Label Levesque and the Hunters of Art-emis

Label Levesque and The Hunters of Art-emis

A Visit From An Old Friend

By Kaitlyn

When life gives you lemons you have nothing to do but taste them. I returned from the Qwikpick about a week ago. I’m sitting in my dorm, by myself. My roommates moved out and they tried to put me in with Mac and Kevin, who have been trying to stay away from me.

Ever since Sebastian leaked some footage of me, well, you probably know. The school is considering expelling me. I heard a rumor that I’m going to juvie (probably just a rumor). It’s weird, hearing rumors about yourself, y’know? 

So, I’m scrolling through tiktok, I can see almost everyone blocked me except for Mac, Keana, and Kevin. Mac has been acting nice around me, but it’s always been a little awkward. His life was ruined too, in a way.The guy’s too nice. 

Kevin tried to stand by me for a while, but he stopped once that got him detention. Now he just shoots me rude looks all the time. 

As for Keana? Every now and then she sends me a picture of an anime boy and says he’s hot. My whole phone is filled up with shoto todoroki at this point. (Don’t ask why I saved them.)

I got a notification from gmail.

“Oh @#$!), J wonder what eight year old is gonna try to cancel me again.” I mutter, rolling my eyes. 

I see the email is from “HanShotFirst123”. 

You see, these kids create fake accounts. Sayin I’m ugly. Saying I should hurt myself.

I guess I’ll just copy and paste the whole conversation: 

HanShotFirst123: You took down a soldier. we’ll take you down. i’m marking the days till i can break your $@#*& back. nowhere is safe for you.

Me: I can just block you, you dont scare me

HanShotFirst123: Why? You know what you did is wrong. You don’t hate people like me. I know you hate yourself. I have soldiers that will storm your dorm and hurt you. I won’t even break your back. I’ll do much worse.

I throw my phone at the wall and I see a few cracks and I start to cry not because of the kid but because… I do wanna hurt myself. I do hate myself. 

Just then, there’s an intercom call. We all have them in our rooms

“Kaitlyn Emily, please report to the conference area for your court case.”

I’ve been dreading this all week. My “court case.”

My “Court Case” Gets Interrupted. About A Hundred Times

By Kaitlyn 

When I arrive, I see Sebastian and Lina sitting at the table to the left of mine.

“Kaitlyn Emily, is it true that you kicked Chase Reagan Emily off the bell tower two weeks ago?” Says the judge, up front.

“Yes, your honor, I’m not saying what I did was right but-”

“OH @#&%#* You don’t feel sorry you’re just a little-” Lina screams. The judge slams his gavel. 

“Order, Order,” Lina continues to mutter, “You done yet?” The judge asks. 

“Your honor, I DO feel sorry.” I say shooting a look at Lina, “And I believe everyone deserves a second chance to do better.”

“Oh thats &@%$#” says a kid in the audience “I heard you were the real bully.”

“QUIET.” Screams the judge. 

“As I was saying-”

Suddenly the door slams open, “WAIT!”

Standing in the middle of the conference room is Ms. Samantha Hunter, clutching onto several files.

“Sorry I’m late, folks. Traffic was a @*&%@ on the highway.” Said Ms. Hunter.

“I’m sorry and you… are?” begins the judge.

“An old friend,” I said, smiling for the first time in a while. 

“Sorry for interrupting, but I believe everyone deserves a second chance. I mean look at my niece. She went from being Cronos number one thug-” 

Sebastuan coughed, “That’s debatable.”

“-to the current wielder of Art-pollo. I couldn’t be prouder.” 

The judge opens up his computer and does a few emails with the principal and staff.

We sit in silence for what feels like an hour. 

The judge breaks the silence, “Headmaster Angela has agreed to let Kaitlyn stay. But this is your final chance. We don’t give third chances, here at Caesar” He said, proudly.

I got really excited for the first time in a while. I’m not feeling sad, I’m feeling happy, and I think we all agree that’s a good thing.

I Eat At Chick Fil With A Thirteen Year Old

By Ms. Hunter

After the court session, Kaitlyn hugs me.

“Thank you!!!” Kaitlyn says. 

“Hey, forget about it. Everyone deserves a second chance. I think it’s only fair.” I say “Hey, what do you think about lunch? It’ll be on me, I didn’t drive an hour to talk for ten minutes.”

We agreed on Chick Fil A. 

