Spider-Page and the Comic-Con Upset

Spider-Page and the Comic-Con Upset.


(This file takes place in the year 1992. Some things might not be 100% accurate.)


By- “Kane”

[Before winter break]

I really regretted beating up Haruto Jr. because he is a good person but I needed something, badly. I turned off the recorder that was sitting on a comic stand and started to look behind the counter for a floppy disc the MCP told me to get. I stuck it in my pocket and started to walk out of there, as I was leaving I felt Haruto Jr. grab the bottom of my pant leg and tug.

I looked down at him. “What do you want?” I asked

“People will know what you did here,” he said, “And they will come for you.”

I knelt down and grabbed his face.

“Good.” I told him.

I left him on the floor. I did not want anyone else to get hurt but the odds of that happening were VERY low. 


I plugged the floppy disc into the computer and it was surprisingly loading with ease. On the disc were four words. “The timetable has changed [TH PLN RMNS]”

Fake News?

By- Sean Cates

Daily quip: “I hope this doesn’t stick around…”

[After winter break]

Life was good. I wasn’t woken up early by one of my friends and my toast did not burn! It was a fairly normal day so far. I was watching some of an old western that someone had recommended to me, I had no clue who ‘Clint Eastwood’ was but I was starting to like him. I was riding to school when I heard the steady whir of another bike behind me. I turned around to see my friends Jackson Pierce and Bryan Brock on their bikes. I slowed down so they could catch up to me.

“Did you hear what happened to Haruto Jr.?” Bryan asked.

“No? What happened?” I asked.

“I heard that he got beat up.” Jackson said. 

We rolled into school to see everyone a little more energetic than usual seeing as its, well, school. That was not the weirdest thing though, outside on the lawn was a kid inside of a sandwich sign. (The things that go over your head and usually say ‘THE END IS NEAR!’) on the sign where the words “SEAN QUITS! MANTLE OF SPIDER-PAGE UP FOR GRABS?” but the thing was, I didn’t quit; in fact I had Spider-Page in my pocket. We walked in to be immediately swarmed by a bunch of kids asking about the same question.

I figured that I would need to talk to someone about this and the best person would probably be The Director. We walked down the steps and into his office to see him looking at a map of sorts, when we entered his watch blinked and he looked up at us, but more at me. 

“Sean I need to know,” he began. “Is it true?”

“No, not at all!” I said.

“Well that’s good to hear.”

 Jackson sat down and grabbed a clip board that was sitting on a desk nearby. Bryan didn’t really have anything better to do so he left. 

“A past Director has asked F.O.L.D. to provide a sort of secret security for a Comic-Con he is putting on, just to make sure that no one steals anything. But the whole Spider-Page debacle should probably get solved first,” he said.

“The source of the information comes from the Kirby King. I can look into it so that way none of you have anything to worry about,” Jackson said.

“Good to hear. Sean, I think it would be best if you stopped waving around Spider-Page for the time being and just did some basic agent work.”

“Sure,” I responded.

“Good, I need you to look at this map real quick, just make sure that everything looks good security wise. Jackson, I think that you should get on that case now,” he said

Kirby King needs better locks.

By- Jackson “Mattias” Pierce

Hi, My name is Jackson Pierce, my friends call me Mattias but for the sake of confusion we shall call me by my actual name. Oh! I also work for F.O.L.D. (there’s not much to do but it does get me up in the morning) I have been around for some time and you just never hear about me, It’s how I roll. 

I was trying to find the entrance to Kirby King, the recent start-up newspaper, with Ant-gami on my finger. I don’t really like the idea of finger puppets, they just make me feel very exposed. I had chosen Ant-gami because there wasn’t really anyone else to choose from and I had only read very few comics that my friend (who happens to be a female) gave to me for my birthday. As much as I don’t care for the puppets or comics I still was forced to have one, and my micro lock picking kit fits in it so that’s a bonus. I finally found the entrance and to my convenience it was really easy to break into. I was searching around when I heard the door thrust open, I ducked behind one of the big boxes full of packing peanuts and printer parts.

