What If…There’s No Cheeto Hog?

Chapter 1: The Field Trip
By Quavando

There we were, at the zoo. Everyone was starving and Mr. Howell wasn’t letting anyone eat. However, he didn’t mention anything about the vending machine, so I went to get some potato chips. There weren’t any potato chips, but there were some cheetos. The vending machine was about 50 years old, so it gave me cheetos. 

Harvey saw me and screamed, “Look! Quavando got cheetos!” 

Everyone started rushing towards me and started grabbing at the cheetos. I stopped them and they started calling me a cheeto hog, and I said, 

“Wait, wait, wait. I HATE cheetos. I just want to divide them among you.” 

I did that, and everyone ate. It wasn’t much, but everyone loved me (except for Harvey, of course)! 


Chapter 2: A Few Months Later 

By Quavando


Apparently 6th graders have good memories, because everyone still loves me! I’m even somewhat popular now. I’ve heard about some weird kid carrying a green paperwad everywhere, and giving advice. Sounds crazy to me, but apparently it was real. 

I walked up to Mr. Wierd and asked his paper, “What would have happened if I ate the cheetos?” 

“Answer that, I cannot.” 

“What, why?” 

“Because this world is the answer to another’s question.” Paper man and everyone else faded into nothingness. I screamed as I faded away too. 


“Wow,” I said as I snapped back to reality, “that was cool.” 

Origami Yoda nodded his head. 

“So OY can show us new universes…” Tommy said. 

“Show you more, I can,” Yoda replied, “But first, tell you a collection of stories i must… the Marvel Origami Universe.” 


Dedicated to all the SFs on this site, especially CD, who gave me the idea (though I think he was joking XD). I am so excited that my stories can finally join this site, and I hope to continue for a long time. Signing off, PotatoDabber.

  1. YEET my first story

  2. WOW this was shorter than I imagined. I’ll make a longer 1 next time

  3. Crack theory: Origami Yoda made up all of the MOU and told it to all the McQuarrie kids.

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