“Hey, what do you want? It’s all on me”

“I’ll just take a number five,” She says. 

After we ordered, she thanked me a thousand times. She’s not a bad kid. She just made one bad choice, and I think we all have. 

“So, how’s Edward?”

“I… I haven’t really talked to him, he arrived at Caesar. Oh, and he got a boyfriend.” 

“Oh, that’s nice,” I said. 

“Yeah, but he was homeschooled for the first few months, only for his boyfriend to be mopping at the Valentine’s dance.” 

“Oh… I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Relationships are pointless; it’s just two people who think they’re meant to be, even though the whole thing is pointless and by the end they’re both sad and hurt,” she says, almost tearing up.

We talked some more, then I dropped her back off at the school l. 

“Hey, here’s a note. If you’re ever feeling down.” I said, handing her a note I wrote on a napkin with a kids meal crayon. I found it on the ground.

She smiles and says goodbye and she heads off to her dorm. And that’s that. 

Dorm Room Blitz

By Kaitlyn

I ran back to my dorm, and when I got in, J saw about three kids sitting on my bed

“Mac, did you invite anyone over?” I ask. No answer. 

One of the kids came up to me. 

“Look, just leave.” I say, “And no staff has to hear about you BREAKING and ENTERING.” I never thought I’d say those two words in my life. Like, ever.

“You think the teachers are gonna care?” 

She takes out a puppet of a python , and sweeps my leg. I try to get up, but one of her friends punches my lip. 

I try to get up, one more time. I try to fight but I just keep taking the pain. I can’t move.

“This is from Jackson,” one of the kids says as they kick my stomach. And then they leave. 

I realize I’m not annoyed by these people.

I’m scared. 

A Collection Of Rude Tweets

By ???

I found a collection of rude tweets posted on the Folder’s Connection by somebody. They were taken down by the moderators, but I downloaded the link before that. I don’t even know why I cared to look.

“Kaitlyn says she, “Deserves a second chance” *@#$% you got your second chance when you kicked the @#*^ out of sam!!!”

“Petition to cancel Kaityln Emily, she’s just like her brother. A f—ing  f—–“

Note: I deleted this it got homophobic…

“I agree. let’s all unfollow her on all platforms”

“The apple doesn’t fall off the tree; it stays on the tree like trash caught in the wind.”

“#JusticeForChase that kid is gonna die because his @&%* of a cousin was throwing a fit.” 

“I thought Kaitlyn changed her life after she beat my friend sam. Guess she didn’t change.” 

I Get Motivated At Three AM Don’t We All?

By Kaitlyn

It’s three in the morning. Mac is snoring. (Lol that rhymes) 

As for Kevin? He decided to switch dorms, now. It was only a matter of time. I go to Instagram to see if I can find any memes, or just anything else, really. 

I see I’ve been tagged in something. 

“Oh s—-., here we go again.” I mutter. 

Here’s the message:

“You think you need a second chance?!? Look what Sebastian did with his second chance. He was a successful leader meanwhile you’re still the same ^$@^ you’ve always been”

I don’t even care to look at the username.

I opened the text app and I scrolled all the way down to text Keana

“Look, I’m sorry I haven’t been talking but please. I need you. You’re the only person that hasn’t given up on me. Look. if you’re up for this; meet me at my dorm at Three forty tomorrow please”

Training: Day One

By Keana

I’m at Kaitlyn’s dorm. I’ve been here for about thirty seconds. I open the door and I see Kaitlyn. She has a giant bruise on her arm.

“Kaitlyn!” I said, excited, as I hugged her. 

“Hey, long time.” She said, smiling. 

“Okay. Let’s begin. Give me your phone.” I said.

“S’cuse me?” She asked, confused. 

I take it from her hands and look at Twitter. I see nothing but rude Tweets. 

“You’re not gonna take %(&%# from these losers.”

“No, but I’m not gonna-” she started. 

“Lesson one: Always go into a fight with confidence, otherwise you can get seriously hurt” I say, firmly. 

“Why should I go looking for a fight after…that?” Said Kaitlyn looking at the ground

“Because #(*^% All the stuff all the teachers told you! The world isn’t gonna be easy on you. You’ve got to be READY to finish a fight, but I don’t EVER wanna see you start one.”

“This seems oddly familiar,” She muttered looking at my Cobra Kai poster.

“Okay, lesson two, confidence.”