“I did it like you asked!” The editor said.

“HAS SEAN DONE ANYTHING?” someone questioned.

“No! I have not seen him! Please, it’s just the beginning of school!” The editor pleaded.

“The MCP will be very disappointed in you.” he growled.

“Kane please-” he said as Kane threw him over the box that I was hiding behind.

When he landed he made eye contact with me. He looked like he was about to go into shock, Slowly I mouthed to him ‘Stay down.’ he nodded hastily. I began to get up to hear Kane growling. I was honestly scared. Was this a kid or a beast? When I turned around I saw Kane lunge at me then the world went black.

When I woke up I saw the Director and Sean leaning over me. 

“How are you feeling?” Sean asked

“Pretty good, my head hurts but i’m good.” I said

“You took a big hit. Do you remember anything?” The Director said

“Some dude named Kane pretty much threw himself at me. He was questioning the editor about his interactions with Sean.” I said. “Do you know when the Comic-con is?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty soon,” the Director said.

Pretty soon was correct. It was in a week and all of us F.O.L.D. agents were invited, as security and help, not fans. Boo-hoo. 

Spider-Page’s decommission.

By- Sean Cates

Daily quip: “Get back to me.”

I agreed with the director that it would be a good idea for me to lay low for the time being. I was messaging people over the W.E.B. (we had expanded the system to include most of the OrigAvengers.) I thought that this entire system was genius because you could go into a separate subsection or you could talk to everyone. I was talking to Vincent about what I should do about people saying that I had quit.

“Think of it this way,” he messaged, “It’s a free vacation.”

“True but I love my job.” I messaged back

“Ok, two words FREE VACATION. Plus we get to go to a Comic-Con”

“Fine. But if anything goes awry then I’m bringing him back.”

“Do what you want to do.”

I got off the W.E.B. because it was roughly dinner here and I wasn’t going to miss meat pie night. I opened a drawer on my desk where there were squares of paper and markers so I could always make a Spider-Page if this one got lost or destroyed. I never thought that I would be putting one away and not pulling a new one out.


By- Sean Cates

It was finally time and we had a simple job, get in and help set up. The Director and Mr. Conway (The old director of F.O.L.D.) were talking about what he needed us to do. It was primarily box retrieval and the setting up of tables, he had hired others but ‘More hands couldn’t hurt.’ 

The adults had set up the tables and us kids were getting the boxes out of the vans. I thought the whole idea of a Comic Convention was pretty cool. In some of the boxes where collectible items that any die-hard fan would love to have. In the other boxes were back issues from past years and the newest issues from the upcoming week. We were setting them down on the assorted tables when lunch was called. While we were eating we started to talk about if we would go to the convention when it opened when a figure clad in black started to walk up to us. Jackson started to shake in his seat, there was something about this character that made him afraid. I turned around to see him start a full sprint to me.

“Sean!” he roared.

I got up and tried to swing the chair at him just to see him bat it away. He clawed at me when I kicked him in his gut. He hunched over and started to cough. He then held up his version of Spider-Page.

“You like it?” he asked. “I have one goal. Let the MCP win. And for that I need you to lose. That day is sooner than you think, tomorrow.”

Day 2.

By- Sean Cates

The whole thing with Kane was a little off putting but I couldn’t let that stop me. I had been trusted to deal with this by myself. We had been put into a little hotel in Brooklyn. The breakfast was good, you could never beat Mango Juice and Cinnamon rolls. We were on high alert for Kane. He told me ‘tomorrow’, and that happened to be the day of decorations. Mr. Conway brought in more adults to help out so that we could deal with Kane. Us kids had decided that it would be smart to stick to groups of two, I was paired with this kid from out of state that Mr. Conway supposedly trusted with his life. Our section was in the back pocket.

“This is nice,” the kid said.

“Yeah,” I agreed. It was nice to see a group of fans come together to celebrate something they truly cared about. 

“So did you bring Spider-Page?” he asked.

