The Surprising Captain MarFold!

The Surprising Captain MarFold!


The Journal

By- Tilly Waterson

I’ll be honest; I didn’t think I’d be writing another case file after Kirby closed! What with the origami ban, a bunch of my friends leaving, and, you know, seeing as it’s my senior year…I kind of figured everything would slow down. 

With no heroes to deal with, I was looking forward to a kind of break. But I still didn’t know exactly what I even was. MarFold had been used exactly once. Would she ever be used again?

Unsurprisingly, the answer was yes.

The day before school started, I was sitting in my living room with my aunt Mary going over my plans for tomorrow.

“So where do the daisies go?” She asked while flipping through my flashcards.

“To Mr. Branagh.” I responded. “They remind him of his late wife.”

“Good. Now what about the white chocolate?” Billy, my 4-year old cousin, asked, the stench of mud, crayons and something undefinable pouring off of him.

“They go to Mr. Rainey. He doesn’t like dark chocolate because it is too bitter.” I said. 

“Nope. They go to me because I am hungry,” he said, grabbing a chocolate and stuffing it in his face.

He quickly received a flick to the temple.

“Alright, final gift,” Aunt Mary called out, flinging the previous flashcard to the floor.

It was a small rectangle with ‘VISA’ stamped to the corner, a gift card worth $10. I knew this went to the gym teacher at Wheeler, Mr. Morse. I was about to tell her what she wanted to hear but I was a second behind.

“They go to Mr. Morse. He usually uses it to buy a gift for his wife,” she snapped at me.

I looked at my feet. She is a very kind person but sometimes she takes life a little too seriously.

The doorbell rang. Aunt Mary looked down the hallway. “It’s for you, Tilly.”

“Oh, okay,” I said, ready to stop quizzing on the teacher’s gifts. I walked to the front door and opened it. Andy was standing on the step, smiling like he usually was. He had a book in his hand; it looked like a journal.

“Hey, Andy,” I asked, slightly surprised. I hadn’t seen him much this summer; he’d been on a vacation with his older brothers. “Whats up?” 

“It’s great to see you, Tilly,” he said. “Nothing much. But, could you do me a favor?”


He passed me the journal and a list of names.

“What’s this for?” I asked.

“T.H.A.N.O.S. isn’t the last villain Wheeler is going to face. This might help!”

I flipped through the pages. “Why not give it to Laura or Dove or Ally?”

“You’re my oldest friend, and you’re used to this kind of thing,” he said, shrugging.

On the pages was a list of people. Some of them I knew personally but I was not familiar with some other ones. Robert O’Grady, Cayde Cates and Angelo Viss managed to make that very exclusive list.

“Why all of these people?” I asked. When I looked up Andy was gone.


By- Tilly Waterson

Today was the first day of a new year, a very strange new year. Clark had ‘stepped down’ as Iron Fold and with the new rule on origami it is a pretty safe bet that I wouldn’t be needing MarFold this year. I still had it with me, of course. I mean, I just got her!

I’d spent a lot of the summer calling and texting and hanging out with most of the (former) OrigAvengers, so I didn’t talk with them as much. I did say hi to Dove and Ally (who are nearly connected at the hip nowadays), gave Laura a hug and waved to Gar. However, there were a few people I hadn’t talked with much. Cal was outside on the lawn, along with Duncan Anderson and Amias Hill. In between the honking of horns we managed to make some chatter.

“Hey, Cal!” I said, giving him a quick hug. “You two are Duncan and Amias, right?”

“Hmm, guess we never did make a formal introduction,” Duncan laughed. “Yep, that’s us. You don’t need to introduce yourself, though!”

“Dude, don’t be weird,” Amias grunted, elbowing Duncan. “Great day today, isn’t it?” Amias asked with his usual happy attitude.

“Um, yes, good morning Tilly,” Duncan greeted me, a bit embarrassed.

“Hey, it is a pretty good day, isn’t it.” Cal said stretching. “How does it go?”

“Smoothly,” I said, smiling. 

“Well that’s good to hear.” Amias said.

Duncan looked at his wrist, “I don’t own a watch but I do believe that we need to go to the assembly.”

