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Superfolder Guillermo Presents: An Interview with SF Noah

Similarly to Hades’ interview, Superfolder Guillermo has conducted an interview with SF Noah:

Q) What made you join the Superfolder community in the first place?

A) Reading the books, really. I read the first Origami Yoda book when I was eight years old. I looked up the site and found a bunch of other people who liked it as much as I did and I decided to join the community!


Q) Did you ever fold an origami Yoda and went around the school giving advice? 

A) It crossed my mind a couple times when I was younger, but I never did.


Q) Have you got any friends at school or university ( I don’t know which one) that’s part of the Superfolder community? 

A) I do not, no. 


Q) Did you like the Origami Yoda The Series( movie version of OY books) ?

A) I did! They’re a bit cheesy, looking back, but it was so cool to see the books be re-enacted by kids like me.


Q) Would you reboot OY the series? 

A) I don’t see myself doing so, no.


Q) Will the Origami Yoda Bounty Hunters saga ever be continued? Or will twilight of the student be the ultimate finale?

A) I can say with certainty that the Bounty Hunters saga is ending with Twilight. However, the EU Legends will still be open to anyone who wants to write!


Q) When did you join the Origami Yoda Jedi council of Superfolders? 

A) I was inducted after I drew the Lego Origami Yoda Minifigures back in October.


Q) How did you do the Origami Yoda minifigures that you did last October? Did you use an App? 

A) I use a drawing program on my computer called FireAlpaca. It’s a great free program and I’ve used it for a long time.


Q) Are you excited for Star Wars Episode IX? 

A) Of course! I can’t wait to see it.


Q) Do you think more origami  universes will be added to the EU apart from OY, DC or Marvel? 

A) Who knows? It remains to be seen if some other enterprising being will create another universe. 


Q) Do you like school?

A) School is school. Some days are better than others, but generally it’s tolerable.


Q) Mr. Angleberger once said, “Without the superfolders there could be no balance in the force”. Do you agree? 

A) He’s the boss, so of course I do. The Superfolders are the ones who have kept the OY universe alive for so long!


Q) Did you like Crease of the Rebellion? 

A) I did! It was a fun story, especially because I liked Rebels when it was airing. Job/JC as the Inquisitor was a fun villain, and Kellen’s turn to the Dark Side was very believable. Incidentally, the Rebels on CJ’s cover were actually folded by myself a long time ago!


Q) Did you enjoy reading The Mantle of Iron Fold? 

A) Again, yes. It was one of the first One-Shots ever written, and it was cool to see that part of the MOU start to take form.


Q) What advice would you give to young and new superfolders?

A) My main advice is, make friends in the community! The Superfolders are a small group, but it’s exciting to see it grow with any new member. 


Q) Have you played Star Wars: Battlefront 2?

A) I have, and I like it a lot. 


Q) Who is your favorite movie or series character? 

A) Difficult question. Hmm…I can narrow it down to three: Barry Allen (The Flash), Shawn Spencer (Psych), Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Han Solo (Star Wars).


Q) Did you ever participate in OY the series? 

A) I never did get the chance. I actually was going to play Jacob Minch in one episode, but the series was cancelled before I could.


Q) How many “Folds” are you planning on the MOU? 

A) Four are planned. Hopefully, Four will be able to start as soon as Three ends.


Q) How are you? 

A) Good, how are you?


Q) How did you meet the EU council members? 

A) Very different ways for each, and I’ll cover them quickly: I met Megan/Phred and JC after writing and sending in Month of the Skyfolders, and they (JC especially) became pretty good friends. I can’t quite remember how I met Evil Jawa and CJ, but I know it was after I’d joined the EU Council myself. Then, I met Camster when me and CJ proposed the MOU to him, and I met OrigamiLuke after he’d expressed an interest in writing for the MOU. 


Q) How much time have you been a Superfolder? 

A) I have been a Superfolder going on…six years, now.


Q) Have you ever gone to Disneyland Star Wars Galaxys edge? Would you like to go(again)?

A) I have not been, no. I do want to, though. It looks like an incredibly fun place. 


Q) Favourite Star Wars character?

A) Han Solo is probably my most favorite character, but some of my other favorites are Kylo Ren, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, and the Crimson Corsair.


New Fold 3 One-Shots: Carnagami and Ant-Fold!

Even more stories today, woo! First up is a sequel to last year’s OrigVenom, written by site regular SLS. Read it here: Carnagami!

Second is the second One-Shot written by YodaForce, starring two new heroes in Ant-Fold and Wasp-Pleat: Ant-Fold and Wasp-Pleat!

Read them and share your thoughts!

Fold 3 Begins: Novagami and Adam Papercut!