“You said you were gonna teach me to fight, not be my counselor,” Kaitlyn said, ticked off.

“You can’t go into a fight without believing in yourself, you can’t go into the world without believing in yourself and I prefer the term mentor. It has a nice ring to it.” I said, proudly

“Okay what do I have to do…mentor?” Asked Kaitlyn. I giggled at the sound of finally being called ‘mentor’.

“Good question, pretend I’m a person at Taco Bell.”


“And say I forgot to give you Nacho Fries.”


“NO, SAY I FORGOT YOUR $&^$&$@ NACHO FRIES.” I screamed. 

Just then a boy wearing a pair of pajamas rose from his bed. 

“I JUST WANTED TO TAKE A $&@*(@ NAP!!” he screamed. 

“Err, sorry” me and Kaitlyn said, awkwardly. 

“Okay, now say I forgot the nacho fries.” I whispered

“Ma’am I think you forgot my nacho fries,” Said Kaitlyn, rolling her eyes.

“Um, I don’t think we did.” I said, in a snotty voice. 

“Well, I ordered nacho fries.”

“No, you didn’t” I said, with a perfect ‘Karen’ impression. 


“They’re not even that good…” I muttered.

And Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

By Kaitlyn

After some more “Confidence boosters” (they were all REALLY weird), we agreed it was time to work on my fighting skills.

“Okay: step one is a little something i like to call the soul of the kung fu fighter.”

“But aren’t we learning karate?” I asked

“You get the point,” Said Keana, “Now look at me.”

I looked at her. 

She slapped me. 

“YOU SLAPPED ME!!” I screamed. 

“Well no s— I did.”

Keana then got out a cd and a put it into my CD player 

“This isn’t that dream guy who’s cult you joined, right?”

“Um… no.” 

She pressed play.





“Is this one from the movie where Jack Black plays the fat panda guy?”

“I dunno, I’ve never seen School of Rock.” Keana said, shrugging.

”Everybody was Kung Fu fighting…”

“Okay, step one. Lift your leg to the beat”

I lifted my leg only to fall. Like always.

“I’m sick of this can we actually trai-“ I started

“You want those a–holes to keep s—ing on you!?!” Keana shouted “You want to be scared of a harpy finger puppet?!” 

I stood back up. After a couple of tries, I lifted up my leg without losing balance.

“I tell you what we’re finding…”

“I know it’s a little bit frightening…”

“Now bring up your other leg and kick!’

I actually did this first try. I mostly struggle with balance. 

“Oh, but it’s so enlightening… “

“For the battle of the fists… ”

“Now punch once with each fist and duck.”

I punched, my punches are a little off but I got good force.

”Okay, we’ll continue on Friday” keana said

“Why Friday? Why not tomorrow?”  

“Well… do you wanna come over? At my dorm. Watch anime or something?”

I miss hanging out with Keana. She’s, quite  of the few people in this world I don’t consider to be a piece of s—. 

“Yeah, sure.” 

Death Note and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

By Keana

I’m hanging out in my dorm when I hear a knock.

I open the door and see Hayden my, well, I’ll just say it. Boyfriend. I met him shortly after the Heroes of OriOlymlpus were formed at Caesar, and since I’m technically no longer a Hunter of Art-emis, I didn’t see the problem. 

“You got the stuff?” I asked. 

He took out a bag of peanut butter, bread and a DVD of Death Note.

You see, after the school went on lockdown the only food was the meals provided or you could buy some food from the one small store on campus but it was filled with overpriced s—.

“Yeah, I got a friend in The Cut of Dionysus ” he said, smiling.

We watched TikToks on my phone until Kaitlyn came.

“Heyyy” I said. 

“Um, oh, hello” said Kaitlyn looking at Hayden.

“Have we met?” Kaitlyn asked. 

“This is my boyfriend, Hayden.”

“Well, welcome to our awkward little friend group.”

“I’m honored.” he said, sarcastically.

“So, Hayden smuggled some peanut butter sandwiches, you want one?” 

“F— yes, I’m sick of the school giving us spaghetti. IT’S JUST RAMEN WITH KETCHUP.”

“Can’t forget the little balls of crushed up goldfish,” Hayden said, giggling. 

After we made our sandwiches, I put the Death Note DBD in the DVD player (all dorms have a TV due to private funding. Or, that’s what I heard I don’t give a s—, aTVs a TV. Also, the only actual DVDs they provided were old FunTime tapes, those had to be smuggled, as well.)