While everyone was walking off I grabbed Cal’s shoulder.

“Yes?” He asked.

“So, how are you holding up?”

“Pretty mellow. As I’m sure you know Clark left.”

I nodded.

“He’s doing fine, though. He started school last week. Apparently it’s really weird. But, I’m starting to get a little bored of the whole origami thing.”

“Whoa, that was like, your whole jist for a while.”

“Well,” He pointed to the Wheeler sign, “Times change.”

Me and Cal walked to the morning assembly together and sat down. Pretty soon we were alI listening to Principal Villanueva’s speech about how it was so good to have old Kirby students at Wheeler.

“On that note,” she said, finishing, “I know that you all have received letters about the origami policy that Mr. Ainsley and I have composed and I feel the need to say that it is not up to discussion. Next ground rule is-” she started until she was interrupted by the crowd of unruly students.


“Thanks for nothing!”

“Hey moron can we just go to class already?”

Without the threat of the OrigAvengers coming to take care of them, kids seemed to be a bit more ready to break the rules. The assembly ended pretty quickly so that teachers could send these kids to detention, and the rest were let out to head for class.

A Tragic Backstory

By- Kenzie Luna

I know that some people think it is going to be a pretty calm year because of the no origami rule. Well, I hate to burst their bubble but this vendetta has been brewing forever; and it’s time that it explodes. Without the heroes around (the heroes that I helped create, by the way) I’ll be able to do what I want.
Let me tell you all about a little incident that occurred a few years back. It was 2017 and the hype for Infinity War was leaking into everything. Trent figured that it was about time to reassemble the OrigAvengers and I was more than ready to help. But first we needed an Iron Fold, the leader. I was partnered up with Tilly. We were sitting on the benches watching the football team practice for their next game. I was watching a freshman run it up the field. Along with football I knew he also did robotics.

“Hey Till.” I said to her.


“How do you feel about Clark Largent?”

But that’s not the end. We were one week away from the beginning of the recruitment process when ‘it’ happened. I was walking to HQ to update Trent on the state of Iron Fold. I could hear footsteps behind me but I didn’t think much of it. Before I knew it Tilly had appeared next to me with the packet on Clark in hand.

“Hey. Is it ok if I turn this in?” She asked.

“Oh yeah, thanks for finding it. Just make sure to give me my credit.” I told her.

“Of course! It sorta’ goes without saying.”

That was it, the defining moment of my life. She never gave me credit. My best friend betrayed my trust and because of it she got rewarded by becoming Trent’s right hand. I resigned a week later and started to resent shortly after.

Sanctum of Silence

By- Tilly Waterson

After the assembly, I did my best to give all of the teachers their special gifts. I was still confused about the journal in my backpack and wondered what I needed to use it for. I was walking through the hallways trying not to bump into people when I turned the corner a little too quickly and fell to the ground. I was dusting myself off when I felt a hand reach down and hoist me up.

“Thanks for that.” I said

“Any time, Tilly Waterson,” Duncan responded “Hey, it’s actually lucky that I ran into you because we need to talk.”

“We do?”

After a while of me blindly following Duncan around we got to the library, and boy has it changed. The library is a little weird now that origami is banned because all of the teachers were against the papercraft, except for Ms. Jamie who openly encouraged it. While we were walking down the little hallway (Or the Atrium as Duncan called it) I saw so many puppets, it was like the anti-detention. On one side were low tier villains like Jack-O-Lantern and The Tinkerer and on the other were the same rate heroes like Star-hawk and multiple different versions of Captain America. Occasionally someone from one side would run over to the other side and start a small quarrel that quickly got shut down by the sheer presence of me and Duncan. Apparently people still believed in the OrigAvengers.

Soon enough we entered the actual library, Duncan pulled out a small grey bag that had the words ‘R&C shift fluid’ printed on it. I followed him until we eventually made it over to a small book rack full of graphic novels, a person wearing a VERY colorful ensemble was pouring over them muttering things to himself.

“Psst, you good?” Duncan whispered

“Yeah.” He muttered.

