All-New Spider-Fold 2

By: SF YodaForce


Author’s Note: This story takes place during Unshreddible Hulk 2, so you may see some references from the story. Enjoy!

The Present

By: Aiden Mitchells

Yo! It’s ya boy Aiden! Making another case file because, well, I got bored. And, I wanted to tell you guys how I’ve been doing ever since the first case file I wrote. Right now, I am at the party celebrating Kev’s birthday at Cassidy’s House.

“Three, two, one, and…. ” Cassidy said as everyone took pictures with either their phones or portable cameras. I had a bag with a present for Kev in it. I won’t tell you what it was, well, because it’s a surprise.

“So,” Shawn said. “Whatcha get Kev?”

“Oh, you’ll see. Fine, it’s a…..small thing. An alive thing.” I said trying to hold the bag with the alive thing in it.

Gar walked over to us with cups of fruit punch. “Does anybody want any more fruit punch?”

“No! In fact, I’ve got to go to the bathroom. See ya!” Shawn said before running to the bathroom in Cassidy’s house.

I took a cup of fruit punch and gulped it. Cal walked over to me.

“Is the bunny secure in the bag in its cage?” he asked me.

“Yeah, it’s totally gonna make Kev happy!” I said. I high-fived Cal.

“Are you sure Kev isn’t afraid of rabbits?” Cal asked.

I rolled my eyes. “Cal, c’mon, first and foremost, it’s a bunny, not a rabbit. Second, everybody loves bunnies!” I said.

“Really? I don’t see much of a difference between a bunny and a rabbit. They are in the same family, right?” Cal asked.

“Well, apparently on Google, it said that a rabbit is a small mammal, and a bunny is a small rabbit!” I said before quickly walking over to Kev because I was tired of holding the bag.

“Kev!” I yelled out.

“Hey, you must Aiden Mitchells, the All-New Spider-Fold!” Kev said before quickly walking over to me. “You fought your brother at the sophomore dance!”

I grinned. “Yep, that’s me.” I said, proudly producing the All-New Spider-Fold puppet from my pocket. “And I got the evidence to prove it.”

“So, whatcha got in that bag?” Cassidy asked me.

“Oh, it’s actually a present for Kev.” I replied. I revealed the bunny inside.

Kev’s eyes went wide. I could tell he was so happy to have a bunny.

“OH MY GOSH! YOU GOT ME A BUNNY?!? OH MY GOSH, THANK YOU SO MUCH!” Kev shouted as he shook my hand. I smiled.

“I’m glad you like it. What are you gonna name the little fella?” I asked.

Kev let go of my hand. “Imma name it, Grover!”

“Good for you, babe.” Cassidy said.

Kev took out the bunny from its cage.

“He’s so cute!” Kev said while holding him carefully.

In the distance, I saw that Ally was talking to Andy and Laura. I’m surprised that she wasn’t talking to her boyfriend, Dove.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Franklin Young opens Cassidy’s front door and walks over to Ally.

“Oh crap.” I whispered to myself. Franklin waved at me. I just frowned.

Franklin is Cassidy’s ex-boyfriend. He made fun of her for being colorblind and they broke up.

Ally and Franklin chatted for like two seconds, but Ally was annoyed by him, I could tell by her face.

Dove walked over to Ally and walked her away from Franklin. Franklin looked back at me.

“Aiden, nice to see you.” Franklin greeted me.

I frowned. “You do know you’re not welcomed here, right?” I said, laughing.

“I’m not here to get back together with Cassidy, kid. I’m here because I want to celebrate,” Franklin replied.

“Yeah, sure you are.” I said. “And I don’t think you should treat women and girls like that. It seems like you creeped Ally out, like, a lot.”

Franklin frowned. “What do you know about girls? You don’t even have a girlfriend!”

“Well, at least I never got rejected by a girl, twice!” I yelled. Everyone looked at me and Franklin.

Andy walks over to me. “Aiden, just, step away from the situation.”

“Yeah, listen to Andy,” Laura said. I walked away from Franklin, still angry at him for making that hurtful comment.

Andy’s Comment: Dude, you made the right choice. We’ll worry about Franklin another time.

Laura’s Comment: Yeah, what Andy said. Look, I know Franklin is…an interesting person, but, next time you run into him, just ignore him. Or you could call us over and we’ll handle it.

My Comment: Thanks guys.

The Walk Home

By: Aiden

Ok, sorry for my outburst last chapter. Maybe Franklin was right? I don’t know anymore.

Me and Cal started walking home after the party had ended.

“Dude, you alright?” Cal asked as he saw that I was obviously upset.

“Franklin,” I replied.

“I’ve personally never met him before, but he sounds and looks like a bad guy.” Cal said. “But I’ve heard that he made fun of Cassidy because she is colorblind.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened,” I replied.