And we’re off! The first story in Fold 3 has just been posted, and it is Novagami and Adam Papercut, a story of Wheeler buddies written by SF Hades. Read it here!

Now that we’ve begin, expect a whole bunch of content coming soon!

P.S. the cover is coming soon.

Your Favorite OrigAvenger Poll!

Just for fun, while we’re in the ‘off-season’ (believe me, we’ll be back up and running very soon) I thought it’d be fun to have a poll. A very simple one, sure, but it’s all to beat the boredoms.

If you’ve read Rage of Artron (hint hint, read it here) you’ll know that the OrigAvengers team has changed a lot. I won’t tell you how, because that would be a spoiler. However, in the interests of always remembering where we came from, this poll will rank the original six members of the team. Vote for your favorite member, be it the cocky Clark, upright Andy, jokester Jesse, or any of the others because I can’t think of anymore adjectives.

After you vote, tell us why said OrigAvenger is your favorite in the comments below!

Bigger Announcement: Fold 3!

Now that OrigAvengers II is up and posted, we thought it would be a good idea to reveal to you the lineup for the next chapter in the MOU: Fold 3. It’ll be big, but I don’t think you all have any idea what’s in store. You know, unless you’ve written anything for it, but you get my point.

However, hopefully you guys all know by now that certain things are subject to change and when its all said and done, Fold 3 might not look exactly like this list says it will look. But have faith, true believers, because we’re doing everything we can to make this another great volume.

So, your (tentative) list for Fold 3 is as follows:
Novagami and Adam Papercut by SF Hades

The Strange Case of Doctorigami Strange by CrimsonDawn

All-New Spider-Fold by SF YodaForce
The Rise of Namor by SF Guillermo
The Dawn of the Summer Camp Six by EvilJawa
Foldians of the Galaxy: The GOAT by OrigamiLuke100
T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds by SF Noah
The Return of the Summer Camp Six by EvilJawa

And, as with the others, there’s One-Shots and Elseworlds aplenty coming soon. Please, speculate responsibly and enjoy!

Even More One-Shots!

Coming off the heels of OrigAvengers: Rage of Ultron, we have two new One-Shots from EU regulars: YodaForce and Guillermo! One’s a story about a Spider-Fold (not one you’d expect) in Spider-Fold: Rent Case. Read it here: Spider-Fold: Rent Case.
The other is a look back to the past (the 90’s, to be more precise) about the fittingly titled Old OrigAvengers! (and yes, that Maria is Maria Largent.)
Read them and tell the authors what you think?

The OrigAvengers are Back! The End of Fold 2!


After a long wait, Fold 2 is in the books. OrigAvengers: Rage of Artron is now out and ready for reading! Read it here: The OrigAvengers: Rage of Artron Please, tell us what you think! Who’s your favorite OrigAvenger, and wow, Fold 2 was big, wasn’t it?

Just you wait for Fold 3. We’re got even bigger plans coming up.

The Characters of the MOU: Ally Weber

Yet another character drawing, this time it’s the Unshreddible Hulk herself: Ally!

Superfolder Hades’ presents and Interview with Noah

As the title suggests, Superfolder Hades conducted an interview with me today! No, seriously! Read it below:

Q: How did you come up with MOU?
A: At that time, early last year, the EU was pretty dead. I’d been talking with JC and CJ, who I’d kept up a pretty consistent correspondence with through the years, and we wondered how to get the EU back to its former glory. I wondered if we could ever write stories seperate from Star Wars, and ultimately McQuarrie Middle, so I decided we could do a series based on Marvel characters with an entirely new school, or two. And why not make it a high school? I pitched the idea to JC. He loved it, I shared it with CJ and the then-new EU leader Camster and the rest is history.

Q: Who came up with the order of release for the MOU stories?
A: Ultimately, it is me who puts all of the stories in a set schedule. I kind of make up the release schedule as new ideas come to me and fit them together, with a lot of help from the other Council members. Sometimes, like with Fold 1, it was helpful to semi-base it off of the MCU release order, but other times, like with All-Winners and Spider-Fold, it made more sense to add them in out of the blue.

Q: Who all is in the council?

A: The EU Council is made up of JC, Evil Jawa, CJ, myself (Noah), Camster and OrigamiLuke.

Q: What was the process of writing Iron Fold like?

A: It was actually really fun. It was very different from writing any EU story I’d written before, since we had no basis in things like the Origami Yoda books to go off of. It was combining all of the style I (and we, the Council) used in the previous EU stories, elements from the comics and MCU, and trying my hardest to give it a distinct feel in the already very-large EU site. Especially when it came to writing Clark, who needed to be an incredibly unique character. It was such a fun experience.