“I got the stuff man.” He said as he tossed the bag.

He grabbed it, tore it open and quickly squirted the liquid into his eyes. He solemnly stood up and turned to face me.

“If those are drugs I’ll have to report you,” I said.

“It’s for my eyes so they don’t melt into a puddle of blood,” the guy explained.

“Um, cool.”

“Is she the one?” He asked, looking at Duncan.

“Yes Angelo, she’s the one” Duncan said

Cool puppet for a cool cat.

By- Angelo Viss.

I have seen a lot of interesting things at the library since the merger. Puppets from the Golden Age and a plethora of copycats have begun to pop up. After the OriNightmare debacle and the T.H.A.N.O.S. stuff I have come to accept one simple truth: Marvel changes people. Especially me, because I have gone from mild mannered no one to a full blown nerd during summer break. My eyes are still funky and I have started to run out of fluid more often because of the stress of having to deal with the library becoming a Micro Earth-616 but it’s all in good fun right? RIGHT!? Sorry, i’m a little stressed out.

“I’m sorry, who are you?” Tilly asked.

“My name is Angelo Viss, Assistant to Ms. Jamie and partner of Doctorgami Strange,” I said.

“Partner?” Tilly looked at Duncan. “What about Naphtali? Wasn’t he the Wong guy?”

“Oh, you mean the FILTHY TRAITOR?” Duncan said, shouting the last two words.

“I said I was sorry!” Naph’s voice said from somewhere else in the library.

Duncan glared at nothing. “Naph is still around, but Angelo is my new partner.”

“I am the wielder of Brother Voodoodle.” I said as I held up my puppet.

“Oh cool!” She said. “Wait a second.” She took a journal out of her backpack. “‘Angelo Viss’. Yeah, you’re in my journal! You must be one of the new heroes Andy wanted me to meet.” She wrote some stuff down and put her journal back. “So, what’s this thing about me being the one?”

“Have you not told her?” Brother Voodoodle asked Doctorgami Strange.

“I thought it best come from you.” Doctorgami Strange said.

“The reason that you did not see me during your fight against T.H.A.N.O.S. is because I was preoccupied with helping a friend move down here from Brooklyn,” I told them

“This is the best part,” Duncan whispered to Tilly.

“My friend has some special skills, you see he has early-age Skits-o-frenia. He calls it a blessing, the ability to see the truth of the world.” I continued

“That’s not what schizophrenia is…” Tilly said, confused.

“Sure it is. He told me that’s how it works. But after a long and arduous discussion with his parents and the hospital, we agreed that he would go to my school and I would be his buddy and help him out. I did for a while, until my eyes hit the genetic panic switch. Once he got here he had one of his ‘visions’ of the captain defying her past to quell the moon, whatever that means.”

“Wait…what does that mean?” Tilly asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Duncan said. “It’s about you. Andy left so you’re the only Captain left at Wheeler. You’re gonna fight the moon or something.”

“What? But, why me?”

“TILLY!” someone yelled.

“Who’s that?” Duncan asked

“I have no idea.” Tilly said

“Well then.” he said as he grabbed us and ran away.


By- Kenzie Luna

I saw her again today. It was only the first day but I was determined to make it MarFolds last. She must have seen me during the assembly and thought that she could escape, I had been following her ever since. I was about to make ‘first contact’ but I was stopped. She and Duncan had entered the beginning of the library. 

I had not been here before but after this experience I would have to make sure to come again. I heard the chatter before I saw the people. They were lined up against both walls talking amongst themselves. I really don’t care for the puppetry of this school but I was really impressed by what I saw. Along the ‘hero’ side where people giving pointers to each other on how to make their Vision look more like Paul Bettany. Along the ‘villain’ side people were trying to sell puppets they made to innocent freshmen for a nickel. I walked up to one of the ‘heroes’ who had a Fandral puppet with her.

“Have you seen Tilly walk through here recently?” I naively asked.

“Tilly?!” She exclaimed. “Are we talking about Tilly?!”

I took a cautious step pack and bumped into a guy with Baron Strucker on his finger.

“Man, Tilly is so cool,” he murmured.

