The Beginning of the Wizarding Folds

By Sf Guillermo 

Project Capture

How All of This Started
By Angus Twigger

Good afternoon everybody, I am making this so-called “case file” regarding the latest incidents that happened to Ilkey Grammar School, England, during the past few days and hopefully, it will expand to something much more… should I say powerful or important? No idea right now. 

To understand all of this, since this is posted on the internet (I don’t know when you’ll be reading this), you have to put yourself in  the mindset of yourself during late September of 2019. Yeah, you heard it right, 2019. 

You may not know what I’m talking about until the end, but I just want you to know that this year we were going to have a very peculiar chemistry teacher, all of us. 

Mrs. Eagles had been seen before by many of us last year, even though we had a different teacher, Dr. Marshall, we would always see her coming through the hallway. I have to admit I was a bit spooked by her presence,but we never knew what she was going to bring to us this year. I’ll let William explain all of this to you. 

The Beginning
By Henry Walker 

It was 14:00 on a Friday afternoon, we were all ready to go home but unfortunately for us, one class still remained until we could end this unending nightmare. Wait. I exaggerated a bit, but I think you understand. 

First of all, I wasn’t really paying attention to the end of the week, last class of the day… Etc. 

I was concerned, or more so worried about this year’s chemistry, 10th grade really seemed like chemistry was going to start getting all hard and stuff. I was still thinking about it when the teacher came in, Mrs. Eagle. 

“Good afternoon class,” she seemed pretty happy, that seemed to stress me even more. She sat down and looked at us. “Now, I know most of you are worried about this year’s chemistry, has anyone told you about it?”

“Yes, people told me this year’s lessons were rather difficult, although I doubt it.” William stated.

Mrs Eagle chuckled, “I doubt it too, if you study regularly, don’t fret.” 

We all looked at each other, many of us were good students, if this wasn’t going to be a hard year, I think we could live with that.

Mrs Eagle was looking into the void or Whatever, but she quickly snapped out of it. And she started a whole new subject. 

” Now, ehmm, Adam could you turn on the projector please?” 

Adam got up and turned the projector on, all too easy. 

We weren’t ready when the words: 


were shot on the projector. 

We weren’t ready for this next thing we noticed either, the words shot were typed in a Harry Potter font, like the one from the beginning of every movie, and the music also started playing, like really loud, I had to get up again to tell the teacher how to turn down the volume. 

Mrs. Eagle gave this sly smile, “Sound familiar to anyone? I’ll begin explaining all this. This year is going to be very original. I’ve always liked Harry Potter, ever since I was a kid, but I never got the chance to show it to anyone at school, never got the chance to play any Harry Potter stuff at school. “ The rest of us were looking at each other again, laughing on the inside, “So, I said to myself that I’ll do with my students what I could never do. We’ll be doing the things I would have liked to do when I was younger. 

First off, very soon, I’ll bring a sorting hat to class, filled with colored sheets of paper. 

Red, for Gryffindor; Yellow, for Hufflepuff;Blue, for Ravenclaw; and Green,”  By this time, the teacher was looking at us mysteriously, this was getting annoying, “…for Slytherin.”

Once sorted, 4 colored panels will be hung up on the hallways walls, they will say which students belong to which houses, they will also contain points. 

Say, for example, you misbehave or get bad grades, don’t do your homework, stuff like that, your house loses points. 

If you get A’s and do your homework regularly, you win points. 

The house with the most points at the end of the year will get 1 whole point extra to their grade in Chemistry. 

Good luck, Hogwarts students!”

And with that, she finished her speech, and taking into account that Ilkley Grammar was a huge school just like Hogwarts…. oh boy, this was going to be a fun year. 

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  1. origami_master53

    Good job Guillermo!

  2. Alright it’s great you enjoyed it! This would set the bases of the universe, and hopefully the next one, much longer, would begin the story!

  3. If anyone is interested in writing a story, email me at, I believe the next stores I will be assigning Wil be very, very important in the near future!

  4. very cool! I am a big fan of harry potter. Have you read JK Rowling’s new book “The Ikabog”? I am writing stories for this website to but I always feel sad when I come to this website because i just finished reading the twilight of a student and Now I know the original OY and OYEU stories are finaly done.

  5. How did you get your own EU Universe?
    BTW This story rocks!

  6. Origami donitello

    noice story

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