The Wrath of War Mache-ine!


The Bad News, A Group Chat Conversation

By: Agent Alan Greenspan

Alan: Guys! All of the files are gone for F.O.L.D.!

Tilly: What?!? Who did it?

Alan: I don’t know, but we need to find out who did it!I

Then, Andy joined the chat.

Andy: Guys, what’s wrong?

Tilly: Someone. Took. The. Case. Files. Of. F.O.L.D.

Andy: WHAT?!?!

Andy: Our job was to protect them!!!!

Alan: Woah, Andy chill. I know, but we will find them, maybe, probably?

Trent has joined the chat.

Tilly: Oh no…

Alan: Crap…

Andy: Go away you traitor!

Trent: I’m not a traitor….. Love came to me.


Trent: Remember, I started this group, things can be given and things can be taken away.


Andy has been blocked from the chat indefinitely.

Alan: No!! Andy!

Agent Anthony has joined the chat.

Anthony: Guys! Bruh I just heard that Andy got kicked out of F.O.L.D.!

Alan: Wait… What?

Jesse, Jessica, Clark and Cal has joined the the chat.

Jessica: Wait, Trent is on here oh no!!!!

Jesse: Wow….

Clark: Why is he even still on here?

Trent: Because I’m the leader of the chat!

Cal: This is not good.

Alan: Another thing that is bad is that all of the F.O.L.D. files have been stolen!

Trent has left the chat.

Jesse: Wait that’s weird. As soon as you said that Trent left.

Jessica: You guys still don’t get it? Trent stole all of the case files so he could give them to his dweeby Wheeler girlfriend to show to the school to plan attacks!

Tilly: Great, just great.

Clark: We need to keep this quiet! I don’t want Trent to ban anyone else from this group chat.

The Giving Of War Mache-ine

By: The Agents

All of the agents went to the restaurant Chili’s.

Agent Cole: I feel so bad for Andy.

Agent Hailey: Yeah me too….

Agent Nadiline: So what do we do?

Clark: Alan, you have shown your intelligence and have helped us countless times. So I’m giving you this.

Alan: Who’s this suppose to be?

Clark: The War Mache-ine origami puppet. The one who stops all wars. Keep it safe and use it if you have to.

Alan: Wait why? Where am I going?

Tilly: You are have to go to Wheeler to get the F.O.L.D. files back here. You will go everyday at 1:00 p.m..

Alan: Crap…

The Terrible Trip To Wheeler

By: Agent Alan

I had walked over to Wheeler Academy. I saw a bunch of kids frowning and balling up their fist.

Alan: Oh god.

Wheeler Football Player: Yup…


So I got back up, but just then I had an idea. I was going to disguise as a wheeler student to get to the case files.

But I needed to be careful, Trent was at this school patrolling the files.

I went into the drama room and dressed as a clown. I looked ridiculous but it was worth it. For Andy’s sake.

I walked through the hallway. It was dark but not a single person was there except Trent. So I crept around and went to Wheeler’s secret room. I carefully opened the box of case files until.


Me: How do you know it’s me?

Trent: I have my ways. (Evil sort of laugh)

I then got grabbed by Trent and got put in some Wheeler prison cell they use to have in World War II. I was in trouble.

Welp Were Screwed. Group Chat with more Trent

By: The Agents of F.O.L.D.

Alan: Well guys, we’re screwed.

Jessica: How?

Alan: Trent caught me and locked me up in a cell.

Jessica: Well then we are screwed.

Jesse: You got caught? I always knew Trent was such a—–

Jesse has been banned from the chat indefinitely.

Jessica: NOOOO!!!!!


Trent: It’s just like the snap from Avengers: Infinity War, half of the universe is gone accept for us it’s half of the agents are gone.

Jessica: Well if you ban Jesse you will have to ban me too!

Trent: No.

Alan: Half Of F.O.L.D. is gone! What do we do?

Tilly: It’s over man.

Agent Jason has been banned from the chat indefinitely.

Half Of the chat has been banned.

Trent: It can’t be undone.

Alan: We are going to stop you Trent!

Trent: I am….. Inevitable.

Trent has left the chat.

This was not good.

The Fallout

By: Agent Tilly

We were done for. It was over. Kirby had lost the war against Wheeler. Half of the agents were fired.

Jason talked to me while he packed his bags outside. He said one last thing before he had went into his car and left campus.

Jason: Tilly, there was no other way, but we’re in the Endgame now.

Jason then left campus in his car.

The End. Just kidding!

The Great Escape

By: Agent Alan Greenspan

It was over for F.O.L.D.. Tilly had told me that agents were leaving to new schools.

I started playing the song from Justice League Everybody Knows.

Song: Everybody Knows that you Love Me Baby! Everybody rolls their fingers crossed.

I saw the key to the cell! Woo hoo! I was free! I carefully opened up the cell with the key. Me and War Mache-ine quickly tip toed out of Wheeler.

Me: Wow, War Mache-ine really does end things.

I then ran back to Kirby and put my regular clothes back on.

The Plan

By: The Agents

I ran over to the other agents/friends.

Alan: Hey guys I’m back!

I saw everybody crying sadly.

Tilly: It’s over Alan….

Jessica: Jesse is gone! He left the school…. I done.

Alan: No we can bring them back! Trust me!

Tilly: How?

Alan: We are going to frame Trent for trying to blow up the school! And then have proof of him standing next to a cannon from World War II. Then we will sign all of the applications for the fallen agents! We will Avenge The Fallen!

Jessica: This might actually work!

The Plan comes to Action

By: The Agents

Alan, Jessica, Cal, Clark and Tilly then went to Wheeler ignoring the Wheeler students spitting on them.

Then they went to Trent.

Alan: Trent, could you please stand next to that cannon?

Trent: What for?

Jessica: Just do it man!

Trent: Ok geez….

Alan then snapped a photo of Trent standing next to the cannon.

Tilly: Ok bye Trent!

Then they all left to go back to Kirby. They found the remaining agents frowning at them.

Jessica: Get out of our way!

Agents: We know what you are doing!

The Fight (Kind Of)

By: The Agents

Ok there was no fight but I held my War Mache-ine up in the air! Then good stuff started to happen! The Fallen agents came back (some how). Trent came back and everyone was back to normal. Even the frowning agents.

The Weird Email (Final Chapter)

By: Agent Alan

While we were celebrating, I got a weird email.

Tilly: Well let’s read it!

Dear Agents Of F.O.L.D., My name Jon Kamen I come from Wheeler Academy! I come to say that we are starting another BIG war!



Jon Kamen

  1. It would be an interesting concept for Trent to actually turn evil, but I think he’s going to be a loner who still dates Seyla in secret for the time being. At least until the origami version of Infinity War or Far From Home.

  2. Lord Toademort

    a bit weird with some continuity and spelling errors but other then that a good story

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