Suddenly the hall started to get more active with the presence of Tillys name. Her impact spread to every hall and she didn’t need to lift a finger. All of this admiration for someone who didn’t deserve it was sickening.

“TILLY!” I screamed into the frenzied hallway.

A pocket of fresh air opened up and I could finally think again. I looked at my feet and lying inches away was the device that I would use against her. It was blonde, like Captain Marvel, but not quite. I picked it up and stuck it in my pocket. I was no longer just Kenzie Luna, I was Moonfold.

Minor Problems

By- Duncan Anderson

The bell rang for the third period. That was nice because I have no good reason to pay attention to history. We were running through the hallways trying to avoid all the varieties of moron that were present. It was kinda fun but Tilly was filled with a sudden urgency to scurry away from the maniacal voice that beckoned to her. 

We rounded the corner and bumped into Dane, who, in all of his oddball glory, was wearing a red, white and blue suit.

“Woah, um, Uncle Sam?” Tilly noted “What’s with the outfit?”

“Oh, Tilly, this is Dane,” I explained. “Adam Warlock – um, Papercut. How’s it hanging, Dane?”

“Pretty good all things considered.” he said “Poster?”


(Made) By- Dane P. Jackson.

Are you confused, frustrated or bummed that your friends are gone? Worried about the reputation of this new school? Let’s make Wheeler better! The glorious people of Wheeler because Dane P. Jackson, the man of the merger is who you can count on!

Minor Problems (Continued)

By- Duncan Anderson

“Ah, so you’re planning on running for Student Body President.” Tilly asked.

“Yep! I think I can do good by the school.”

“Well, good luck!”

As Tilly finished her sentence, an arm reached out and grabbed Angelo by the shoulder, tossing him into the crowd.

“Tilly…” the disgruntled female said.

Her and Tilly stood there for a minute, locked via an intense gaze.

“I know that look, she hates your guts.” I said to her. “Run, I got this.”

“No way, Duncan,” Tilly said. “I’m a hero. I’m not running from whoever this is.

Right in front of me.

By- Kenzie Luna

I was hoping that Tilly would have run away when I tried to see her because then it would have shown that she’s not all good. But she stood her ground with a couple of the younger kids standing next to her. She looked confused.

“Kenzie?” she asked. “What are you doing? It’s been a long time!”

“Wait, you know her?” the Adam Papercut kid asked. “She looks nuts.”

“I’m not nuts!” I shouted at him. “My name is Kenzie Luna and I’m here to say that Tilly Waterson is a liar and a thief.”

Tilly looked confused, but I knew she knew what I meant. “What? No I’m not.”

“You stole what could have been mine, it’s not fair!” I said. 

I ran at her and tried to throw a punch, but Tilly just dodged. I stumbled a bit but regained my footing.

“I really have no idea what you mean!” she said, worried. “We were really good friends and then you just…weren’t, anymore!”

“Tilly would never steal anything,” the Doctor Strange kid shouted.

“Tilly is great!” a person in the gathering crowd said.

“She doesn’t lie!” someone else said. People really liked Tilly and I couldn’t stand it.

“Guys, not helping,” Tilly said.

I tried to throw another punch. Tilly didn’t dodge this one so great and I caught her in the shoulder. She winced but still kept trying to talk. “Why are you trying to hurt me?”

I put all my weight behind one more punch, but I tripped on Tilly’s foot and fell to the ground. Tilly stood over me, looking really confused. But a teacher came down the hall. “Detention, both of you girls!” he shouted.

I Feel So Fricken’ Old

By- Substitute Teacher Carrie Morse

It was a fairly simple day for me. The history teacher called in sick and I came in to take their spot. This time it was my good friend Doc who had the flu so I would be teaching history for today. I was going over the end of the cold war and the fall of communism (you know, stuff nobody listens to anymore). But, I was also supposed to be the substitute detention teacher, and today two girls were in detention. One had brown hair and looked way too nice to be in here. The other had dirty blonde hair and looked pretty mean. She shot a spitball at the brown-haired girl. 

“Hey!” I called out. “What was that for?”

“She knows what she did!”

