The Hoth Battle

The Hoth Battle

How It all Started
by Stephen

So I started to make some origami. Then, I decided to make an origami Hoth. I used a BIG sheet of paper. Then, I made an Origami Luke Skywalker, an Origami Han Solo, an Origami Leia, and some snowspeeders. I went to Lucas Middle School, and I showed this to my friends Charles and Megan; they liked it so much, they started to beg me for Han and Leia. So I gave it to them. Then, my enemy named Eric came in the lunchroom, spotted my origami snowspeeder and ripped it to shreds. I didn’t know what I was doing. I punched that guy in the face as soon as a teacher walked in.
“Mr. Denter, detention.”
“No buts; I saw what you did to Mr. Shrunt. As for you, Mr. Shrunt, PLEASE keep your hands away from his origami.”
I started,”But I-”
No buts, Mr. Denter. Now, you shall go to today’s detention. If you skip this one, I will write you up for ISS, detention, and lunch with the principal!”
Man, she was harsh.
As I walked to detention, I saw Eric with an I won this fight smirk. Sadly, I had no Idea the worst was yet to come.

The Saturday Strike
By Eric

What was the point of origami anyways? All it basically is is paper folded into something else. I hated it so much, I wanted to beat them at their own game. I sneaked in the school, and turned the temperature down. Pretty soon, the whole school was snowing inside. I made a fort big enough for the Rebellion. I then sent a spy holding an origami Imperial spy. The empire is better than that pathetic-looking bunch.

The Meeting
By Stephen

So, the Rebellion is here. A few months ago, I asked the principal if we could have our “little club” in the school on Saturdays. She agreed. So when we entered the fort, It was snowing! Icicles were hanging from the ceiling, and there was a fort that the whole Rebellion could fit in! Suddenly, I saw a person holding an Imperial spy. He saw me and then he ran towards the entrance. This must be a trap.

The Hoth Battle Part 1
By Eric

As soon as the spy came back to me, I sent 8th graders with ATATs to infiltrate the base. The puny rebels won’t know what hit them! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The Hoth Battle Part 2
By Stephen

So the 8th graders were carrying ATATs, and the rebels were carrying snowspeeders. The 8th graders punched and shoved the kids, but the kids stood and fought. Finally, in frustration, one of the 8th graders rips one of the rebels’ snowspeeders. The kid who owned that ended up crying nd doing nothing. As soon as the other 8th graders saw that, they began to try to rip the origami! Soon, most of the rebels were crying or rolling on the floor, panicking. Soon, me, Charles, and Megan were the only ones who did not have their origami ripped. Well, I did the only thing I could do.
I ran in the base.

The Hoth Battle Part 3
By Charles

So, we all ran into the base. Stephen went not way, Megan and I went the other. (Ahhh, me and Megan, Megan and I, two peas in a pod…Whoops, got into a fantasy there!) Anyways, we went in the base, and there was a kid holding a stormtrooper who tried to kidnap Megan! I punched him so hard his paper went flying! Soon, the kid went to tell his other allies where we were. After that, we were surrounded by 8th graders with stormtroopers.

The Hoth Battle Part 4
By Stephen

I saw Charles and Megan surrounded by stormtroopers. I defeated them all with string (you don’t want to know the details) and tied them up together. Just then, ERIC came with a huge ATAT. “RUNNN!!!!!” I told my friends!

The End Of the Hoth Battle (Or, The Final Battle) Part 1
By Stephen

So we (me and Eric) were fighting against each other. I punched and pulled, and I punched him again. Sadly, he grabbed my arm and swung me around the room! I slammed against the wall, and then grabbed the weapon I had all this time, ever since that guy with the lego man gave it to me and told me to use it wisely. I did, and threw it into Eric’s eyes before it blew up. The secret weapon was a-

The End Of the Hoth Battle (Or, The Final Battle) Part 2
By Eric

-Lemonade grenade! That jerk had it all this time and I was to dumb to even notice! So it blew up in my face, and I fell on the floor, screaming in pain, anguish, and lemon juice. “I’ll get you for this, Stephen Denter! I’ll get you for this it it’s the last thing I’ll do!”

By Stephen

We won the war! Yay! Nobody was deathly hurt! Yay again! I have got to stop using exclamation points! Anyways, when Eric went, screaming about his revenge, I threw a small spear made of clay and a straw. He left, and so did the rest of the 8th graders. Although we won the war, I’m positive Eric will be back, with his former Master…


  1. Origami Yoda

    Good this is!

  2. toast (for those of you who do not know toast means cool or stooky)

  3. can u make an Endor one? if so, pleese doo!

  4. stooky!

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