I had gathered these from a variety of sources, all of which were a bit confusing to me. They kept telling me that this might be true. I think some of it is, but a lot of it could just be conjecture — false stories and endings and sagas concluding en masse.

Some of it looks official — journal entries from a book of a kid from McQuarrie, others looked like documents from a prison, interspersed with the simple title of “Task Force ShreX versus the Council.”

A story about a Spider-Fold that didn’t line up with the one told on the Folder’s Connection, a fabled meeting amongst “villains,” and a recount of a true interview that happened with Good Morning America. If something is real, you gotta decide for yourself.

With that, presented in what I believe to be the “Canon order” of things, I present…

The Origami Universe.

I hope this helps some, Alan. I’m sorry we haven’t talked in so long.

–Emily Sampson

[Peyton’s note: I do not consider these canon 💀 Like, read them if you want but they’re not canon to the DCOU saga. Or, pick and choose, just ignore the retcons or timeline inconsistencies. They’re like legends on a greater scale. If I made an official timeline this would NOT Be a part of it]


The Stories:

The Cold Open

A Meeting of the Minds

Book of Boba Felt

The Origami Illuminati: Trial of the Funpire

Shredder Squad Versus the Council

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