Wizarding Folds

Created by Superfolder Guillermo, join the students at Ilkley Grammar School as they go on adventures with puppets based on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

The origami universe consists of two volumes. Volume One centralizes on characters from “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, meanwhile Volume Two brings in Harry Paper and others, facing off against Foldemort.

Volume One

  1. The Beginning of the Wizarding Folds
  2. Fantastic Folds and How to Fold Them
  3. Fantastic Folds: Grindelfold’s Comeback
  4. The Adventures of the Ori-Marauders
  5. Fantastic Folds: Folders Unite!
  6. The Order of the Pholdix

Volume Two

  1. The Crimes of GrindelFold
  2. Gilderoy Lock-art: Travels with Internet Trolls.
  3. Nicholas Foldel
  4. FOLDEMORT: Origins of the heir.
  5. Harry Paper and the Ori-Marauders
  6. Harry Paper and the Secret Legacy
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