“This isn’t that weird one you recommended to me last year right?” Kaitlyn asked. (About the anime, not the boyfriend.) 

“Nah, you watched the live action one.”

After we all ate the whole thing of bread and peanut butter, Hayden opened the door for somebody. 

“Sandwiches? Aw… I wanted one.” 

“Who are you?!?” Kaitlyn asked. 

She laughed and held out an origami Python.

“Oh s—” we all said. 

I Quote The Clone Wars… Now That’s Cool

By Hayden

I saw kenadee, an old bully of mine. While she never physically attacked me she made my life a living hell. The worst scars are the ones you can’t see.

“Are you two are together?” asked Kenadee, placing her python on her finger. 

“Hey, just do yourself a favor and leave. We aren’t looking for a fight.” said Kaitlyn, with a shaky breath.

Keana pushed Kenadee to the side only for five other kids to come in, two boys, three girls.

Kenadee used her elbow and hit kaitlyn’s jaw, and I noticed a small drop of blood

“Oh, screw it.” I muttered. I grabbed a kid and held him up against the wall. 

“I don’t want to fight.” 

“I don’t want to have to kick the s— out of you” he said, “Wait. On second thought, it’ll be fun.” 

Just then a teacher came in.

“What is happening!?” she asked. 

“Well, they…”

She saw the peanut butter and me holding the kid.

“Detention. After classes. Tomorrow.”

Kenadee was about to smile when the teacher looked at her. 

“All of you.”

The Breakfast Club 

By Kaitlyn

We all reported to the old art room. (it was moved to a bigger studio) 

“So, I know you call yourself the so-called breakfast club.” the detention monitor said. 

“Sir, no we literally don’t.” said Kenadee 

“Whatever. Stupid kids these days… I don’t really care what you do, the school let’s me live in a dorm as long as I watch detention after school” He took out a Cerberus puppet, and pointed it at me, “Your Dad fired me.”

Keana had snuck her phone in and was watching Naruto, pirated, like always.

Hayden was folding some origami. I think it was Oscar the grouch I dunno.

Kenadee turned around and gave me a note 

“You don’t deserve a second chance. You don’t deserve to be here at Caesar with our exceptional test scores and cereal brand. You don’t deserve to fight back, you don’t deserve a $@&% and that’s the truth. Jackson Ordonia will have your head for this.”  

I raised my hand with the note. but Kenadee snatched it and gave me a sarcastic face. 

“Mister, um, what’s your name again?”

“Mr. Fonzie” He said in a cool voice “Says right here on my fake ID it was this or Mc Lovin It”

Just then Kenadee butted in.

“Kaitlyn was passing a note to me and my friend, Cloe,” She said, whining. 

“Let. Me. Read. The. Note.” 

She stood up, looked at me and gave me a dirty grin. 

“This is the first note she passed ‘Dear Kenadee, I hate you. I will track you down and fight you you wimpy simply blimpy flippy *&%$#’”

Then Chloe, Kenade’s friend stood up

“She gave me the exact same one with my name.” 

Kenadee looked at Keana and gave her, me and Hayden all dirty looks.

“Report to the Headmasters office, IMMEDIATELY.”

I can only describe what happened next in slow motion.

Keana jumped up on her desk and had seagulls playing on her phone. She threw her phone like a baseball right at kenadee. Kenadee got out a cheese stick from her back pack, not just any ordinary cheese stick, it was covered in mold and was mushed up. She ripped it and threw it at Keana but it went into Keana’s mouth, leaving a terrible aftertaste. From what I’m guessing.

“That’s it, you b—-” Screamed Hayden, he also jumped up on his desk held up his origami Oscar the grouch. 

“I summon the power of ultra instinct shaggy.” 

He ran to Kenadee, grabbed the cheese stick. He took one good look at oscar 

“I’m sorry, little one”

He smeared the cheese all over Oscar and threw it into Kenadees hair.

All of this while Mr Fonzie was looking with a giant wide mouthed look.


Kenadee rolled her eyes and we all went out the door

“Thanks a lot, b—-.” said Kenadee


Welcome to the Underworld (Or Headmaster Emily’s office)

By Hayden

When we opened the door we saw Headmaster Emily, reading the Odyssey.

“Welcome, children,” she said, “Take a seat.”

“Mrs Emily, I just wanted to apologize before-“ Kenadee started. 

