The Adventures of Captain Americut and Falcon!

The Wheeler Problem

Written By: SF YodaForce

By: Andy and Lucas

Andy: He’s getting away Lucas!

Lucas: I know!

Lucas and Andy were chasing down a Wheeler student wearing a black cloak that looked like a sith from Star Wars.

Wheeler Student: Ha! You’ll never catch me!

The Track Down

By: Andy and Lucas

Andy and Lucas brought their origami’s out.

Andy/Captain Americut: I’ll race you!

Lucas/Falcon Origami: And I’ll beat you!

Andy and Lucas raced to where the Wheeler student was.

The Reward (Final Chapter)

By: Andy and Lucas

Lucas and Andy then found the student.

Student: YOU DID IT!!!

A bunch of students: YAY!!!!!

Andy: Yes I won!

Lucas: Aw man….

Andy: Listen Lucas, it doesn’t matter who wins or who loses because our friendship is like Cap and Falcon’s.

The End….

  1. Great cover, SF YodaForce! Thanks for sending in the story.

  2. It would actually be a great comeback to this story if they name the canon MOU Falcon “Lucas.”

  3. Lord Toademort

    you know I kinda thought there would b more to the story with the title being adventures plural but otherwise a fine story

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