“For the last time Kenzie I have no clue,” she said, pulling the spitball out of her hair.

I looked back at ‘Kenzie’ and did my best mom glare. “No more spitballs. So what’s the deal between you two?” I asked calmly.

“She knows.” Kenzie said.

“I honestly have no clue.” Tilly said.

“Fine, I’ll explain it all tomorrow. Lunch, be there.” Kenzie said as she stomped off.

“Can- can I go now?” Tilly asked sincerely.

I just rolled my eyes. Teen drama was so dumb. At that moment, someone knocked on the door; Vincent stepped in, bringing my lunch.

“Hey, sweetie,” he looked at me. “Who was that grumpy girl?”

“I have no clue,” I said, truthfully.

“I’m just going to go now…” Tilly said as she slinked out.

How did I get here?

By- Tilly Waterson

It was just after lunch and I was waiting for Kenzie to show up and do her whole villain spiel, ‘I hate you because ect…’ I had seen it happen a thousand times so I just assumed that it would finally happen to me. She walked in and she looked worse than I imagined. Her hair was a barely combed and matted mess. Sitting atop her finger was a puppet. It looked like Captain Marvel’s copycat villain from the comics, Moonstone. 

“Can we not do the puppets please?” I asked. “It’s against the rules.”

“No.” she said halfheartedly. “Get Marfold out.”

I pulled out Captain MarFold and put her on my finger.

“Moonfold will win.” She said, “she has to.”

“Why does she need to?”

“Because she knows what you did! She knows that you gave Trent all of my hard work and didn’t care to give me my credit!” she yelled out. “You will get what you deserve.”

“What do I deserve?” I asked.

“Pain.” She said as she punched my gut.

I doubled over, but I was determined not to fight her. I could make her stop if I was just nice to her. “That seems a bit excessive,” I said.

“It’s not.” she said. 

She was about to strike again but held up my hand in a stop sign.

“So that’s what this is about?” I asked, standing up again. “I’m so sorry, Kenzie. I did give you your credit. I guess Trent just chose to ignore me.”

“Sure.” she mumbled.

“No, it’s true,” I was doing my hardest to convince her. “He must have known that you would find out.”

“Find out what?”

“Didn’t you know?” I murmured. “Trent was the T in T.H.A.N.O.S. and all of F.O.L.D. had no clue. The only reason I was his right hand is because he knew that I wouldn’t find out.”

“Why’s that?”

I blushed. “I…kinda liked him. Too much.”

“Was he right?” Kenzie asked sternly.

“Well, yes.”

I hated saying it. It felt awful to remind myself of my mistakes. But the soft flutter of Moonfold dropping derailed my train of thought. I looked up at Kenzie. She wasn’t sad or happy; she just looked lost. I sat down at a lunch table and she joined me.

“I can’t handle my new title alone,” I told her.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“You saw the hallway. There are new puppets, new people. With the fall of T.H.A.N.O.S. new threats are bound to arise. Andy figured this out.”

“Andy? As in Andrew Gardner?” Kenzie asked.

“Yeah. He tasked me with something, I need to stand watch and record all I see. A task that big for one person is impossible. I need someone to be my eyes and ears. What do you say?”

Before Kenzie could respond the doors to the lunch room flung open.

“Sorry people.” Mr. Morse announced. “But you know the rules. No origami. I hate to say it but both of you have detention with me for the rest of the week.”

Me and Kenzie looked at each other. I think we were friends again. We knew that this would be coming, but we would take this in strides; and any other challenge that would come our way!

 The Chroniclers’ Guide to Wheeler High #1

By- Tilly Waterson and Kenzie Luna

As you have probably figured out already, this year presents new challenges for people new and old. Alongside the battering ram that is highschool, some kids have to face other challenges. There’s many people doing their best to take on the world. There’s presidential candidates, new couples, two sorcerer supremes, even. People are learning to use their disadvantages and use them for good.

And now, Kenzie Luna, who despite what she had previously thought about others broke through her own misunderstanding and made an unexpected friend. So, no matter what you think or believe we are sure that you will find a place here, where everyone is welcome.


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