“Yeah, yeah, everyone says that.” Said the headmaster rolling her eyes, Kenadee had a big jar jar look, “You know, I kinda like this headmaster.”

“All right, what did you do?” she said, sarcastically 

Kenadee told the details but of course left out the part where she gave Kaitlyn the note.

“Kaitlyn,” Mrs Emily muttered

Kaitlyn stepped forward awkwardly

“I would like to talk to Ms. Emily,” said the headmaster. 

“Huh?” Me and keana said at the same time, “I mean her,” she laughed, awkwardly, “Not me.”

The Conversation 

By Kaitlyn 

Everyone else left with a warning. (I’m surprised) 

“You know our two strike policy,” she said with a firm, ice cold voice.

“Come on “ I said “You’re my grandma are you really gonna-“ I then realized my aunt did exactly the same thing. 

“I may be blood related,” she said, turning around. 

“But your Father disappointed me. As do you.” 

I started tearing up. I get that way when people talk about my Dad. 

“Please, Ma’am.” I said holding back tears

“You will remain on campus.” 

I breathed a sigh of relief. 

“But you will live in a small house on campus. Your parents paid the full entry fee,” she chucked “We didn’t even tell them it was free. For once, we scanned them.”

“Ya know, how small we talkin’ here? I can work with small.” 

“It’s a shack, Kaitlyn. It’s a shack.” 

“Ok… ok, ma’am”

“Go, pack your bags.” 

I sighed, I knew things could be worse. 

Wait, could they really, though? 

Things CAN Get Worse

By the one and only, Hayden

So, I was chillin in my dorm playing some fortnite with the boys 

“Yo, who’s in our squad?” I asked my friend vaden

“Uh hey” said OrigRobin04 the kid we meet on the folders connection (we friended him on discord)

“Die you turtle slapper” said NewbMaster69

“Mute him?” We all three said at once

Suddenly keana texted me

“Cover me boys the shes texting”

They all went ohhhhhh as you could guess

“Shut up”

I checked the text

Keana: meet me at my dorm Kaitlyn got kicked off campus

Me: I’ll come after I finish this match with the boys

Keana: alright fair enough just so they don’t call you a simp

Me: aw thx love you

“Alight gotta finish this match then ima hop off” i said 

“Simp” they all muttered

“Bro you made a shrine for your watt pad girlfriend what was her name again? Oh yeah shrek is god “ I said to vaden I bring this up almost every time he calls me a simp

“Look all ima say is that the way she wrote sonic was just so beautiful so miraculous “

Someone killed him thankfully midway through his rant so he started screaming and got off the topic.

After I finished that round, (We lost…terribly)

I headed over to Keana’s dorm.

On my way there I saw a lot of posters, mostly memes, advertisements for the school cereal and Zerf bows. I found a giant one more like a poster board.

Join CRONOS it said in big blood colored letters

Under it there was a picture of Jackson ordiana, and kenadee lachapelle there was a big green delta under it.

“Oh s—-,” I muttered.

I ran and I mean ran to Keana’s dorm. These creeps could be watching me. I’ve heard rumors of the school being corrupt. I thought of everything that’s happened.

Kenadee wanted us in this situation and Kenadee wanted our hope dead. She wants us dead.

I busted open the door. 

Keana got into a fighting stance then when she saw me she sighed. 

“My god, you scared me.”

“I’m sorry I just…” I fell down. 

I woke up, and all I could think about was… fire. Burning. Flames. 

“Hayden you f—ing blacked out!” Keana hugged me.

“Sorry, I’m- I’m sorry it’s just-” I started to tear up in front of my girlfriend. S—.

Kaitlyn came in just then, “Anyone want a shack tour?”

We both nodded. 

Shack Tour

By Kaitlyn 

I could tell you I made my shack beautiful and I have a full gaming setup and a master bedroom. Or I could tell you the truth. That there’s room for my bed and a small, and boy, I mean SMALL desk. I have Label propped up against the wall. 

“I really like what you did with the place, the art you added, the way you brought this to a clear painting like a Picasso-“ Keana started. I was about to tell her to shut up when I heard a Russian scream, “RENT?!?” 

That’s the landlord. He’s a 16 year old. He moved from Russia and I have to give him rent. He owns the shack. Somehow he exists. I don’t know anymore.

“You’ll get your rent when you fix this d—- door,” I screamed, pivoting a broken door back and forth. 

