Green Arrowigami 2

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Black Canarigami

By: Bella ‘Black Canarigami’

So, um, hey guys! You might remember me from the last case file, you know, with Merlynigami and all that kinds of stuff? Today, I’ll be talking about how me and Cooper handled some loud, annoying, and irritating neighbors.

Basically, the plot of this file: Cooper had called me, and complained that there was some neighbors who wouldn’t stop blasting this LemKuuja song called ‘What’s A Future Funk?’ He had asked them to stop, but they refused. Apparently, some kid in Coop’s neighborhood named Jamie went missing after he went to their house to tell them to stop, and so, me and Coop went there.


I was sitting at my desk, doing some homework, when I got a call from Cooper. I answered.

“Hey, Bella, I have something to tell you,” He said, sounding serious about it.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“Well, there are some neighbors who live by me, and they won’t stop blasting this song called ‘What’s A Future Funk?’.” He replied.

“Listen, Coop, if you called me just because of some loud nei-“

“But wait, there’s more. A kid in my neighborhood went over to their house to tell them to turn the music down, and he’s been missing ever since.” Cooper added. This caught my attention.

“Alright, where do these guys live?” I asked him.

He told me the address, and I told my parents that I was going to meet with Cooper, and rode my bike there.

“So, this is the house?” I asked Cooper when we got there.

“Yep.” He replied.

We stood outside the house, we heard the music blasting inside. I rang the doorbell.

A guy with short, bushy hair walked out. “Sup.”

“Oh my, you’re LemKuuja!” Cooper yelled out.

“Nah, I get told that all the time, though. What do you want?” The guy asked.

“First off, your music is too loud, and second off, you’re causing a disturbance to this whole neighborhood, do you hear me?” I said firmly.

The guy frowned. “Why, you don’t want to end up like Jamie, do you? Please, come in.” He said.

“This dude’s personality just took a huge leap.” I whispered to Cooper. We walked inside the house.

It had pizza stains, and had that obnoxious music playing in the background. I lost it.

“Alright, dude. I’ve had enough with the music! If you don’t turn that down right now-“

“Let me go get some sodas for you guys.” He rudely cut me off.

“Coop, now’s our chance!” I whispered to Cooper, as we ran to the screening room.

Me and Coop saw the missing kid, Jamie, watching the music video for that Future Funk song, with some weird glasses on.

“Maryoku chan bana, I hatsu chikara, Eneruji guten, Bai ershi pasento.” Jamie sang.

“Jamie, snap out of it!” Cooper said, running over to Jamie and yanking the glasses off of his face.

“Bring me home, bring me home, bring me home!” Jamie whined, as he was only 13, the youngest of the freshman class.

We started to run when another guy stepped out and held Jamie by his shirt. Cooper back flipped off of a nearby sofa and kicked that guy in the face. Then, LemKuuja’s lookalike came out and threw a can of soda at me, but I caught it, ran over to him, and made a hole in it with my nails, and soda started blasting out, some got in that guy’s eyes.

“Ahhhh! My eyes!” He yelled.

Cooper pulled out Arrowgami, and did a heroic stance. I yanked his arm, and me, Cooper, and Jamie all ran out of the house.

We all went to Cooper’s house.

“So, you’re like a superhero?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that. I’m also a lady’s man.” Cooper bragged.

“Can I be your apprentice? I could be Speedy, or, um, Pleaty!” Jamie asked him.

“Sure! First training session is tomorrow!” Cooper agreed. I laughed a bit.

“Alright! Let’s get you home, Jamie.” I said.

And so, that’s what we did. After that, we went back to Coop’s house and talked for a bit.

“Hey, what’s that in your pocket?” I said. Cooper reached into his pocket, and found a LemKuuja origami in it.

The origami read ‘UNFOLD’. Cooper unfolded it and it read:

“Dear Cooper King,

Kareem (LemKuuja) would be very mad at you. Congratulations on the new recruit, by the way. Just to let you know, we’re not defeated, we are still here. Well, in a different neighborhood. Good luck calling the cops on us now, cause we’re not givin’ you the address.


