tidy little bow. And yet, a sequel is supposed to build on that foundation and prove that it deserves to exist.

Not all of my sequels have been good. Going back to the Skyfolders example (And I mean the original Skyfolders, not the one edited for Bounty Hunters) we have Skyfolders 2, where Jacob comes back for no reason. Then Skyfolders 3 where Noah gets a clone for some reason. Noah’s always been big on doubles. These stories don’t have much of a reason to exist beyond existing, and as such, they’re bad sequels. Still had a ton of fun writing them though. Gosh, they were so dumb, but they were so fun.

Fast forward about five years, and it’s now time to write the sequel to The Invincible Iron Fold. The first was a pretty big deal, since it started the MOU and introduced the very important character of Clark Anthony Largent. He went on his character arc of becoming a ‘hero’, though still being a bit rough around the edges. (See the ending where he leaves Nard out to dry.) And then, he joins the OrigAvengers, saves the grades, and is now the Iron Fold.

Thinking of a sequel was very difficult. I had the inkling to adapt something similar to Demon in a Bottle, but, you know, without the alcoholism, and featuring an origami Madame Masque as the villain. Fun fact: Cassidy Lashay was originally going to be this Madame Masque until she was cut out and became Scarlet Witch later. This just wasn’t working, though. What helped cause a breakthrough was asking a question: where would Clark’s head be at this time? If he’s already susceptible to pride and prejudice, where would that lead him if he’s one of the heroes of the school?

From there, the story became fully formed: Clark’s pride is the villain of the story as he wrestles with all of this attention and figures out how a hero is supposed to act. Because until this story, Clark isn’t that great of a person. He’s a good guy, sure, but he doesn’t know how to be one. The purpose of the Imperfect Iron Fold was to bring Clark up the level of being a true hero.

From there, everything fell into place; Cal, trying to be Clark’s sidekick; Robby, worried about his best friend; a repentant Nard helping bring him back to ground zero, and the one I’m most proud of, Emily masterminding a scheme to help Clark see the error of his ways. Emily was a fairly standard love interest in the first story, and this new role gave her some much-needed flavor to show just why she was Clark’s better half!

Ultimately, The Imperfect Iron Fold became one of my favorite stories that I’ve written here on the SFC and helped dictate the arcs of Clark, Emily, and Cal all throughout the rest of the MOU.

So, are sequels hard? Absolutely. But here’s my advice: when writing a sequel, ask yourself the question: where is my character at right now? If you’re able to map out a character’s thoughts and how the events of the last story may have changed their perspective, roll with it. If a character gained confidence last time, could they also be overconfident? If a character gained a family last time, how do they interact with that family? If they got a good sandwich, what did they think of the sandwich?

Sometimes, a sequel really isn’t necessary. But if you can ask interesting questions and show just why your characters are worth the focus, you could have something that’s even better than the original!

The cast of the MOU: In Lego!

To answer your question: I was simply bored. From left to right: Andy, Tilly, Clark, Cal, Ally, and Dove.
Anyway, I had a lot of minifigure parts laying around for the last couple days, so I wanted to see if I could make the main characters of the MOU in convincing figure form. And with this concept, if you guys have any minifigure parts lying around, it would be very cool to see your own versions of your own characters.

Coming Soon: The MOU Fold 5

Hey everybody, Noah here. It’s been a while!

Today (please do not check today’s date, it means nothing) I am pleased to announce the long-awaited continuation of the MOU: Fold 5!

Coming Maytember 16th, five more stories will be posted for the beloved universe, starring all of the fan favorites. The authors have already been decided, and it’s been incredible working with them all through this surprise continuation.

The Pen-isher by SF Peyton
After all of his friends leave and Tilly still refuses to go on a date, Leonard ‘Nard’ Broderick decides to take matters into his own hands and become the newest hero of Wheeler Academy, the Pen-isher. Yes, it’s a ridiculous name, but no, he’s not changing it. Along the way, he learns what it means to truly live in a society and becomes a loyal follower of Patrick Bateman.

Foldtastic Four: Growing Pains by SF Tommy Lomax
From New York Times bestselling author of the Origami Yoda case files comes a biography of the lives of Noah and Frankie Minch as they become accustomed to married life and have their own children. This one has absolutely nothing to do with origami so I don’t know why it’s on the list.

The Watcher-gami by SF Kevin Feige
Finally admitting that the MCU has been copying the MOU this entire time, ‘visionary’ producer Kevin Feige has finally given me the respect I deserve and asked to write something for his favorite series. I graciously accepted. It’s something about the Watcher, I think. Probably some creepy kid watching other kids to steal their ideas too, isn’t that right, Kevin?

Captain Marfold 2: The Tilly Waterson Chronicles by the SF community
Tilly becomes a tutor at Wheeler Academy after graduating, and finds that she has an entire fan club of dedicated students, who all love Captain Marfold! This will be the first story in the ‘Older Reader’ Section of the site, also coming soon.

And finally, Spider-Fold: The Swing of Things by SF Jar Jar
It’s never coming out, is it?

This will be an incredible new wave of stories, I’m sure, and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

A Drawing of Lego Clark

Why not? It’s the Finale. Might as well go all out!

The MOU Finale is here: The End of the Line.

Three years in the making, this was.

The finale of the MOU has been finished. Titled ‘The End of the Line,’ read it where you read it.