Q: What was your Favorite part of Iron Fold?
A: My favorite part was the first confrontation between Clark and Nard, when Clark has absolutely no idea what he’s doing compared to the grim confidence of Nard. I actually built that entire chapter around the ‘Obadiah Coffee-Stain’ line, a line which me and CJ brainstormed together.

Q: What is your favorite scrapped content?

A: A name that keeps popping up, Cassidy Lashay, was originally going to be the main villain of Imperfect Iron Fold. However, she was shuffled off when Clark’s idiocy started to take form. However, we don’t like to let good ideas go to waste, so Cassidy will be around very soon, in a very different role than one we’d originally planned for her.

Q: What was your hardest sell to the council?
A: There have been several (some being very secret) but one of the most difficult was the idea of T.H.A.N.O.S. as not one person, but several.

Q: Name one character who you want in the MOU that isn’t in it already?
A: Technically, he’s already made an appearance (wink wink), but I cannot wait for Star-Lord and the rest of the (modern) Guardians.

Q: What would you say your best decision in the MOU was?

A: Probably making the MOU in the first place, because any decision after that was made with so much help from the others, especially CJ and Cam in the early days, that I can’t in good conscience claim them as my own. Except for T.H.A.N.O.S., that was all me.

Q: If you could describe the future of the MOU in one word what is that word?

A: Unexpected.

Q: Which one do you prefer: Iron Fold or the sequel?

A: The sequel. Imperfect Iron Fold came together in such a nice way, and there’s a lot of fun moments that I loved writing.

Q: What MCU movie do you think will never be adapted?

A: Iron Man 3.

Q: What is your favorite MCU movie?

A: Spider-Man Homecoming is probably my favorite. But also, I’ll say this: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is criminally underrated, and I love it.

Q: How did you think of the Imperfect Iron Fold over a more traditional sequel?
A: Like with Cassidy Lashay and the sequel question, Imperfect Iron Fold was going to be a more traditional sequel before it flowed into what actually became. Originally, Cassidy was going to manipulate Clark’s newfound power and turn him into a villain before he realized who the real villain was. However, after writing some of Clark’s chapters, I realized there was villainous potential in and of himself, so Cassidy was moved off and Clark became the brokenest of broken heroes. Again, one of the reasons I loved writing it.

Q: What is your dream future for the EU?

A: Honestly, to see it come alive again and see so many people sharing stories and talking about them like the olden times. You young whippersnappers only know a bit about that. Just kidding. In all seriousness, seeing the EU become what it has has been gratifying enough, and I’m sure the rest of the Council would agree.

Q: Favorite OYEU story?

A: Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters. I have a ton of nostalgia for it, as it was the first story I ever collaborated with JC on, who was, and is awesome.

Q: Did you like BatFold?

A: if i don’t say yes peyton will kill me

Q: Is Noah your real name?

A: Yes, yes it is.

Q: Are you real?

A: Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?

Q: Sup?

A: The sky.

Q: Favorite video game?

A: I’m not a gamer at all, but my two favorites are Overwatch and Spider-Man PS4.

Q: Favorite comic?

A: I’m also not much of a comic reader, but recently I read Gwenpool and it was awesome.

Q: Favorite song?

A: Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra.

Q: Do you have any embarrassing secrets?

A: Nonyabeeswax

Q: Career aspirations?

A: I’ve always wanted to go into film. Be it writing, directing, acting, I’d love to do any of those jobs.

Q: If you were to write a DCOU story what character would it be about ?

A: The Crimson Comet, Bartholomew Henry Allen.

Q: Any creative regrets from the MOU?

A: It wasn’t really intended, but keeping Fold 1 stories only written by the Council was a bit disappointing in hindsight. We’re making up for it in Fold 2 and especially Fold 3.

Q: How far was the MOU planned in advance?

A: Obviously we’ve had to restructure a lot, but the general structure of the MOU has been in place since about a month and a half before I started writing Iron Fold.

Q: Favorite meme?

A: I don’t have a favorite overall, per say, but keeping in theme Ratvenger, Avenge the Fallen and Noobmaster69 were all epic gamer moments.

Q: Will the finale of the MOU be a 2 parter like infinity war and Endgame or a singular story?

A: That’s not been 100% decided. However, I can say for certain that our version of Infinity War will definitely not be the finale.

Q: Any words to the superfolders?

A: Just words of gratitude and absolute amazement, because I wasn’t even sure the MOU would ever work. However, the SFs, some new and some old, came back and kept it going and look where we are now.

Q: And finally words to Tom Angleberger?

A: Tom is to the OY fandom what Stan is to the Marvel fandom. Seriously, without Tom’s direct encouragement, I doubt I would still be interested in writing and definitely not Origami Yoda. He’s such a cool guy.


And that’s it! Thanks, Hades!

The Characters of the MOU: Andy Gardner


I might keep doing this, drawing the MOU Characters. Who knows. Anyway, this is Mr. Andrew Gardner and Captain Americut.