Yonah and The Bois”


Cliffhanger, yeah, I know, but, I don’t want to make this too long for you guys to read. Be sure to tune in for the next file.


My master hid behind a bush, but I had fighter spirit in me, and I confronted the black belt. He looked like that Danny guy from that one movie called ‘Karate Kid’.

“Your black belt doesn’t scare me, you big meanie!” I yelled out. The meanie walked towards me.


By Jamie ‘Pleaty’

I was in my house, about to go meet up with Cooper.

“Hey, mom! I’m about to go ride my bike!” I lied.

“Alright, honey, don’t go too far!” Mom said, continuing to fold clothes.

I rode my bike down to Cooper’s house, making sure that I wouldn’t get kidnapped again.

When I got there, I rang the doorbell, and a boy answered; it wasn’t Cooper.

“Oh, you must be Jamie, Cooper’s shinarai.” The boy said.

“What’s a shinarai?” I asked, perplexed. “Also, who are you?”

“Shinarai means ‘apprentice’ in Japanese, and I’m Darren. Cooper’s in the garage waiting for ya.” Darren said, slamming the door in my face.

That was mean. Anyway, I walked over to Coop’s garage door, and it had a note on it that said ‘knock’. So, I knocked.

The door started to open, and some 80’s music started to play. Cooper had on a Green Arrowgami costume for some reason, but, with a cape. A cape? He also had Arrowgami on his finger, and handed me the Pleaty origami I had requested.

“Welcome, my student! I will be your shiso today!” Cooper said.

“Cool! What’s a shisoshiso?” I asked, perplexed, yet again. I was only thirteen.

“Shiso means master in Japanese.” Cooper said. “Now, let’s start training.”

So, we just did some bad guy scenarios and stuff.

Darren’s Comment: I’ll be taking over from here. SO, basically, Cooper decided to train a thirteen year old instead of me, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. That totally makes a lot of sense. SO, I ended up saying I was sick to get the two out training in the woods. I also might have told Cooper that Jamie was jealous of me. I know this may seem evil, but I want to make things right.

~Back to Jamie~

Me and my master went out into the woods, since Darren was sick. However, my shiso never talked to me the whole time.

“Shiso, what’s wrong?” I asked him.

“I can’t believe that you’re jealous of my brother, he’s my brother! And you’ve gotta respect that, Jamie!” Cooper said, angry at me. “If you can’t handle that, then you are no longer my minarai.”

“But, Mr. Cooper-” I was cut off by a guy screaming in the forest.

“Oh no! It’s Rodrick Narson, the black belt, and bully!” My master said.

My master hid behind a bush, but I had a fighting spirit in me, and I confronted the black belt.  He looked like that Danny guy from that one movie called ‘Karate Kid’.

“Your black belt doesn’t scare me, you big meanie!” I yelled out. The meanie walked towards me.

“Kid, as you can see, I’m practicing, so, don’t get in my way.” He said, balling up his fists.

“Let’s see if you’re an actual black bel-” I got cut off by Darren jumping out and kicking Rodrick in the face. Rodrick blacked out.

“Darren, you saved me!” I yelled.

“In actuality, I saved my brother. Now leave, you jealous freak!” Darren said.

“I didn’t do anything-“

“He’s right, you upset your shiso, you suffer the consequences.” Cooper said.

“Okay.” I said, crying, and riding my bike back home.


So, yeah, I’m a loner now. No siblings, no shiso, well, I have my mom, but she wouldn’t get it. Why does Darren hate me so much? I guess I’ll never know. Tune into the next file, I sure won’t be in it. But, I still do have my puppet.

Episode 3: Dress In Jealousy

By: Bella ‘Black Canarigami’ and Cooper ‘Green Arrowgami’

Hey! So, uh, Cooper here. Me and Darren were just playing Fortnite on my Xbox, and the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it. Don’t kill us, Darren.” I said, flying through the steps.

