Capt-igami Rex and the FunTime Plot

By SuperFolder Thrawn


A New Era
By Aron

My mom and her sister get together once a year every Thanksgiving. I don’t really care, but my cousin Sara does. Sara and I usually get along pretty well, but this time was unusual because not only was her friend Tommy there, but we also were joined by some “interesting people.” Her neighbors, the Tharps, had also stopped by. Sara and her friends had decided to go upstairs to avoid the younger kids, but I snuck upstairs behind them. Just as I was about to open the door, I heard a loud screeching voice:


Then I was forced in by Tommy.


The Intruder
By Tommy

When Dwight said that we had an intruder I knew that it was Sara’s cousin Aron. We had decided to head upstairs and that creep followed us! Once he was inside I closed the door.

“Dwight, does Origami Yoda know if he is a spy?” I asked.

“Spy? Ha! Powerful ally he is! Helpful to the cause, he will be!” Origami Yoda squeaked.

“Wait, hold the phone,” Aron began. “What ‘cause’?”

“The FunTime Menace…know it you do?” Yoda said.

“Know it? I hate it! Don’t even get me started on ‘Healthyums’.” Aron replied.

I looked at Sara, and Sara looked at Dwight. Origami Yoda just shook his paper head.


The Firsts
By Sara

I knew that Aron was doing okay in school, but I had no clue that he had been dealing with FunTime since the start! Apparently his school district was one of the first to be “attacked” (as Dwight put it) by FunTime.

“So-,” Tommy began.

“Wait, Tommy.” I interrupted. “If we tell him some of the tactics that we used then he might help his school rise from the tyranny of FunTime like we did at McQuarrie.”

“Well that’s all fine and dandy, but none of the kids in my grade know what it was like before FunTime!” Aron explained.

“Show them the past, you must!” Yoda croaked.

“But the kids,-” Aron began.

“Teachers you know, yes?” Yoda murmured.


Seeds of the Rebellion
By Aron

I was the first one to finish eating at lunch, and was dismissed. I decided to go outside to think.

“Teachers know all, yes?” Yoda’s words rang out in my mind. I didn’t realise that Tommy had also joined me outside.

“Yoda’s words can often be cryptic.” he said. “Just don’t overthink it.”

Soon Dwight and Sara joined us outside too.

Sara pulled out an origami Chewbacca and Han Solo and Tommy pulled out his Obi-Wan Kenobi puppet.

“WHurGGG!” Chewbacca roared.

“He said that if you’re gonna start a rebellion then you gotta’ do it in style!” Han said.

“Choosing and folding your puppet is the rite of passage.” Obi-wan joined in.

Then ideas came to me like a wave coming to a shore! I folded a few different characters, but I decided on using Captain Rex from Rebels.


A Genuine FunTime
By Tommy

Don’t tell Aron about this but he was an okay folder. He made several good pieces of origami and his Ezra was stooky! Dwight gave him some folding advice and the instructions on how to make a good Endor rebel uniform. After most people left, we decided to watch The Empire Strikes Back. Once the movie had ended, Dwight got up and told us to meet at the QwikPick tomorrow where he convinced Kellen not to kill the “youngling.” Then he got up and walked out backwards. Usual Dwight.


By Aron

Once Tommy left I went into the guest room to sleep and think about the day. As I was emptying my pockets, the origami I had made spilled out onto the nightstand. Finally Yoda’s words started to make sense: “Teachers know all, yes?” First I would try to get the students to join the cause which would be fairly easy. Then I would move on to convincing teachers. When I fell asleep, the dreams began. First, I saw a shadow in the shape of a Mandalorian, who pulled out the legendary Darksaber. Then I saw a legion of stormtroopers. As they fired the dream changed again and I was now on Dagobah looking at Yoda’s hut. Then, an earthquake shook me awake. When I woke up I realised that it was just my mom worried about why I had slept in so late.


About Town
By Sara

Once Aron finally woke up and ate, we followed Dwight’s directions to go to the QwikPick by the skate park. Once there, I decided to call some people to see if they wanted to join me. Aron walked out of the store holding two bags of Sweedish Fish and a pack of Skittles while Tommy’s mom rolled up with Tommy, Dwight, Noah and Lance.

“Is this everyone?” Aron asked

“Ye-,” Lance began ”Wait! Who the heck are you?”

“Darth Maul” Aron sneered

“No, who are you really?” Noah asked

“His name is Aron, and he’s my cousin,” I said. “He needs our help.”

“Well you could have just said so.” Lance said

“One with The Force, he is,” Origami Yoda said. “Great darkness, he will face.”

“Is that so, General?” His Rex said.


The Vote
By Lance

At first I was unsure if we should help this Nerf-herder but after he pulled out his Rex I could tell that we were in good company. I just didn’t want to put my trust in a bounty hunter or something.

“Bounty hunter, Lance thinks you are, yes?” Origami Yoda said.

“What makes you think that I would be a bounty hunter?” Rex said.

“It’s a long story.” Lance said

“Well I’m not a bounty hunter. I am a soldier against the FunTime Menace” Rex said.

“Go on…” Noah said.

After he told us everything, Sara said that we should take a vote. The vote ended in a tie and the deciding vote was Dwight. So Dwight being Dwight, asked Origami yoda what he should do.

“The right thing, yes?” Yoda said

So, like all good people do, he decided to help.


The Fifth Folder
By Noah

We decided to go to the library, (The public one not the school one.) and go to the secret corner that the bounty hunters had discovered a long time ago. We would sometimes go there, but not very often. Aron still had Rex on his finger, and Dwight was always using Yoda. I held up Luke Skyfolder 2.0 and Sara brought out Han. Lance stole the show because he had made C-3PO from The Force Awakens without using a marker for his red arm. But because something was good, Harvey already knew about it, and as if on cue he came around the corner from the non-fiction section.

“You foolish Jedi!” Harvey said in a terrible Inquisitor impression. “You have underestimated my power!” Then he held up an origami Fifth Brother. “Bow before me!”

“I’m sorry did you say ‘You have underestimated my flowers?’” Lance said.

“No, P-O-W-E-R! Power!” Harvey enunciated.

We all chuckled. Then he pointed a sharp finger at Aron.

“Who do we have here?” He said.

“The name is Darth Maul! Now bow before my flowers!” Aron said.

We all had a good laugh at that, but Harvey stuck his finger under Aron’s chin and lifted his head up. Before we could do anything, Aron managed to wrap a rubber band around his finger and fire it under Harvey’s chin. We just sat there shocked as Harvey slinked away.

“Wars make one great, they do not!” Yoda said.

“Well, the likelihood of a non-violent interaction was very, very low.” Lance’s C-3PO said.

“I needed to strike him where it counted.” Rex said.

“It worked though, right?” Han said.

We finally got down to the basics of how Aron should convince his classmates. We decided on posters and some basic pre-made puppets. This was either going to be great, or make him look like a major nerd. Either way it would involve origami.


The Beginning
By Aron

I had the bag of origami puppets in my suitcase along with my own puppets in another bag. Once me and my mom got out of the airport and back into the nice San Diego sun, I absolutely knew what I had to do. And trust me, it’s going to be epic- er, stooky!


  1. origami_master53

    Nice job sf Thrawn!! is their a squeal?

  2. Great story

  3. I really,Really like this story but Tommy seems a bit off character a little

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