It felt like we were walking for hours, and hours.

Suddenly, Cal stopped walking, and turned around.

“What is it?” I asked him, perplexed.

He pointed at Trent and Seyla walking down the sidewalk, holding hands. Trent was wearing a blue polka dot bow tie, and Seyla was wearing a teal dress.

“Yo!” Cal yelled out to Trent.

“Yo, yourself,” Trent replied.

I stood there, frozen.

“So, why are you wearing a blue polka dot bow tie? Don’t you think it’s a bit much?” Cal asked.

Trent’s jaw twitched. Seyla started talking. “We are heading over to New Grounds Coffee and Tea for our date.”

“Cool.” I said. “Aren’t you the guy who betrayed F.O.L.D. and enrolled in Wheeler Academy?” Trent had left Kirby during Spring Break and enrolled at Wheeler the next week. It wasn’t a big deal for him; just a few blocks down the road.

And again, Trent twitched his jaw. “I never betrayed them. I found true love. When has that ever been a crime?”

“You do have a point,” I replied.

“Aiden! Don’t trust this guy! He’ll leave you in a web of lies!” Cal warned me.

I ignored him. “I agree, Trent. When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, and no one can ever tear them apart. That’s a quote I found.”

Trent nodded. “Very true. Goodbye.” He and Seyla quickly walked away.

I smiled. Cal frowned.

“Dude! Trent is a liar. Why didn’t you listen to me?” Cal asked.

“Because, Cal, you’re always like this! Always so superstitious,” I replied. “In fact, if I found anything odd or shady about him, I’d tell you.”

After that, we stopped talking about it, and started talking about Don Quixote and the Invisible Man.

An All-New Baddie In Town!

Article By: Desiree Dawson

BREAKING NEWS: 3 teenagers reportedly beaten up and super-glued to a wall at New Grounds Coffee and Tea AT 8:30 P.M. The three victims were Alan Greenspan, Dennis Micthells, and the assistant to the Student Body, Mark Freeman.

Today, we interviewed one of the witnesses, Noah Brickowski:

“I was just hanging out with Shawn, Kaylee and Trevor at New Grounds, then all of a sudden, the lights go out and I hear punching. The lights turned on and there was Alan Greenspan, the school’s fan-fiction writer, Dennis Mitchells, former leader of the Watchdogs, and Mark Freeman, the student body’s intern guy, all messed up. I freaked out, of course. Who wouldn’t?”

“It was so scary! We should have called 911,” Kaylee says.

“It scared the living [CENSORED] out of me. I thought I was next!” Shawn says.

A theory is circling that Dennis came inside, turned the lights off and punched Alan and Mark. Mark fought back and kicked Dennis. A customer got annoyed and turned the lights back on.

Kirby and Wheeler students are suggested to stay close to the campus, preferably indoors.

– Desiree Dawson

“Oh my gosh. Really?” I said to Cal and Diego after reading it.

“I know, right?” Ezra said through Cal’s phone.

“Who would do this?” Cal asked worried.

“Anybody,” Diego said. “It could be anybody.”

Everyone was silent for a moment.

“I bet it was Howard! Seems like something he would do, am I wrong?” Ezra said.

“But didn’t Howard turn good?” Diego asked Ezra.

“Not exactly. He’s more like an anti-hero. He doesn’t want other villains to get in his way. He doesn’t really follow the rules of being evil, either,” Ezra explained.

Cal gasps. “It was Trent! Probably. He was at New Grounds near 8:00 P.m. And, he’s a traitor!”

“If you’re inferring that he is a traitor and he did it, then I don’t agree. And even if he did beat up my brother, I would kill him personally. But that doesn’t mean he is a traitor. These are two different events. Being a traitor does not affect what went down,” I pointed out. “Like Diego said, it could be anyone. So let’s not go for the obvious choice, because you could be wrong. I could be wrong, we all could be wrong.”

“Well,” Diego said. “Aiden could just see if Cal’s theory is true, to avoid more arguing.”

“He wasn’t right about rabbits and bunnies being the same. But, alright. I’ll do it.” I said.

The Hospital

By: Dennis

So, it’s not fun being in the hospital because your nose is broken. Aiden came in earlier and let me write a chapter.

Also, I did not beat those guys up! I know it sounds like something I would do, but I didn’t.

I know that the Sophomore Dance was my fault, but this wasn’t.

Please believe me, I’ve changed.

My dad walked into my hospital room. “Dennis, stop worrying. Aiden thinks that it was a boy named Trent Adams who did it,” he said.

“Trent Adams? The former director of F.O.L.D.?” I asked him.

“I don’t know stuff about your brother’s club. Also, what is F.O.L.D.?” Dad asked.

