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The Third? Fourth? Fifth? Origami Yoda EU Christmas Special Contest!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, SuperFolders!! 

It’s JC, and we here on the OY EU Council (me, Jawa, CJ, Noah, and Camster) wanna wish you a very merry contest, because it’s that time of year again!! \

Submit YOUR Origami Yoda Christmas Special story, short film, comic strip, origami, crafts, or anything else involving Origami Star Wars and Christmas to my new email address at!


  1. No bad language, inappropriate stuff, violence (“blood on the bus”-style is okay, but keep it G/PG), or anything else unworthy of the Origami Yoda banner.
  2. Your story must include at least one character from the Origami Yoda books, be it paper or person, and have a Christmas or festive holiday theme. You can have Tommy, Kellen, Dwight, and the gang, or you could have Captain Micah, or even another school full of characters! A quick cameo is fine, too!
  3. Somewhere in your story, you must have a singing aardvark and his pet Chihuahua… Seriously.
  4. Have fun!!!!!




ROGUE WUG IS RELEASED– But the cover isn’t????

Hey, SuperFolders! Rogue Wug is out now, and soon to follow will be Origami Yoda: The Last Jelly!

Click here to read “Rogue Wug!”

But if you noticed that something was missing from Rogue Wug (RW), you’re correct… We have not yet released the official cover. We held a contest to see who could fold the best cover stars for Rogue Wug, and some of you guys responded! But then, unfortunately, my email got full. So I created a new email SPECIFICALLY for you guys to send me stuff!! (Including new RW cover stars!)

Email me at!

Thank you guys! And I may have a new, BIG announcement coming in the near future!




Welcome to Origami Yoda: The Expanded Universe! This site is a place where SuperFolders send in their own stories and ideas set in the world of Tom Angleberger’s Origami Yoda series!!

You can read the OY EU stories, write and read the Origami Yoda Legends (the current stories being released on the website), chat in the SuperFolder TalkZone, have fun, do what you want, and enjoy your time here!

The Universe Belongs To All!

-SuperFolder JC