“Okay.” He said, I heard the Fortnite death sound all the way from downstairs.

I opened the door, and saw an envelope sitting on the doormat on my porch. I picked it up, closed the front door, and opened it. It read;

Dear Mr. Cooper,

I have proof that Darren was lying. He was jealous of me being your student. Check the tape under this letter for proof.


I saw the tape in the envelope. I pulled the tape out, going back upstairs to put it in the Xbox.

“H-hey! What are you doing? I’m about to get us a win!” He said, contradicting himself as he was killed by a guy named “NoobMaster69”.

Any who, I put the tape in, ready for whatever was on it to be shown. I prepared to watch in terror, I expected it to be some jump scare crap-

Instead, it was Darren. He was in his room, talking to himself about framing Jamie, because he was jealous of me teaching Jamie instead of him. I was completely caught off guard about this, as I thought he was telling the truth the whole time.

“Hold up, what?” I said, turning the TV off. “Darren, you lied?!?”

“About what?” He asked, playing dumb. “Okay, fine, I lied…”

“Why? Jamie is like three years older than you. Darren, you’re still my brother. Jamie’s not replacing you.” I said.

Darren got quiet. “Oh, well. I’m sorry, Coop.”

“It’s fine.”

Darren looked in the envelope. “Hey, what is this?”

I looked in, and I grabbed the bag. “Cheetos-“


So,  hey guys. Me, Delaware, and Delaware’s mom, Ilene went looking for a dress for Delaware for the upcoming prom dance.

Mrs. Ilene and some other lady held onto a blue dress like two cats to a ball. Delaware whispered in my ear that the lady’s name was Judy, and that she was her mom’s worst enemy, because she would always sit in front of Ilene and block her view because she was so tall.

Judy stood over us, with her blonde hair, and her tall body. Delaware’s mom was a lot shorter.

“Listen, Judy, my daughter has her prom night coming up, and we need that dress.” Ilene, Delaware’s mom said.

“Well, I’m getting it for my daughter because she has pictures next month.” Judy said.

“People don’t even dress formally in pictures! You’re on.” Judy said, frowning.

A worker came over. “Well, mams, that’s actually for sale tomorrow-“

“Alright, then, tomorrow it is. Whoever gets to it first, buys it.” Ms. Ilene said, bringing her hand out for a handshake.

“Ooh, sorry. I don’t shake hands of foolish people.” She laughed and walked away.

So, uh, yeah. It’s tomorrow now.

Ms. Ilene ran to where the dress was, with such a fast pace.

“Woah! Delaware, your mom is fast.” I said.

“Yeah. She used to do track in high school.” Delaware replied.

Judy pushed Ms. Ilene, causing a commotion.

The same worker from yesterday came over. “Mam, we have a policy for no pushing. Please exit the store.”

“WHAT?!? NO, THAT IS MY DRESS!” She said, with security come out and taking her out.

And so, Ms. Ilene got up, and purchased the dress successfully.

There was a piece of gum on Ms Ilene’s shoe. “Ms. Ilene there’s gum on your shoe.”

“Hm?” Ms. Ilene said, raising her foot to check. The name Judy was written on the gum. “Son of a-“


Vertifolds’s Verdict (Part 1)

By: Superfolder YodaForce

Introduction, I Guess

By: Cooper Calorinza King

These past few days have been the worst of my life. I’m sure you’re wondering, how and why? I’m just going to spoil one thing:

School court.

The Final Verdict (The final thingy)

By: Cooper ‘Loser’ King

“…me and the others have came up with a final verdict. Cooper King is pronounced guilty for taking lunch without a card, and beating up a student. And the lunch teacher who has been found guilty was fired. Anything you’d like to say, Mr. King?”