“Anyway,” I batted my eyelashes at Keana. “You were saying,” I prompted.

“Uhh, never mind…” 

You know, I guess I hit rock bottom in my story. Every story has one. Toy Story: It was when Woody murdered Buzz. (my Dad showed me the pirated version) in Spider-Man three, it was when they all signed on to do the movie.

“Who’s the Russian dude?” Asked Hayden.

“That? Oh that’s David, he speaks German and Minion.”

“Minion?” Hayden and Keana asked. 

Suddenly he recited the whole Minions movie. 

I lay down in my bed and I started crying. At least then I had a room that I didn’t have to give this guy who I’m 67% is in some way involved in the mafia.

Suddenly David comes in, like, entering the room. 

“Go away, I ain’t got no rent.” I said.

“No, no, you see, my friend, I heard about your problems with CRONOS. Now, Ipersonally hate them. We have a common enemy.” 

“How can we trust you?” Hayden said “What if you’re like the guy who hacked my Club Penguin account?” 

David rolled his eyes and took off his discord hoodie. 

It was a purple shirt with a wine glass image, and in bolder letters raid: 

“The Cut of Dionysus.”

I’ll fill you in on these guys, it was a pride club back at Athens. Y’know, back at Athens there were A TON, and I mean a TON of homophobic people. 

They started smuggling. It wasn’t as big as it used to be, if you wanted a candy bar or something, they’d get it from the vending machine and charge you an extra fifty cents. Then they hired people (some, non pride. Just allies) and Sebastian really got the business kicking with his snoballs at lunch. But, let’s be completely honest, we only got them to give to Dennis Redwood and see how many he could fit in his mouth. (Record: Thirty Three) 

“Okay we’ll if we do this what’s our plan.” Hayden said, crossing his arms.

“We attack Jackson. He’s the one who sent those minions after you” said David

“How do you know?!?” Said Keana.

Suddenly my enemy Peyton walked in sporting her Reddit hoodie .

“Sup,” she said. 

A Plan, a Russian Guy and a Reddit Hoodie

By Keana

Kaitlyn looked angry at first.

“Look before we say anything more, Kaitlyn, I wanna say sorry-” began Peyton 

“You ruined my life b——.” 

“WOW!” we all said.

“Okay, I’ll accept that only because… I did.”

“Can someone fill me in on all this?” Muttered Hayden

I basically told him the cliff notes version. 

“Look Kaitlyn” I said “I don’t even fully trust Peyton, I’ll be honest BUT she’s not even a part of CRONOS. Like it or not we’ve got to work together. She’s the only one here who knows anything about anything.”

Kaitlyn closed her arms and took a deep breath.

“Okay, BUT we need a plan.”

“Oh, please I’ve had this mapped out since Jackson had the nerve to mess with us.”

Peyton started laughing.

“Oh dear god, what have we gotten ourself into?” askes Hayden. 

The Plan

By Peyton

I Laughed and took out her a giant sheet of paper.

“Ok Cronos’s current head base is unknown” I said

“Yeah no ——“ said David

“But I do have a few guesses” I said

“The current basement of caesar is at no use it was a storage room but since the last addition it’s empty”

“Wasn’t there a big labyrinth down there?” Asked keana confused

“That was back at Athens there were rumors of a tunnel leading to ceaser but it’s highly unlikely “ said hayden

“What’s the second guess?” Asked Kaitlyn

“We’ll that’s all” I muttered

“Well there’s only one way to find out” said Kaitlyn

“All right gang” said hayden

“You can’t call us gang “ said David 

“Aww ok” said hayden, sad

Scooby dooby Hercules?!?

By Hayden

Peyton created a group chat for the gang as I like to call it. I know y’all think she’s evil but she does have decent planning skills.

Peyton: everyone bring puppets

Kaitlyn: why? We’re going to a old storage closest

David: or decommissioned base for comrades

Hayden: can I make a puppet

Keana: sure babe just not Oscar the grouch please.

I decided who I wanted to fold. All the greats have been taken. Hades, pleaty, shrek (that’s what some kid told me on the folders connection)

Then I decided Hercules. Sure you could probobly go and say I’m not all that strong or good lookin or I don’t have a inaccurate Disney movie but hey the guys not taken.

I know how to fold a basic puppet (shoutout to my boy Harvey on discord)

I just fold a normal puppet but decorate it. Disney version, of course. I took out my pack of sharpies and get to drawing.

