The Initiative: The Beginning of the MOU

The Initiative: The Beginning of the MOU
By SuperDoodler CJ

TA: Director’s Log; tape number, zero-one-seven-nine; date, August fifteenth, two-thousand-and…

TW: Whoa, is that what I think that is?

TA: Uh, you mean the recording thing?

TW: It’s more than that! That, sir, is a classic “Radio Shack Voice Actuated Desktop Cassette Tape Recorder CTR-67 Model 14-1152!” Where’d you get your hands on a beauty like that?!

[Five seconds of silence.]

TA: I just bought it off eBay… from some seller called “kcampbell999.”

TW: Oh… cool!

TA: Can you stop interrupting the log now?

TW: Oops. Sorry. I’m just a tad enthusiastic about this whole secret organization stuff and-

TA: Ahem! As Director of F.O.L.D., I am officially authorizing Operation 2K-Alpha, under the codename “The Initiative.” As of now, I am assigning Agents [TW], [RB], [MB], and [HE] to this operation. They are to carry out this operation’s purpose and directives, as outlined in the bulleted briefing they have all received-

RB: Forgive me, sir, for interrupting, but I don’t believe I have a copy of, uh, the… the bulleted briefing… you just mentioned… now.

[Another five seconds of silence.]

TW: Wait a moment… I thought I printed five of them out. Let’s see… one for [TA], one for [MB], one for [HE], one for me, and… oh. Whoopsie-daisy! Silly me. The printer must’ve run out of paper or something…

TA: Sweet mercy. How did you end up being my number-two again?

HE: Heh. Number-two.

MB: Oh my gosh. Grow up, dude. He meant his right-hand man.

TW: Uh, that would be right-hand woman.

HE: Whatever. Here, I’ll share mine.

RB: Thanks, man.

HE: No problem.

TW: Sorry… again.

TA: Y’all just shut up for a second so I can put this one in the books? Ahem. I shall now summarize the contents of the bulleted report for the sake of the conciseness of this log… and because I’m running out of space on this tape. This new operation is to take precedence above all current missions as it is imperative to the well-being and security of Kirby High School and to the strengthening of the school’s unsteady armistice with Wheeler Academy. “The Initiative” is to initially act as a program to recruit a group of remarkable teenagers, to see if they can become something more… to see if they can work together when we need them to fight the battles we can’t fight.

TW: Whoa… that’s deep.

TA: Now, here are each of your specific duties. First, [TW], you are to oversee “The Initiative,” and report to me.

HE: Sounds like more paperwork for you.

TW: I like paperwork!

TA: Second, [RB], while maintaining your position as a recruitment officer for other F.O.L.D. agents, I would like you to double-down your work on enlisting “the Consultant.” He’s made quite a stir in Kirby as of recently. He just might be exactly what 2K-Alpha needs right now.

RB: Understood, sir.

TA: Third, [MB], as you are now transferring to Wheeler Academy as a student, I also need to allocate your position to the F.O.L.D. branch at Wheeler.

MB: Sounds alright to me.

TA: That also means that you will have to infiltrate into the high-level cliques in order to be aware of the secret goings-on at Wheeler.

MB: You mean those narcissist blondes and their dumb jock boyfriends? I hate that kind of people.

HE: Oh, please, you’ve been breaking boys’ hearts since fifth grade, dating nearly every one of the kids on Kirby High’s basketball team. Believe me, you’ll fit right in.

MB: I hate your guts.

TA: On the bright side, that makes a perfect Segway to my fourth point: I’m keeping [HE] at Kirby as a trainer for our incoming members of “The Initiative.” Finally, I can split you two up. You’re always bickering and driving me crazy.

HE: Good riddance.

MB: Ditto.

TA: Alright, that seems to be everything on the docket. [TW], can you transcribe this recording onto paper later? I need to put my signature on a hardcopy for the files.

TW: Of course, sir. Would you like to me to redact all of the confidential names mentioned and substitute them with each person’s respective code initials, as you usually prefer?

TA: Yes. However, I would like you to keep the following closing statement exactly as stated. Ready?

TW: Go ahead, sir.

TA: I, Trenton Adams the Third, Director of F.O.L.D. as of the current date, do solemnly confirm and seal this classified briefing, as recorded in the Director’s Log. “The Initiative” is now active. God bless F.O.L.D. and Kirby High School. Log over.

  1. There is a scene where Yajath and Draw-den Vos attacks Sara and Jacob, with Sara wielding Han Foldo (yeah, Origami Qi’ra is not in this). Sara and Jacob keeping trying to hide from Yajath, and that’s where he starts singing Build Our Machine, since this is a musical.

  2. You changed your name again? I DO know what that’s like. I really want the limo to be a NIGHT thing in Foldo. I really like the concept of Midnight Wars because it’s about how the gang has an open house that continues for a week, but then comes SLC, who locks down the building, so they must survive together for five nights. Five Nights at McQuarrie’s. Never played that game and never will. Many thing happen like: Falling in love! broken hearts! Betrayal! Coming soon! Do I sing Build our Machine?

  3. Yes! I love this song now. I shall sing it in Midnight Wars, Where I am recognized by Sara, since she is apparently dimension traveling being. I become a good guy and reform the CrimsonDawn, which is no longer a Crime Syndicate, and now has Ben, Yajath, Mr. Randall, Mr. Snider, and Ms. Rabbski

  4. Sorry. Some of my comments got a glitch for some reason and were labeled as “Old Man Kenobi’s” comments. Anyways, though you probably don’t like FNAF, I thought Five Nights at Freddy’s was a good franchise, and Sister Location was especially creepy. I loved that game.
    Anyways, yeah. You sing Build Our Machine. Also, most of Foldo takes place in daytime, but fine, all the scenes with Yajath’s Lino will be at night.

  5. But, dude. Foldo takes place in an alternate reality. So that means the Midnight Wars Verizon of you is an entirely different version of you. Do what you want with that Yajath. That incarnation of Yajath can be good while my Yajath is bad. Or do what you want.

  6. Okay. I figured something out for ya, if you want to use it:
    The events of Foldo take place in the main OYEU reality, but are a little bit changed up. Yajath reforms long after Foldo’s events, around the time of Midnight Wars 2. Before that, in the Twilight of the Student, he was still a bad guy. So that means Yajath will at least have to have a minor or supporting role in Twlight of the Student. Or at least be mentioned.
    So in this way, Yajath can be good.

  7. CrimsonDawn
    Are you friends with me
    Are you riding

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