This couldn’t have been done without you all. Without people reading and writing stories for the crazy world of Kirby, Wheeler and Claremont, it never would have become the thing that brought the EU back from the dead, or the huge ‘franchise’ it is today.

I would like to personally thank the mods, and specifically Cam, for all of their help and support throughout this process.

I love you all 3000.

Good night.

MOU Behind the Scenes: The Beginning

Hello everyone! In the run-up to the Finale, I’d like to share some special behind-the-scenes features all about the MOU to give you a taste of what it was like to pull together this massive undertaking. So, why don’t we start at the very beginning, which is the very best place to start? In dramatic retelling, this is how it all unfolded…from my perspective, of course. Some things may be a little off as memory has naturally worn down, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere!



That was the year.

I had been a member of the EU Council for five years at the point; I was inducted in 2013 after helping JC write the (to that point) biggest story of the Expanded Universe, Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters. However, while I assisted in planning the Bounty Hunters saga, after it ended…I didn’t have much to do. I’d become very good friends with JC, but I never was very involved with the other Council members, like the elusive EvilJawa or enigmatic CJ. It didn’t help that there was almost a dozen members at the time, all spread out around the community. As the youngest of the group by far, I was an isolated member, but I still loved the EU.

For several years after that, I kept up with JC as we both shared our own writing projects with one another, including one that JC seemed to love about supervillains in high school? Pff, it would never catch on. Still, I ended up illustrating that book, so shame on me. Always, though, we discussed bringing the EU back; some connected to new characters as an adaptation of the Sequel Trilogy, some being conclusive endings to characters like Jacob Minch. Both aspects ended up a factor in the true ending. As most of the original Council drifted off of the site as the years went by, the old guard helped sponsor new stories like The Knights of Pen, Crease of Rebellion, and, crucially to myself, Rogue Wug. None of these new stories picked up the steam we wanted them to, however. People just weren’t interested in the Origami Yoda fanfiction like they used to be. Darn millenials.

It was around this time that we were planning something based around The Last Jedi; I think it was called the Last Jelly. We had some neat ideas, but the passion wasn’t there. It was clear that this wouldn’t be what the site needed either, and with the march to what was at that time the pipe dream of Twilight of the Student, it just wasn’t working. JC was even taking this time to step back from the site to focus on school and his book. We both wanted the site to continue. But how?

Remember, this was 2018. Spring 2018, to be exact. And just what was currently the discussion all around the planet?

Avengers: Infinity War.

The idea struck me like a thunderbolt from Thorigami’s hammer. What if we didn’t focus so much on the Star Wars origami, which we’d clearly burnt ourselves out on? What if we didn’t have to keep writing for the McQuarrie middle schoolers, but create a completely new cast of characters at a new school with new situations to place them in? What if we turned to a totally new franchise completely?

What if we made a Marvel Origami Universe?

I pitched the idea to JC and he loved it, but since he’d stepped back, he couldn’t do much to enact it. That honor would fall onto this new kid, SFCamster, who JC had transferred ownership of the site to because he seemed like the only one interested. I had no idea who this guy was, but with the help of a rehired CJ, I shared my pitch once more and Cam seemed to like it.

We got planning immediately. This wouldn’t be like the EU with crazy Skittles and magic portals, but as close to realistic as possible. Our characters would be high schoolers instead of middle schoolers, and the tone would be much closer to the original Origami Yoda books. To simulate the fights of heroes vs. villains, we established the concept of two warring schools, one named Wheeler and one named Kirby. (Kirby is obviously named after Jack ‘King’ Kirby, but a little-known fact is that Wheeler is named after Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, the founder of the print company that would become DC Comics.) We would start with the famous MCU Avengers, but aim to grow and include so many more characters the movies hadn’t touched. And even from the very beginning, we knew we wanted T.H.A.N.O.S.; a group of kids working in the shadow to enact their sinister goals. We planned this the right way.

With the first teaser posted in May of 2018, we were underway. We asked Tom to promote it on the Origami Yoda website – which he did – had advertisements for the first story, and CJ wrote a short story titled the Initiative to set it all up. And finally, on June 22nd, The Invincible Iron Fold was made public. The Marvel Origami Universe started with a bang.

And just like that…the EU was back. With all humility, the MOU saved the EU from an untimely death. And really, as you have to do to see the impact is to look at our stat charts: 2017 had around 19,000 viewers. 2018 received over 55,000, almost tripling the previous year. And we just kept climbing; 2020 was our most popular year ever, with 87,000 views.

And I won’t take all the credit, obviously! Almost from the start, EvilJawa, who had never really left the site, started working with the three of us closely. SFPeyton, a long time viewer of the site, joined that summer, and he brought with him the DCOU, which has rivaled the MOU in popularity. But from my completely unbiased opinion, mine is better, of course. Jar Jar was inducted last year, and now Hades and Guillermo are mods themselves. But more importantly, I count all of them to be among my closest friends. And obviously, none of this would have been possible without you all visiting the site, reading the stories, and turning the Origami Yoda Expanded Universe into the grand Superfolder Central it is today.

There’s no denying the MOU changed everything for this little community. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to start this project with such awesome friends, and to gain so many along the way. As I write the ending, it’s just as important to remember the beginning. It hasn’t been perfect. There are so many things I would’ve changed looking back now. But I still love what it was, is, and how it will change. Because Clark Largent, Andy Gardner, Tilly Waterson, Dover MacLeash and Ally Weber have become some of my closest friends as well. It hurts to see them go, but I know they’ll be just fine without me.