Not So Long Ago, In a Middle School Full Of Idiots Not So Far Away…


The skies were dark, the thunder was a-blastin’, and the wind from my friend’s butt was a-blowin’.
My name is Luke. No, not Luke Skywalker. My name is Luke Hutchins. Although I am named after Luke Skywalker. My father’s a Star Wars geek, what can I say?
Anyway, it’s the third week of Middle School, and I was walking down the hall with my two best friends, Anakin and Ben. Their fathers were Star Wars geeks, too. Anyway, we were walking down the hall and CRASH! We saw this really cute girl zoom thru the air and slam into the wall.
Soon a kid, who’s very smallish, comes to the scene with a piece of paper on his finger. I saw instantly it was Origami Anakin Skywalker!
“How did I do, master?” Origami Anakin S. asked the kid. ” Good, my apprentice, good….” answered the kid. They walked away. Soon the principle came. He saw the girl, then looked at us.
Our punishment was suspension for 10 days. Even when we told the truth, the principle accused us of lying. Clearly, we weren’t.
And now this whole situation seems like ‘Jedi vs. Sith’. Boy, is this battle on like that ape guy in those Nintendo games. What is he called? I can’t put my finger on it… Hmm…
So 10 days later, guess what happened? The meanest, fattest, and most dangerous bully in school, kissing the small kid’s feet. How the heck did THIS happen?! I immediatly went to the principle to tell him. What happened? Let me just say this,
SITH: 1 , JEDI: 0. 😦


  1. I believe this is the best story I ever wrote! 😀

  2. Superfolder Vaktus

    Jc I sent you my story darth paperus strikes back and it was never put up. Could you put it up please? I know it’s not the full version but I would appreciate the first part up. Thanks, SFV

  3. The ape guy from Nintendo is called donkey kong

  4. Sf hewhowalkstheskyshallblowupthedeathstar

    Total rockets!

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