The Updated Rules

In light of certain events that we, the mods, let get out of control, we have met together and updated the rules of the site. If you would like to be a member of this community, please follow these rules very closely, and we’ll all have a grand ole’ time.

1. No Major Swearing – This should be an obvious one. Since there are younger viewers that come and go from this site, and maybe parents that observe children’s internet activity, it is important to keep cussing to a minimum. This includes, bleeps, or implied cussing (such as loopholes in the system). Racist or derogatory terms fall into this banned category as well.
2. No Graphic Violence – As stated earlier, the EU is a safe site, in which people should feel comfortable posting, talking, and whatnot. Users should not have nightmares due to stories or comments made here. Graphic Violence is anything that involves: Blood, gore, guns, knifes, etc.
3. No overly sexual content/scenes – Parents observe children activity, and the last thing they want to see is other users talking of things that are deemed inappropriate. This is why we have the no overly sexual content/scenes rule in place. It’s done to protect users from seeing something they don’t want to see, especially on a site for origami finger puppets. This includes: Private part mentions, scenes that parents would make you cover your eyes, or dirty jokes
4. If you don’t like a certain story, don’t be a bully. Instead, offer constructive criticism – In our upcoming “EU’s Writing 101.” We go in depth on how to properly critique a story, and how to make it so your words aren’t hurting the writer, but building the writer up. Some people’s love for writing started here; don’t break it down.
5. Do not directly copy the plot of the original work. Make it your own! – This rule was simply made because in the infancy age of the EU, there were users that made stories that completely retold an entire movie, beat for beat, and if they were crazy enough, line for line. It’s uncreative and dull to read a story done in that way.
6. Please do not post stories as comments. – While there are exceptions to this rule (Parents don’t allow you to have an email), all stories MUST be sent through one of the three emails.
7. All Stories may be slightly edited before publication – If we find anything that violates 1-6, the writing will be edited or rejected.
9. In terms of talking Cartoons, keep it at what’s aired in the day (Cartoon network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Disney XD, boomerang), and avoid talking about what’s aired at night, typically on the adult block (Adult Swim, Nick at Night, etc.)
10. When theorizing, please keep it to the stories (Who/what is T.H.A.N.O.S.? What is the Presence doing in this story?) and not on: History, politics, or other users.
11. No begging for higher ranks, such as contributor, mod, admin, or even co-owner
12. Keep double posting to a minimum – fellas, it’s not us that are labelling your comment’s under moderation, it’s an automatic measure done in the event that you and a user post at close to the same time. If you post and it says “Your comment is awaiting moderation” That’s just because of the bot. Please, wait a bit before posting the same thing again.
13. No sharing personal information.
14. Have Fun! – Get creative! Make it your own!

I know this might seem like a lot of rules to just throw on you all, but almost all of these just hinge on common sense. If you have a healthy dose of that, you’ll do fine.


Updated: Big Announcement!

With the release of OrigAvengers, Fold 1 of the MOU is now complete! For those of you who have been reading along with us since Iron Fold back in June, (Has it really been that long?) thank you so much! The MOU as a whole has been pretty experimental, and just speaking from my own views I think it’s been a resounding success so far.

However, we are nowhere near done. MOU Fold 2 is going to be massive, with new stories, new characters, new writers, new everything. The tales of the OrigAvengers will be continued, with some very new faces thrown in. It won’t start releasing until the middle of October, so, to satiate your ever hunger appetites, o faithful readers, here is the lineup of Fold 2 part 1, starting release in two months:

Iron Fold 2, by Noah
The All-Winners: F.O.L.D’s Beginnings, by Jar Jar Pleats
The Foldians of the Galaxy: Far Out!, by CJ
The Mantle of Iron Fold, by SF Guillermo
Spider-Fold: Into the OriSpider-Verse by Mega3Drive
Captain Americut 2 by Noah and Stichiella

And, part of the new Marvel Origami Elseworlds stories (It’s basically the Lost Case Files of the MOU) OrigVenom by SLS!

How’s that for a lineup? And that’s just the stuff coming out this year.

But that’s not all. Not even close.

All of you know that Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters has been stagnated for a long time. It’s been almost a year since Rogue Wug was posted, and left us all on an awful cliffhanger. Nobody has been writing anything for the OYBH storyline, leaving us with many questions and no idea when we’ll be getting answers.

Until today.

The story of the OY:BH will finally be finished in the coming weeks, ending with two stories: Origami Yoda’s Secret War and Twilight of Student. Written by the OYEU Council, including myself, CJ, Cam, and the long-absent leader himself JC, these ending stories will, in our opinion, provide a great ending to a story three years in the making.

How’s that for a news update?