When I’m finished I have my half decent puppet I hold it up on my finger and hum an AC/DC song only to realize how stupid I look

We meet up 

By David 

The comrades agreed to meet at the shack. Obviously Kaitlyn got there first. 

“So…what ya doing” she said

“Clash of clans” I said

She looked at my phone

“I’m sorry but is your clan name The vodka fan group?” She asked

“Very popular drink in Russia” I said

Kaitlyn rolled her eyes. She scrolled through Tik tok while I was attacking other 

people bases like the mighty god I am. After about 20 minutes everyone got to the shack. Kaitlyn told us how chase showed her a way down to the basement using one of the bigger dorms for the richer kids like Jackson. His parents are both sell houses and are sketchy people. Anyway ima pass the pen and paper to Kaitlyn.

Into the basement we go

By Kaitlyn 

Peyton told us a way to the basement chase showed her. I kinda flinched at his name since..,ya Know. We snuck into Jackson’s dorm which was giant. There were 2 TVs set up each for a different console, a pc console and a huge bed. I heard his family has to pay like a thousand a month just so he can keep the bigger dorm. There was a door for a closet and it wouldn’t budge

“Is it locked?” I asked

David inhaled and backed up and started charging

“For the motherland!!!” He screamed

The door busted down

We all walked in a heard a sound of voices below us. We all went silent and started tip toeing. I went a little ahead of everyone else when all this sudden I saw a figure right above me. They shined the light revealing it was Jackson

“It’s nice of you to join us” he said smiling 

Kenadee appeared behind him

“Now let’s begin class”

Storage Wars: Caesar Middle School

By Hayden

We heard a scream from Kaitlyn who had wondered off and we all ran forward. Kenadee was kicking Kaitlyn to the ground while Jackson was laughing.

“How nice of you to join us” he said

“Wait” said Peyton “did you replace me with this knock off me?” She screamed

“Well uh” muttered Jackson

“Did I mean anything to you?” Peyton screamed

“Now, now can we turn off the soap opera and switch to something else?!?” David asked

“Agreed” we all said

Kaitlyn got up and punched Kenadee right in the nose

“RUMBLE” Jackson screamed

Just then a army of cronos students charged into battle

A lot of stuff happened in the next five minutes but I won’t bore you to death and I’ll just say things weren’t looking to good for us. I was pinned into a wall and keana was almost knocked out. Keana then got out her phone and turned on Spotify


She didn’t play ballroom blitz but instead Kung fu fighting song. I’ll pass the pen to Kaitlyn cause my hand is really starting to hurt and I have to catch up on Attack on Titan. 

The Soul of the Kung Fu Fighter

By Kaitlyn

Once I heard the beat k looked at keana who was smiling. 

I punched to the beat I kicked to the instrumental I even sang a couple of times. Keana joined in and so did Peyton. 


Suddenly I heard a voice that made my blood coil

“What are you all doing down here? It’s one in the f———- morning!!!” Screamed Headmaster Emily 

“Oh crap” we all muttered 

When Headmaster Emily came I originally thought it was to round up the Cronus students 

“These students have rented the basement you all are barging in and picking a fight!” Headmaster Emily screamed “Come to my office, all five of you.”

I followed Hayden after saying some stuff to the cronos students that even if I censored I couldn’t put here. When we got to the office, Headmaster Emily gave us all a death stare. 

“Kaitlyn Emily I hereby declare you EX-“

“WAIT!” said Hayden he ran to his dorm which was like two minutes of just waiting with Kaitlyn, David and Peyton. 

Hayden busted through the door once again. “I- I can make things alright! Here, my dear middle aged friend, are all eighteen seasons of the bachelorette on DVD.”

She looked around for a minute. 

“Most of the time I don’t take bribes but.. this didn’t happen,” she said. 

We all smiled. 


When Life Gives You Lemons 

By Kaitlyn 

I was in my dorm when I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door and saw Hayden and Keana. 

“Wanna take a walk?” Keana asked.

I was bored to death in my dorm so obviously, I said yes. As we were waking a couple of students gathered around us, whispered and pointed at me.

“Who do you guys think you are?” One of them mockingly asked.

“We’re the Hunters of F—ing Artemis,” Keana said.

They still laughed at us since that sounded a bit cringe but we just walked off. 

Moral of the story? When life gives you lemons you freeze them and chuck them at people you don’t like 


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