“I’m…not guilty. And if you all believe that you’re a bunch of fools.” I said, standing up. “I don’t need your stupid A.R.R.O.W. crew. I can start my own for all I care! And I don’t need this dumb puppet either!” I got out Green Arrowgami, the thing that helped me through high school, and ripped it.

Peter stood up. “Cooper, you just ripped property of the arrow organization. Stop-“

“Shut up, Peter. I’m outta here.” I walked away, with everyone staring at me as I left the room. I could hear sobs from Bella, and I saw Victor putting his arm around her.

I started with me being ‘guilty’ because the other parts didn’t matter, nobody was there to defend me, well, Jeremy was, but didn’t do a good job.

Preparing For The Trial (3 hours earlier)

By: Bella

I honestly am so disappointed in Cooper. I thought he was a good guy, but apparently not. Well, at least I have a boy friend now. Yay.

I couldn’t even bother to look at the other chapters; probably just filled with Cooper’s lies. I still can’t believe this. Ugh, what a jerk.

I was putting my lipstick on, and Victor walked over to me. “You okay, babe?”

I sighed. “Yeah. I just can’t believe Cooper did this.”

Victor frowned. “He’s getting what he deserves. Now, let’s go.”

“Okay.” I said, before we shared a quick kiss and went through the doors.

I’ve Been Framed? (6 hours earlier)

By: Cooper King

Holdup, I’ve been framed? And kicked out of A.R.R.O.W.? What the heck is going on? And I’m on trial? THIS SUCKS!

Ten minutes later: Whatever, I’ve accepted it. Still, very, ticked off. But whatever. Trial it is. I just wanna say, Vertifold, if you’re looking at this, you’re really a {censored}, really. I’ll prove them all wrong!

I got Jeremy to be my lawyer, sort of. He still hates me, so I gave him five bucks and he agreed.

“Alright, you have your five bucks now. Now will you help me?”

“Yes. Give me another five and it’s a deal.”

I did as he requested. “Better?”


We shook hands.

The Confrontation (8 hours earlier)

By: Cooper King

So, I was at home, on my phone, about to go to school, when I got an alert on the Lampert website. It said that I had beaten up Jamie, and that I had gotten lunch without a card. That would explain

Darren ran inside my room. “Cooper, you’re going on trial!?? There’s a school court?”

I looked on his phone. “I guess so…”

I was at school, when Peter and Bella approached me.

“Cooper, you did this?” Peter and Bella asked me.

“Uh, no-“

“You’re fired, Cooper. This is outrageous!” Peter told me. “Court, today.”

“Bella, you believe me, right?”

“No! Now, I need to go to my date. See you soon.” She went off to Victor. Victor gave a sinister smile at me, showing me a bit of his puppet Count Vertifold, before walking away with Bella.

Something fell out of my backpack; a note. I picked it up and it read;

Hello, Cooper. It would appear that my plan has worked on you. I stole your girl, and manipulated your friends and family.


P.S. this is Victor

I dropped the note on the floor, with everyone throwing spitballs at me.

A New Friend, Not Really (Yesterday)

By: Cooper King

Hey, guys! Cooper here. Checking in with you guys after that whole Jamie incident.

It was just a normal school day, in math class. Then, some guy walked over. “Hey! I’m new here. I came from San Diego. Can you tell me who the teacher and the students are?”

“Yeah…” I did as he requested.

“…and you are?”

“I’m Cooper, you?”

“Victor, Victor Visol.”

Epilouge (Present)

By: Cooper Calorinza King

I was with my dad at the King archery range. We were on a trip.

“One…two…three.” He said, as I shot the arrow.

“I did it right?”

“Yes, you’ll be a natural in my time.”

“Thanks, dad…hey, wanna see my new puppet?”


I showed him. “Is it…good?”

“Of course! What’s it’s name?”


The Prom Bomb: Vertifold’s Verdict Part Two


How I’m Holdin’ Up

By: Cooper King

Hey guys. Cooper here. I know you’re here for how I’m feeling. Terrible, as always. I still cannot believe I’ve been framed. [REDACTED]. I’m back from my trip, by the way.