I explained.

“Okay,” he said. “I really need to get more involved in my son’s lives.”

I laughed. This is going to be a long two weeks.

Okay, Maybe

By: Aiden Mitchells (In email to Cal Largent)

Okay, Cal. Maybe you were right about Trent being a traitor. PLEASE don’t rub it in next time I see you.

It all started when I was on the way back home on my bike. I was riding back from the hospital, where Dennis was.

I saw Trent and Seyla in front of Trent’s driveway. Trent had a HUGE bag of what looked like F.O.L.D. case files. I don’t know if they were, though.

Trent and Seyla were looking through them with their thumbs.

“Hey! Are those F.O.L.D. case files?” I asked curiously.

Seyla shrugged. “Trent’s just looking through some of his old assignments.”

I could tell she was lying. “You sure about that? Cause I don’t think he’d have an assignment titled ‘OrigVenom’.” I said.

“Stop getting in our business,” Trent said. “It’s childish.”

“It’s rude to go through people’s stuff, ya know,” I replied.

“Aiden, I recommend that you stop harassing us,” Seyla said. “You and Cal.”

I frowned. “Ok, geez. I’ll go.”

And that was the end of our conversation.

I’m siding with you now, Cal. I know what I saw, and I would like for my voice to be heard.

I Told You So

By: Cal Largent (In a reply to Okay, Maybe by Aiden Mitchells)

I can’t say I never told you so, because that would be a lie.

But now that we are both on the same page, we have to take back those files back to F.O.L.D.

Not so hard, right?


By: Aiden

It’s been a couple of days since Kev’s birthday party, and I haven’t seen Trent in a while.

Since school was canceled because, ya know, a little break, I have free time. So I usually ride to Cal’s house on my bike. I really needed to today. We really need to discuss that plan of his.

But today was different. While I was riding my bike, I saw Franklin, watering his plants with the water hose.

“Dang it!” I whispered to myself.

Franklin turned around and looked at me. He just stared.

“Aiden, hi,” He said. “Where are you off to?”

I smiled. “That’s frankly none of your business.”

“Oh, I see what you did there! Haha, laugh it up.” Franklin said before spraying the water hose on me.

I was soaked in disgusting neighborhood water, and I’m pretty sure a bug got in my mouth. I pulled out my origami Miles Morales. It was soaked, too.

“You…” I said. “You’re gonna regret that, man.”

“Did I ruin your little paper doll? Good. You deserved it,” Franklin said before dropping his water hose and running back inside his house.

“Double dang it,” I said to myself.

I still rode down to Cal’s house, soaked.

Like That One Scene From Far From Home

By: Cal

I was just at home, playing Fortnite on my Xbox. The doorbell rang, and I ran downstairs and opened the door.

“Aiden?” I asked. “Why are you soaked? Did Mrs. Margret’s dog Smokey slobber all over you again?”

“No. Believe it or not, Franklin.” Aiden replied.

I gasped. “Cassidy’s ex?” I asked.

Aiden nodded. My mom walked in, and of course, was in mama mode.

“Aiden! Oh my gosh, what happened?” Mom asked him.

“A kid sprayed me with a water hose,” Aiden said. He got out his origami Miles Morales. “And origami Miles.”

Mom frowned. “Aiden, go shower. Towels and washcloths are upstairs in the closet. Cal, you know what to do,” Mom instructed me and Aiden.

I knew exactly what she meant. I nodded.

After Aiden finished showering, he followed me into my room.

“What did your mom mean by ‘you know what to do’?” Aiden asked.

I opened a cabinet filled with Spider-Folds, all with different colors, designs, patterns, heck, there was even a neon one!

“Clark folded these a couple of months ago for me.” I said.

Aiden freaked out. “Oh my gosh! There are so many!” Aiden said.

“Yeah, Clark gets bored a lot. Turns out he likes folding things.” I grinned. “So, I heard that you have some puppet trouble.”

Aiden’s eyes widened. “Really? Thank you so much Cal!” 

I got out my phone and played Back In Black in the background.

He looked at a bunch for at least five minutes, until he found one, with black and green.

“This one!” Aiden said.

I laughed. “Good choice.” I said.

Looks like stuff isn’t so bad after all.

Stuff Is Bad After All

By: Cal

Well, looks like stuff is bad after all.

Diego will explain it in the next chapter.

Five Weeks

By: Diego

Hey guys. Diego here. So, I saw something in the neighborhood that would determine if Cal and Aiden are right about Trent being a traitor.

Today, me and Claire were filming a video on how to make Szechaun Pork, a popular Chinese dish.

“Yu Xiang in Chinese means fish fragrance, so don’t be surprised not to find any fish on the ingredient list,” Claire said, speaking to the camera while I filmed it.