I looked at him, only the people from my school knew that I had made Spider-Page.

“Come on,” he said. “I gave you an opportunity. If you don’t have it that’s fine. I made my own.” 

He then held up Kane’s Spider-Page.

“I’d be happy to take your place.” He said “Kane is much better than Sean”

He then knocked me out.

The Clone Saga…

By- Sean Cates

It was day three and Kane was becoming an increasing threat. I felt like it was sort of my fault. By me becoming Spider-Page Kane’s vengeance was born. He wanted to become me and at this point I was starting to give in. Today was the last day before the opening and Mr. Conway was starting to get more worried. He had tried to talk to Kane about his attack but the only thing Kane would say was nothing at all. 

I was unpacking boxes when the banging started. It sounded like it was raining bricks even though the forecast was clear. The doors opened and standing there like a god of war was Kane holding up his Spider-Page, flanking him was the rest of the school that didn’t come for the set up. Then rushed us before we could do anything. Some of us tried to wade towards him but we ended up getting stopped by fanatics and copied Spider-Pages, we were losing when I heard a cry from behind me. 

“On your left!”

I turned around to see Jackson throw a plastic baggie at me that almost got lost in the crowd. The bag was black with the F.O.L.D. Logo on it. I opened it to see a brand new Spider-Page, the creases were sharp and his logo was clean.

“I made it last ni-” he said as his voice got lost in the crowd.

I put it on my finger and raised my hand up high. To my surprise the crowd started to part, I could finally walk. I started a slow jot to Kane as he approached me. We met in the middle of the crowd and stared at each other in the eyes.

“Look who came back,” he said.

“I did,” Spider-Page said.

“How are we going to settle this?”

“Thumb war. First to lose there puppet can’t be Spider-Page.”

“Your loss.”

We started the war on even ground. He almost got me and I almost got him. It went back and forth like this for some time until Mr. Conway managed to walk through the crowd.

“THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!” he yelled.

“WHY?” Kane argued.

“Because I didn’t raise you to act like this!”

The crown went silent. It all made sense, while Kane attacked Haruto Jr. and the Kirby King Mr. Conway met with the Director to discuss F.O.L.D. ‘s presence at the Comic-Con. Also Kane knew where we were because he was working with his father. Kane went silent, his hands lowered to his side causing his Spider-Page to fall to the floor but no one cheered. 

[LATER. Sunset park, Brooklyn]

I was sitting on a bench looking out to the upper bay when I heard footsteps coming up behind me. I turned around to see Kane walking up to me.

“So is your name really Kane Conway?” I asked.

“No, my name is Karl Conway,” he said, half hearted.

“So why Kane?”

“It sounded cool.”

We sat there in silence for some time.

“So what is going to happen to you?” I asked.

“I am going to get pulled out of my current school and I’m going to get transferred to Wheeler,” he responded.

“Oh. Well that doesn’t sound so bad.” 

“Yeah right. Hey, I’m sorry that I ruined this. My father had to cancel the Con,” he apologised “Now he needs to explain to Stan why he had to.”

“Stan?” I asked.

“THE Stan.” He responded.

“Oh dear, maybe this will become a comic in a few years.”

“That’s some wishful thinking.”

“Before I go back to the hotel I have one more question.”

“Shoot,” he told me.

“Who is the MCP?”

“When you face him just promise me you won’t bring me up.”

“Deal.” I promised him.

“His name is-”


By- Director Ainsley

[I’m sneaking this in here against Sean’s permission, I just needed a place to record this.]

I have sent a letter to Vincent Tomas’s place of residence. After the event involving Karl Conway and his alias ‘Kane’ I have reason to believe that something is going on behind the metaphorical curtain. Inside of it is my contingency plan in case the curtain gets pulled back, well it’s more of a catalyst. Under the right pressure the catalyst should crack and become a “Quasar” of sorts.

Karl and Sean will return in: The MCP saga: Part I!

  1. This must have been the crappiest comic-con ever. No-one bought any comics or anything!

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