It’s been weeks now, I’ve been looked down upon. But I will change that. I will. You see, Lampert has the prom coming up, and there’s a new villain in town: Red Dart. I can’t do anything to stop her; or maybe I can, I don’t know.

The Prep is Real

By: Bella

Hi. I just want to start this chapter off by saying the prom prep is real. The couples spending countless hours trying to find a cute dress and tux, the girls bent on finding a date, the people bragging about their sports car they are riding to the prom, you know how it is.

Meanwhile, Red Dart is sending threats to A.R.R.O.W like how they are going to “shut us down” and what not. We have no Green Arrowgami, since Cooper was fired…yeah.

“Funny running into you”

By: Delaware

You guys should remember me, right? Delaware.

Me and Bella were at the store, because my mom likes to get backup dresses, which I understand. I was trying on this jade dress. I walked out, showing Bella.

“It looks great, Del.” Bella said.

“Thanks Bella. I like this shade of green. I think I still like the other dress better, though-“

Cooper. Yes, Cooper King, walked over to the boys section that was coincidentally next to where me and Bella were.

Bella frowned at Cooper first, then Cooper frowned at Bella.

“Bella, you look well.” He said, looking away.

“Cooper, stop acting like a jerk and get out of here.”

“Really? I’m the jerk here? You know who’s a jerk? Everyone who believes this [REDACTED].”

Bella looked surprised. “Language, and, you shouldn’t yell at a girl like that. It’s not friendly at all-“

“Does it look like I care?”

Bella went silent. “…I can’t believe we were even friends. You’re a total idiot.”

“Says the girl who piggybacked off my fame.”

Bella lost it, and threw her necklace at Cooper. A worker from the store rushed over. “Hey! No fighting in this establishment! Get lost if you’re gonna do that.”

“Hey, [REDACTED], get out of this.” Bella said.

“WOAH! LANGUAGE, YOUNG LADY!” The worker man said.

Then, mom was standing there. Oh, right. Forgot she drove us here.

“Alright, that’s it.”

Mom said some… stuff… after that. Long story short, she decided to return everything we bought from that store; including my prom dress. She says it’s okay and that I can get a new one, but I don’t think so.

Bella walked over to me. “Del, I’m-“

“No. Just, leave me alone. You and Cooper’s stupid feud just costed me a prom dress.” I stormed off.

My True, Non-Evil Intentions

By: Red Dart

Before you say anything you sexist, I’m a girl. Haha, just kidding!

As ya may have heard, the Lampert Prom night is coming up, and I want to be with my wittle Coopy Woopy! He’s so cute, but hated. That’s the persona I’m gonna use.

As ya also may have heard, I’m Red Dart. A.R.R.O.W is corrupt, and I have proof that Cooper is innocent. But of course, he’s gotta do something for me first.

Now, I’m not gonna be all like “Cooper, I’ve come to bargain” on him. No, I’m gonna straight up show him some actual proof before the deal starts, with the obsessive girly-girl persona. I’m not telling you what is in the actual evidence, because that is my business, not y’all’s.


By: Jamie


Guys, guys, I’m getting hacked by someone on the dark we-


This is what I get-



By: Cooper (CK#8747 on discord hit me up)

Yo. Cooper here. So I was just on Discord, talking about DC with people…

When I got DMS from a person named ‘ReleaseTheSnyderCut97’. Here’s the text convo we had:


Who dis?


Red Dart


Wait wat-


Relax, Coopy Woopy! I have proof of your innocence.




Yes, but I’ll show it to everyone only if you do me a favor.


What is it


Ruin the school prom with me.


But that’s


Bad? SO what! You want all your friends to continue to hate you?




The do as I say.


Fine. But what exactly


You’ll find out soon enough, Coopy.

One, Very LONG Chapter

By: Cooper King, and others

Peter speaking. This is all going to be scripted in one chapter because we’re trying to save up space. Think of these as small chapters inside of a big one.