Claire kept talking. While filming, I noticed that Trent was dragging luggage out of his house.

“Alright, is that all you need for your grandma’s house?” Trent’s mom, Linda said.

“Yes, mom,” Trent agreed before hugging her.

“Remember, you are staying at your grandma’s house for five weeks, okay?” Ms. Linda said.

“Okay.” Trent said before getting into his dad, Leonardo’s car. The car drove off.

“Oh snap!” I whispered to myself. “This is bad, real bad.”

Mission Compromised

By: Aiden

So, I heard about Trent leaving for FIVE weeks! This is gonna be a problem. No Trent means no investigation.

And of course, this all seems to occur as soon just as I start to side with Cal.

You know what, we’re actually gonna try Cal’s plan. And I know just how to execute it.

A Little Help

By: Aiden

Obviously, I’m gonna need some help from someone who is great at pranks. Someone who is notoriously famous and was once on a school bullying group. Oh, I know. Dennis!

I got my phone out of my pocket and called the hospital.

My mom answered, since she works as a nurse there.

“Nurse Melisa Mitchells from Community Memorial Hospital. How may I help you?”

I got nervous. “Uh, hey mom! Could I speak to Dennis?”

“Sure! His room’s number is (REDACTED),” Mom agreed.

“Okay, bye mom!” I said, ending the call.

“Bye sweetie!” Mom said before hanging up.

I called Dennis’ hospital room number. Luckily, he could reach it.

“Wassup?” Dennis answered.

“Hey, Dennis. Look, I know we haven’t gotten along in the past, but, could you do me a favor?” I asked.

“Depends, what kind of favor is it?” Dennis asked me.

“The type where you get to prank someone’s parents. Trent’s parents, to be exact.” I answered.

There was silence for a few seconds.

“Alright, I’m in. What’s your terrible plan that I can revise and make it way better?” Dennis said.

I frowned. “Well, Cal and I think that maybe Trent is hiding something, so maybe could you go investigate his house?”

“Hmmm…I see. Maybe you could pretend that you have a missing cat. Adults always let children in with missing pets,” Dennis said.

“Thanks Dennis. I’ll owe you later,” I said.

“You better,” Dennis said before I hung up.

Trent’s House

By: Aiden

It was Friday, and luckily, my dad and mom were at work. If my parents ever found out that I was Spider-Fold, they would make a big deal about it and ask what I do and stuff.

Anyways, I rode my bike down to Trent’s house. I rang the doorbell. Ms. Linda answered.

“Hello young man? What do you need?” Ms. Linda asked politely.

“Well, my cat Tabby is missing-“

“Oh my! You poor soul. Come in, come in. I’ll fix you some lemonade.”

I walked inside.

“Ms. Linda, can I use your bathroom?”

“Sure, it’s across the hall.”


I walked down the hall to Trent’s room. I went through the mess on Trent’s desk. He really needs to clean his room, sometime! No F.O.L.D. case files were around anywhere – all except for one.

I found a case file titled ‘Robot’. I read it to myself:

This is a case file typed and edited by Trenton Adams.

Date: (REDACTED), 2018

Note From Trent: TA stands for Trent Adams, and Football Jockey One and Two is FJ1/FJ2.

TA: You two need me to go over the plan again?

FJ1: Yes, please.

TA: Here is Clark’s robot, (shows a picture of Largent’s robot ‘Dummy’), you’re gonna destroy this piece of junk, got?

FJ2 and FJ1: Got it.

I gasped. “Oooh. This is bad. Real bad.”

I finished reading and never said anything else. I had the lemonade and rode back home on my bike.



By: Aiden

So, as you saw in the last chapter, I’m in big trouble. I have to report this all to the OrigAvengers. In other news, Dennis came home from the hospital today with a cast on. When I said that I owed Dennis, I really did mean it. So, I folded Dennis a King-Pin origami. Nice right? Still doesn’t keep me calm about this whole robot thing.

How will I tell Clark about this? Most importantly, will Trent find out about this?

  1. Grand Master Skywalker


    lets make this a subreddit bois

  2. To be continued in Infinity Folds, a mind blowing story written by SF Noah and the Council…

  3. Appreciate the references to Unshreddible Hulk II, man! I enjoyed the story a lot. Well done.

  4. Grand Master Skywalker

    8/10. A little too fast pacing, but a good overall story and some nice twists and turns. I’m seeing great improvement in your writing and I’m very proud of you. ~plus diego somehow works at the kirby king now and i kinda love that~

    I’m seeing this pattern lately of short main stories…short main stories are basically one-shots.

  5. Grand Master Skywalker

    “Hello, brother. I know you got injured. So, uh, have a piece of paper. UHHHHHHHH, BYE-O!” *leaves*

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