My Tux and Ride

By: Coop

So, tonight is prom night, of course. I rode over to Alan’s house, hoping that his butler would drive us to the school.

I walked inside. “This place hasn’t changed a bit.”

“Yep, it hasn’t.” Alan said awkwardly.

“Huh, seems like you believe that I did all that stuff.”

“…Cooper, we’ll talk in the car.”

Back from Best Buy

By: Jamie

So, I got a new computer from Best Buy. Allow me to-

Belle Is The Beast

By: Bella

I am a HORRIBLE person. I’m so stupid for ruining Delaware’s prom. I dunno if she’ll accept apology, probably not. Well, on the plus side, the best boyfriend in the world, Victor, not Cooper, you Belper shippers. We were already at the school because A.R.R.O.W can. My twin sister was already there, doing whatever she was doing.

“Wow, this party is going to be so intriguing.” Victor said, with a blank expression.

“Uh…why did you start acting like this after two weeks of dating?” I asked with a confused look.

“…personal reasons.” He said, walking over to somewhere else. I always feel like he’s hiding something from me.

Thank Gosh

By: Delly (Delaware)

I created a new nickname for myself. No, not ‘meat deli’, Delly. Thanks to the extreme efforts of me and my mom, we found a new prom dress for me. It’s not as good, but it’s good enough-

Stand corrected. Mom bought me the dress online. She apologized to that worker. Thank gosh, my life is saved.

Sorry, Not Sorry

By: Red Dart

So, I may ruin the ENTIRE dance, but Cooper is saved. You all wanted that ending. You should all want that ending. Want it or I shove-

The Car Ride

By: Alan Wade

“Cooper, I believe you.”

“Really? I thought you were like the others.”

“Nah man, you wouldn’t do something like this. Just, don’t be so drastic and do crazy things just to prove your innocence.”

“Will do.” He gulped.


By: Various People

(First paragraph is Peter, second is Jamie, third is Bella, and fourth is Cooper)

Ah, the dance. Happy couples, fruity punch, and loud music. And me, contemplating life choices with my silencer headphones. Ah, the life.

So, uh, I made it guys! Now I’m just at the dance with no date, ahahaha. I still have Pleaty by the way. I keep it in case of emergencies.

Well, I apologized to Delly. She accepted my apology. Y’know, this new nickname she has is actually pretty cool. Meanwhile, Victor is still away.

Cooper here, with the grand finale you’ve all been waiting for! Me and Red Dart were behind the stage curtains.

“So, how are we doing this?” I asked.

She handed me a stink bomb. “With this bad boy. It’ll draw all of those suckers out of here in no time.”

“What? No. That’s wrong-“

“Well you want your evidence, you do what I say.” She said, with her black mask and hoodie, with a black sweatshirt and black pants.

I was hesitant, but took it. I opened the curtain, throwing out the bomb into the crowd.

People scattered, and I yanked the evidence out of Red Dart’s hands. I ran out to Bella, Peter, Jamie and Victor.

“Guys, I have proof of my innocence!” I yelled, throwing it at Bella.

“Wh-what Coo-” Peter read it, interrupting her and gasping. “Victor is a fraud!”

Everyone apologized, as it was needed. I was falsely accused of something. We turned around to face Victor, bu he was already gone.

I ran over to Red Dart. “Hey, I just wanna thank you for saving my butt out there-“

Red Dart then took off her mask, revealing a pretty girl with red hair, with an origami Red Dart in her pocket. To my surprise, she leaned in to kiss me.

Bella stood there, as she had a rose in her hands, about to walk over to me. She dropped the rose. Everyone who was remaining gasped.


Author’s Note: Some of the chapters were from the original Prom Bomb episodes and got completely revised into the story. And Jamie, well, we don’t talk about Jamie. See ya, folders!

Click here to read “The Shredder Squad,” Cooper King’s last appearance in a story EVER

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